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  1. @shainWhat are these? Are they peppercorns?
  2. I actually had this dish at EMP when they first transitioned to a fine dining restaurant... but they made it with crab...
  3. Sous Vide Garlic

    I don't think I've ever used garlic powder. But I've always liked using the sauteed garlic - it gives a nice, mild garlic aroma and flavor... and yes, I meant just sweating a bit... it's an extra step and a bit more work, but I always thought it was worth it.
  4. I'm frustrated... I spent the better part of the day working on my A/C unit, trying to keep it from venting the tent air outside... several hours, a half roll of duct tape, and two bloodied knuckles later, it's still venting -albeit slightly more slowly... tomorrow I'll get back at it to see where else the air can be slipping through....
  5. I love pruning my lime tree because I always get a flush of this a few days later:
  6. Fruit

    Until I read this post, I didn't realize Driscoll's was international... I knew that they spanned the US - but had no idea of their sales elsewhere... Good to know that we in the US aren't the only ones shortchanged by Driscoll's crappy fruit...
  7. Sous Vide Garlic

    I usually briefky saute aromatics like garlic, ginger and onion before adding to the bag. Their flavor release is better once they've been softened a bit.
  8. I loves me some conch fritters!
  9. Leaving this mass of steel in your oven is a huge waste of energy and time as it will take much longer to preheat your oven any time you use it.
  10. This is part of my fascination with controlled environment agriculture. Yes, it's bound to be more expensive than farming on inexpensive land in more remote areas, but I can grow much more per square foot - maybe 5-6x the yield per square foot, and use about 1/10th of the water doing it as it as all recycled. Also, I don't need to use chemical pesticides - whatever small amount of pests I may get I can handle effectively using Integrated Pest Management - which is basically using predatory bugs to eat the bad ones. My crops are also less affected by disease, and there is almost no risk of E. Coli poisoning or other diseases that hit the cilantro used by Chipotle, for instance, and got many people sick. Also, I can have crops turning year round - I can have the full output when it's freezing cold or burning hot outside - neither affects me. Finally, I can do it in urban areas close to (or surrounded by) my market, so transportation costs (and its effect on the environment) are essentially negligible. It doesn't make sense to do this type of ag for field crops such as wheat or corn, but for higher value crops like arugula, herbs, tomatoes, etc. I think it is definitely feasible.
  11. For those of you following along with my controlled environment saga, I opened up the A/C and it looks promising that I will be able to solve my problem. I neglected to mention that I got this A/C on Ebay, remanufactured - for about half the price of a new one, shipping included - which is saying something since the box it came in weighed 96 pounds, so the shipping costs are not so trivial.... Anyway, in the remanufacturing process, both the evaporator and condenser coils look great and brand new, as does the compressor motor itself - but the foam that seals off the area is either slightly damaged or missing entirely.... a short trip to the home depot should relatively short work of fixing my airflow problems, I assume.... until I try it and find that I have created more problems.... ha!
  12. Right - this model supposedly uses the condensate to help cool the compressor, and even though it has a drain plug, according to the manual, unless it's being used in extremely high humidity, it should evaporate all the condensate and vent it out of the exhaust tube... I checked it out - it only seems like 6 screws are holding the case together - I'm going to take it apart this weekend... shouldn't be a big deal to play around with....
  13. Yep, I definitely got plants from Laurel in the past... nothing but good things to say...
  14. @shainGreat photos... what are they?
  15. It's a Whynter ARC-12SD... I took a quick look inside when I removed the filter, but I think in order to completely seal off the compressor/evaporator areas, it's going to take a bit more than duct tape. If I get some time this weekend, I'll open up the cover completely and see what I see... In truth, I'm probably going to have to hack the control board anyway since my test crop, alpine strawberries, seem to like a nighttime temo of 50 to 55 degF, but the firmware of the A/C only lets it get to 61, and in practice, I find it actually turns off around 62.5...