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  1. is "sous vide" the "new" stewing? seems stewing can do a whole lot more than raising the temperature of the meat inside a plastic bag . . .
  2. AlaMoi

    Berkshire Pork

    in our area,,,, at least,,,, seeking farms that raise heirloom pork is a pretty short search. there aren't a lot of them, they focus on pastured pork, not magically 'finished' with grains etc. and their annual production is rather small. they are not into industrial pork production..... one fellow told me just 2-3 (higher end) restaurants could completely absorb his total annual production - he actively restricts sales to them so that he has something left to sell at retail (with obviously better margins...) - heh, they gotta' feed their family! altho Rooster Street has "fresh" - when I put a pick-up order it is frozen. because they do not do 'industrial' they slaughter at specific times of the year. outside of those time windows, it's frozen only.... usually I'll pick up a fresh/thawed tenderloin + a raft of frozen chops + 1-2 frozen tenderloin. they raise only Berkshire; to get / try the other heirloom breeds is only via mail order.
  3. well, if they don't have small cartons to pack it, why are the coffee creamers and half-half, etc, etc, . . . all on the shelf in larger containers? if they're not packing heavy cream in small or large containers, are they just pouring it down the drain? seems to me there's some mega-lies in circulation . . .
  4. ... how can there be . . . indeed - "news" sources blame it on supply chain issues and labor shortages . . . apparently when the tanker trucks bring the raw milk from the dairy farm to the creamery, somebody steals the cream bits enroute. I found some from a small local creamery - they are strictly organic - and it's a small operation so I guess they've managed.
  5. I have - the potentially not accurate... - impression most Asian cooking uses coconut "cream" vs cow cream?
  6. yeah. I have shelf stable ultra pasteurized (Amazon) whipping on order.... not something I need every week, but as there some artificial shortage in vogue, I opt to do best for me and screw the high demand price nuts.
  7. been searching . . . apparently the shortage of heavy cream dates back into 2022 - thought would be resolved by 2023.... obviously didn't happen. all the usual mouth music - supply chain issues, labor shortages . . . all total BS - cream comes from raw milk, and there has never ever been a milk shortage - trifle hard to believe creameries are simply throwing away the cream because they have some supply chain / labor issue with putting it into cartons....or finding a truck to move it to markets alongside the milk . . .
  8. anyone seeing empty shelves with no heavy (whipping) cream available? this has been an on going issue at our local Giant. DW checked with Weis this AM - no stock - employee stated no stock and nothing 'coming in' what are the dairies doing with all the cream from the no-fat, low-fat, 1%, 2% milk? there is no shortage of those . . .
  9. follow-up to the Balocco . . . [[[please note: no one in this house is any kind of expert on panettone - our experience is limited to the crummy cardboard supermarket stuff - bought once, never went back . . .]]]] got the Amazon order of the Balocco panettone. excellent stuff - fresh, moist, tender, good taste and texture. I really can't name a 'common pastry' in USA that is similar. obviously, no cardboard was harmed in the baking of this brand. tad pricey - but good stuff.
  10. AlaMoi

    Berkshire Pork

    with minor differences . . . spot on to my madness. 7.5% brine - but not more than three hours quick brown, low oven finish - that's my usual for 'supermarket" pork - if one can get heirloom pork, the difference in taste & texture is pretty big . . . but heirloom varieties are typically not in the supermarket. I've been on our butcher's case for 10 years about retailing heirloom - but with no success. it's a stand alone butcher shop - the customer base are folks looking for 'a cut above' - personally I think he's missing a big boat... fwiw, these are the widely recognized 'heirloom' varieties / sources: heritage pork Berkshire www.heritagepork.com heritage pork Berkshire + (?) www.dartagnan.com heritage pork Berkshire fossilfarms.com NJ heritage pork Berkshire pig, Kurobuta is a heritage pork that comes from Japan. heritage pork Berkshire Rooster Street 54 N Broad St, Lititz PA Thur 11a-3p Fri 11a-6p Sat 8a-5p Sun 8a-3 heritage pork breeds berkshire(UK) / Duroc / Old Spot / Tamworth / Large Black heritage pork Duroc www.creekstonefarms.com "Duroc meat is crisp and clean known for great marbling and polished texture its taste is approachable on the palate." heritage pork http://www.heritagepork.com/aboutus heritage pork https://cairncrestfarm.com/ heritage pork https://www.allenbrothers.com/category/shop-pork heritage pork https://www.canterhillfarm.org/heritage-pork - Malvern PA Duroc & Berkshire heritage pork https://www.dartagnan.com/ heritage pork https://www.snakeriverfarms.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=pork heritage pork Mangalitsa pigs, Berkshire www.pastureprimewagyu.com FL heritage pork red wattle "Described as a cross between pork and beef, Red Wattle is floral and robust, concentrated and bold" heritage pork Red Wattle and heritage Gloucester Old Spot cross devonpointfarm.com CT heritage pork Tamworth & Red Wattle - heritagefoods.com NYC heritage pork Tamworth owensfarm.com (PA) 1/4 pig sampler $300 heritage pork www.wagonwheelranch.org - Mount Airy MD
  11. AlaMoi

    Berkshire Pork

    never done stuff sous vide - I prefer the old fashion way . . . . we have a semi-local source for Berkshire pork Rooster Street Butcher in Lititz PA it's a hike but we generally go twice a year and stock up on really good pork.
  12. AlaMoi

    Berkshire Pork

    Lidia does Milanese style and explicitly likes Berkshire pork . . . here: https://www.today.com/recipes/lidia-bastianich-s-pork-chops-milanese-recipe-t174227
  13. indeed - raw egg as a stuffing binder seems would produce something bordering on a bread custard. "my stuffing" is more frangible - it does not combine to a solid mass.
  14. I'm a smidge confused . . . "eggs in stuffing" in my childhood-family-realm meant chopped-hard-boiled-bits mixed in with the stale bread / et.al. stuff. my fav is Pepperidge Farm - with diced onion + celery + mushroom added - using a not-specified stick/115g butter melted in the (usually) chicken broth liquid add. it is pretty 'sticky' - not sure how an egg binder would help....
  15. I insist on stuffing the bird. and since I'm the cook, that's how it happens around here . . .
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