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  1. I've used this recipe before, and it's great. I always have a supply on hand in the refrigerator... https://thewoksoflife.com/how-to-make-chili-oil/
  2. I think they should have called it "naan in a caan"....
  3. Unless I'm on vacation, I never eat breakfast - other than having some green tea. It's not like I'm intentionally fasting though - I've never really eaten breakfast, even when I was a kid. For me, this works - if nothing else, it limits my calorie intake and helps me not gain weight by eliminating 1 meal a day. It's only hard for me to do once I get home from vacation, as my body has adapted to eating 3 times a day, so when I get home, I get hungry around 9AM... so, when this happens, I 'wean myself off' eating breakfast by having a snack and then eat that snack 30 minutes later each day, eventually the snack time coincides with lunch time and I'm no longer hungry in the morning.
  4. Out of curiosity, how much does a package of Campari tomatoes cost up there? Here, they're usually USD4-5 a package, although sometimes they go on sale for 2 for $5
  5. Did you add any oil or anything to the cast iron pan before adding the chicken?
  6. People say I have that give when I'm talking in detail about things I'm interested in...
  7. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    A few northern chinese places in NYC do the shredded potato. Usually dressed with salt, some vinegar and sesame oil; sometimes some julienne of some kind of chili. Quite tasty - I get them from time to time. But I don't know if the potato is raw, or slightly blanched.
  8. KennethT


    I love Coop's.... my wife and I would go there for dinner for the first night (we usually landed pretty late) every time we went to NO, which, for a while was once a year. I'm glad to hear their Jambalaya is still holding up.... also, I don't if this is still true, but years ago, they would only have Tabasco hot sauce on the table, but upon request, they would dig out a bottle of Crystal from behind the bar...
  9. I hadn't seen this before, but after the link, it looks more like a gimmick than anything else to me. How many times do you make takoyaki?
  10. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    My issue with most ciabatta for burgers is that the crust is usually too tough and that in the process of trying to bite through it, everything just squishes out.
  11. hmmm... that Vollrath is really expensive... I could get a control freak for not much more... so now I'm thinking about getting 1 low priced, high power 240V model for fast boiling, high heat searing, and maybe a control freak for all the stuff that needs a bit more finesse... I understand looking at the Iwatani, but I think I'd rather find a propane powered stove (I can get bigger canisters that will last longer)... more research to follow...
  12. Arrrrgghhhh!!!! I agree ye mateys!
  13. @rotuts I don't think it's sad, but a plant that size can have large roots, so a larger pot might be in order...
  14. Also, does anyone have any experience with any 240V burners at all, not just the one above? The 240V versions will be much more powerful than the standard 120V ones, but I'm also looking for one that has a decent amount of control - to keep things at a gentle simmer, or boil water quickly or high heat stir fry...
  15. I've been searching around, but I can't find a unified topic where we can talk about countertop induction burners of all makes and models, so I'm starting this. Mods, if this exists, please merge... Does anyone have any experience with this item (or this brand): http://www.trueinduction.com/Commercial-Single-Induction-Cooktop.aspx It's a 220V, 3200W single countertop induction burner. It seems that you can either set it by power level (400-3200W in 200W increments - 15 levels) or by temperature (150-450F in 10deg increments) and will accommodate pans as small as 4.5" in diameter. Currently lists on Amazon for $279....
  16. FYI - I usually put my travel/foodblogs in the dining section of whatever country or region I'm visiting.
  17. KennethT

    Roast poultry porn

    Look for recipes for Silky chickens.... they're usually used for broths or stocks.. they need to be simmered a long time!
  18. KennethT

    Roast poultry porn

    When they're alive, they make great pets! (supposedly)
  19. KennethT

    Roast poultry porn

    I don't really have poultry porn from my own cooking (that I can find, anyway), here's a post to me having one of the tastiest chickens I've ever had... not roasted, but grilled...
  20. That's not atypical.... but if you really needed it, you could probably hire an electrician to pull some more wires up from the building's breaker box and increase your amperage... you'd have to get coop approval first, of course.
  21. ha! I use McMaster for work all the time... they're expensive, but they have everything in stock and I always get my delivery the next day.
  22. Sorry to hear about your issues - what happened this year? Too hot/cold, rain?
  23. This. I was doing some reading on Houzz where people were bitterly complaining about this product, but it seems like their fabricators were not used to dealing with it and repeatedly damaged it, prior to installation. On Neolith's site, there are specific handling instructions and equipment necessary, so like with anything, choosing the right installer is important. Since it's a relatively new product, some areas may not have any installers truly experienced or skilled with it, may treat it like any other stone product (which it's not) and cause damage and then blame the mfr of the material.
  24. I looked this up - this looks amazing!!!! It seems like the Goldilocks material.... I'm almost afraid to start getting prices!
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