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    Tea Shopping

    Bumping this thread.... I like to have some loose leaf jasmine tea in the morning on the weekend. I've been getting my tea at McNulty's* for years, but have never really been thrilled with the quality. Does anyone have a good online source for this? *McNulty's is a famous shop in NYC... they have a website - https://mcnultys.com/
  2. I have a similar mandoline - the Super Benriner! from Japan!! Lots of !!! on the packaging... it came with a few different width blades you could attach that would julienne all in one stroke. It's great when I make green papaya salad.
  3. what is the brownish paste on the burger? I do find it amusing how much chinese/asian food you've had... started making me think that Dutch people either have very little food that is native to them, or they LOVE chinese food!
  4. Sort of. The ceiling will be open to the studs - so I imagine that the cabinets will go very close to the bottom of the studs (give or take an inch or two), but then we'll have the space between the studs to store whatever we can fit in there.
  5. That would have to go on the wall in the living room... One thing I don't like about the new apartment layout is the lack of wall space in the kitchen. But it has a lot more countertop space than my current apartment. My current apartment has lots of accessible wall space, so I store all my spices in magnetic tins on a whiteboard I got from staples, as well as some large spoons that hang from the wall as well... and my magnetic knife block.
  6. We're keeping the same fridge and were thinking about a similar small cabinet above. I have a similar small cabinet currently above my microwave/recirculating hood. We're also pretty short so we need a step ladder to get into it. Right now, I only keep things that are used VERY occasionally. I do like the doors on it though because it keeps the aerosolized grease off of the stuff inside. We currently keep a bunch of stuff on top of our refrigerator as well - stuff like the boxes that contain zip lock bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.... I will have to rethink this once I figure how much space we'll have - I'd hate to have to move everything every time I need to access something in the cabinet.
  7. @Rickbern My wife used to have an apartment with the shower in the kitchen! An old tenement building in Alphabet city in the mid-90s...
  8. @chromedome Thanks - I can picture the double sided rack... it makes sense. Don't knock yourself out for photos of it unless you want to for yourself.
  9. I have a roll-able island in my current kitchen. I didn't think it would fit in the new one, but we shall see... unfortunately, the kitchen is directly across from the front door and coat closet, so I don't know if I could hang a pot rack over the island in between....
  10. How 'bout some blackened catfish? Jambalaya? I once had an amazing jambalaya at Coop's in NO that had rabbit as one of the meats... it was crazy good... and Crystal hot sauce...
  11. @chromedome Yes, we'll almost definitely be storing something on top of the cabinets - although I really don't know how much space we'll have - whatever it is, we'll make the most of it I'm sure. I LOVE the idea of the toe drawers. I'm definitely going to talk to my contractor about that!
  12. I like the idea of the utensil bar - it's basically the same function as my pot rack but against the wall and without the shelf on top... but I don't think it'll work in my situation. I found a photo of the kitchen as it stands now (prior to demolition) - the new kitchen will be similar - but we're updating the cabinets (both top and bottom) and pulling out the range, putting more cabinets in its place. Behind where the range is now is open to the living room. The ceiling will be dropped to 7' - which will be just above the top of the cabinets. The cooking will largely be done on 2 portable induction burners - one high powered 230V one and either a Control Freak or Paragon, which will be done in the area to the left of the dishwasher - the cabinets above replaced with shorter cabinets and a recirculating hood. Also, that corner section of wall on the left (with the outlets) will be taken out and will have space for another cabinet. So, unfortuantely, I don't think there'll be room for a utensil bar either....
  13. @mumkin I'm actually happy to get the stuff that lives on top of the pot rack (which is hard to reach) into a cabinet because they get a fine film of aerosolized oil on them due to their lack of use. The pot rack holds 10 pans, of which I use 4-5 very regularly. One of the pans it holds is a 14 year old giant All-Clad wok which has been probably been used less than 5 times on account that it is terrible. I'll probably look into selling it on ebay before I move. Depending on how much cabinet space we'll wind up having and how we'll split it between pantry and cookware, some of the cookware will either live in a closet in another room or the closet in the other room will be the pantry... the kitchen design makes it so there really are no sides to the cabinets either - except for 1, which is part of the "hallway"... Edit: the "other room" would be the bedroom....
  14. In my current small NYC kitchen, I store my cookware with a pot rack suspended from the ceiling. While my kitchen is small, the layout allows the pot rack location to be handily available, yet out of the way so I'm not always running into it. I will be moving soon and am currently doing renovations and am running into an issue. The layout of the new kitchen doesn't have a nook where the pot rack could go where it won't get in the way, and the ceiling height is probably too low for one anyway (7 feet). The only place I can think of storing the pots/pans when not in use is in a cupboard where real estate is precious. I also have no wall space from which to hang any pans.... Any other ideas? Maybe I'm missing something? How do you store non-stick pans in a cupboard without accidentally scratching the surface from time to time?
  15. That's really interesting. I'd love to know more about it.
  16. KennethT

    Dinner 2020

    Completely nontraditional Viet bun ga.... With fennel and blood orange
  17. I find that the flavor of ginger gets muted in the freezer. I keep it on the shelf with the garlic/onion/shallots, etc. How long it keeps depends on how old it was when I got it at the store! That can vary quite a bit. Galangal keeps a bit better in the freezer, but when defrosted it weeps liquid and is mushy - so if you were to use it, I would slice it thinly while it is still frozen so you don't lose all the juice. It still isn't nearly as powerful as fresh though.
  18. This is my first time with any aged white tea, so I am open to everything. I'm going to save the leaves (well drained) and continue the journey next weekend.
  19. Started tasting this yesterday, then continued today: 6g in my 150ml yixin tea pot. I did quite a lot of watching of mei leaf videos (wow he is wordy!) but I thought I got a good hang of what aged white tea is all about and how to brew it. Following his instructions, I used about 200-205F water, the first 3 infusions steeped for about 20 seconds, and then increasing the steep time by 5 seconds for each additional steeping. So far, I'm up to 8 steepings. The first few steepings were creamy with lemon zest, and quite tingly on the sides of my tongue. As the steepings progressed for 3-6 I got a lot more forest floor - dried leaves, chanterelle mushrooms and dried twigs. Steeping #7 turned a corner and as it cooled became intensely dried apricot. Like I stuffed 5 soft dried apricots in my mouths and just chewed for a while. #8 still has the over-riding flavor of apricots but not as soft dried as #7 - more like a heavier dried apricot.
  20. If only international shipping wasn't so expensive, I would be thrilled to take them off your hands!
  21. I got my sample last night and have been preparing to taste this weekend. Very exciting!
  22. When I was in a very popular Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing, they had a lot of herbal/flower teas. We had a really nice rose tea. Edit: not that that is necessarily indicative of what is true to the area itself... but the restaurant was highly regarded
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