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  1. if you go MAG route, be sure to check the best by date. i ordered 3 colors from them last year, and they were all expired.
  2. Interesting! I was just thinking about the peanut butter egg I just ate and marveling at its 2021 expiry date. I wish I had taken a closer look at the ingredients, but perhaps the milk chocolate shell helped. Are you saying to add butter oil to the coverture?
  3. Ugh, nothing more horrifying than to open a box of my hazelnut pralines and finding they've bloomed, then imagining customers opening the box and finding the same thing. I am fairly confident in my tempering skills (when I remember to do it that is. Last night I accidentally capped 20 molds with chocolate that was out of temper 😩) I came across this interesting article you all might find interesting, and will start adding a bit of cocoa powder to the fillings to see if this helps. If you all have other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
  4. are we ready to start production for valentine's day yet? I saw the thread for easter egg packaging, but was wondering if anyone had good tips for packing a 118x110x75 mm heart. would be nice if I could ship it, but I imagine this will have to be a local pickup item only.
  5. Interesting!! Yes, I’d love to read this discussion. Kerry, I just want to take a moment to thank you for being so generous with your wisdom. I’m pretty sure you’ve weighed in on every question I’ve posted in this forum.
  6. It is a faint whiter line along the edge and what looks like a crack where the edge of the shell and cap meet.
  7. Darn! Sorry, made it smaller to fit forum standards. This should be more clear.
  8. Hi all, hope your holiday season is going well!! Any idea why sometimes the defect on the bottom happens? The one on the top came out of the same batch. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes! Pam says that you are also a physician. I am a psychiatrist, though I quit my job last month to focus on being a chocolatier. I will probably have to start doctoring again when I run out of money.
  10. Hi Jim, I just visited Chocolate World today. How big is your order? I would contact customer service to see what the price breaks are. I bought something like 50 molds today, and the price of the 18 euro molds dropped down to 14 euro, and the 20 euro molds dropped down to 17. I had a discount on the magnetic molds from being here with a class. In any case, it was around 100 euros to ship those, plus assorted other toys that I *needed.* I was told that this discount after buying at this volume is good for life, and that if you buy 100 molds in one go, it goes down to like 11 euros a mold!! No VAT involved. Be sure you use a credit card that doesn't involve a foreign transaction fee.
  11. I hope I am describing this right. I am trying to make large chocolate sheets and am looking for ideas of plastics that can be used to weigh them down so they dont curl as they set. Any tips? I am looking at interstate plastics but am overwhelmed by the choices! thank you!
  12. thanks Kerry! I have been reading your posts with great interest (and bought a EZ temper a couple months ago). Will you be there? would be really cool to meet you in person!
  13. Hi Kerry! This was their description: The Basics covers how to build your brand, sell to supermarkets and specialty retailers, understand whether ecommerce is right for your product, work with brokers and distributors, price your product, extend credit, and market to the trade. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of the industry, learn best practices, and get real-world answers to your questions. I have never been to anything like this before, and was wondering if it was worthwhile. Otherwise, I plan to putz around the conference discovering new foods.
  14. hi all, I'm a new chocolatier, and looking to get into the business. i was planning on attending the winter fancy food show (anyone else going?) There is an option to attend a 1 day "basics" workshop and I was wondering if anyone else had attended it before and had any feedback on it. thanks so much!
  15. It’s just a raisin. Though these spots showed up on chocolates without inclusions too. Here’s a pic of the silk. The machine is set to 33.7
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