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  1. I imagine that that supermarket is a very upscale version catering to expats, no? I'd be curious as to what supermarkets in more local areas might look like...
  2. I loved the octopus card... so convenient. I wish we had something like that in NYC.
  3. can someone translate what the word after "cumin" is on the second line?
  4. Were the lobster ravioli made from Caribbean (spiny) lobster (with no claws) or "Maine" lobster (with claws)? I loved the caribbean lobster when I had it down there especially when they were just pulled out of the water!
  5. Would you say that the kitchen of yours is of typical size in HK? I've always heard that HK apartments are very small, but your kitchen is huge! Do you live on Lantau all the time, or is it a weekend place? If there all the time, what is your commute like - I assume you work in Central?
  6. @Beebs I don't know what @Duvel has in store for us, but there was a big discussion of dim sum and cantonese restaurants that really helped me plan my trip in 2011 here:
  7. I would have removed it also, assuming that the bones didn't break through the bag during sealing.
  8. Foodblog Fanfare

    If nothing else did, that last teaser certainly would have!
  9. As a small business owner, I would also add that when looking for people to hire, attitude (cleanliness, timeliness, organization) is very important, but if you will be working side by side with this person, it is also good to find someone who is a good personality fit otherwise that relationship will not last long!
  10. Franci, good luck in this new chapter... how exciting!!!
  11. Foodblog Fanfare

    When we were there, we went to Cheung Chau and really enjoyed it. We went to a seafood restaurant by the water, and among other things got some mantis shrimp (they looked good in the tank, and we'd never tried them before) but they were almost impossible to peel! Maybe they weren't in season, or maybe not cooked properly, or maybe that's just how they are?
  12. Foodblog Fanfare

    This is so funny - I was actually just looking through some pics of HK this morning!