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  1. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    A little messy, and I think I put tops with tops on the buns πŸ˜ŠπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ, Chipotle pork burgers with home made guacamole and slaw with margaritas.
  2. I really like magic line, but Fat Daddio's are nice as well. I have both, only because I have found a lot of FD for really good prices. I think Wilton are to thin. Magic line are heavy and sturdy. Their square pans are great for sharp corners.
  3. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Ribolitta soup without the stale bread. We prefer it without. Sprinkled with parm, Olive oil and Meyer lemon. Tasty!
  4. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Chile Verde nachos, margaritas, and getting ready to live stream 3 Doors Down 😊
  5. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    French onion soup, garlic crouton and gruyere. Caramelizing 6 onions took awhile, started at 3:00 so we could eat by 5:30.
  6. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks! This is my mom's husband's version. He worked on it over the years too get it the way we like it. When he was younger, he had taught some Greek cooking classes. And he and his brother had a Greek Taverna years ago in Berkeley, so they cooked a lot there. He always liked for me to handle the phyllo because I was a lot faster than he was. Since he passed away, we've made it a few times and it's nice to remember 😊.
  7. I've never attempted a low calorie cheesecake. But, I would try some of the new powdered low calorie ones out there. Swerve and Besti make powdered sugar that doesn't taste terrible. The powdered would probably blend better. It might work, along with the lower fat cream cheese. Check the sugar substitutes website that you use, they might have some ideas that would help.
  8. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Spanakopeta before and after. No photos, but also made pork souvlaki, tzatziki, and Greek lemon potatoes.
  9. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Baked potato soup with cheddar and bacon... and a couple of margaritas 😁
  10. I’ve only made bars once, and I infused cocoa butter with the cannabis by sous vide. Then I added it to the chocolate and tempered it, then added a black raspberry flavored oil made for chocolate. I was attempting to make something like the Keva bars. It worked pretty well from what I was told.
  11. Yes, my mother has the same problem. That's why I let her put her obscene amount on for herself 😁.
  12. Haven't made banana pudding in years. My grandmother always made it with meringue, which neither my mother nor I like. So, whipped cream for us.
  13. Never tried it, but the bag of Swerve says it will caramelize. Even shows a picture of a creme brulee.
  14. This year’s olive crop πŸ˜•. Half of last year. These were big this time and I got 2 cups, last year I had a quart, but they were smaller. I think we traumatized the tree when we cut some branches off. These came out mighty tasty though. They took about two months in the salt solution, then for a week in vinegar and herbs.
  15. While I like trying new flavors, I'm afraid duck isn't one of them πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜. The raspberry Pinot came from a cake I make. I used the syrup in the chocolates, but I like that stuff so much, I'll put it in anything😊
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