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  1. Maybe you'r looking for something more akin garlic confit? There is a pickles vendor in one of the markets in Tel Aviv I used to frequent some years ago. Among many goodies (amazing amba, schug, and lots of pickles) they made a spiced garlic confit with vinegar added. There was thyme and a maybe cumin or something. It was soft and sweet, slightly acidic and was just perfect over some soft bread or pita. Edited to add: That's the place. I sure should make a visit sometime!
  2. This was decorating the the hotel, among other similar (if less adorable) pictures. And ice cream - 3 flavors: Mastica & green peppercorn (tastes like sesame, anise, pepper, resin) Rahat lokum - rose water flavor with an elastic chewy texture. Another ice cream that supposedly flavored like a traditional dessert, but I can't recall which. Candied orange, walnuts, vanilla, maybe some cinnamon.
  3. Those are the monasteries of Meteora (lit. elevated, suspended in air). There were 24 monasteries built on the rock of Meteora, of whom 6 are still (sparsely) populated and maintained. The old kitchen is a display of the old kitchen in one of the larger monasteries. The cat I believe is stray though it knows where to live - amazing vista and plenty of tourists to feed and pet it. It might also go down to the village, it's a reasonable walk.
  4. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Egg cubes curry with coconut, yogurt, tomatoes, Egg curry. Bakes egg cubes with yogurt, ground peanuts, spices. In a sauce of onion, tomato, yogurt, coconut milk, ginger, curry leaves, markout lime, coriander seeds, hing. Recipe below. Rava dhokla - semolina quick bread with yogurt and spices. Coconut chutney with yogurt, tamarind, fried spices (tadka). Recipe below. Home made mango chutney with lots of ginger, chili and orange. Lightly spiced rice. Yogurt.
  5. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Another backlog dinner. Peppers and tofu, stir fried with anise and fennel, ginger, garlic, hoisin, soy sauce, brown sugar, cassia, scallions.
  6. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Pasta salad with a dressing of sour cream, mayo, dill, mustard, vinegar, pepper. Eggs, peas, pickles.
  7. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Green beans and fired tofu in black bean sauce.
  8. An amazing lunch at Bokos Ouzeri in Volos. Ouzerias are restaurants that specialize in serving drinks and food that accompanies them (mostly ouzo and tsipouro, in the latter case they are sometimes called tsipouroias). It's a bit like an izakaya, but with more of a restaurant vibe than a pub. In more traditional old-school places, the dishes can are simple tapas - e.g. pickles, fava spread, patatosalata, cheese, octopus legs- served with little fanfare. More commonly noways, the places are full fledged restaurants, serving an often expansive menu, with a strong focus on seafood, fried items and less-basic tapas. Here's an image of some tapas style dishes from this restaurant. In Volos and Pelion area, where tsipouro is at least as loved as ouzo, it is common to have it served in miniature bottle (i.e. airplane bottles). Guests are served a bucket of ice, empty glasses and array of bottles. It is common to see the tables filled with empty ones. I'm not sure why is this practiced, as we ordered the more economic single larger bottle of ouzo. A common sight. Drinks first - a medium (single) bottle of ouzo and a Greek pilsner. Raw clams. Greek salad. Shrimp saganaki in bright sauce. A tower of plump mussels steamed with garlic and dill. Fried zucchini with tzatziki. Grilled bread. Complementary ice cream. Nothing fancy, but perfect the late noon heat. I can't help but apologize again for taking whole months to post about a 10 day long vacation 😅 Busy times.
  9. It was fully dried. I got it mostly to gift some friends. We get all kinds of oregano, thyme, zaatar, marjoram etc. Between us and the neighbors we can get our hands on many herbs So while it's tasty, I don't think it is unique enough that I would have bothered bringing back home just for my own use.
  10. Pickled pistachio leaves are eaten as a mezze with drinks, and sometimes in salads. It's a local specialty. Mountain oregano tastes like zaatar, maybe a bit more mentoly-sharp. It's picked when flowering and is very pleasant.
  11. Volos is a modestly sized city that sits at the bay where the peninsula of Pelion connects to the mainland. We had a busy schedule with a long drive planned, and so we stopped only for a short visit. We managed to visit the farmer's market. It's not large, but the produce is varied and of good quality. Also very fairly priced. We bought some fruits for snacking and wild mountain oregano to take home. Among the more unusual findings are pistachio leaves - both pickled and fresh, unripe plums, as well as some jams, honey and pickles.
  12. shain

    Dinner 2021

    Too hot. Far too humid... Kong-guksu. Korean noodles in cold soy and sesame soup. I made a quick soy milk - trusting the blender to get things smooth enough without passing it through a fine sieve. Kept some beans for serving. Noodles were toasted before boiling. Omelette ribbons. Toasted pumpkin seeds and sesame, chili. Some ice cubes to keep it nice and cold. Skipped the usual cucumber topping, instead made a quick zucchini salad with sesame oil, vinegar, fish sauce, chili and garlic. Also homemade kimchi with a drizzle of tahini.
  13. With heavy hearts, it was time to leave the Pelion area and continue Westwards. A few stops along the way towards the city of Volos. Pelion was one of the most beautiful and most authentically charming places I had the luck to visit.
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