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  1. This might be a silly question to some, but why do we temper eggs when making creme brulee? Is it just because we need to combine the hot milk infused with vanilla? Or is the tempering step necessary? If I were to infuse the milk overnight for more flavour (stored in fridge overnight), could I just combine the yolks and sugar and cold milk the next day and bake? Or better yet so the sugar dissolves - could I just steep the vanilla + sugar in milk and store on fridge overnight, and then just add the yolks the next day and bake?
  2. @pastrygirl, have you ever gotten into checking the temperature of the meringue or PAB? What IS the safe temperature you have to reach to get the eggs pasteurized in a matter of seconds (and not cooking them)? Is creme anglaise a pasteurized product (by reaching 82°C)? Is there a good book or some other resource on food safety regarding temperatures and water content, etc. (preferably with graphs) anyone would recommend?
  3. Thank you, I also think buying organic/BIO is best for lemons zest and think I will get those. Even a small amount of pesticides doesn't sound appealing, even though it's maybe not enough to cause harm. Mmmm limoncello. I also wanted to make it this year but didn't quite get to making it
  4. Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions @blue_dolphin! Luckily my pan is anodized aluminium - so I guess it's not non-stick? And also light in color Oh, I also have a baking belt/ cake belt? That you dampen with water and place it around the cake pan - but I'm not sure whether this is favourable for this cake? I also did not use it for baking genoise - I think this was the right call? Otherwise I think it wouldn't bake without collapsing? One more thing, do you guys use regular storebought lemons for the zest? If so, how do you wash them to get rid of the waxes and potential pesticides? Eh..just writing this down made me feel it's best to use washed BIO lemons... How do you wash the fruits before zesting? Warm water and.....baking soda? I'm pretty sure not with dishsoap?.. I'm sorry for the awkwardness of my questions. I usually just buy the zest, but think it'd be better to use fresh zest. Please help me out 🙏
  5. Hi guys, as I am nit a professional baker, and nit even that experienced one, I only have one cake pan for now, and it's a 6x4" (15x10cm) round cake pan without removable bottom. Could I still make this cake (from TCB) in this pan, or will it not rise enough since there is no tube in the middle? I'd like to make it as a birthday cake, so I actually would prefer it to be without a hole in the middle But I have no idea how important it is/ if it makes a big difference if I just use a regular cake pan for this cake? Any help or suggestions so very much appreciated, thank you!
  6. Yoda

    Cake pan sizes

    I made 2. Forst one was the test one, amd the second one i used my mother was very happy and everyoneloved it, so success
  7. Yoda

    Cake pan sizes

    Lol, no wonder my cake came out dense I scaled the recipe to fit 6" pan. I cca halved the recipe and baked all at once in the 6" pan. I had to bake for a bit over than an hour. This is the result It's a shame they didn't describe how the texture of the cake should be. The cake came out very dense, but rich in flavour. I like it. I had to add a bit more milk than in recipe to get a "droopy wet consistency" like instructed. I skipped the chocolate chips (although I see some chocolate spots in the cake - not sure what that is?? If anyone knows? The chocolate was completely melted when i poured it into the batter (76% couverture chocolate)
  8. Another day, another attempt.. This time I decided to go woth the Genoise au Chocolat from The Cake Bible. (I opted for new recipe because of failure at previous attempt + I didn't like the overwhelming taste and smell of honey...I wanted a chocolate genoise :)) I scaled all ingredients to fit a 6x3" pan (and used 6x4") instead of 9x2" as instructions required (because I don't have that size pan). I lined the pan with parchment on bottom and sides. I also lowered the temperature to 325F (165C) with convection and baked around 32 min. Now I'm thinking I should have gone for at least 35 or 40 min. But the smell indicated to me that it was done, and when I inserted the toothpict it came out clean, so I decided to not return it to the oven. I think the center collapsed ever so slightly after a few seconds and after I gave it a gentle drop. I flipped it over onto a rack and I was a bit clumsy and so had to really pull at the parchment paper to get it off the cake. This is how it looked upside down - you can see a slight indentation... I guess I wont know how it turned out until I cut it. I turned it back to the right side up after cca 8 min, and you can see the cake did collapse a bit..I just hope it's not terribly underbaked in the center🤞 Section pictures: The bottom again was a bit more dense, the middle was soooo fluffy, so was the tip, but the top WAS a bit sunken in. While this didn't turn out as I idealy would have wanted, I think I'm happy with the result. I've noticed the sides look a bit dark but they didn't develop a crust, so I'm not sure, is that only caramelized sugar? What can I do to get a more beautiful top/ not sunken in (the toothpick was dry when I took out the cake) I did use a realy wide bowl when folding in the flour - I think it might have been a bit too large and the cream deflated a bit more than I'd have liked - is this possible? It wasnt teribly deflated though, so I was really, really hoping it wouldn't collapse this time. I'm not even sure how much it rose while baking, if at all?? (Hard to remember since I used such a deep pan) Will post additional pictures of the sections. What do you think of this attempt? Edit: I mesured the height because it looks a bit taller in the pictures. It's at 5 cm (cca 2"?)
  9. I tried my first attempt at a chocolate mousse. The chocolate seized after I added a little portion of the pate a bombe to it - not sure where I've gone wrong :/ I was following this recipe, which to me looked very promising. I halved the portion, so I used: 3 egg yolks (24 g) 100 g dark couverture chocolate (which was so sadly wasted...) 30 g heavy cream for pate a bombe (which was also my first time making it) 30 g granulated sugar 225 g heavy cream (for whipping) I started by putting the chocolate in a bowl over boiled water (off heat) and stirred it a bit every now and then. The I put the 30g cream and 30 g sugar mixture on the stove and let it boil for a bit. I slowly poured (very thin stream) this mixture into the egg yolks while whisking with a balloon whisk. The eggs didn't curdle, so I proceded to warm up the mixture over the stove, while constantly monitoring the temperature of it with a probe thermometer. The temperature was around 65 - 67C (cca. 150 F). I did this for about 2 min. I'm not sure the mixture got any thicker though - was this a mistake? And I was only whisking gently with a hand whisk. With a handmixer at max speed, I beat the mixture until the pot no longer felt hot anymore. When I felt it with my hand it felt like body temperature. Here is where I made an obvious mistake - but still unsure to which instant it played a role in the seizing of the chocolate. The video says the PAB should not be too cold (mine felt a bit cooler than body temp) so I left it above the water which previously was melting the chocolate (cca. 15 min later), so I didn't think the bottom would get that hot :/... Meanwhile I whipped the heavy cream to soft peaks. I felt the chocolate, it was about the temp of body temp. Then I stirred the PAB that was sitting over the hot water - the bottom didn't feel too hot, but I did notice some chunks at the bottom of the pan, and it seemed like there was still some egg yolk that was really runny at the bottom... I was pretty sure there was no runny yolk after I had mixed it. Do you think the yolks might have curdled a bit and made the yolk runny? Or maybe I haven't mixed it well enough at all in the first place? I thought I might as well try anyway, so I took a spatula and poured a bit of the PAB into the melted chocolate. As I started mixing, it started seizing more and more ... I knew there was no coming back and I was left with a chunk of very sad seized chocolate.... I threw away everything but the whupped cream which is waiting for my second attempt in the fridge. Where did I go wrong? I would be grateful for some more details on what the temperatures should be (measurable with a thermometer) of the PAB, chocolate and whipped cream. Also, is it correct to add the PAB to the chocolate, or would doing it the other way around be better?
  10. I just noticed your post after my genoise topic was merged with this existing genoise troubleshooting topic. By the looks of your pictures, it seems like I have a similar issue to yours (+ my bottom layer was more dense than upper layers). Mine also sunk in the middle (this is my post). As I was reading your posts I think I understand the problem in your case was only you needed to fold in cocoa powder separately (mixed with water) and it turned out good? I'm a bit confused by the temperature - you lowered it despite having a sunken middle? I thought if a cake falls in the middle l, the temperature is probably too low? In the end you baked at 325F for 50 min - is this without convection? I baked mine at same temperature but with the fan setting on
  11. Yoda

    Cake pan sizes

    Update: I bought one 15x10 cm pan and one 20x10 cm pan. I hope I will be able to bake the whole cake in one 20x10 cm instead of two 20x7 cm pans (maybe I'll make a bit less batter). Any ideas how to adjust temperature or time if baking if there's more batter?
  12. Hi, I'm very new to baking cakes and need a little help deciding what kind of pan to get. I found a store that sells (PME) anodised aluminium cak pans with removable or solid bottom and of different heights for the same diameters. I was wondering which height should I get? 1. If I get a pan with higher sides, could there be a problem while baking if my batter only fills a third or half of the pan? 2. If a recipe calls for two pans to bake cakes in, could I just use one pan with sufficient higher edges to bake one high cake and then cut it into two layers? Or will I increase the risk of cake sinking,baking this way? (I'm refering to this recipe in particular - seems a bit of a waste buying two identical pans, but am willing to if I have to) Would I have to adjust the temperature and baking time baking this way? 3. Is there any reason to opt for either the pan with removable bottom or solid one?
  13. I'm from Slovenia so the flours differentiate by type (400, 500, 800), the higher the number, the more whole grain it is. And by soft and coarse - with soft flours being more appropriate for leavened doughs and coarser ones for cookies, crepes, pies, etc.(supposedly- that's what the instructions state :)) My flour was type 400, but I opted for the coarser mill instead of powdery like (like the 00 type in italian flours) Going with the coarse one was the mistake probably, along with not diluting it with starch? The thing is, I have a manitoba 00 flour which is veery soft and powdery, but it is meant for baking bread and so has 13% protein. I think I will go with the AP flour and add to it some starch like others suggested. Ap flours here have around 11% protein so it shoul work, hopefully So you guys think it was the flour? Edit: Do you think the temperature was appropriate? (I'm always confused with baking, when the recipe says to bake at a certain temperature - is it meant to bake at that temperature with or without fan? .. And since I have the option of baking with fan on, should I lower the temperature of baking and vy how much. For this recipe though, I think the instructions were meant to bake with fan, since the instructed temperature was 165C. While I was looking qt a lot of other genoise recipes, they all said to bake at 180°C (so I'm guessing that was meant without the fan on?)
  14. Yes, oopsi :) But it was the only honey I had at hand. And I really didn't think the small amount would take over the cocoa flavour x) the kitchen, while baking, smelled like I was making gingerbread lol
  15. O my gosh, I didn't even think of trying to find a cake flour substitute (or that it was even possible). Thank you so much, I'll definitely take a look at the link you've posted! (Though I'm still not sure whether I should use the smooth or coarse flour as the main flour... I'm thinking I should have gone with the smooth one since the crumb was kind of crunchy here and there - similar texture to a pie)
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