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  1. Muir Glen fire-roasted diced tomatoes;if it's not available, Hunt's is a good alternative.
  2. And for those of you who want clean dishes and laundry, log on to chemistrystore.com and buy a 5 lb tub of STPP, sodium tripolyphosphate, and add a teeny bit to your detergent. I learned this from the obsessive laundry folks at gardenweb. http://ths.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/laundry/2003052601018823.html
  3. Have you seen the Chinese Food Pictorials by eG poster hzrt8w? Many of the dishes are suitable for a beginner and the ingredients are clearly shown. The link is here:
  4. And then there's this; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EDI2C6
  5. Check out National Starch's web site: http://www.foodinnovation.com/FoodInnovation/en-US/ They manufacture dozens of different types of thickeners for different types of applications (i.e., dairy, frozen foods, pie fillings, etc.) See the different industry links at the top of the site. I often use Instant Clearjel to thicken pie fillings, and this is a modified cornstarch. Customer service through the web site is excellent. Send an email with a question and they'll answer in a few hours. Free samples are also available.
  6. Interesting discussion. Earlier this year I purchased this Summit refrigerator and was surprised to learn that it was manufactured in Turkey. Not that I expected it to be made in the US of A, but the company's web site highlights its "homegrown workforce" and in-house production capability. Oh well, I absolutely love my refrigerator regardless of where it's made.
  7. These may help. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=88614&hl= http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=91738&hl= http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...&hl=bat+mitzvah
  8. How about Heirloom Seeds Also, John Scheepers (famous for imported Dutch flower bulbs) now has a seed company called Kitchengardenseeds. I haven't ordered seeds from either of them, but I've been very happy with Scheepers' bulbs and customer service. I used to order from Scheepers at their old location on Wall Street before they moved to Ct. It's hard to imagine shopping on Wall St. for bulbs, but it was the hub of the maritime industry for many years and many importers had offices there. Fascinating history of the company here. Sorry to digress...
  9. I think I turned you on to CTL a few years ago in an old post on this board. I still think it has the best malt flavor. I tasted them all before starting to make malt shakes at my shop; nothing else comes close. It is manufactured in Wisconsin, the original home of Horlicks. I remember reading that CTL acquired Horlick's recipe, but I can't locate the source of this information.
  10. What's wrong with it? In my experience, Hobart appliances can always be repaired. Call Hobart and find the name of a repair shop in your area. Why buy a new one when Hobart is the best? The 20 qt. mixers are in such demand that it's difficult to find a used one (though this economy may have changed things.) I'm not sure that a 20 year old Hobart is even considered *old.* Maybe Andiesenji came chime in on this.
  11. No experience with EuroChef, but here's their contact info. There's not much information, but the Caldera link will bring you to a different website than the one I posted previously. I hadn't realized the company was no longer in Vermont. I have a feeling that the Vermont location couldn't handle the distribution and customer service end of the business and made a deal with Eurochef to distribute, sell parts, etc. As I mentioned before, I've never used the cooktop but was impressed with the excellent reviews and the price point. Let us know if you learn more about them.
  12. Check out Caldera. Small Vermont company. 5 burner comes in 30 and 36 inches. Under $900. More powerful than the others. See gardenweb forum for reviews. I have no connection to the manufacturer and no experience using this appliance but was impressed by the reviews when I researched this topic a few years ago. Unfortunately, my kitchen renovations plans changed and I never purchased it.
  13. I'm not sure if Costco inventories everything. I recall ordering an item and getting it directly from the manufacturer. But I may be mistaken. Not every company can afford a computerized inventory system that communicates between the incoming order department and the warehouse/shipping operation. I agree that the customer should be given a choice about whether to receive an incomplete shipment and no additional shipping should be charged.
  14. The engineering/design issue is borne out by the fact that some "high-end" gas cooktops have a lower BTU output from propane as compared to natural gas. It probably has something to do with the design of the propane conversion kit that is required. This table compares BTU output for a variety of cooktops from different manufacturers. The last column indicates whether the BTU output from LP is equal to or less than from natural gas. The table is from Caldera Corp.'s website. Their lower-end cooktop has received fantastic reviews in other forums. I cooked with propane for many years and found that if the gas/air mix is not calibrated properly, there's a sooty black residue left on the bottom of pans. But my stove was an antique (combination wood/gas) and difficult to adjust. If you need to use propane, shop around for competitive pricing. Prices have escalated dramatically in the last two years and some companies are now charging rental fees for the tank. Try to lock in a low price under a 1 or 2 year contract in exchange for opening a new account. In the current economy, with many businesses closing, propane companies are anxious to get new customers and will offer decent pricing.
  15. Sounds like a line from "Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds", but it isn't! ← I think y'all are thinking of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. ← The words from the song are: Picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Now back to the topic.
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