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  1. Depending on how it was cooked SV (time/temp), the skin may not be fully tenderized. But, if it was fully tenderized, I have seared on a very hot cast iron pan (I was doing lots of small pieces at once, so it acted like a plancha) and it seared nicely - I even got the skin to puff a bit which was nice.
  2. The Air Fryer topic

    @Anna NFWIW, I have never met a cripsy, non-greasy sweet potato fry - even conventionally fried, or in restaurants... I've had some start out ok, but after 5 minutes at the table, all crispiness has left the building.... maybe just my luck, but I tend to avoid them now.
  3. Thanks for sharing, again!!!! Always enjoy your trips....
  4. Haunting Hunan

    @liuzhouAs others have said, thanks so much for sharing both the food and experience!
  5. Gardening: 2016–

    Yes, it grows very easily. You can basically take a cutting, plunk it in a glass of water and it will start to root. As long as you keep the growing medium moist, it'll be ok - which is convenient since I'm growing it hydroponically. I saw it all over the place when we were in Saigon - commonly served with Pho, and various other types of dishes.
  6. Sous vide halibut

    I cook salmon once a week or so, and I use a torch to brown the top when I'm done. Adds a nice flavor dimension as well as appearance.
  7. Gardening: 2016–

    This is rice paddy herb (ngo om in Vietnamese): I was in a thai restaurant that had some on the side... So I took a couple sprigs home to propagate. I love this herb - a little citrusy with notes of cumin.
  8. Show me your salad

    The green papaya should be dressed just prior to serving. Having it "rest" in the refrigerator after being dressed made it limp. Also, try adding some fish sauce... makes a big difference!
  9. Gardening: 2016–

    My cilantro hasn't been doing well. An interesting study in plant physiology.... It's been 95degF with no clouds for so long, and my windowsill garden faces S-SW. Even with the A/C on full blast, it's just too hot and humid and too sunny... so the plant has been suffering. Because it's not as healthy as it should be, it is much more vulnerable to pests. I saw today that the cilantro was infested with mites. What is interesting is that the plants on either side of it (that are much more tolerant to heat and sun) and are touching leaf to leaf, have practically no pests at all. Needless to say, I removed the cilantro plant and trimmed any leaves that had even 1 or 2 mites on them on the other plants.... But look at those roots!
  10. I'm not that knowledgeable about cocktails, but I've never heard of a "generic spirit"... even at the low end, don't they all have brand names of some kind?
  11. My wife and I were there for a long weekend in October, 2014.... a hurricane arrived shortly after we did!
  12. Mixing Isomalt and Sugar

    I have mixed them in the past with no issues - although I typically use a combo of sugar, isomalt and glucose. The isomalt doesn't like to melt as readily as the sugar does, but it will eventually. I have never noticed the humidity resistance (I always keep my sugar stuff in sealed containers with a few packs of desiccant thrown in), but the mixture is certainly less sweet than sugar, which is the primary reason why I use it as I like it for savory applications.
  13. Gardening: 2016–

    @huirayVery nice indeed! What do you do with them in winter?
  14. That prawn and tomato curry looks great... can you include an Rx or list of materials?