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  1. How long will this pie last?

    I find that cooked things, in general, in my refrigerator (which is kept very cold - just above freezing) last a week - no spoilage issues until after that - and even then sometimes it's a few days over a week. But, for every degree warmer, bacterial growth increases by a lot more, so I think it really depends on your refrigerator. Another issue - does the pie have a crust? It doesn't seem so, based on the ingredients - but if it did, I'm sure the crust integrity/quality would be much more problematic than spoilage issues! I have no experience with freezing custards (other than ice cream, but that's different) - so I don't know if it would make it grainy or separate upon thawing...
  2. True - but there are lots of popular candy bars (that are quite tasty) made with shortening. I got the impression that shelf-life was important to the poster, which I think would be easier to control with shortening than it would be with butter. Why would someone care about shelf life if just making a small amount for their own consumption? I assumed he was making larger volumes with intent to sell...
  3. Rather than using butter, what about some kind of shortening? Sure it's not the healthiest but isn't that the point of a bonbon?
  4. Reports on Hong Kong dining

    I haven't been back to HK since 2011, but I have some friends who live there. They say the roast goose at Yung Kee is just as good as ever...
  5. I've really missed the real Banh Mi ever since returning from Saigon last winter. That bread is so unique - although some places in NYC try to do it, none of them are even remotely close to the real thing. The crust of the faux-Banh is just way too tough - it should be tender, yet shatteringly crisp, and light and tender inside. Thanks for this video - I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I will do so soon!
  6. @djyee100Beautiful!
  7. Thanks Shelby! I enjoyed following along!
  8. Jarred Tomato Sauces

    I like Rao's sauce also... definitely the best jarred sauce I've ever had. On the photo, did you take the photo in "selfie" mode, or did you use the front facing camera? Photos taken with the "selfie" camera always come out as mirror images.
  9. @Anna NI'm with you... not a fan of beans or pulses... it's not the flavor that I don't like - it's that grainy texture. I've never had a bean/pulse dish that didn't have that grainy texture.... except once, but that was a rare fluke - especially because I have no idea what was done to make it that way. It was about 6 years ago, when I was fortunate enough to go to El Bulli - one of the courses was called "Cala Montjol lentils" or something like that - which is named after the area where the restaurant was located.... Their texture was completely smooth - and they melted in your mouth... I imagine they pureed the lentils, and put them through a super fine sieve - like a superbag or something and then spherified them to look like lentils again... or something to that nature...
  10. Fizzy Fruit

    iSi is a brand name for a type of siphon. They can be charged with NO2 to make whipped cream and other foams, but they also make siphons to use with CO2 to carbonate liquids.
  11. Bananas are herbs, right? Maybe it would be good to prune the shoots?
  12. Kitchen Flies

    You can also hang fly-paper.. while it is unsightly, I've found that they are effective in trapping flies... and there are no harsh chemicals to deal with.
  13. Waxy potatoes

    Fingerlings (there are many varieties) are good waxy potatoes here in the US. They are sometimes available in supermarkets (depending on location), but should definitely be available at farmers markets.
  14. Really looking forward to it!
  15. Depending on how it was cooked SV (time/temp), the skin may not be fully tenderized. But, if it was fully tenderized, I have seared on a very hot cast iron pan (I was doing lots of small pieces at once, so it acted like a plancha) and it seared nicely - I even got the skin to puff a bit which was nice.