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  1. BTB beef nutritional label:
  2. I have used More Than Gourmet and Savory Choice products. I really liked Savory Choice but I cannot order it directly anymore and the one store that I know that carries it here charges more than I want to pay. Then I switched to More Than Gourmet and I was very happy with those but I can't order direct from them anymore either and I don't know of a store that carries them here. @blue_dolphin The mushroom one is very good. So now I have to rely on store bought ones and I use Better Than Bouillon, both the chicken and the beef. I also save chicken bones and when I have enough, I'll make a stock, just the bones and water. This then gets reduced as much as possible and I portion it out into ice cube trays. The jellied blobs I then keep in the freezer.
  3. I haven't made them yet but will post when I do.
  4. I just had a thought. I think I'll brown the panko in some bacon grease.
  5. Yeah, I've been googling recipes too. I also now have a dozen or so jalapenos in the fridge. I like the idea of topping them with panko crumbs, toasted, I think. Then, I wonder about cooking up some bacon while they are baking and sprinkle some bacon bits over the finished product rather than fiddling with bacon slices.
  6. Thank you Kerry. I really, really, wanted to dive into those pastries. All of them.
  7. That worked. Did not work. I got the picture of the soup but no recipe.
  8. Well, this is truly weird. I tap on your quote and I get an error message saying that the page does not exist. Anyway, thanks for quoting it in full. I appreciate it.
  9. Try cracking the egg into a strainer and those wispy bits will fall through the strainer and then you won't have those bits.
  10. Let me know how/if it works. I have the control freak also so I'm curious. What were the whites like?
  11. It wouldn't do anything. All the lights went out, nothing worked. It just stopped.
  12. John just picked up and re-installed the microwave. It was the fuse as @chromedome mentioned, as well as a switch. The repair was considerably cheaper than a new one, we'll see how long it lasts. Thanks, everyone, for chiming in.
  13. What if you sprayed some Pam or other such spray oil onto the bottom of the pan? I haven't tried it but it might work.
  14. John took the microwave to the repair shop in case it is something as simple as a fuse. We never thought of getting it looked at, until @chromedome mentioned the fuse. We'll know early next week what the diagnosis is. In our looking around ar new ones I was surprised by all the complaints against Panasonic, both for the quality of their product and their poor customer service. I have always been happy with them.
  15. I thought I was the only one who did that.
  16. ElsieD


    Hi and welcome to the forum. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
  17. Hi Fred, welcome to the forum.
  18. ElsieD

    Your egg journey

    An ostrich eggs equates to 24 chicken eggs.
  19. ElsieD

    Your egg journey

    A friend invited us over for breakfast one day, a number of years ago. He had duck eggs and ostrich eggs on offer. I had an ostrich egg which I could not finish. They weight about 3 pounds each. John ate duck eggs. They were both really good. It was quite a job cracking the ostrich shell. It's not unlike trying to crack a rock. I believe he eventually cracked it using a hammer.
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