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    Dinner 2021

    Sorry - I was referring to: At some point, I guess this was only in my head, I started referring to that sauce as "foot-burning-sauce"...
  2. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    The makings of foot-burning-sauce-2.0..... And done....
  3. Years ago I had a friend who couldn't eat garlic, even though she loved the stuff - gave her lots of stomach problems. Then she tried a product called Beano, which is some kind of digestive enzyme that helps you digest beans, but when she took it just before eating something with garlic, she didn't have any problems. She's probably their best customer now.
  4. Thanks to H-Mart, who not only sold a huge bunch of mint for a decent price, but I now have a mint plant set to explode into growth! I originally looked to get a plant start at the farmers market (support small biz and all) but I decided against it after seeing tons of aphids hiding - no way I'm bringing that into my crowded indoor jungle!
  5. Personally, I'm a fan of the meat floss. I don't think I've had pork floss (maybe packaged on EVA Airlines as an accompaniment to the congee - but it could have been fish floss), but I've had a couple different types of beef floss in Indonesia and enjoyed them - I wouldn't want a whole meal of them (I don't think they'd ever be used that way anyway) but as a condiment they're great.
  6. Good to see that horrible stereotypes are a global phenomenon.
  7. Dueling oonis (or would it be oonii?)!! Love it!
  8. If you ever tire of your "day job", you could probably start Germany's best pizzeria
  9. what's the purpose of hanging the potatoes?
  10. Thanks - it was your comments that got me to look into it in the first place!!! So thank you! When I first started looking into it, I was initially impressed when I actively tried to chip the face of the sample piece we got from the distributor - no matter what I tried, nothing worked - carbide tools, screwdrivers, ice pick.... you name it!
  11. Nope - although the countertop has been the background of a few dinner pics... I'm still working on the undercounter lighting so it's not really in its finished state yet.
  12. When we renovated our kitchen, we decided on Neolith. We got it in a rusty metal looking finish, which we love, and it is scratch-proof, water-proof, acid-proof, stain-proof, and never needs sealing or any other maintenance for that matter. It is also heat resistant, although I wouldn't put a crazy hot pan directly on it.
  13. Just a slight edit - while their email to me said they'd refund the missing item and the ground shipping, the refund only had the missing item - no shipping... oh well. I'd still use them again.
  14. They definitely have more - I'll be getting 2 bags in my next box which ships in the next day or two.
  15. KennethT

    Dinner 2021

    Tried some of the mahi mahi from my Wild Fork box. Quality was great - I don't think I'd be able to tell it from fresh. Defrosted naked in a big bowl of water for about half hour. Coated in rice flour then shallow fried in peanut oil in my wok, then spread with the belacan paste - oh so shrimpy with pounded rehydrated dried shrimp, shrimp paste ( belacan), dried chili, Thai chili, shallot, garlic,ginger, lemongrass and curry leaves from the garden.
  16. do you only use it for storage or have you heated things in it as well? When I bring my lunches to work, the only option I have there for reheating is the microwave, so I would use the container for refrigerated storage during the day, doubling as the heating/eating dish...
  17. It looks very similar to jerky we've had in Singapore - there's a really famous chain there but I imagine the recipe is originally Chinese.
  18. Interesting - I have never heard of MEPAL - but they look great on their website. How do they handle staining - like with tomato products or turmeric? The cheap rubbermaid stuff stains very easily and even after washing, can feel slightly greasy on the inside.
  19. How are your gardening skills? You could take a sprig or two of the oregano and clone it - soon you'll have your own bush!
  20. I placed my order with Wild Fork on Thursday afternoon, and my box arrived on Friday - shipped ground from Allentown, PA. The box was a large styrofoam cooler with dry ice which fit exactly into a brown corrugated cardboard box. There was still plenty of dry ice even at like 7PM Friday evening. So far, everything looks great but they left out one item. I emailed them about it (at 7:30PM on Friday), and they emailed me back a few hours later saying that they refunded the cost of the item as well as my shipping cost.
  21. I assume the seafood is not included though, right?
  22. Does anyone have any promo codes for Wild Fork? I was thinking about trying them out - @gfweb seems to like them enough to "un-f them".... hehe
  23. KennethT

    Fresh Turmeric

    Yes, it should be grown from the rhizome - I don't think I've ever seen it planted from seed. Take a look at the rhizomes you have and see if any have any growing points - you can cut on either side of it (or just plant the whole section) and plant it and it will grow a shoot, and the rhizome will then start expanding laterally. I don't know if it would be too painfully slow to watch on your vpn, but YouTube has a ridiculous amount of "grow your own turmeric/galangal/ginger" videos....
  24. KennethT

    Fresh Turmeric

    When making curries, I typically use the blender as the mortar and pestle gets quite tiresome... just peel the turmeric, cut into large dice and add to blender jar - the stuff I've seen is pretty tender (compared with galangal at least) and blends easily. @liuzhou One of my favorite soups, lately, has been the Indonesian soto ayam, which features some turmeric in the broth. Also, what comes to mind is the turmeric rice used in Central Vietnam for their chicken-rice, as well as a bunch of other dishes.
  25. I'm going to do what most French people would do today, get falling down drunk!
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