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  1. Sitram (eG-friendly Amazon.com link).
  2. A portable 12Vdc fridge freezer for roadtrips/extra freezer space. Had my eye on one with the SECOP compressor, which is supposed to be a higher quality than others. The brand I purchased is ICECO. I have a Whynter version that is over 5 years old that holds, ice, vodka, and overflow from the standup fridge freezer.
  3. lemniscate


    Yeah, I just rinse the whole head under the faucet then peel off a layer of outer leaves too.
  4. I am doing beef cheeks for 24 hours. Not sure what to expect for texture. I had a cabeza burrito a couple weeks back that blew my mind and I have been obsessed with replicating it at home.
  5. lemniscate


    How long was your ferment?
  6. I took some visiting German co-workers to a local craft beer place a few years ago, because they were missing their home country's style beer vs. what they got in the sports bars. I ordered hot pretzels and they were served with the typical (in America) spicy brown mustard. They looked incredulously at that and said "Where's the butter?" I learned that night that pretzels (Brezn) were served with soft butter and not mustard in Germany. The mustard dip is pretty much American style.
  7. For rice in the 3qt: I use the insert, I mainly do basmati. I use the IP rice cup and eyeball the corresponding water level. I use the Rice setting and natural release. I fluff it in the pot. I dump it out onto a cookie sheet to cool if I plan to store it cooked in the fridge. Stays fluffy, not gummy.
  8. I have a 6qt and a 3qt InstantPot sitting side by side on the counter right now. They are used frequently, together.
  9. @Shelby, you *could* do the gyro meat SV and with torch flame. The dude on SV Everything did it and it looked pretty legit. I admit though I am not a gyro expert at all. Sous vide gyro.
  10. I just seared off a whole bunch of home-cured back bacon slices on the patio on the A4, THEN I used the leftover fat/juices to sear/steam a whole bunch of brussels sprouts along with a glug or 2 of balsamic. It was about 100F air temp, but at least the house didn't smell like brussels sprouts. Worth the temporary discomfort and the A4 did a nice job on both ingredients.
  11. @btbyrd I did that Chefsteps recipe earlier this year with two shoulders. Those steaks were excellent and had a much more deep porky flavor than supermarket chops. I never toss the bag juices either, so much flavor and versatility there.
  12. Funny, I am currently doing Pork Loin (Costco had a hot buy special) SV 139, homespun lemon pepper seasoning and a dash of smoked tomato powder tossed in the bags. The only way I like pork loin is SV now.
  13. Found one called Winter Solstice that looks close to those ingredients. http://mymansbelly.com/2016/12/23/winter-solstice-cocktail/
  14. I'm not canning anything this year, but have been seeing the alarm over the lid shortage for 2-3 months. Another thing I have heard is that some of the newer lids are not sealing after processing, some experienced canners are claiming 20-30% failures. The going theory is something changed in the sealing material on the edge of the lid and it is not behaving as previous material.
  15. Also, another Japanese solution, not pretty, but functional.
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