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  1. Oh yeah. In winter you walk into the wind by facing backwards so you don't freeze your face.
  2. The Pony Corral looks vaguely familiar but I don't really remember it. What came immediately to mind for me from my childhood was the Paddlewheel Restaurant in the Hudson Bay Company Store and it's lemon meringue pie. Credit and more photos here.
  3. When I lived in asparagus country, my coworkers were quite competitive about pickling asparagus. Someone in the lunch room would casually drop, "Yeah I pickled 30 lbs of asparagus this weekend."
  4. If the New York Times stuck to classics, they would have run out of recipes years ago
  5. Well, I've never had Marmite because I'm afraid of being seen buying it πŸ˜„. Stick with the home team. They do sell Marmite here for the foreigners.
  6. haresfur

    Dinner 2021

    Shiso pesto from this recipe with some substitutions. I liked it as a nice change from normal pesto. Partner wasn't so impressed and missed the cheese.
  7. @liuzhou Do you get mustard greens in China? I randomly picked up a bunch at my Chinese green grocer here. Of course it was when my very different looking mustard greens were going gangbusters in the garden.
  8. One of my in-town geology jobs (Hammering drill-pipe down through the street in a residential area on Sunday morning? Sure) the drillers liked to have lunch at the same working class pub (cute waitress who kept the aerobics show on the big screen to distract the patrons). The lunch specials all came with mashed potatoes. My favourite was spag bol, garlic bread, and mash with gravy. Good way to get your carbs.
  9. Those leaves look bigger than the Thai basil I've seen
  10. I think this is their second year. The are from pups off another plant. I have quite a few succulents because they are hard to kill.
  11. Brief garden report. Not too successful this year but a few things are working out. My Warrigal greens are happy since I transplanted them to a bigger pot. Green shiso is looking ok since I rolled it out to get more sun But the artichokes are sad. There was one in with the shiso that didn't make it, too. Seems to be an ok year for peppers. This plant is 2 years old. The lime tree in the background got a bad case of scale but I may get some limes.
  12. If only we could get people to eat more camel
  13. If having a pie warmer at your workplace isn't ultimate Aussie, I don't know what is. πŸ™‚
  14. Do they have a toasty press in the work area for lunches? Back, pre-covid, one of my coworkers had it down to a science - propping up the top with a glass so it didn't get squished more than he liked. A techo then made him an adjustable prop out of some threaded stock and some nuts so he could dial in the perfect level. The round things could be arancini.
  15. Kangaroo is very lean so pretty healthy, and low impact on greenhouse gases so I feel kind of guilty. I might try harder but my partner is not much of a red meat fan. I wouldn't say it's gammy, more like congealed blood. Steak is best cut thin and cooked fast.
  16. I'm really not sure why there is a shortage. Maybe it isn't economical with the expense of covid control in the abattoirs
  17. They cull wild kangas and I believe the meat mostly comes from Queensland, which irritates me because there should be a local industry imo. There is no sport hunting season, you have to be a professional or a farmer to kill them with approval. They really fill the same ecological niche as deer - browsers that like to jump in front of cars. Take extra care driving at dusk and dawn. Most of the meat goes to pet food because most people don't eat much if any. I'm not a big fan. Do like having them behind my place, though.
  18. Oh, I forgot. There is apparently a kangaroo meat shortage and the cat is pissed! He will eat beef in a pinch and the dogs will eat anything. Their food mostly comes in by contactless delivery.
  19. About the only covid-related food thing for me is wearing a mask in the grocery and my continued avoidance of most indoor dining, even though it is allowed with reduced seating capacity. But the new outbreak management style of short lockdowns to get ahead of contact tracing is a good reminder to keep enough staples on hand, anyway.
  20. haresfur

    Spice Storage Ideas

    try a couple of these puppys
  21. I don't know anything about the grade system but it looks like the system primarily includes the pungency/hot flavour: sweet<slightly pungent<pungent<hot and the colour: light brown to orange<pale red<bright red<vibrant red. It is interesting that it doesn't seem to include smoked paprika, but maybe that's what they mean by pungent. So if you are using it primarily for colour, not flavour (like deviled eggs) then go for something red. If you want a lot of heat use erΕ‘s, and something in between then go for pungent. Aside from that I think you just need
  22. Sugar, water, soybean paste, modified tapioca starch, salt, MSG, garlic, caramel, spices I didn't see anything labeled tianmian sauce, at least in script I could read.
  23. I bought some "Peking Duck Sauce", and to me it tastes pretty similar to hoisin but better than many of the brands available here. ... and it goes pretty well on pierogies but not quite as good as mango chutney.
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