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  1. @Shelby You are officially the Unofficial CSO Field Support Engineer.
  2. lemniscate

    THE BEST: Can Opener

    I have an Oxo side cutter and a Kuhn Rikon side cutter. I have an older Swing-Away. I like the side cutters the best, but sometimes the can needs a second trip, it seems the bigger cans are most of the culprits.
  3. lemniscate

    Cheese I can’t do without

    I just ordered my first foray into WSU cheeses: Cougar Gold and Viking. I ordered it for a surprise for Easter feast, hopefully I can leave it alone until Easter. Never had it before but the reviews are all very, very positive. Now I need to locate a real smoked picnic ham to complete the prep.
  4. Oh, yeah. I am planning to have some sort of an exhaust hood over where I predict I would primarily doing the open cooking. I think code requires it, IIRC.
  5. I met with an architect in the first process of planning a future home. I told her I didn't want a traditional kitchen since I don't plan on having a range. I use portable induction hobs, sous vide, Instant Pot, and portable convection oven for cooking now. I will need lots of open counter space and lots of outlets and easily accessible storage. Almost like a lab. I thought she was going to wince; quite the opposite, she excitedly agreed that kitchens are going to change rapidly from the traditional. I guess the architecture community is expecting it. Ikea has an induction hob meant to store hanging, Tillreda, I think I'll pick one up on my next expedition there. My Burton is showing its age badly.
  6. I did a large batch of Costco bone-in chicken thighs yesterday, so big I had to pull out the old Dorkfood sous vide controller (my first one) with the Betty G crockpot. Now that's "old school". "New school" Joule was also employed.
  7. Freeze dried cherries and pears from Nuts.com. They had a coupon last week. I spent $money$ there. I love the dried pomegranates too.
  8. I make beef jerky with eye of round.
  9. lemniscate

    Wok burner advice needed

    I have one of these bucket grills. I bought it from the local Asian supermarket. My intent was to use it on the back patio as a yakitori grill. The weather hasn't cooperated lately for the first tryout though.
  10. lemniscate

    Breakfast 2019

    Swear to God, runny egg yolk is one of my most favorite condiments. I only like salmon as lox/gravlox also, so this post is killing me in a good way. +1 for the rye bread.
  11. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I bought the TJ's Bamba a few months back for the peanut lover of the household. I don't care for peanuts so it was lost on me. The review was it wasn't peanutty enough and not a craveable snack for buying again. One and done on that one.
  12. lemniscate

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    That sauce is the real deal. Love it on breakfast eggs and such.
  13. lemniscate

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    Huy Fong Chile Garlic sauce is my go to sauce. So much flavor and balance. I gave up on their Sriracha after having it. TJ's used to have their own brand of Sriracha that was really good, but I haven't seen it in a while, maybe discontinued. It did not taste like Huy Fong's, it was less salty and a bit sweeter. TJ's Green Dragon was fruitier and hotter than the Sriracha. TJ's Yuzu hot sauce is very very good. An unusual hot sauce I found locally (cheap, like a buck a bottle) is La Negra Va, an inky black hot sauce, I'm not sure what gives it its color. It is hot, and not tangy with vinegar. It's marketed for seafood. La Negra Va (Facebook link)
  14. Just FYI, I've had the Kitchenaid plastic housing meat grinder and the plastic housing vegetable grater/slicer attachments and BOTH of the housings have split/cracked where it meets the drive piece of the mixer. Kitchenaid would not do any warranty on them due to lack of receipts. Both were gifts. I wouldn't recommend the plastic Kitchenaid accessories unless the design has changed significantly. The pasta rollers are metal and I've had no problems with those.
  15. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    TJ's Ruby Cacao reminds me greatly of the coating on the TJ's Yogurt Stars cookies (discontinued a while back). I like it, but I like white chocolate a lot. I agree this is a very berry-like flavor. TJ's was demoing it by dipping pretzels in it and drizzling it over fresh blackberries the other day.