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  1. I've done candied peel microwave method and Instant Pot method, never the old several hours way. Once you roll it in the sugar and let it dry, it just gets drier and harder as it ages. I have never seen mold or anything growing on the peels I have processed.
  2. Another possibility: https://www.npr.org/2011/11/24/142701409/turkey-joints-that-taste-like-candy https://www.turkeyjoints.com/category-s/100.htm
  3. I was wondering myself if Habitant French Canadian pea soup was worth a try. I stumbled across it on Amazon. Can a Canadian eGer advise me on this? Is it good? With smoked ham or without?
  4. My Dad was more colorful, he said he would kick my ass if I ever mentioned wanting to be farmer. He had dirt in his veins as a generational farmer and knew there were better ways to make a living. I listened to him about this advice.
  5. Family farm. About 240 acres. It was called truck farming, because we grew many types of produce that matured at different times of the seasons. Pickles, sweet corn, melons, green beans, potatoes, cabbage....... There were old-school Farmer's markets where farmers from miles around would arrive and rent a stall under a large roofed structure, shaped like a cross. You would back your truck into the stall space and set up your produce. We sold by the pound at the Wed and Sat market. This market near Eastern European immigrant neighborhoods and urban downtown. People moving to
  6. lemniscate

    Ground Pork

    I 2nd @Shelby's submission of Thai Pork Salad or aka Nam Sod.
  7. This. All the local airport rental cars (all the big agencies) here seem to have Florida plates. We are no where near Florida.
  8. Well, I finally got around to trying this technique this year. I had *some* limited success. Two of the mason jars I used as vessels of color broke in the IP (out of 6). They were used jars, could have had hairline cracks I didn't notice I suppose. I was using the metal trivet, that could maybe contribute to breakage, possibly. I have a silicone trivet, maybe if I try this next year I will use it. I just gave up after 2nd broken jar and went back to cook eggs first, then color.
  9. I always equated shredded wheat with eating tiny bones. I am not a fan of shredded wheat.
  10. I know. That seems so civilized.
  11. Here's another "carved" Pepin (pound) cake recipe. Shorey's Raspberry Cake
  12. Found it recipe only, (I suppose legally shareable) on Food&Wine site. Holy Wow, it does sound good! Just realigned Easter cake/dessert offering this moment. The episode Heart and Soul, All in the Family is $2.99 to buy (US Amazon) or free with PBS Living 7 day trial.
  13. Use it as a swizzle stick in a Bloody Mary, then eat it.
  14. lemniscate

    Flan tin

    This has turned into an interesting thread to me for linguistic reasons. (the old joke of separated by a common language) flan ≠ flan, in Europe I have gathered. Flan in UK must mean a thin sponge cake layered with fruit and custard toppings. Using a tart or quiche removable bottom pan. (OP doesn't want a springform version). Flan across the Channel, in the US and Latin America is a baked custard with caramel topping that is made to be inverted at serving. Lots of special pans for this flan prep. So a flan in UK would require a tart pan, quiche pan,
  15. To me, and this is just my opinion of the taste, it's a dashi umami flavor with a tang and sweetness. I have heard of people saying adding dashi powder to regular mayo to simulate. I have not tried that since I can get Kewpie around here. I have a half of a squeeze jar in the fridge right now and another unopened on deck.
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