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  1. You kinda have to think of cheesecake as a custard. It's set with eggs, so it needs to be baked low and slow. And not overbaked, which I think some people have issues with since it may not look set and keep baking it. For Christmas, I made a goat cheese cheesecake, and I baked it at 350 for 15 mins, turned it down to 275 and baked about 45 mins more (this was a small 7"). It still had a soft jiggle in the middle. I left it in the oven with the door ajar until it cooled. Then ran a knife around the edge. The texture was perfect.
  2. Christmas Cookies Redux

    I don't usually make cookies for Christmas anymore, but my mother begs for decorated cookies. Just vanilla cut out cookie with royal icing. I generally don't have the patience to color lots of icing and wait on stages of drying, so not my favorite thing to make. So, I bought these Prettier Plaques by Julia Usher. Love them! Still takes a little while, but all I had to do was one color of icing for a base, then put color in my airbrush.
  3. I would just cut a piece to fit the bottom of your pan. I never lined loaf pans at all, but a chef I worked with insisted on it (because his mama did it) and it did make a difference.
  4. Uses for leftover cola?

    Look up Coca-Cola Cake. Being from the south, that was always a cake I remember growing up.
  5. They all look really nice, Jim. I'm glad it worked better for you. But, seeing all that that you've gotten done just reminds me that is till haven't made anything for holidays
  6. Round two on Thor's hammer. I was gonna try a different set up than last time, but a) this thing weighed a ton and b), I was worn out from working all day then making this at night. So, Ace got the same as a couple of years ago. He was happy though.
  7. Well I made the snakes and clasp last weekend, and the eye a couple of days before. I did all the outside details yesterday after work. That's was probably 3-4 hours. The stitches took the longest, probably an hour for just those.
  8. BoooooOOOOOOK! Finally got this out of my system. Didn't happen last year like I planned. Eye is made of isomalt, fondant for all the other details. Cake is red velvet with cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream.
  9. This seems to be the only style cake I ever make anymore . I really wish these brides had a sense of adventure. But, I have a couple of fun things coming up that will help get some variety. This was almond with raspberries and ganache.
  10. Napoleon / Mille Feuille

    Doweling has nothing to do with the pastry cream. The dowels are for support when stacking multiple cake tiers on top of each other. You wanna take the chance of it collasping, that's fine. I just choose to not ruin someone's wedding with their cake in a pile on the floor.
  11. Napoleon / Mille Feuille

    You would definitely need support as with any tiered cake. So, dowels for sure. I think that something with gelatin would be your best option for stability with the filling, like a Bavarian maybe. But, with that being said, I’ve added a photo of a recipe that I’ve made before that just had a stiff pastry cream. Not sure if you want to go to the trouble of making the dough rounds, but there’s the option. It seemed pretty sturdy, and the layers of pastry cream aren’t very thick. This makes one 10” cake. As far as the look, I would stay with the naked cake idea. Floral decoration, fruit or whatever she likes with powdered sugar would look nice. I think frosting would be too much.
  12. I get griped at all the time about how much I despise raisins. I'm so glad I'm not alone
  13. Not the best photo, but I made Tiramisu for my cousins birthday dessert (don't think he's ever had it-but he really liked it). Family members beg for it, and I'm like "yeah, whatever". But I tend to forget how good it is
  14. Azelia is tasty by itself . I've only used it in ice cream and in buttercream. But, I've added additional chopped hazelnuts to both. I wouldn't mind trying to new fruit flavored, my passion fruit bon bon is one of the most popular, to my surprise.