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  1. I think that's why that batch broke. It has butter added at the end, so that's probably what did it.
  2. Honestly, I can't remember where I got them. It wasn't JB Prince, most likely from either Bakedeco.com or Chocolat Chocolat in Montreal. I got them quite awhile ago and those were the places I ordered from. I had noticed when looking at magnetics, I didn't see it very much. Maybe it's been discontinued. I like it a lot, I have four, should have gotten more. The transfers are from Chocotransfersheets.com in Benicia CA that I went and picked up.
  3. I picked up these Easter transfers, I think the bunnies are cute. These are strawberry creme fraiche, but I think they need a thicker mold. The dark chocolate overwhelms the filing. So, maybe something else for this particular shape. Or, try milk chocolate for the shell.
  4. An assistant I had at my last job made it with heavy cream by mistake, and it broke. He brought it over and couldn't figure out what happened since he made it a couple times a week. Then he realized he picked up the wrong carton. I agree with Tri2Cook though, I think it would be too rich.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, it looks like I'm gonna have to after all. That's why these are all splatter 😎. The person who asked for these had originally asked if I could produce 10,000 pieces and, that unfortunately it's not possible at the moment. So, we are going to start small. I have ordered the transfers from there. They are about a half hour from me, so I'm picking them up instead of paying $25 to ship to me.
  6. I've been asked to make up some samples for a boutique for Easter. I think I got carried away with the Spring green ☺️🤷‍♀️. I've also ordered some Easter transfers to give them a more themed look.
  7. Whenever we re-warm ours, we flip the pieces over so that the bottom gets crispy again. It will always somewhat soften and eventually get soggy because of the moisture. I don't know anything to prevent it. We have found over the many years of making Spanakopita, that the thinner the filing, the better the bottom will brown and get really crispy. We always makes two, because my step-dad's recipe worked perfectly with the big bag of Costco spinach.
  8. Passion Fruit, last one for Valentine’s
  9. Thanks! So, like I said this was all experimento 😊. I used 40g tempered white chocolate, 20g cocoa butter, 20g toasted graham crumbs, 25g feuilletine, 3g brown butter, pinch of salt. Rolled it between sheets parchment paper. This photo shows a cut of it, this one the crust is a little thin I think. And I capped these with white since it was what was ready and I wanted that cheesecake filling sealed.
  10. So, a few for Valentine’s Day. Some experiment flavors. Mimosa-Prosecco and Orange, Creme Brûlée-vanilla bean custard type ganache with soft caramel and crunchy caramel bits Gold with hazelnut crunch-Gold ganache with dark chocolate crunch layer of feuilletine, toasted hazelnuts and praline paste, Raspberry Orange-Raspberry Filling with dark chocolate orange ganache Chocolate caramel-caramel ganache with sea salt Ruby with Strawberry Cheesecake-cheesecake ganache with strawberry filling and a crispy crust And hazelnut repeat to use up shells
  11. Possibly. I'll look into that, thanks. I had a thought of just taking the hose that came with the Badger, cutting one ended off, and trying to attach it to the to the machine. If you look at the hose that came with it, it's just shoved on there. Have to see if it would fit.
  12. Well, it does work with the badger if it would only stay attached. It has enough pressure, and it's adjustable. Not that cheap, it was over $200. I'm looking for an option to make the hose stay attached.
  13. So, years ago, I bought a KopyKake airbrush for cake decorating. I didn't realize at the time the stupid thing only had a cut off tube as a connection. Nothing at the end to connect the airbrush, you just shove it in the tube 🤦‍♀️. The attachment to the machine is the same way. If I had realized it, I wouldn't have bought it. I started using it with a Badger 250 for my chocolates, and while it was a pain, I could get it to work. I need something that would attach too the badger, but it's long enough to stay in tube. The badger is easier to use with chocolates, and I have a DinkyDoodle airbrush to use just for my cakes. I didn't want to use it for cocoa butter. I'm not looking to invest in the spiffy compressors and large guns I have read about on here ☺️. I don't really plan on large production amounts at this time to need to spend more money on another airbrush set up. Any ideas? It's starting to give me a headache looking at adapters. I've attached photos of how it looks. Thanks!
  14. Didn't think off that, thanks!
  15. Does anyone know of a good place to sell used chocolates mold? I'm downsizing since we are planning on moving. I have some that have only been used once or twice, and some that I only have one of. I'll look into eBay and maybe Craigslist, but does anyone know of something more chocolate related? Thanks!
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