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  1. I wonder if it was too wet first? Did you dry them with a paper towel prior to coating? I'm assuming you did the standard dredge in flour before any kind of batter/egg/wet application right?
  2. Is there a reason why you don't pressure cook first, then dry it off and fry second?
  3. I believe that @Shelbys preferred rabbit treatment is to fry it....
  4. Yikes - who needs that much meat in one sitting???
  5. Many years ago, I was in the hospital and was allowed nothing by mouth for like 8 or 9 days - back in those days, the nutrition came from a large bag of whitish fluid pumped into me by IV. I was never really hungry the whole time, but I remember watching Burger King tv commercials thinking that the first thing I was going to do once I got out was get one of those burgers. I actually did go to the BK when I got out, but looking at what actually was presented was a thoroughly disappointing experience...
  6. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    wow... there is something just so primally beautiful about that. Next time you're going to make this, please give a bit of advance notice so I can book my plane flight and corresponding quarantine time!!!
  7. KennethT


    I'm curious as to the rice paddy eels (and other rice paddy aquatic animals). Are they farmed or wild? By this I mean, are the paddies stocked with baby eels or do they get there naturally? If naturally, how do they get there? Where do they go when the paddy is drained?
  8. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    @scamhi Yes, Silky Kitchen. I haven't been there since pre-pandemic, but I enjoyed it when I was there. Also, their dumplings are fantastic, but I don't know how they would travel - the skins are thin and delicate. Every time I was there, it was packed with Chinese NYU students. I haven't tried Hunan slurp yet but am curious.
  9. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    there's a hunan restaurant right around the corner from my new apartment. It's a family run place who come from Hunan province and their dishes are really spicy. Most of the staff speak somewhat broken English, but they try and are very nice... the first time I was in there, I ordered my noodles the normal spicy, and the young woman behind the counter got a horrified look on her face and begged me to get it "medium". I finally relented and I was glad I did - the medium almost blew my head off. Filled with tons of chopped fresh chilli that definitely were not a standard US chilli or a thai c
  10. Cheapest thing you can do for that is fluorescent lights... for a small # of plants you can use a CFL (compact fluorescent) using one of those clamp-on fixtures. If you need more space, use a 4' shop-light or something like that. Stay away from bulbs labeled "soft white" or anything like that which will have more red in the spectrum - for CFLs, they make "daylight" spectrum bulbs which are good, otherwise a cool white will be good because it has lots of blue which will keep plants more compact and keep them from getting leggy. The LED grow lights on Amazon are ok but will be a lo
  11. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    Glad to see you didn't burn the crap out of yourself while making that chile sauce - it looks remarkably like the one that attacked me!
  12. Yeah - the trunk was about 1-1/2 inches in diameter and woody.
  13. Probably over a year. And, it was constantly heavily pruned at least once a week!
  14. Time to change out the basil plant!!!
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