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  1. our market has been turning up some less than usual produce of late. I'd ask, but I'm sure they'll have the standard "oh it's the covid virus" patterpitter. my observation is our Giant has management failings, as other Giant stores in the area, along with Weis and Wegman have very well stocked shelves and much better looking produce. bought some reds, they are quite yellow inside ... this documents some of it: https://www.leaf.tv/articles/types-of-red-potatoes/
  2. there are several thousand existing variants of "wireless oven/smoker thermometers" so the 'fund me in advance' is aahhh, seriously,,,, like "can we talk?" questionable. vapor variety software promising to measure / predict t,u,w,x,y,z,,,,, thanks, but I'll wait. how do electronics survive oven temps? - well, that's another question. what happens when the battery dies mid use? - well, that's another question. does it have a battery indicator: "Your battery will die before the roast is finished." - well, that's another question. if one sets the al
  3. try https://www.alibris.com/booksearch?mtype=B&keyword=Madhur+Jaffrey&hs.x=18&hs.y=18
  4. we were in a restaurant . . . ordered a Caesar salad. mentioned to the waiter - gosh, no anchovy . . . that _defines_ a Caesar salad.... to which he replied: 'oh, terrible sorry. the kitchen will add anchovy on request, but so many people dislike anchovy we don't normally put it in....' so why in the h dot e double toothpicks do they order an Caesar salad?
  5. dried figs . . . whole toasted almonds . . . insert almond toss in powdered sugar . . . try not to OD DW and I both like Caesar salad - with a heavy anchovy dressing. I save any left over anchovy for snacking on a cracker..... yeah, it's just me....
  6. AlaMoi

    Breakfast 2021

    I made crepes this morning for a brunch. now Nicco has self-identified as a French Huskie . . .
  7. I like liver and onions I like beef tartar with raw egg divot I like anchovies lotsa' family don't endorse my 'those' dishes.... otoh, my grandmother and I ate well together. we would go shopping together seeking out fresh calf's liver and sweet onions. she rocked.
  8. regrets to say, , , , if any of the "brand names" produces something really reliable and especially "good" - it's sheer accident. the "brands" farm out the engineering and construction to Asian/Chinese sources based on "we need an oven than cannot cost more than $X/YEuro/whatever. their costs, of course, do not resemble the "retail" cost at the consumer level.
  9. nice loaf. for ears I've found a scissor snip to be exceedingly effective.
  10. I want to make some nice New England clam chowder. I've tried many many recipes - from books / on-line - none have ever impressed. good, yes. stellar . . . no any tried&true recipes?
  11. lots of good points. I think the most 'best' approach is simply the "use less" idea. one crust done very thin.... I am going to try reducing the fat, though. just wondered if anyone had already tried it. btw, I've done an almond crust for a lemon tart - veddy tasty:
  12. well, 3:2:1....52 g in cups, 3 cups flour+2 cups butter+1 cup water. KA AP flour they list as 120g butter comes in a 8 ounces/cup = 226g so - 360 g flour 452 g butter ~250 g water I've never ever used 1 cup of water = 70% hydration - for a pie crust. so something is seriously misunderstood here. for top&bottom i.e. two crusts - my classic is 3 c flour + 2 sticks/8 ounces butter = water as needed - which is done in tablespoons, not cups. it's half the butter of the 3:2:1 ratio. I have indeed cons
  13. AlaMoi


    I've found the most convenient/quickest/dirtiest way to organize the (chest) freezer is mid-sized topless/flapless corrugated boxes. on for beef, one for chicken, one for fish, one for pork. oh, and one for homespun stewed tomato pizza topping qt bags.... now... I keep large unopened "stocked" frozen veggies in the chest freezer, but they move from chest freezer to refrigerator freezer when opened and 'in use' curiously our Costco runs focus on stocking up on prime grade meats - typically rib-eye and tenderloin - plus steelhead trout - which nobody carries locally.
  14. anyone tried reducing the fat content of pie crust to a minimum? (it's the LDL thing....) the typical old school recipes use one stick of butter (4oz) per crust.... I've reduced the butter in - for example - drop biscuits from 6 T to 3 T - the only effect noted is less butter dripping off the sheet and smoking up the house when it burns on the oven floor.... taste/texture seems to be unchanged at 50% we enjoy homemade pot pies of every sort - so I've been looking for a way to avoid two full stick = 1/2 pound of fat/butter in a double crusted pot pie...
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