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  1. would you settle for "coriolis effect is opposite in northern and southern Agentina - " seeing how as most of the crowd here is north of the equator . . .
  2. the coriolis effect is opposite in southern Agentina - so a slightly modified design may be needed.
  3. well, the big one got away . . .
  4. done lots and lots of flying. domestic and international. I have one single inviolate rule: never ever get on an airplane hungry, and always have some killer snacks in your carry-on. airline food can at best / most kindly be described as "spotty to horrible" - altho some foreign carriers on Pacific routes have a much better reputation. the company paid business class for international; often got free upgrades to business class - and yes, the vittles in business class tended to be 'more better' - but I never boarded hungry and always had a stash of snacks . . . there was one fellow on cheftalk who claimed to be the biggest muckity-muck (/retired/) in a NY airline food service org. there are only two biggie int'l there - flown out/in of both - both equally as bad . . . so I never put much faith in his postings . . . because my personal experiences were seriously different that what he claimed. got curious . . just did a gander of multiple domestic/Euro vacations/trips . . . oddly! no food photos. for an early AM flight out of (old) Munich . . . stopped by a local bakery and got snacks for me, and 'to go'
  5. follow-up on the Blue Diamond pan . . . I noticed a film build up on the sides and various spots on the floor - broke out the Bar Keeper's Friend and gave it a good scour. lots of brown stuff came off - I've only used butter and olive oil in the pan - so it's no emulsifiers building up.... I have tried Bar Keepers Friend on "real Telflon pans" - the brown film (?lecithin?) did not come off - never used sprays on them ala PAM . . but once burnt on, the Teflon pan is scrap. in contrast, this (ceramic?) Blue Diamond pan did come clean of the film, and subsequent use I'd say is about 85-90% of "new out of the box" non-stickiness. how many scrubbings will it tolerate? dunno.
  6. cut it into quarters. doing the whole thing "intact" likely to result in way overcooked outer and raw inner....
  7. AlaMoi

    Caesar Salad

    hmmm. sometimes the quest 'to be different' doesn't work . . .
  8. AlaMoi

    Caesar Salad

    I've always heard the "tear the Romaine, not cut / chop it" . . . someone using whole, intact leaves?
  9. or just keep your recipes in a .txt file - or copy/paste a website recipe into a Word/(other) document. learn how to back up your computer. that way only you can decide when to make you obsolete . . . my recipe folder - on a 2TB solid state drive - is 7.96 GB in size contains 2,635 files in 166 folders. using xcopy, takes about 20 seconds to back up via usb to an external (solid state) drive.
  10. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2024

    ya press the button on the smartphone and you get a pix. some good, some bad, some soso. fortunately, this is not a photo contest site . . . becuz' the subject matter is almost always lusciously edible!
  11. the 'as written' directions are abysmal - but the recipe is a winner . . .
  12. my pet peeve . . . bad 'instructions' . . . making a pate sucree for an almond plum tart . . . step 1. Put all the flour in the bowl and combine with almond flour & powdered sugar . . . step 3. add the flour [to the creamed butter...] in two batches . . . . arrgh! pots and pans all over the kitchen . . .
  13. definitely on the griddle method - that's the classic they do look good, tho. I always use cat food cans.....
  14. AlaMoi

    Breakfast 2024

    blueberry pancakes from scratch, and bacon. old photo - still are just as luscious . . .
  15. the wire bail type stopper is integral to the bottle itself. was absolutely standard for German beer bottles in the 60's - 70's before the "bottle cap" took over. it's a ceramic plug, with a rubber gasket, the wire bail rotates and clamps/seals it firmly back on the opening. SOP for just about all liquid stuff (except wine..) - all the glass bottles were re-used. washed/etc, rubber gasket replaced, re-used. "one way bottles" and "cans" were near-non-existent. here's a wire bail bottle I bought some months back. the vodka was terrible, but I kept the bottle.... pushing the loop down (at the front in the pix) "reseals" the bottle -
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