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  1. Anyone using a LP Gas stove?

    250 people have died as a result of gas explosions since 2007. all gas explosions, not only residential. 1,000 people get accidentally electrocuted every year. btw, LP stands for "liquid propane"
  2. I went to school in Swabia in the 60's; did extensive European business travel 80's to 00's, and worked three years at a sister company in Bavaria. in my experience, what passes for German food in USA could not be given away in Germany to the homeless - they would not eat it. I suppose there are/were some good USA places - but for the most part it's a real joke. when there's no difference between the local diner and a German restaurant - they're not going to survive. we had one local place that made decent German food - last visit it was pretty much Sysco-in-glop. the original owner retired and all they kept was the 20 character long dish names. it promptly failed. even in Lancaster county / Amish country what is presented in commercial restaurants is s very very sloppy imitation of "Pennsylvania Dutch" food. the places are essentially tourist traps. even an extremely simple example: salad. what kind of salad does one see/get/eat in Germany vs. what is _served_ in a USA "German" restaurant? it starts there and goes downhill real fast.
  3. here's wild thing . . . . it's not unknown, lots of methods/recipes out there but . . . consider the well baked corned beef. I had a (commercial brand/vacuum pack) frozen/thawed half and decided it was time to try it. not rinsed/soaked (it was too salty - I'm gonna' rinse it next time....) the usual corned beef spices on (fat cap) top (coriander and the crowd . . ) bake fat cap up - 345-375'F - watch the fat - it needs to bake at high enough temp to start a rendering on the fat. cover it initially; remove cover to crisp toward the end. served with sharp mustard as conventional. I brought the internal up to 185'F, then let it cool. took 2.25 hrs. the texture is different than boiled - cross section had a marbled look like some of the top Wagyu grades. does not fall apart ala the usual wet prep. I thought it was great; DW gave it a downer and prefers the 'usual' prep.
  4. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    there's only a few billion variations on "authentic" schnitzel. if you're in Austria, go one block down and you'll find a different "authentic" prep - the dish is so old not sure the 'original' can be documented there's a rumor the technique actually came from Italy, which has similar preps. interesting side trips on schnitzel road: - the egg wash - beaten egg whites only (no yolk) - the bread crumb - fresh i.e. not dried vs a dry crispy - rye bread crumbs - vs corn flakes vs wheaties vs rice krispies, and combinations with bread crumbs.... - bread crumb - or other - mixed with cornmeal, coarse vs fine textured - just dredged in seasoned flour / cornmeal - not 'coated', no egg wash in my travels a sauce usually is on the side; rarely served on the schnitzel itself except for take-offs on the original technique -jagerschnitzel with xx,xx,xx for example. @David - the gurkel salat I make is just red wine vinegar and olive oil; salt pepper celery seed over thin sliced cukes and yellow onion, no sugar at all. not quite as 'dressed up' as that version.
  5. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    without breading? why not? this is pork tenderloin - with and without. sliced and pounded a bit it's fork tender.
  6. I feel like it wants to mash or break up something. Nope You stick the business end into the miso paste and twist it. ============= epic fail ============= As I said in my opening post, it is not primarily a whisk, although it could be used as such. It has a very specific function. And does that function include stirring or mixing in some way? I would say stirring is the secondary function. Put this into boiling water and stir, so that the paste dissolves. =================== so, it appears putting it into boiling water is its primary purpose?
  7. Um, I Brought a Hone.

    the origin sin in this "problem" is providing such high quality knives that the hone will make such a difference. I've used a grooved OEM Wuesthof steel on my set for pushing 40 years. it has not ruined anything. the whole debate has so many issues it does not fit in a tweet. diamond / ceramic / grooved / smooth / pebbled are not "identical" in what they are, nor what they do, nor how they do it and how they "affect" a knife edge. and then there is the rather not slight problem of the user. the big ape with the knife point dug into the stainless counter, grunting as he girds his loins pushing the hone down on the knife to sharpen it . . . is a problem.
  8. The Fruitcake Topic

    are links allowed? if you're going to the trouble - the "old recipes" are much superior http://www.cookingforengineers.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3783
  9. How much food goes wasted?

    "...high school freshmen in AP science getting together to cure cancer." and a not inaccurate description of the publicity is 'maximized hyperbolic numbers for shock value' here's how they define: "Food waste: Any solid or liquid food substance, raw or cooked, which is discarded, or intended or required to be discarded. Food waste includes the organic residues (such as carrot or potato peels) generated by the processing, handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking, and serving of food." now, I don't know about you, but when I buy a dozen ears of sweet corn at the local farm stand, I really don't intend to eat the shucks and the cob - but this is "countable waste" according to this fine organization. so then they define: "Food waste diversion: Pertains to all food that is not sold or consumed, which could be diverted to a higher value use than landfill or incineration." so donations, animal food, composting, etc. is a waste of food that is "diverted" so then they break down the "food waste" by ultimate fate: - 96.8% is "recycled" - note the change in terminology from "diversion" to "recycled" - 01.5% is "donated" - 01.7%is "disposed" of - one assumes they mean without further value/use/land filled. so, doing the math, while we're sitting here smugly wasting 20% of food grown, actually it's 1.7% of the 20% - which is 0.34% of the "production volume" - that goes to no further use. The facts, ma'am - just the facts.
  10. sorry, I misunderstood. I offered a solution to the problem. whereas you are seeking to mitigate the symptoms. but, out of curiosity and since I've used only wood cutting boards for every purpose since for ever,,, what distinction / reason is present to split wood vs plastic?
  11. one could of course use wooden cutting boards which don't require all these extraordinary killing routines . . .
  12. Sous vide halibut

    >>fell apart . . . yup. that's what fish does. you might recognize the phrase: "until flaky" or "until it flakes apart" seems you cooked it quite right! get a large spatula - something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Outset-QB59-Rosewood-Slotted-Spatula/dp/B000GBLPO8?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000GBLPO8&linkCode=as2&redirect=true&ref_=as_li_tf_tl&tag=albin-20 _not_ stuff like this: http://spatulamart.com/brand/oxo-kitchen-spatulas/
  13. seems to be one of those great ideas that has more than a few 'outlandish' claims and details hanging on to it.... if you eat out 100% of the time, could work. the lack of spices and x and y and z . . . really? this is only true if you never cook at home.... can't shop . . . really? these folks are spending way too much time thumbing on their phones. if you live in the wilds of Alaska, mega-mart shopping can be tricky. if you live in suburbia, you probably drive past three or four stores coming home from to work. if you live in the city, you probably walk past dozens of stores coming home from work. if one can't spare 10 minutes to drop in and shop for dinner, one should probably re-examine one's priorities. might be an app for that . . . our daughter lives in the city. standard operating procedure: bring home take out. because the kitchen is so small and so unequipped,,,,, that's why. so how's a body going to cook the stuff in a box? mehinks it's a fad. time to sell one's stock in Slinky and HulaHoop.....
  14. Pulled / Shredded Beef

    hee-hee. first time I made sauerbraten I used some off-the-shelf vinegar. talk about'cher pucker factor.... sauerbraten requires a much more gentle vinegar.... but, it slices. as are intended most pot roasts - chuck is a notable exception - you have so slice all the little muscle groups... warm, the double cook technique does not slice well - it falls apart under even the sharpest knife. which is why my MIL likely referred to it as hash - if cut, it crumbles into chunkettes much like a "standard hash prep" chilled you can get a slice - which will hold together about oh say half way to the slice of bread . . . .
  15. Pulled / Shredded Beef

    >>Isn't this just a variation of pot roast? there's not a lot that isn't a variation on something else. the major thing here is the cook-cool-cook routine. someone once explained the 'science' behind why the cool&reheat does what it does. I wish I had paid more attention.... but the gist of it was simply that the cooling and reheating "somehow" (the bit I forgot....) results in the meat fibers separating better than the "once&done" approach.