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  1. I've ordered some of the Wickedly Prime snacks, toffee coconut cashews and cinnamon sugar almonds. The cashews are standout, I've reordered several times. But that's about it for Wickedly Prime. I remember amz having lots more WP snacks a couple years ago, now there's barely handful of offerings under that brand. I never saw any of those WP offerings as a TJ's substitute. It just didn't equate in my mind that there was a plan to compete. I shop TJ's at least a couple times a month for many things. I don't think amz can compete with TJ's in cachet, shopper experience and flexibility. I do mourn many departed items myself.
  2. I have multiple freezer and fridges, some are remote, that I wanted to keep tabs on. I've had very good results so far with the Temp Stick product. Setup is easy and it does seem to be pretty accurate. They do advise using Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries, which are a bit pricy. But if it saves $$$ in freezer food loss, worth it. These do go on sale a few times a year, so signing up for the newsletter for sales promotions can save a few bucks.
  3. Local Hero is one of my all time fave soundtracks and movie. Seems to be forgotten in the mists of time. I love The Rocketeer soundtrack (James Horner), another overlooked piece of happiness.
  4. Ramen Rater says ~4 min. This site says 5 min. 【Steps to cook】 1) Boil water and add noodles 2) Cook for 5 minutes with stirring occasionally 3) Remove from heat, drain and 8 spoons of water 4) Add little salt, pepper & margarine or soy sauce (light/dark/sweet)
  5. I think just under 5 min works for me. Less if like a chew to them.
  6. Costco filet mignons, butter basted SV gold potatoes in mushroom sauce SV carrots in butter/honey mustard glaze Steamed green beans cranberry relish fresh fruit for dessert. I won the egg battle this year.
  7. I bought a sampler of pili nuts to try for happy hour snacking. Not sure how I came upon their site. These are really tasty, like a buttery peanut/macadamia flavor. I haven't tried all the flavors yet. They also sent a sample of Buyo hot sauce that I tried on some leftovers fries. Nice. A little vinegary, a tiny sweetness and a punchy heat. If I order more pili nuts I will definitely add some of the hot sauce.
  8. This reminds me of some produce in the "Sun Parlour" area of Canada would ripen faster than the American (SE Michigan) side and the Canadian farmers would beat the locals to market (mainly Eastern Market, Detroit). My Dad said that that area of Ontario had a general slope south to the sun/soil temps was friendlier in early growing year. I also have a vague memory of a CBC show called Sun Parlour Country.
  9. I bought a 16 pack of Ottogi plain instant noodle (eG-friendly Amazon.com link), a little over $1 a pack. I can pair these with my homemade stock, an egg, hot sauce and some chopped green onions and be very happy. Recommended.
  10. My Joule started reporting error codes (blinking red light) while trying to do a cook. I had to do a deep cleaning because there was debris in the propeller and wrapped around the shaft. I suspect there was a label or something like it that got into a previous cook on a bag and dissolved enough to enter the Joule. The bottom magnet unscrews and the red propeller just pulls off. I had been doing the 50/50 vinegar jar rinse every 3-4 months depending on use. This debris would have been unaffected by that process. I really thought I was going to have to junk the Joules, but after the deep cleaning and 2 additional vinegar flushes, it's back and able to handle log cooks, thus far. I'll take a bit of luck with it.
  11. There's a slope. It's an annoyance but tolerable. I like the machine overall.
  12. The lip on mine seems to let the juices travel side to side and backwards, so even though most of the juices do end up in the catch basin (which is quite large), there is excess that dribbles out. I keep thinking I can make a lip extension to direct the juices, but I seem to never get around to it.
  13. I have a Milantoast brand panini grill and I have this problem also. I never use my grill without a piece of foil underneath to keep the mess under control. Bacon would be a mess. I like it for grilling vegetables/potatoes mostly, and thin cutlets of pork. I thought I would be making sandwiches when I bought it originally. I have used it to grill homemade naan also. It is not a heavily used appliance though.
  14. I can attest to durability of the Cambro polycarbonate (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) cups for hot and cold use.
  15. @shelby You aren't the only one. Proposed class action.
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