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  1. "Not sure why we don't do it here in the US. " grab 100 people off the street, put a basket of morel down in front of them and ask: "Would you eat this?" that's why.....
  2. AlaMoi

    Nutritional Yeast

    it's a bit like when wheat germ was all the rage - on everything everything!
  3. AlaMoi


    there is a theory and reality behind the 'resting' bit - but it's one of those 'it depends' things. first depend: baking soda + baking powder second depend acidity of liquid added explanation: baking soda only reacts with acidic liquids to release CO2. if the recipe uses baking soda + something like buttermilk, the resting allows the batter to become lighter before it hits the (hot pan) / oven. to demonstrate the effect, put a spoon of baking soda in a small bowl, add 2-3 tablespoons of (any) vinegar - observe the bubbles..... baking powder - double acting - about the only type on the market anymore.... reacts to any liquid (the liquid combines with the BP 'dry' acid compound to make CO2) plus BP releases CO2 when it hits temp in the baking cycle (that's the "double" bit.) the first release is near 'instant' - so resting does nothing. the second does not happen until baked. the combination of baking soda and baking powder gives you a triple whammy - immediate 'foaming' / lightening of the batter, plus the BP initial release, plus the temperature CO2 release.
  4. absolute it has changed. I cut a one pound roll into 12 slices and 'half fry' them, then freeze. they get nuked "on demand" suddenly they got super healthy - almost no fat renders out when pan frying. and they don't taste the same either. I'm a patty fan - and I've tried all the usuals - obviously I need to start looking at links.....
  5. I've gotten the same "can't be done now" response on overnight meats. the carriers must be in a real struggle - I know Amazon Prime (2 day) is a total joke at this point....
  6. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2020

    Norm - I solved this problem - I've gone over to the Dark Side - tablet in the kitchen.... put all my cooking stuff on a network drive hooked to the router. edits/adds etc are now one-and-everywhere available..... also my shopping list program - that's really cool surfing through the pantry & fridge & etc putting stuff on the list without running back&forth to the desk....
  7. ...in wax paper . . . oh dear. I remember , , , I'm _that_ old....? I grew up in the Phila area. butter scotch was actually my least favorite. I always found their stuff floating in oil.
  8. you could just buy a run of the mill stainless lined copper pot of the heavier persuasion, and carry on. I have copper heat diffusers I use under my copper - and other - pots. anything viscous/thick does not conduct heat all too quick - so applying heat more evenly over the whole bottom makes life easier on a gas flame. jams and preserves definitely fall into the viscous world. my grandmother cooked on a coal fired cast iron stove with removable rings. with all the rings in place it was a "flat top heating surface" now,,, gas knobs are way more convenient than filling the coal scuttle - so I'll go with a diffuser plate and gas burner.... copper pots / cookware predates gas stove tops by Eqyptian times to mid-1850's. it is (diamond and silver aside) the most "responsive" material - the pot may heat and cool quickly, but a load of hot sugar jam is not going to heat or cool quickly. copper has remained in use in the confectionery world because confections are typically not reactive and plain copper is cheaper than tinned and/or stainless lined. certain other practical issues apply - for example kettle corn - no one makes a stainless lined copper anything the size needed for kettle corn.
  9. 16x30 is an odd size for a cutting board, but that's not what you are using it for.... I've used HDPE by the ton in material handling/conveying applications, a 30" length is very apt to assume a banana shape over time. it will also depend on frequency of use - if it is used daily it will probably remain "stable" - sitting idle for long times it is more apt to "creep/flex/cup" going thru a dishwasher will not help the situation, at all.... HDPE is extruded - hence it has a "grain" these folks may be able to help with technical details - but their thinnest is 1/2": https://www.eplastics.com/sheets/hdpe/cutting-board
  10. the classic no-knead, done free form directly on a stone, using a large ss bowl for cover
  11. one must be mindfully thankful when there is at least one . . . Giant does not giant opportunities present....
  12. our "local-local" markets have white button and cremini, + larger portabella (sometimes....) but Wegmans - which is about an hour off, has a much better selection. obviously some are seasonal....
  13. somewhere in the late 50's early 60's the concept of spam+pineapple hit the east coast. pizza places had (to the effect) 'Hawaiian' style on the menus in the "greater Philadelphia area" we do the 'traditional' stuff - but other than crust+tomato sauce+mozz cheese, the combos vary 'at will' pepperoni sausage - fresh, cured, summer, any eastern 'ring' type dried or fresh.... ham anchovy green/red/yellow pepper roasted pepper pimento olives of every/any sort broccoli bits cauliflower slicettes mushroom onion pickled pearl onion baby corn ears sprouts, of any kind leek scallion shallot and not infrequently the cheese gets mixed with other cheddars/havarti/feta/brie.... well, the anchovies only seldom....because I like anchovy chunks on crackers with a beer chaser.... in our house, pizza can be an adventure!
  14. couple of odd thoughts . . . 16 x 30 . . . inches, one presumes? 40 x 76 cm? #1 - not gonna go in a home dishwasher #2 - any plastic 3/8 thick will (eventually) warp might want to look at flexible pastry mats. 16x30 is a size issue; big ones will be a $ issue. dunno' about the granite issue. I roll out pizza dough, puff pastry, pie dough, biscuits, etc right regular on granite. in fact, my (prior house) marble board has inches of dust on it, down in the basement.....
  15. on one of the cooking forums there was a recent thread on using enameled cast iron for no-knead. it works, but it does discolor and make the interior enamel rough/sandpapery... having seen the pix, I'd not recommend using it for no-knead.
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