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  1. The Meyer lemon concentrate is very strong and very sour. It would definitely need to be diluted. I've only made sorbet with it, so I'm not sure how it would work in a bon bon. I do use the PP passion fruit concentrate in my bon bons, and I just use it straight. I feel like it gives a better and stronger flavor undiluted.
  2. RWood

    Black Walnuts

    I'm a pecan girl too. Growing up in GA, we had some of the best. We even have my mom's sister's send us bags. We just get handfuls and eat them, more than putting them in stuff. The ones here is CA are the pits compared to those. But I love black walnuts, hickory nuts, any nut really. I looked for hickory nuts online and a 1 lb bag shelled was about $30. I believe it, because me and a hammer have tried cracking them lots 🤪. I have a friend that does tons of preserving and canning. She had gotten some green walnuts and made Nocino with it. I wished I still lived in her
  3. RWood

    Black Walnuts

    Right now I'm leaning toward a cheesecake ganache, with a little orange and maybe bourbon with the chopped black walnuts in a dark shell. We'll see when I narrow down my list of what I'll make.
  4. I happen to love black walnuts, but I know they can be an acquired taste for some. I have some in my freezer and am working on my ideas for some bon bons for Christmas. I'm having issues pairing the flavor. I know See's has the buttercream type filling but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm thinking about orange, caramel, bourbon? I always loved black walnut cake when I was little. It had cream cheese frosting, so maybe a cheesecake filling? Any other ideas?
  5. Chef Rubber does sell a cherry fruit powder, but I have no idea what it's like.
  6. Thanks, I went back and found it. I had noticed the difference before, but had looked at so many, they all blurred together. I think I will get other sized nozzles so I can experiment. I have no clue what my other airbrushes are, I'll see if I can find out. It's a basic gun, but nothing in the info on it said anything about size. There compressor is a teeny little square thing. It's fine for liquid airbrush colors on cakes and cookies. I've been looking into a dehydrator anyway for quick drying of gum paste flowers, so I'll check out the one Jim mentioned. It looks si
  7. Yes, I read the thread and was still cross eyed ☺️. Thank you for the input. I will look at the Grex again, I didn't realize this was on the side. I don't think I will ever need something like a Fuji, so I think the CAT compressor is fine. I appreciate your help!
  8. OK, so I'm gonna break down and invest in a new airbrush. I may have mentioned before all I have is one for cake decorating, which isn't that powerful. The old KopyKake I had did work somewhat with a Badger 250, but I tried it with a different gun, and it was cold and the cocoa butter clogged it up, so it did a blow back I'm assuming and there was a loud pop and now the control knob doesn't work anymore. I hated that thing anyway. The other one is by Dinky Doodle, and is made for cakes and cookies. It's a teeny thing. So, here are a couple of things I'm looking at if anyone has
  9. They have a nicer chew to them. It could be the recipe, or that it has a little egg white powder in it, the method, who knows. I still have experimenting to do. I've never been a fan of the Italian method. They always seem so hard to me. The last batch I made of Italian never softened up even after two days in the fridge. This batch need a little more folding because the batter was still tight and didn't spread as much as it should.
  10. So, I wanted to try a Swiss meringue version for macarons. I didn't fold long enough, but I really liked the texture. These are filled with pistachio buttercream. To much black color though, you get a scary mouth. But, my mom said it's ok for Halloween 👻
  11. A couple things for Halloween. Decorated Halloween cookies, and the Corpse Bride. I wanted to make her for a few years, so I finally got around to it. I don't make many figures, so I can see things I would like to do better on, but I think she's cute for a first attempt.
  12. I would go with windowed. When I first starting making chocolates, the chef I worked for for years kept telling me to get all clear. He said the designs are so pretty, you want everyone to see them, not covered up. So, I tend to agree with him. While I haven't found exactly what I want for totally clear, I would at least have a window. I'm going through the same thing now looking for boxes to package my to go wedding cake tastings. Such a pain!
  13. Keep in mind that French buttercream with yolks will have a more yellow hue.
  14. Basically yeah, a lot of color in a small amount of icing. The colors deepen as it sits, so I would do a trial run and mix them ahead of time to make sure it's the color you want. Burgundy from Americolor (not sure about Wilton) doesn't come out looking like what I think it should, so you might have to do some experiments on mixing your colors. I would make your darkest color, then take some of that and mix into small amounts of the regular icing to get a lighter tone that's in the same family, unless you want a variety of colors.
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