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  1. Although it's an interesting/funny story, I don't what it has to do with the topic? Goofs happen in both sexes. I thought Lindacakes made a really good point, one that I didn't see until she wrote it...I think it deserves more input, don't you all? If the word was 'racism' instead of 'sexism', self-promotion wouldn't have any place in the conversation. So is there sexism in our industry? I think yes, in a huge way. As a female working in mostly all male kitchens I've seen it many times at work. The real thing, is subtle. It's in how my bosses or co-workers think about women period, at work or
  2. In case I've failed to make my opinion public.......... HUGE CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE! Pave the road.............all us females are doubley proud for you!
  3. Will, how the heck did you equip a kitchen for 14K? I understand used equipment but still, that's one heck of an accomplishment...........or your working with your hands tied from a lack of equipment.......... Any chance you'd post some photos of your place and of your work.........I'd LOVE, LOVE to see it!!! Also, how many people do you have in the kitchen and how much front of the house staff? Who's running the front end, they must be well seasoned cause it sounds like they're holding up their end...or are you also involved in the front? Aprox. how many covers are you doing daily? ......and
  4. I was going to write both Ted and Will personal messages, instead I'd like to say what I have to say in public. I think this is a F__ing great focus! Totally open, totally what I want to know and read. Thank you so much Will for continuing to try to communicate to all and for being kind to educate others while you work! I will be checking out your site and I'm really excited that your selling hard to find ingredients and apparently sharing recipes too. Doing that is auesome, selfless and really working to advance our profession, thank-you. Personal thoughts......questions.........I guess I don
  5. I'm not Ling but hope you don't mind if I add my two cents......... I haven't had any from Haas in almost 2 years but he was hit and miss for me. He had some chocolates where his infusions were too weak...........as in I couldn't begin to tell what I had in my mouth flavor wise. But his chocolate that had fruit pate in them were wildly great. They were quite unique. I'd bet that he's gotten better over time........
  6. Wanting to stir the pot........ First, we all agree there aren't more male pc's in actual numbers, correct? They are getting more press, that's why it seems there's more of them. Lets go back in time. Before there was cutting edge science involved in pastry men were still the ones getting the attention in the field. I do think there's a biase for men against women in general in the business world. Just as there's an equal baise for women in family matters over men. We used to have very clearly defined roles not that damn long ago. It's only been a blink in time that things have changed. We're
  7. Nicole, I couldn't care less if you don't get the qoute buttons figured out, we all know what your good at. I'm thrilled that your cool enough to share/open up/help others, thank-you!!!!
  8. I've got his book and read a fair amount of press on Michael Recchuiti. I recently came across a source in my town where I could purchase his work. In all honesty I was very disappointed. Granted it's based on my taste buds, what I like in chocolates which can be different then your tastes. I particularly didn't like his burnt caramel.........which I've heard and read so much about. It tasted good at first, but it left a bad after taste on my palate from the burnt/bitter taste bud. I also couldn't tell you what the flavors of his chocolate were by taste, they weren't clearly recognizable to me
  9. I'm influenced by what I see/read. Unless I work with a pastry chef or their work gets published how else could I be influenced by them? So the same names you read about are who I read about. I might identify with or emulate a different chef then you but that's still based on exposure to them. If more female PC's were published writing professional level books, I'd be equally drawn to them as I am the ones written by males. What professional level books have women written that are distributed by accessable sources?
  10. I'm not sure if she has the time or is willing to discuss this in public............but I personally would love to have more insight from Nicole on how to get recognized as she's been. It's clearly implied that you have to self-promote instead of just keeping your nose down to the grind stone. Honestly, from where I sit it looks like some magic thing that happens when P, A & D 'discovers' you and lists you in the top 10. It was only a couple years ago that I learned chefs hired their own publicity specialists.......... It's not exactly a topic discussed anywhere.......... I have no idea ho
  11. Seriously, if we want better jobs/situations then we need to collectively work together to make them better. The whole tasting/trial situation that's developed over the past couple years has gotten out of hand. It literally makes no sense and subjecting yourself to one is degrading all of our worth. No one can be judged by one or even two tasting! People can excell at tastings and be complete idiots in the kitchen.......or one trick ponys...or someone who's recieved help from someone else who's more knowledgable. Who created them? It's like a bad article on how to choose a caterer printed in
  12. Isn't this the same line of thought Torres had when he shaped cake into a stove or when Love served his chouboust in a pastilage piece of scuplture or when Wressell defied gravity and put his dessert in a cone balancing on his plate? WHAT REALLY IS NEW? The perfect quenelle has replaced the perfect scoop. The perfect dollop of sauce has been replaced with the perfect smear. The round plate has been replaced with the square or rectangle. A huge plate with a small item mats the food art just as artist have done for years when framing their art with huge mats of white. What's new? The cone has be
  13. I'm not following the point of this thread. What's new? What's being said or done that's really different then what we've been doing for years? We've always had people that are explorers. We've always had people that push known envelops. We've always had people rooted in history. We've always had people that cared about what they were creating. We've always had people who want to make the same thing over and over. We've always had advances as science has progressed. Is there a small seed of doubt in your minds that your work isn't valid because it's the current hot topic of the day? I'm sorry
  14. All I can say is I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! It's such a wonderful gift that you share your experiences............it might be as close as I come to any of these great places.......and I value you taking me there! ........just a thought.........it would be auesome if you took some shots of the insides of your pastries and or bonbons..........that would mean alot to me, please and thank-you..........if that's ever possible.
  15. Thank-you Michael. I've added this Demo thread to our list posted at the top of this Forum.
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