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  1. There aren't Library of Congress Classifications for Bitters?
  2. haresfur


    Not as disgusting as most of the new flavours they keep coming out with.
  3. I had totally forgotten, "nova." Thanks for the reminder. Although we just say, "smoked salmon" in Australia and no one seems to identify cold vs. hot except by looking at it.
  4. I thought lox was cured, not smoked. Or is that too pedantic?
  5. Btw, a piece of damp newspaper dipped in wood ash is great to clean the fireplace door
  6. Fair enough. Just don't worry about it looking dirty and you won't be able to see through it. Problem solved.
  7. It's one of those little frustrations to actually go to the trouble to clean the oven door and have it still look dirty. My Asko has a triple glazed door. The manual only tells you how to get the whole glass sandwich out but it was pretty simple to figure out the rest.
  8. not to get too geeky, but it's a branch of maths "Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based." As I understand it, your rice cooker doesn't know how close your rice is to being done but bases its control on how close it "thinks" it is and modifies what it does based on the response. Or something like that.
  9. Great name. Don't think I've ever seen Byrrh here, though (or Luciano, for that matter).
  10. It is strange how fuzzy-logic sound so cool and high-tech when talking about rice cookers but so unsettling when talking about controlling nuclear reactors
  11. Had a friend who took a month long summer trip. Somewhere around a week or 2 in, the line to the ice maker in his fridge let loose and water poured into the house until a neighbour noticed it running down the drive into the street and called the city to shut his water off. Aside from the water damage, the whole house up to the attic was full of mold and they had to take the entire interior down to the studs, sand off the mold, spray with bleach, and redo all the walls and ceilings. He was out of the house for a year. I'll fill my own ice trays, thanks.
  12. At a popup lunch with friends. Strict rules about distances between tables and only taking your mask off when seated. But no cases reported in regional Victoria in about a week. The food was nice, not wow, but nice. eta: first meal with friends and first sit-down restaurant meal in about 9 months
  13. I just defrost at 55 C or whatever temperature I consider "done". That way it doesn't sit in the danger zone for bacteria growth. If you are going to set it at 20 C, you might as well put it out on the counter, imo. (ok water is better than air for transferring heat into the food.
  14. variation on a drink I posted around 2012. Don't think this is any better but higher end brands would have helped 2 oz reposado tequila 1 oz Cinzano sweet vermouth 1 oz Nocino 3 drops Bitterman's xocolato bitters Build over ice. Maybe a touch of Mescal...
  15. When I worked in the bush, the canned corned beef, that we always called Corned Herford after the brand name, was very far down the pecking order* of what you would eat when the food flight was delayed. But, if nothing else, someone would break into it out of boredom. *the lowest of the low was whole chicken in a can of gelatine
  16. There is a fish store I drive past all the time that is only open a few days a week and those days I'm almost always on another quest and can't stop. Last Saturday AM the planets aligned and we drove past on our way to get coffee with a plan to get cups to take back to the nearby parking spot overlooking the city, which usually is only busy at night when the teenagers are out having a pash. On the way past I spotted a sign for scallop pie and knew what I had to do. They came in tins and one could only be served inverted The scallop didn't have much seasonin
  17. A bad idea that tastes just enough like roast beef and gravy to turn you off roast beef and gravy.
  18. Not the liquor store, but the farmers market, a man from a nearby town making vermouth from grapes sourced in the Heathcote wine region, just outside Bendigo, and incorporating native botanicals. Also hand sanitiser from a gin distillery, who repurposed their still during the shortage and was stuck with extra stock. It was on sale and I was happy to help out, even though it was still more expensive than the big box hardware.
  19. I suppose that any publicity is good publicity but I was told that the translation of "tökfej" is "prick-head" That being said, the matcha items look really good
  20. haresfur


    Wash the cabbage? 😄 I just peel off the outer leaves and have at it.
  21. Pasty from my usual bakery. It had been in the fridge overnight so I warmed it in the oven. As near as I can tell, the filling is potato, cabbage, and carrot. Not bad for peasant food. So the discussion in this thread made me realise that your bakeries seem to sell the pies cold. They keep them warm here so you can eat them right away.
  22. Not sure how it would be on those fish but my go-to now for salmon is to crust the fillets with crushed dried caperberries. A fellow has been selling those at our farmers market and I have been having a lot of fun playing with them. Not so overpowering as regular capers
  23. If you try a new flavour of potato chips from the grocery and don't like it, you pay for it and feed the rest to the dog. Same thing. That being said, there is nothing wrong with letting the restaurant know that you didn't like the food but it is up to them to decide whether to take it off the bill or not. If the food was actually spoiled I think you would have a case. But ultimately, pay the bill and absolutely tip the waitress. I let a very nice restaurant know that one of the dishes was really excessively salty to our taste - really to let them know rather than expec
  24. The lockdown restrictions on regional Victoria Australia have just eased, although Melbourne is still isolated. This means the other states are easing their border restrictions so that crews can come in to harvest crops. This is huge for the food industry. There are still issues because they can't bring in workers from other countries but it helps.
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