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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Last day of passover. Matzo brei.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Matzo casserole with leeks and scallions, kashkaval cheese, sirene cheese. Pan fried salmon with crisp skin, oranges, a touch of dill (weird plating, haha). Poppy bud, because why not.
  3. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Brunch (I will probably never be able to wake up early enough to cook a real breakfast ): Green "shakshuka" (it can't be a shakshuka if the sauce is not tomato based). Onion, garlic, oregano, thyme, pureed spinach, a little cream, roasted sweet potatoes, nutmeg, soft eggs, sumac, cumin and a touch of zaatar.
  4. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    After recent discussion in a thread about the herb butnaj, I've decided to have soma fava beans with it. I also added mint, cumin, paprika, lemon and olive oil. Also some garlicky pearled barley.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    They are very similar. I'd look for a very soft feta, not crumbly but just breakable, it should be almost spreadable. Flavor wise, look for something milky and not briney, best if it has some aged cheese flavor. It should not be too salty. As for the salad as a whole, don't skimp on the mint, and serve at room temperature (I think that peas gets strange texture when cold).
  6. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    I'm a little late with posting, but Passover eve was a few days ago and we had a small Seder with the family. I wasn't hosting, but those are my contributions. Apologies for the bad images, which were mostly taken while preparing or taking leftovers Fresh peas with sirene cheese, mint, olive oil, pepper. Beetroots with spiced yogurt (anise, fennel seeds, chili, cumin), mint and oregano, lemon and olive oil. Matzo "lasagna" (the matzo were soaked in water), filled with browned mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted eggplants, chickpeas, bechamel, bharat (with plenty of cinnamon and cumin). The topmost matzo sheet was brushed with butter so it ended up nice and crisp. Cake made with coconut flakes, shaved chocolate, chopped toasted walnuts and a little red wine. Saoked with coffee so it's vey moist and made complete with coffee flavored whipped cream. It's one of my favorite cake to make and eat. There was also chicken dishes and sides, some lovely salads, gefilte fish homemade chazeret, and a couple more desserts.
  7. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    Homemade pappardelle with small chickpeas in charred roasted peppers sauce (no tomato), garlic, EVOO, sharp Pecorino Romano, black pepper.
  8. That Cheesecake Flavor

    I like the flavor profile that results from mild quark style cheese, sour cream, and at least for me, vanilla is a must. I also like ricotta, often with citrus, but I don't consider it cheese cake flavor.
  9. Long cooked eggs

    Hammin eggs are very popular in Israel, most often served as part of hammin or tchoulent, with jacnun, and sometimes with hummus, more often with hummus-ful. They are very liked and appreciated due to the long cooking time. Some will boil eggs with a tea bag in order to color them without a long cooking time, but this does not effect the taste or the inner color. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I don't really like regular hard boiled eggs either.
  10. I'll just make it clear that the fava mentioned is the dried kind (as in a ful medames), completed with lemon juice and olive oil. Although I'm sure it will be delicious with the green kind as well.
  11. In Israel, people of Iraqi origin will usually use butnaj/butnuj to refer to Micromeria fruticosa (Zota Levvana in Hebrew). However, I will not be surprised if in Iraq it refers to a different plant. It is used to flavor cooked fava beans, kebabs (mint is more common now, but I believe it was the original spice in Iraqi kebabs). It is often paired with cumin. Like mint, it makes tasty tea, especially with strong black tea.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    Sour cream and cornmeal biscuits with plenty of rosemary and a little parmesan. Served with a salad, cheeses, olives, and scrambled eggs.
  13. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    I had leftover (uncooked) rice noodles from yesterday's dinner. I mixed them with some extremely hot sambal olek I had made moths ago (and was left in the freezer), I believe it contained dried and fresh chillies, garlic and tamarind. I then added coconut milk and flakes, some tahini and plenty of scallions. It was really good, I already want to make it again Maybe with thicker noodles, and toasted cashews.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    A quick dinner today. Thin rice noodles, chickpeas, coconut milk, turmeric, a hint of cumin, fenugreek and anise, plenty of chili. Coriander and some more fresh chilies on top. I seem to be on a coconut kick lately. Definitely not a complaint on my side.