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  1. Please excuse me for asking this question as I am a Northener and generally speaking, we like our tomatoes red, not green. I have seen many a reference to fried green tomatoes and it is something I just can't wrap my head around. I don't understand why anyone would want to eat a green tomato when one can eat a tasty, juicy, perfectly ripe one. So clearly, I don't understand the attraction. What is it about a FGT that makes you want to eat them? If someone can convince me if the merits, I'll cook some up and try them.
  2. At 63.8 pounds you wouldn't be moving it around much.
  3. @Anna N I'd happily take them off your hands. I love date squares and they look delicious.
  4. Many on here rave about the toast the CSO makes. I'm not one of them.
  5. @andiesenji Well, thank you! I stumbled across recipe source accidentally some years back and had when I tried to find it again I couldn't remember what or where it was. That's one rabbit hole I may never climb out if. Not much will get done today!
  6. Do you still have/know the source?
  7. Spiced wafers.....are they like a gingersnap?
  8. And a good thing, too, as someone's got to do it if for no other reason than to direct Gulleters towards the correct path.
  9. On mine, it depends on the setting. On some settings, the timer starts right away and on others, not until it has finished pre-heating.
  10. Interesting you would say that about raisins. I never get the dark raisins either as I prefer the yellow ones.
  11. That would be fantastic, thank you. Meanwhile, Red Star sent me an email telling me where I could order it on-line. There is just the one place. I tried, and tried, and tried to no avail. My credit card has 6 debits and 6 credits on it attesting to this fact. I wrote Red Star yet again and they are going to speak to the on-line proprietor. I'm guessing Red Star would prefer that their one on-line source accept orders for their product. I'm waiting to hear back from them. The Red Star people are great.
  12. Late in life, like about 2 months ago I had my first ever Portugese egg tart and wondered where it had been all my life. Is this something like it? I see them in some of the shops in our Chinatown. Edited to add: never mind, I read your post first and then read the explanation you gave to Anna. Please ignore my post.
  13. If you must put raisins in my butter tarts, please don't use more than three. I'd prefer none. I do, though, find that pecans or walnuts have a happy home in that lucious filling. I love butter tarts.
  14. I guess Jeff needs the bucks.
  15. Earlier I had prepped and frozen some corn. I made a concentrated corn broth from the cobs and used some of it tonight to make grits. After the grits were cooked, I added fresh corn kernels. This was plated and on top went creole shrimp, garnished with green onions, parsley and feta cheese.
  16. I wonder if Michael (not @blue_dolphin 's cat) is related to Conway? Anyway, I'm interested in this. Not enough to buy the book, I'm a Northerner after all, but I do like me some okra every now and again.
  17. I wrote twice to the Red Star people and got really good replies both times. It is only sold at HyVee stores in South Dakota at the moment so not exactly nation-wide let alone North America-wide. The funny thing is, my sister and BIL were in South Dakota while Red Star and I were corresponding but by then they were out of HyVee range. Too bad for me as they would have picked some up. Red Star did point me to an on-line source and I plan on getting some. I'm really curious to try it.
  18. I have, in the past, canned tomatoes, peaches and pickles. As far as I remember, jams and jellies i've made have always been the freezer type. By far, for me, the easiest way to sterilize the jars was in the oven, lids in hot water.
  19. Sometimes the second day is 95% as good as the first day, but that's about it. I normally freeze bread the day I make it unless it is baked late in the day.
  20. This is the ingredient list from their web site. Ingredients: Wheat flour unbleached, San Francisco sourdough (wheat flour, salt, fumaric acid, sunflower oil, sodium diacetate, lactic acid, modified palm oil, silicon dioxide, ascorbic acid, L-cysteine hydrochloride, amylase), sugar, shortening powder (coconut oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, monoglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, silicon dioxide), whey powder, wheat gluten, malt flour.
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