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  1. Keep in mind that French buttercream with yolks will have a more yellow hue.
  2. Basically yeah, a lot of color in a small amount of icing. The colors deepen as it sits, so I would do a trial run and mix them ahead of time to make sure it's the color you want. Burgundy from Americolor (not sure about Wilton) doesn't come out looking like what I think it should, so you might have to do some experiments on mixing your colors. I would make your darkest color, then take some of that and mix into small amounts of the regular icing to get a lighter tone that's in the same family, unless you want a variety of colors.
  3. Yes I know. I only leave it in there briefly.
  4. @heidih I tried this recipe Oven dried tomatoes, and they were great. Only issue is I left them in to long, and some were a little too crispy. I blame our stupid oven 😑. But, I'm going to make them again and I'll know not to leave them in as long. I put them olive oil with a garlic clove and a few herbs, very tasty.
  5. A little Spidey 😊. I'm a fan myself, so this was fun.
  6. Blue macarons with vanilla bean buttercream and sprinkles for a gender reveal party.
  7. I have not tried those tomatoes, but I think I'll have too :). I'm not a fan of most sun dried tomatoes in stores. We are going to the tomato farm today, so I'll see what they have to try this.
  8. So, 14 lbs of tomatoes made 4 1-quart bags. Not real impressed 😑. Oh well, be buying another box.
  9. Our yearly marinara sauce making has started. We get these San Marzanos from a tomato farm nearby. They always have a distressed rack that is $1/lb. We picked up 14lbs this go round. Since they just started coming in, we'll probably go back for one more box.
  10. RWood

    Dinner 2020

    I split the baby gems in half and brushed with olive oil. I placed them on a hot grill till they had marks on both sides. I made my usual Caesar dressing. I had read This article about salad breadcrumbs instead of hard croutons and wanted to try it. So much flavor in them compared to croutons, and was nicer to eat. I'm not a fan of baby gems for regular salad, but I thought that since they are such sturdy little buggers, they would grill well. And, they are a better size than a big romaine head.
  11. RWood

    Dinner 2020

    Baby Gem grilled Ceasar salad with garlic butter bread crumbs.
  12. RWood

    Dinner 2020

    For our FaceTime happy hour with by step sister and her husband, I made a Caprese salad, crab stuffed zucchini flowers and arancini. Served with a Pinot grigio.
  13. We were out of ice cream, but had whipped cream and strawberries. My mother complained the whole time that it was Soo dark chocolate, (ate it anyway 😑) with a dome of whipped cream that was as big as her head to help cut it.
  14. Wanted something chocolatey, so I made a small chocolate Bundt with glaze. I usually half the recipe, and it fits perfectly in this little pan I got years ago. Since there is only two of us, a regular Bundt is way too much cake.
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