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  1. from tasting bars it's clear evoo's are a very diverse group. I have both a immersion blender and a one-cup 'food processor' - which is really good for small qtys. I was just curious if there's some known 'common factor' that distinguishes how evoo vs 'just virgin' reacts in an emulsion.
  2. I like to home spin our salad dressings - in some cases absolutely essential. example: Caesar salad we actually _like_ anchovy - I've never found a commercial variety with more than a far off hint, so I do it up at home using flats from can - any extra goes on saltines for a snack.... I use plain ole' virgin(?) olive oil for saute, frying, etc. I use extra virgin for drizzles. so one day I made up the Caesar dressing with Kirkland EVOO. I was struck by the very noticeable difference in how it incorporated / created a much creamery (and stable) vinaigrette.
  3. I preheat the oven to 450'F / 235'C with the stone, for about an hour. I turn the heat back to 425' / 210'Cwhen I put the pizza in - it's typically 5-6" from the top elements. the crust is nicely crisp - I give it 5 minutes to cool on the rack, cut with a 10" chef's knife and it 'snaps' as the cut is made on a wooden board... in this pix you see the stone "protects" the paper - the square corners sticking out browned but not the stone area. I think it also depends on the parchment paper - some seem to brown go crisp at lower temps.
  4. definitely an interesting "trick" mine take about 8-9 minutes to finish. it will be interesting to see how naked on the stone differs. mfg x-Gaienhofen x-Schweinfurt
  5. once upon a time, I tried the dusted peel thing.... I suck at that.... so now I use a typical home kitchen oven, a baking stone, an aluminum cookie sheet, and . . . parchment paper! bought some round sheets (Amazon) - cost worked out to about $0.05 more than the same "length" off the el-cheapo grocery store parchment. it has one very convenient side-bennie - while the stone is in the oven getting to untouchable temps, one can see how big to make the pizza... here is stone, here is parchment round I put the dough on the paper, add toppings, use the cookie s
  6. you don't. either put something under to catch the drips, or do the self-clean routine more often.... I only rarely self-clean the baking stone. dark butter stains do no harm and created at 400"F pose zilch comma zero bacterial "danger"
  7. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2020

    our version - 1 bag of cranberries 1 navel orange, with rind 1 can crushed pineapple sugar to taste grind cranberries and orange in old fashion hand cranked grinder add pineapple mix add sugar being the in the Covid-2 state.... we cut back drastically on the number of size of sides this year. DW said she "missed the cranberries" so today we made them to go with leftovers...
  8. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2020

    leftovers . . . now there's a leg o' truth....
  9. AlaMoi

    In-N-Out Burger

    one could open a Dairy Queen above the Arctic Circle and there would be a long line of dog sleds around the local ice berg, with the intent to see what the place is all about . . . on a west coast jaunt, we did an In and Out. decent burger. the rest is hyper hype.
  10. AlaMoi

    Breakfast 2020!

    I buy the one pound 'roll' of sausage, slice and par-fry. freeze for later nuke&use. used one patty for a 3 egg Denver omelet . . . chopped sausage patty subbed for ham.... had the same issue, wee bit too much 'stuffings' - just gave it another half-rollover and called it 'got et' someday I'll try 1/2 a patty . . . .
  11. or one could go lab style . . . https://www.lorannoils.com/1-dram-size/buttered-popcorn-flavor-0892-dram
  12. bag or no bag - no way I could sell that level of charred BS to DW.... "fresh" on the stalk is now appearing in the market . . . less char on tap,,,
  13. Italy also has long lunches . . .
  14. not everything works with a "no knead" approach. I do gadzillions of no knead bread styles. I do Jamie Oliver's pizza dough - which takes a 15 minute kneading + rise. I do 'classic' 16th century German bread recipes that take hand kneading.... basically a stand mixer / dough hook will do the typical kneading exercise - saving the baker his aches and pains.... but - kneaded is kneaded - if you enjoy killing your wrists, mixed not required.
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