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  1. I need breadcrumbs for a future planned dish. I don't have any in the pantry. I am now baking a loaf of white bread for the express purpose of making breadcrumbs. <sigh>.
  2. Half a head of cabbage, some leftover IP shredded pork plus some of the fat. Lots of black pepper for kick. Caramelized a bit, outside cooking due to, ya' know, cabbage. Cabbage is one of those veg that is made for the word pandemic. Not pretty, but pretty good.
  3. @Kim Shook Milk Street freebie courses has a Instant Pot class WITH a whole section on how to do pasta and sauce. It's a pretty good course. I've had an IP for a while and thought "I'll enroll in the class and probably won't find it useful". I was Wrong. The course documents and recipes are downloadable in pdf form. The videos and the host are pleasing and do not feel time-wasted to me. I do have a short attention span, internet style. I say Check It Out. Milk Street online courses (free)
  4. King Arthur Back of the Bag Oatmeal Sandwich bread with added small handfuls of roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Super easy loaf to mix up. Chefsteps Rich and Moist Cornbread baked in various small forms for experiments. Not easy to mix up. But it's rich and moist for sure.
  5. I made a batch of candied peel from the white grapefruit a while back. I found eating it makes my mouth numb. Grapefruit juice does not do this to me though I did find if I drop a piece of candied peel into my citrus base cocktails, it amps up the flavor and add a bit of sweetness. So my peels are now in the cocktail cabinet.
  6. Me too. I think there are varieties of lemons that must not have the amount of bitter pith my backyard tree (Eureka, I think?) normally have. I've only had success using the whole lemon with my salt preserved ones.
  7. Along with "covid-19 policies" that every company that has my email has been filling my inbox, I noticed some subscription based websites are offering free access to normally behind paywall content. America's Test Kitchen is offering access to 50 of their recipes for now, some of them look like winners to me. I don't subscribe to ATS but somehow are on their mailing list. Not sure if this link works outside US though. https://www.americastestkitchen.com/collections/50-americas-test-kitchen-recipes-you-need-now?pac=yB3BlHwrQhn4hlmqK26JBJW8FLEAO3gcS9pSO4oIPsc=
  8. I bought a 12lb-er at Sprouts today (yuge!) for .99 per lb. Cut it down to manageable pieced and the WHOLE thing is in 2 Instant Pots going to be kahlua/shredded pork. With cabbage leaves laid over the meat while cooking. Going to make cole slaw for a fresh dish. Steam a cauliflower too. Brassicas FTW! No eggs or regular flour (lots of gluten-free flour on the shelves LOL). The butcher counter was completely emptied. I picked up some pork sausage chubs, some Italian sausage, and bacon from the pre-packaged area. Most fruit and veg are well stocked; onions and potatoes very low stock. Pasta gone. Traditional Dairy low stock, but lots of Nut based beverages left. Looked like the frozen food pre-made meals section decimated.
  9. Hopefully baking for the true Commander of the Household, The Dog, qualifies as savory baking topic worthy. I am making Alton Brown's Stinkin' Dog Treats, in the outside oven (an Oster French Door countertop). I don't do the fancy shaping, I just make giant kibble shapes, so easy.
  10. I *think* I am cooking venison ribs chops sous vide. I say it that way because the order I got from D'Artagnan months ago did not have labels on all the cuts, so the venison porterhouse and chops to me look the same in the packages. I did my best to guess. Whatever they are, I'm sure they will be good.
  11. Mine too! If those are raspberry and dark chocolate, I will just swoon and die. Raspberry + chocolate is paradise to me.
  12. 2 Venison osso buco, 24 hours 175 F ala Chefsteps. Should be done around 5pm today. I am also using a reduced beer/demiglace as the flavoring in the bags. The venison was bought during one of D'Artagnan's flash sales a few months back.
  13. Yes, Yes We Do. We have helped a neighbor pretty much harvest and distribute hundreds of Oro Blanco grapefruit, mostly through my Mom's Senior Center and Bingo contacts. Grapefruit seems a generational thing, no one under 50 seems to want any. Hated them when I was a kid, but since I've had the Oro, I love the juice. If you were here, we would load you up. Lemon tree is on deck next for distribution. A moderate year, which means 300-400 fruit by my estimation. Lemons are an easier give away.
  14. Oops, failed to notice that minor detail. Apologies.
  15. SW vendor (NM) https://www.buffettscandies.com/shop/nuts
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