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  1. supply chains have been severely disrupted. first problem just about everything now comes from China. then a shortage of shipping containers developed (how hard can it be to weld up new containers....ah, all the steel comes from....) then covid took out factory workers, port/ dock workers, warehouse workers, truck drivers . . . this has impacted anything coming from the Orient - not only from China. the lesson that should be learned, but will not be learned, is that China can crash the US economy anytime it wants. China does not need to fire a shot - just prohibit shipping stuff to USA. 'off shore' / made for the lowest cost / etc . . . . has it's drawbacks.
  2. I enjoy a nice beef tartare - with raw egg in the well.... I am however _exceedingly_ picky about where I order it. I ask a lot of 'funny' questions, , , any stumbles/mumbles/I thinks . . . or any remote hint that it's pre-prepared and keep cold ready for service is an order killer...
  3. the round bit works for bacon strips in the pan - 3/4 in 10" - note: I cut full length strips in half 3-4-5 hamburgers 5-6 sausage patties grilled cheese thin / mini steaks chicken breast sliced to half thickness I also use it on the griddle - pancakes are often preceded by bacon,,, typical bacon strips are longer than it covers but with a little attention to detail one can manage to get the full lengths flat and 'equally' cooked/fried. however it 'shines' in a 10" frying pan - pan's round, it's round . . . . more I've forgotten, I'm sure. it's a neat tool - it not only provides the 'flattening' effect but also is an effective 'no spatter' shield.
  4. I have a 10" one of these - fits the pan nicely.... https://www.amazon.com/Bellemain-Grill-Heavy-duty-Handle-8-75-Inch/dp/B077PJDPP3 now, if you're making square burgers . . .
  5. AlaMoi

    White Sauce Question

    how to make a white sauce is a topic similar to how to peel hard boiled eggs. one should expect multiple opinions.
  6. AlaMoi

    White Sauce Question

    veddy confuzed here..... for a white sauce, I melt the butter, add equal by volume AP flour, stir - cook until slightly brown.... add cold milk and whisk in. second dose of cold milk, whisk in... no lumps, no problems....
  7. AlaMoi

    Frying frozen crabs

    I use a spatter shield for things I expect to be popping & hopping. ps: don't buy the cheap ones, they rust.
  8. not necessarily. but the celebrity price far exceeds that of similar quality in the open market.
  9. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2021

    baked cod over barley / carrot-raisin salad / red thingies. the look better than they taste - very early hot house tomatoes....
  10. AlaMoi

    Dinner 2021

    I have an age-old recipe that uses 20 ounces of pineapple (drained) + cubed dried-out bread, butter, eggs . . . etc etc - specifies 1 cup of sugar (200g) - I use 1/3 (30g) and we like it much better same for a pineapple stuffing we use - sugar cut in half with note: still too sweet
  11. lobster had an interesting history in the food scene.
  12. ... making Flammenkuchen tonight if it's an unleavened dough, the time is much less critical. unleavened is a hallmark of Flammkuchen - - - - personally I don't do in in advance - unleavened, mix, give it a hour - covered, room temp - to hydrate, commence the build.... done with yeast, if it starts rising you wind up squishing all the bubbles out when shaping.... so warm-up time would be more critical.
  13. bag them up in one pound bags and keep in the freezer.
  14. since it does not cool anything, basically according to thou-wilt-die safety twits, one is limited to "loading up" the device to maximum two hours prior to cooking. if one is able to control / act / modify one's behavior prior to two hours+cook time before eating, might work. seems similar to the gadget that read the item's bar code to know how to cook it. 20,000+ bar codes in the US grocery store, bar codes recognized: 3,000. didn't fly very high or far . . . .
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