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  1. I do this with Kewpie mayo. My family looks at me cross-eyed, but I love it. Not a common practice in North America.
  2. I am still in process of formulating my future kitchen. I am terrified at the "opportunity" to buy modern appliances. The reviews on refrigerators alone are depressing. I want a simple freezerless fridge with no water dispenser or bells and whistles. I will have a dedicated freezer elsewhere. I am not looking forward to the decisions on appliances. dishwashers....don't get me started.........
  3. I kept getting coupons from Amazon Restaurants, like $10 off types, never used them. I don't know anyone that used the service locally. I use Amazon heavily but that was one of their services that didn't resonate with my lifestyle.
  4. lemniscate

    Help! Whelks!

    Somehow I ended up with a can of Korean whelks. Dunno, maybe I thought I was buying clams while on cold medicine, but wow, that was a shock to find in the pantry. I decided to walk on the wildside and pickle them. Here we go......................
  5. I bought some voatsiperifery peppercorns weeks ago (says 2018/2019 harvest) off Amazon since these are spoken about in mythic terms by some. I was really happy with the flavor, so different to standard peppercorns. I detect a resiny, piney flavor along with a fruity pepper heat. I bought them their own grinder and it sits on the counter next to the standard pepper grinder. Now I'm jazzed to try the rest of the list, I'll probably start with Sir Spice's offerings per andiesenji's blog.
  6. Hand pies made from fresh picked peaches. Various sizes and various browning due to homemade-ness. All butter pie crust and topped with sparkling sugar crystals I found way back in the pantry.
  7. I went to TJ's to get the Chocolate Chip Pain au Lait, but sold out, sad face. I grabbed a bag of the Benne Wafer cookies, from Savannah GA. Tiny cookies, crispy, caramelly, salty, and nice healthy hit of sesame nuttiness. These are very dangerous and want you to eat the whole bag at a sitting.
  8. Costco. Always Costco. https://www.costco.com/caviar.html
  9. There were LOTS of coffee cups for The Ellen Show available. Apparently HF Coors made the distinctive coffee cups for Twin Peaks. Agent Cooper loved his coffee and pie. Those I didn't see at the sale.
  10. The doors were open once we got there. Looked like an orderly line to get in and then shoppers disperse to about 20 separate shelf units to browse. It was very civilized as far as no grabfest, just wander and examine. Some bring a folding cart or wagon to put their items in. Otherwise you carry your items, no shopping carts provided. There were two separate check-outs, cash and credit, cash was the shorter line and my choice. HF Coors provides boxes and wrapping paper. I think we were there no longer than 30min total. I bet there were 100 people in the factory area shopping and there was plenty of elbow room. It may be busier in the winter months. May is when things slow down as far as winter visitors to Tucson.
  11. @Smithy I made it to the Saturday sale! I thought getting there at opening bell was the smartest thing, however, it was already mobbed because people get there at 0:dark:thirty to wait in line to get the best selections. It was quite organized for chaos though. I needed bowls so I was looking more for shapes instead of design. I found these almost raku-like bowls that are great sizes and I love the colors. I don't even know the patterns name. I think I spent `$70 for 10 pieces. (water bottle for scale)
  12. There are supposedly borosilicate (advertised as such) kitchenware in the AmazonBasics line. The reviews are ABYSMAL. They are reported to be shattering in varied usages.
  13. I was just surprised to see sous vide has made it into the "convenience" section at Costco, with all the other heat and eat entree foods. Pork Belly is not my thing, so I probably won't buy this. Sous vide is something I still struggle to explain to my friends who don't cook like I do. They use the heat and eat foods way more than I do. Trader Joe's was the only other place that had food (turkey legs) specifically labeled sous vide prep. BTW, I buy the Kirkland pre-cooked bacon strips because I like them, they're easy to microwave in no time, and I'm not paying for the fat rendered out of uncooked bacon that I rarely use.
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