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  1. RWood

    Dinner 2021

    Baked potato soup with cheddar and bacon... and a couple of margaritas 😁
  2. I’ve only made bars once, and I infused cocoa butter with the cannabis by sous vide. Then I added it to the chocolate and tempered it, then added a black raspberry flavored oil made for chocolate. I was attempting to make something like the Keva bars. It worked pretty well from what I was told.
  3. Yes, my mother has the same problem. That's why I let her put her obscene amount on for herself 😁.
  4. Haven't made banana pudding in years. My grandmother always made it with meringue, which neither my mother nor I like. So, whipped cream for us.
  5. Never tried it, but the bag of Swerve says it will caramelize. Even shows a picture of a creme brulee.
  6. This year’s olive crop πŸ˜•. Half of last year. These were big this time and I got 2 cups, last year I had a quart, but they were smaller. I think we traumatized the tree when we cut some branches off. These came out mighty tasty though. They took about two months in the salt solution, then for a week in vinegar and herbs.
  7. While I like trying new flavors, I'm afraid duck isn't one of them πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜. The raspberry Pinot came from a cake I make. I used the syrup in the chocolates, but I like that stuff so much, I'll put it in anything😊
  8. Here's a few of my Christmas chocolates. Orange Cardamom, Hazelnut Gianduja with Caramelized Pear and Rosemary, Olallieberry, Gold Chocolate with Tahini and Sesame Brittle, Roasted Dulcey with pecan praline paste and roasted pecans, and Raspberry Pinot Noir. Also, finally got my new airbrush and compressor put together. Whole new world there 😎.
  9. I'm gonna attempt some this weekend. Since I've got chocolates going anyway, why not? I send my dad marshmallows and my hot chocolate mix in his Christmas box, so I thought these might be something different.
  10. Good to know. I have a couple of friends that are diabetic and keep asking me to make sugar free bon bons. I had looked at Felchlin and was considering it.
  11. Thanks! This is the original recipe but I modified the spices and it worked in a regular tart pan instead of a springform. Pumpkin Tart
  12. Pumpkin Caramel Tart with hazelnut crust and candied hazelnuts. Not that into pumpkin pie, but this was pretty good. Something different.
  13. The Meyer lemon concentrate is very strong and very sour. It would definitely need to be diluted. I've only made sorbet with it, so I'm not sure how it would work in a bon bon. I do use the PP passion fruit concentrate in my bon bons, and I just use it straight. I feel like it gives a better and stronger flavor undiluted.
  14. RWood

    Black Walnuts

    I'm a pecan girl too. Growing up in GA, we had some of the best. We even have my mom's sister's send us bags. We just get handfuls and eat them, more than putting them in stuff. The ones here is CA are the pits compared to those. But I love black walnuts, hickory nuts, any nut really. I looked for hickory nuts online and a 1 lb bag shelled was about $30. I believe it, because me and a hammer have tried cracking them lots πŸ€ͺ. I have a friend that does tons of preserving and canning. She had gotten some green walnuts and made Nocino with it. I wished I still lived in her
  15. RWood

    Black Walnuts

    Right now I'm leaning toward a cheesecake ganache, with a little orange and maybe bourbon with the chopped black walnuts in a dark shell. We'll see when I narrow down my list of what I'll make.
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