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  1. Banana and coconut bread pudding with coconut cream and flakes, dark brown sugar, walnuts, raisins, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnuts.
  2. shain

    Breakfast 2021

    Thanks Zchug is my favorite type of hot sauce - they are also quite varied in flavor, no two are alike.
  3. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Hummus with slow cooked ful (fava beans) and haminnados eggs. The ful was baked overnight, it's deep flavored, and tender. Flavored with garlic and plenty of cumin. Lemon, olive oil, tahini sauce, home made zchug. Soft warm pitas, pickles, veggies and a strong lager.
  4. I must admit that I rarely check the actual recipe in the blogs that I follow. Most those that I follow, I do so for ideas and inspiration, and to learn about new dishes etc. Some of them are well written enough to read through, others I'll just skim if the subject is interesting enough. Some of them I know to have trusted recpies and I might bookmark them for later reference. If I'm later actually looking for an exact recipe, I'm more likely to simply search among my trusted sources.
  5. shain

    Breakfast 2021

    Thanks! I highly recommend you try some, it has very unique effects. Hamminados eggs are a great start - just throw them in a 100dC oven overnight - very special taste, goes well in sandwiches, egg salad, with tahini etc. Also great over Chinese rice with chili oil and a touch of vinegar. Jerusalem kugel is another delicious and easy thing to try. Here's a recipe: You can also try a kubaneh if rolling jachnun seems like too much work. It's a basic and easy to make brioche like bread baked overnight with a few spices. Very similar to jachnun in taste (but not in texture).
  6. shain

    Breakfast 2021

    Jachnun brunch. Jachnun is a Jewish Yemenite pastry made of a sweetened laminated dough that is baked all night long so that it develops a rich somewhat savory flavor, the sweetness mellows, and if using butter (as I do) an amazing butterscotch flavor (sadly most don't - margarine is used for Kosher reasons). I also add a bit of fenugreek which adds subtle flavor of maple and spice. This may sound like a dessert, and I indeed like mine best with honey and a bit of rich yogurt, but the most common way to serve it is with haminnados eggs (also baked all night) and raw tomato sauce spic
  7. I love rose geranium. With black tea, or with lemon verbena. Also like sweet black tea with mint, chamomile with milk, chamomile with peppermint. Black tea with sage and cardamom. I really don't like fruity sour teas (e.g. rose heap).
  8. shain


    Weirdest kiwi I've ever seen. They're good though.
  9. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Not a beautiful dish, but so delicious. Noodle soup (pasta cooked in alkaline water) with chickpeas (some blended), sesame paste and peanut butter, chilies, parsley, cilantro, onion, carrots, spices (coriander, cumin among others), toasted sesame and nigella. It's rich but not cloying, hearty but not heavy and very flavorful. Served with beer.
  10. Recent stuff. Kimchi. Candied orange. Might deep them in chocolate if I'll have the patience. Also made orange marmalade. No picture. Celery and fennel in vinegar with carious flavorings. Ginger jam. To be eaten with the orange marmalade. Carambola (star fruit) in thick syrup, since it doesn't have much pectin so not really a jam.
  11. I'm sure there's a recipe somewhere were the taste of wholemeal pasta would work better than regular - but I still haven't found one After all, there's pasta made of buckwheat, rye, chestnuts - all "nutty" in flavor and works well in some application. It doesn't help that a lot of wholemeal pasta is stale to begin with.
  12. Thanks! But I do understand those who wish to have a proxy of dishes that they cannot have. Especially since those making carbonara vegetariana probably grow up eating it, and now can not. I have made my fair share of dishes that are a take on non vegetarian dishes - I just try to pick my wars wisely.
  13. I actually enjoy this video series. To should remember that this is entertainment, most Italians (and probably those on the show as well) are not that emotional about traditionallity of dishes. Do Italians care about their traditional dishes and wish to keep them, sure. I assume they may also feel like non Italians are misunderstanding those dishes and find it amusing or sad. I know I do when I'm see (for example) hummus (a dish close to my heart) eaten as a dip, or flavored untraditionally - not because I find it offensive (I like to experiment and be creative with it as well) but rather
  14. shain


    Then your mother and you are are better bakers most home bakers who's cookies I had the chance to try - so many are dry, floury, too soft or made with margarine (why?!). There are large high-end bakeries here that do good hamantashen, many with creative flavors as well. But the cheaper mass produced ones are indeed bad. I haven't made any in years, I had a recipe I loved that had almond meal in the pastry, and plenty of butter.
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