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  1. if it's hard water deposits, vinegar might do it, or CLR
  2. the pans in that pix are 5x9 but you can adapt the dough qty to any size. my crowd wanted bigger slices . . . and didn't like the changing size of rounds . . . so.... I still do rounds for specific dishes/uses.
  3. I use a wooden spatula - flat edge .... not a spoon - indeed that would be an exercise in lump pursuit..... lotsa' to choose from . . . the left/right handed version are extremely good for 'two spat flipping' stuff in the pan (crab cakes/etc)
  4. hmmmm, do those ears stick up? the metal pans I have are flat so they clip together without a (big) gap....
  5. another way to "cover" no knead:
  6. yes - I use parchment because my peel skill suck, onto the baking stone.... preheated
  7. veddy easy. been doing it long time now.... finishes like:
  8. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2021

    left over flat iron, into open face roast beef sandwiches....
  9. it's https://www.amazon.com/American-Plumber-WC34-PR-Housing-Pr/dp/B001POJVL4 they make big and small ones.
  10. we had good water for years. then they built a new treatment plant.... ugh. even the ice was bad . . . . installed a filter system in the basement - it services the kitchen sink plus a line that feeds the fridge ice maker. household of two - once a year cartridge change works. $20/5 mins....
  11. AlaMoi

    Breakfast 2021

    crepes are ready!
  12. I have wood utensils from black cherry in use for 30 years . . . olive wood stuff that dates to 1970. seems to me . . . buy once, lasts a life time = environmentally friendly.
  13. AlaMoi

    Darto deal?

    DHL . . . dunno. hopefully orders have outstripped production - we can use a good pan maker . . .
  14. AlaMoi

    Darto deal?

    somewhere along the line Darto issued info that they would be "bulk stocking" their products in USA. this make tons of sense, since the cost/delay of customs clearance on 5 tons of pans is about the same as one pan.... but it also speeds up delivery by several whales. they still do a thing about "pre-orders" - it's smart - lets them plan their production...
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