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  1. Tonight I spun the mango sorbet and the strawberry ice cream. I'm very pleased with both. Neither had to be re-spun, both were very smooth and creamy. I started making some limoncello tonight in that I got the lemon peels into some vodka. I want to make the lemon ice cream in the book. Also up is the Dulce de Leche. I need more containers and Ninja Canada does not show them for purchase on their web site. I can order them from Ninja.com but I have to pay shipping and then the lot gets converted to Canadian dollars and I'll have paid an arm and a leg. Not gonna do it. I'll wait until BBB re-stocks. I'm very pleased with this little machine and can't wait to make more.
  2. Thanks for answering. I used a Thermopen and stuck it into the dead centre of the frozen mixture so I think it must be that temperature all the way through.
  3. I have two pints in the freezer, one with mango pulp and one with strawberry ice cream. The mango went into the freezer late yesterday afternoon and the ice cream around 9 last night. I checked the temperature and they read 1F which is within the range required. Given that they are within the targeted temperature range can I spin them now or do I have to wait the full 24 hours? Is the time factor more important that the temperature?
  4. Upthread I wondered if I could make focaccia in a loaf pan. Today I tried making a mini one. My loaf pan was 5.75" x 3". Hydration percentage was 92% so a pretty wet dough. We had no trouble demolishing it. I'm going to try another one tomorrow but I will add dried cranberries and raisins to it.
  5. I could not find any extra beakers on the BBB Canadian site but you will likely have better luck on the American one.
  6. I need to check the temperature of my freezer. I doubt very much it goes to -26C.
  7. ElsieD

    Dry Aged Fish

    If dry aged fish is comparable in price to dry aged beef, it would be a pricey product.
  8. How big across are they when you set a jar on the measuring tape? 3 1/2"? And how tall do they measure? Just got word that mine shipped today.
  9. See what I mean? No shortage of enablers. And let's not forget @Shelby. She's no slouch either.
  10. @andrewk512 I could go back through all these pages to see where you talk about peach sorbet but I'll ask here instead. What were your ingredients for that sorbet? Now that I am getting the machine, I'll be taking notes.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/288792436339054 https://www.facebook.com/groups/ninjacreamicommunity Here are a couple. I could not find a link that I could copy but if you search on Facebook for Ninja Creami Group/Recipes the site should pop up.
  12. I'd forgotten about that! I bought that too!
  13. You betcha! The more you posted, the more I wanted one.
  14. I shall never again forget to to put the rice in the casserole dish when I cook rice in the microwave. Dinner will be late tonight.
  15. Congratulations! We can compare notes! These people on eGullet are the worst bunch of enablers I have ever come across.😁
  16. There are two Ninja Creami Facebook groups. I fell down the rabbit hole today and read about some of the concoctions they come up with. Makes for interesting reading. @Kerry Beal Re: your Mango sorbet. You used canned mango and nothing else? I have a can of Alphonso in the cupboard and that is the first thing I'm going to make.
  17. Why, thank you! When I registered, they sent me a baby coupon which I ignored, not realizing I could use it for the Ninja. I still haven't gotten the one I was waiting for. No matter, it's been ordered, the discount was applied and it gets delivered between Wednesday and the weekend. First up: mango sorbet. Alrighty then, @JeanneCakeyou're next!
  18. Although I have signed up, I am still waiting for my coupon. I may try calling them.
  19. Ninja canada shows a 300 model as well as the 301. Both are listed as N/A. Maybe the 301 replaced the 300?
  20. It isn't even listed on Amazon.ca. I plan to call Ninja Canada on Monday. They list the separate parts but not the complete package unless I'm missing something.
  21. You are so right! I need the coupon! I signed up for it but I got one for the baby goods. I'll try again.
  22. You are right if you are referring to the $450 one. I'm looking for the $200 one. I have the Breville "smart scoop" ice cream maker with the built-in compressor and in light of that can't justify (to my husband) getting the expensive one.
  23. Thank you but all sold out! Same with Ninja Canada, Walmart, Canadian Tire. Best Buy, although they carry lots of Ninja, no ice cream maker.
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