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  1. German choc cake filling

    It would need refrigeration, I wouldn't trust it. But, the recipe mentioned above for inside out German chocolate from Epicurious would work. It's made with dulce de leche, nuts and coconut, so no eggs to worry about.
  2. Those all sound great. I'll check them out when I get around to chocolates again. I have my step sisters wedding coming up, and she wants chocolates, so would be nice to use the family oil in one. Thanks!
  3. I tried an olive oil bon bon a while back, and wasn't pleased with it. I used white chocolate for the filling. I think I just tried a regular ganache with the addition of the oil at the end. Just seemed too greasy. I wanted to make one because every year we get a supply of oil from Greece from some property that belongs to my step dad and his brother. It's got great flavor and I thought it would be fun using that oil. Haven't tried again. I wonder if dark chocolate would be better? When I get a chance I might attempt again with some of the suggestions here.
  4. I've been working on a better way to offer my cake tastings. It's hard for me because I don't have random cake available, and I don't get a lot of cakes outside of work right now. But, when I do get one, I want it to have a nice presentation and be easy to transport. They are usually just taken to go so they can try them at home. So, I got small 3" cake pans and decided on this. It was a lot faster to assemble them, and they are sturdy. These were for four people to taste, but I might change the size. I ordered updated stickers since all I had were my old chocolate ones.
  5. Thanks, but I can't take full credit for it :). I saw the technique from Joshua John Russell using blackberries. I love it though, it makes flowers really quickly. I did better on my Greek writing for the 70th Birthday :). I think it was a bigger area that helped since it was a sheet cake.
  6. So, as well as Mother's Day, it was also my step-father's 80th birthday. They each got a cake. His favorite, German chocolate with an airbrushed Greek key (my Greek writing needs practice ). And for my mom, raspberry Pinot noir cake with fresh raspberries.
  7. Thanks, she had really nice flowers to work with. It's iffy sometimes :).
  8. Mickey themed wedding cake. Apparently the bride is diehard Mickey & Minnie :). Cake is red velvet.
  9. I've found what best works for me is to warm the bottle of cocoa butter in a bowl of hot tap water. I shake every so often, and add more hot water as needed. Then just keep the bottles in warm water as I'm working. I tried microwaving, but it was always off and I had a lot of wasted pieces. May not be the most scientific, but I it works.
  10. Really fast little Harry Potter cake for a friend's birthday. I had more details I wanted to add, but I was so behind I threw this together the day before. She loved it though.
  11. Macarons, little monsters . Bourbon pecan, pistachio, raspberry and espresso.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, these are log and slice. This recipe was actually the lemon sable from Dorie's Paris Sweets. I just rolled these in parchment and sliced them chilled. Held the round shape very nicely. I used egg yolk wash on the log then rolled in sugar.
  13. When I lived in Seattle, I was two blocks away from Le Panier in the market, and I love their hazelnut sable. I was just there on New Year's and bought a couple, but unfortunately had help eating them . So I made some myself. These are really good, not as hard and crunchy as their's, but more of a sandy texture.
  14. Is it over yet . I'm so behind this year. But the chocolates are done. I did a lot of painting with a gloved finger, transfer sheets and a paper cone. Couldn't deal with setting up the airbrush. Top going across: Valrhona Dulcey, Passion Fruit, soft Rolo type caramel Absinthe, Coffee, Peanut Butter Peppermint, White Chocolate Coconut, Black Raspberry Honey Caramel with Maldon I think the red transfers are too old. Only a few were decent, the rest seem faded. I really like the silver and copper I got on my last visit to Chef Rubber.