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  1. Regarding lemons (backyard tree): I have only really experienced mold on stored lemons that were bruised/bounced/touched the ground. I have found that untouched lemons with go soft, but not moldy.
  2. I forgot, I also had Hangikjöt, which is a kind of smoked lamb meat. I don't really like lamb, but this was pretty good and unusual. Very thinly sliced. Gull and Thule beer were pretty nice, on the lighter side. I also remember there were a lot of open faced sandwiches, the Danish influence. I love those.
  3. I stayed in Hofn for the Northern Lights a few years ago. Ate a lot of Icelandic lobster, caribou, and pylsa. Had an unfortunate encounter with Lysi at a breakfast buffet. In my defense, it was served in a shot glass, so I thought liqueur at breakfast was a reasonable thing, it was not liqueur . Iceland also is a black licorice lovers paradise. Brennivin is an acquired tasted, I actually liked it and keep a bottle of aquavit in the freezer now. Iceland looks and feels like another planet than Earth, the iceberg lagoon and black sand beach were right out of a sci fi novel. I did not mess with the rotten shark or the sheepshead in the Viking tourist restaurants.
  4. lemniscate

    4th of July

    Bison burgers grilled with fixings, beef hot dogs grilled with fixings, chicken legs and thighs (skillet sauteed with onions/mushrooms), cole slaw (old school Betty Crocker recipe version), Hawaiian potato mac salad, canned B&M baked beans, tomato salad, pineapple upside down cake, a sliced watermelon. Straight on down the line traditional 4th menu. Belgian beer served at the right temp, not icy cold, for me as my beverage.
  5. lemniscate

    Dinner 2022

    I swear that is a Marimekko print on that tablecloth.
  6. I am not a gardener. I plant stuff, but don't expect much. This year is an anomaly. I have a 4' x 12' area I have planted a lemon tree, a pomegranate, some sort of a seedless grape vine (thompson?) and cape honeysuckle. It all just overlaps and the lemons and pomegranates do fine and I harvest what I care about. The grape vine has been forgotten for years and just intertwines with the other trees and does essentially nothing. I think I must have hacked back the grape vine in Jan/Feb for some reason because I actually got a harvest of grapes just now. They are small, yet sweet and I probably got about 5-ish lbs. Anything over 7' high and too hard to untangle from the lemon and pomegranate are angel's share for the birds. I'm pretty chuffed about eating backyard grapes.
  7. lemniscate

    Breakfast 2022

    There's a purslane carpet in my sunflowers. I found a random internet post about pickled purslane. I may give it a go. Have you heard of such a use?
  8. In some years, a fruit that looks like green cherry tomatoes will appear on the vines. DO NOT EAT. The flowers, vines and fruit of potato plants are pretty poisonous. The tubers are the only human friendly edible of the potato plant.
  9. I'd dip french fries in it, half Belgian frite style, half Canadian poutine style. I'd buy it and try it.
  10. Costco.com (US) has a "While Supplies Last" online clearance area. A true deal is a 3 pack of OXO softworks silicone turners . I snagged a set and couldn't be happier. If you are a Costco member, it's easy to order.
  11. Leave it Sub and show me a Redneck Riviera sub sandwich. That's gotta be a thing.
  12. I've had a Breville Milk Cafe for many years. Love it! Mine feels bulletproof quality. And its magic how the discs spin.
  13. At the moment, it's a fruit plate using vacuum compressed watermelon cubes and strawberries along with SV pears and SV pineapple. I serve it with whipped cream or ice cream (neither of which I choose personally). Next time I am going to offer SV dulce de leche as a topping choice. Maybe I will make lemon curd too. Also considering adding a SV Doce De Banana. Next time will probably be Mother's Day. So yeah, vacuum chamber and SV are my prep choices at the moment. To the future and beyond as Buzz says.
  14. @andiesenji Thank you for the update. I have an acquaintance looking for a pod coffee setup, the refillable instructions are a huge bonus. I will pass along your review. On a side note, re: low acid coffee. I recently started patronizing a local roaster here that produces low acid roasts. I like a medium roast bean. I have only tried the Honduran Finca, which I found to be just to my tastes, very smooth. Here's the link to Momentto Caffe in case anyone is interested in trying low acid roasts.
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