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  1. My consistent TJ's stalwarts are not on that list. Green chile cheese frozen tamales, jarred salsa verde, 4% small curd cottage cheese, TJ rebranded Unibroue corked beers, Boatswain Dbl IPA 6 pack, TJ's Pound Plus chocolate bars. These items haven't disappeared at TJ's for decades, which says something.
  2. We were gifted the low end panettone a couple years ago. I normally won't eat it, but I experimented and made croutons out of it for salads. It was great that way. Kinda hoping for another low end panettone this year for more croutons...............🙃
  3. lemniscate

    Fagor 8L

    OK, upon further investigation, this version of the Fagor was known by Pressure Magic, sold by Pro-Selections out of TX. They no longer list anything for it on their site. It also looks like Fagor may have resurrected this design this year(?!). It's possible it may use the same style rope gasket as previous design, if you are lucky. Fagor Classic Pressure Cooker
  4. lemniscate

    Fagor 8L

    The gasket is not a contiguous circle, it's like a rubber rope. I have one of the Fagor Classics also. https://www.todoparamihogar.com/Pressure-cooker-seal-pot-Fagor22 is an European site I found this morning, it also seems to stock the other replacement parts for this type of pressure cooker. I seem to remember that the Fagor Classic turned into another name in the US for a while. I'll keep digging to see if I can retrace my internet steps on that search.
  5. Good to hear! I got burned by no stock by 10am in the past on the cheese special. Maybe they learned their lesson. It was one of the Cowgirl cheeses that I wanted that was sold out very early, IIRC.
  6. I realized that my under utilized rice rinser (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) is the perfect splatter cover for the MW. It's got a high dome and vents out steam. Has kept the MW mess quite a bit more manageable.
  7. I just bought one for $5 at a garage sale, apparently only used twice!
  8. Tried to get some last year, apparently the sale cheeses sell out within minutes, according to the WF person I asked to help find the sale items. Get there early!
  9. Nom, or its plural Noms. (it's showing up on menus as a descriptive term, adults using baby talk) also, what's up with making adult a verb, adulting? ugh.
  10. Pinon nuts are a very buttery flavored nut. I discern no pine flavor at all when I've eaten them out of hand.
  11. I did a batch of @ninagluck's version again in August to let it age. Last year I did 3 batches, the original version, one with maple syrup, and one with cocoa nibs/pinon coffee beans. Took a year to get to most of it. The latest batch is pinon nuts flavored. I found a small bag of pinons stashed in the freezer, toasted and shelled them and used them in the nog. I am very interested in the flavor on this batch when we crack it open in a few weeks.
  12. Yep, I remember they were pretty ripe. Vivian suggests sturdier romas, but I just use what is on the counter. I'm all in on this tasty tomato brine juice though.
  13. I peeled some campari tomatoes to try the first batch of RW. Mistake. But with a happy ending. The tomatoes just disintegrated into juice during the pickling. So I added halved cherry tomatoes to make up for the lost chunks, which stretched the recipe to more than 2 quarts. I have a lot of jar juice, which I just used to make a divine RW Bloody Mary. RWBM. I have a ice tea spoon in the Bloody Mary to snag the floating tomato halves and scallion pieces as I drink. I went easy on the hot stuff for the first go. I think I will keep it mild for the next batch. Leave the tomato skins on
  14. I made this sour corn version in my crock 2-3 years ago. I was inspired by Sean Brock's mom on an episode of Mind of a Chef. It was sweet and tangy. I used it in salads and relish, or just like a pickle on the side. I guess I didn't take any pics of it though. I always liked the "recipe search" columns in the newspapers.
  15. I had a "foot faucet" setup. I think the manufacturer is defunct. It used the electric solenoids. It worked well but the solenoids could not handle the duty cycles. They failed. Hopefully the hydraulic system is more robust.
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