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    Favorite Risotto?

    It wasn't just one place. Most of the meals were provided by individual wineries and each winery had no idea what the others were making. Also, they were far away from Venice and the coast - they were in the inland part of Veneto - closer to Verona.
  2. Feel better soon! No ginseng in there?
  3. KennethT

    Favorite Risotto?

    @ElsieD @weinoo It's as @gfweb says, braised beef cheek atop risotto - similar to how I've seen osso bucco atop risotto.
  4. It's far away from Southern Iceland. Seriously though, there's amazing things to see all over Iceland, but we only have 9 days or so on the ground so we had to pick. There's also the Western Fjords and East Iceland.
  5. KennethT


    Holy crap! No- none in Iceland that I've found. I did have a couple of decent apples from France though.,.. ha! I can now get them in NY for around $5 each!!!!
  6. Snorkeling in 37°F water with 300foot visibility!!!
  7. Up close to the Hoffellsjokull glacial lagoon. We were planning a couple mile long hike around the area which would have had multiple views but it was so windy that it knocked us over. It was like standing in a hurricane. Actually I've been in hurricanes but none as windy as this!
  8. I don't know. I haven't seen the distinction here other than them calling it "local trout" or something like that. It's really good regardless!
  9. Just wait - these are just the teasers! I'll go through the whole thing in detail once I get home
  10. KennethT

    Dinner 2022

    Good for you. When I was sick, the only thing I wanted was takeout (delivery).
  11. I don't think there's much more glacial melt this year than last. One person was saying it hit a sweltering 22°C last year around this time - now it's maybe a high of 18°C The striations are grill marks.
  12. Just checked into a new hotel. The view from our window- Hoffellsjokull glacier:
  13. Local char (sometimes labelled Iceland trout) on menus here: It was perfectly cooked!
  14. We already did. Our hotel has a natural thermal spring that we enjoyed when we first arrived. I had planned to use it every day after returning from hiking but both Thursday and yesterday were just too late 😥 It's too bad - it's really nice. Hopefully we'll see some more later on.
  15. We just got back to the hotel room. Exhausted and need to do a bit of housekeeping before bed. Just took this photo at 11:40PM:
  16. This was our reward for making it to the summit of Brenninsteinsalda:
  17. I had no idea, I had just read about how blue it was. It's not a common tourist spot. What's also amazing is that you can get so close to it! I wish I could post video. Thanks @blue_dolphin!
  18. Today was a great day filled with amazing sights. Tomorrow should be epic! From earlier today: ETA: that water color is real - no filter, color correction or Photoshop needed
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