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  1. I use a similar method. I have a large box of acetate sheets I bought years ago, so I'm trying to use them up. I don't coat the sheet, I just pour some over one end, then place the sheet on and scrape it down. I like it because I get a better seal, and a shiny bottom. You can use transfer sheets as well. They aren't as stiff as the acetate I have, and I like them better. But, either has worked.
  2. I haven't tried this recipe myself yet, but I think it's a similar method. Salted Butter Caramels
  3. Decided to make chocolates this year. It's been awhile since I moved and hadn't got anything out in awhile. I hit the craft store and got different sponges and brushes to mess around with, and a few new colors from Chef Rubber. I'm happy with the finish and the shine, but the designs were OK. Should have gotten the air brush out and not been lazy πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ™ƒ. Flavors are from top: Brown butter caramels with Maldon flakes, Espresso, Peanut Butter, Yuzu caramel, Dulcey with a chocolate pecan crunch layer, Raspberry Pinot, and a Passion Fruit heart.
  4. My mom wanted koulourakia. It was always my step dad's favorite cookie. He said when his mom would pack his lunch, she would give him keftedes, feta cheese and koulourakia. I think he ate them together 😁. This one is made with vanilla, orange zest and Metaxa. And they HAVE to have sesame seeds.
  5. If you like eggnog, then Greweling's is a good one too use. I made a orange spice tea last year with candied orange peel. I usually make a white chocolate peppermint with crushed candy canes, people love it. I have made a spiced caramel apple, and I'm thinking about something with cookie butter.
  6. My cosplayer friend always asks for some kind of Thor related cake. He didn’t mention it this year, but I told his roommate I was going to make him a small cake, not sure what though. The kitchen is a mess with remodeling, so I knew it wouldn’t be too crazy. Took a little experimenting, but I made a small Stormbreaker for the cake, with airbrushed lightning. Dark chocolate cake, sour cream raspberry ganache and fresh raspberries. He loved it 😊.
  7. I always have delusions of grandeur for Halloween (like the Corpse Bride cake I wanna make) then fizzle out πŸ˜‘. Just made some spice cookie cut outs into character sticks.
  8. So, it took us till yesterday to get together with my step-sister for her birthday (August). Made her a small carrot cake.
  9. This is one I use that has both. It's like most mud cakes in that it tastes better a day after baking. Very sturdy and moist. I was looking for a cake that was very chocolatey, and I usually use a dark Valrhona in it, 65-70%. American Mud Cake
  10. RWood

    Brazil nuts

    It's been awhile since I made it, it's probably similar. I remember it's slightly dense, chunky from all the nuts and coconut.
  11. RWood

    Brazil nuts

    I've always loved them too. Used to crack them at my aunt's house around the holidays. Now I just buy them shelled. Here is a cake recipe that's pretty good. I never layered it with the dulce, just used it as a single layer. The creme de cocao and coconut were added to the original recipe, or kind of a combination of two recipes. It's been awhile since I made it. BRAZIL NUT TURRON INGREDIENTS X1 X2 X3 WHOLE EGGS 4 EA UNSALTED BUTTER, MELTED 3/4 CUP SUGAR 2 CUPS CAKE FLOUR 1 CUP BAKING POWDER 1 TSP BRAZIL NUTS, FINELY CHOPPED 2 CUPS CREME DE COCAO 1 TSP VANILLA 1/2 TSP SHREDDED COCONUT 1/2 CUP DULCE DE LECHE, FOR SERVING OVEN 350F. BEAT EGGS AND SUGAR ON MEDIUM SPEED UNTIL LIGHT AND FLUFFY. ADD MELTED BUTTER. ADD FLOUR AND BAKING POWDER AND BEAT ON LOW SPEED. ADD BRAZIL NUTS, FOLDING IN BY HAND. POUR INTO TWO GREASED AND LINE 8-INCH PANS. BAKE 25 MINS. COOL. LAYER TOGETHER WITH DULCE DE LECHE.
  12. So, my mom buys about 4lbs of strawberries, then says, "we gotta do something with these" πŸ™„. We means me 🀨. So, I remembered seeing a quick recipe on Smitten Kitchen for a summer strawberry cake. Came out pretty good. Warm with vanilla ice cream. Just cake batter with a bunch of strawberries thrown on top. Be good for a picnic.
  13. Probably depends on the area. For regular ones, I charge $2.50. More elaborate decoration like these, probably $3.50. I buy them in Seattle when I visit, and I pay $2.50 at LePanier in the market.
  14. Since it's Spiderman weekend for the movie, I decided to make some Spidey Macs, with a few Deadpool. Also Birthday cake Macs with the leftover blue.
  15. I just received this email: Now Available - 73.5% Apamate, 70% Gran Saman, and 61% Mijao Discos! We are excited to announce that our Apamate, Gran Saman, and Mijao discos are now available again! Due to ongoing socio-political problems in Venezuela, there were delays in production of these popular products, and we apologize for the unavailability and appreciate all of our customers' support. But if you've been waiting for more of these delicious dark chocolates, just head to www.chocolates-elrey.comor call us today at 1-800-357-3999!
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