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  1. No, I was talking about the yellowing leaves and the black spots.
  2. @HungryChris I just noticed, what's going on with your tomato plant... is that a fungus I see?
  3. @Anna N There are - they are indeterminate tomatoes! Most heirloom varieties are indeterminate. I grew one hydroponically in the corner of my apartment for almost a year until its roots finally clogged my system and caused a major flood - I had about 20 gallons of nutrient in a pond in the middle of my living room floor! It was the best tomato plant ever, for the two of us that is... it just kept giving... maybe 4-5 tomatoes per week... the caveat is that while the plant keeps producing, the vine keeps growing also - so you wind up with a vine about 30 feet long. In fact, most greenhouse tomatoes are indeterminate as well, as they provide steady production for a long time. Those are usually hybrids though, typically bred more for fungus/disease resistance than for flavor. Most greenhouses train the vine up a string tied to a truss of the greenhouse's ceiling. Then, as the plant grows towards the ceiling, they let some string out and lean the plants over to take up the space. @DiggingDogFarm - I have never seen those... I wish I could try one before trying to grow it... I've got pretty limited space (I'm on the 21st floor in about an 800 sq. ft. apartment) - so unless I want a pepper plant in the bathroom or bedroom (which would be an issue because of lighting), I need to be selective as to what I want to grow in the limited space my living room provides...
  4. That's the problem with habaneros... I love their fruit flavor, but the heat is just way too intense. I wish I could grow the red, long hot peppers I've seen in SE Asia - they're usually about 4-5 inches long and about 3/4" wide at the widest point, tapering to a point. They've got great chili flavor, but aren't very hot. I think I've seen seeds for them from time to time, but I don't know what I'd do with a flush of peppers all at once... there's only two of us, and once frozen or pickled, it's not the same as if you were using them raw and sliced thinly. I wish there was a such thing as an indeterminate pepper plant that would keep growing for a year putting out a few peppers per week.... that would be awesome...
  5. @ShelbyI think that's the point!
  6. Was that lunch for 1 person? It's a feast!
  7. I imagine that that supermarket is a very upscale version catering to expats, no? I'd be curious as to what supermarkets in more local areas might look like...
  8. I loved the octopus card... so convenient. I wish we had something like that in NYC.
  9. can someone translate what the word after "cumin" is on the second line?
  10. Were the lobster ravioli made from Caribbean (spiny) lobster (with no claws) or "Maine" lobster (with claws)? I loved the caribbean lobster when I had it down there especially when they were just pulled out of the water!
  11. Would you say that the kitchen of yours is of typical size in HK? I've always heard that HK apartments are very small, but your kitchen is huge! Do you live on Lantau all the time, or is it a weekend place? If there all the time, what is your commute like - I assume you work in Central?
  12. @Beebs I don't know what @Duvel has in store for us, but there was a big discussion of dim sum and cantonese restaurants that really helped me plan my trip in 2011 here:
  13. I would have removed it also, assuming that the bones didn't break through the bag during sealing.