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  1. Has anyone used the silicon mat that comes with the Paragon yet? If so, what did you cook?
  2. Solvang and æbleskivers are indelible in my mind. That is my favorite touristy town. Frankenmuth is a close second. I want that A4 to go back on sale price......soon.
  3. @shelby Has it at least been dry the last few weeks? Hopefully those beans aren't damp still, drying costs $$$.
  4. I have one of those tabletop Iwatani butane burners, so I also can cook during a power outage too 😁 . I was specifically referring to my personal situation, an all electric range in an all electric kitchen. I've never lived where there was a gas stove, so I have no experience with them. I can see the benefit of the gas or LP stove in power outs.
  5. I'm sorry. I didn't pick up on that. Please forgive.
  6. Wine is lost on me. I do not drink wine voluntarily.
  7. I'm not sure your meaning? I was a Prime member for many years before the WF purchase. Amazon shows my earliest purchase from them is books in 1998. I buy lots of merchandise thru Amazon and use the Prime Video entertainment offerings (I am a cord cutter and do not pay for traditional cable). I amortize with the convenience of getting the things I want when and where I want them. Not having to drive around to 3-4 stores to locate something or being on endless phone hold with a brick and mortar store when a sales associate forgets about you. I buy what I need and what I want, within the means I have. Nothing I purchased recently was something I won't use. I am an Amazon stock holder, in my 401k and other funds. I think its OK they do well for me in all aspects.
  8. There are some things I consistently buy at TJ's. I will try lots of the new offerings all the time, but there are some things that always come home with me. My go-to's at TJ's over the years are their jarred Salsa Verde. It's a tomatillo based salsa. I like their cottage cheese a lot. The flax seed corn chips. The white cheddar popcorn (probably not dental work friendly at the moment for you @Shelby) The little tiny stroopwafels called caramel bites are great. I like the frozen mango chunks. I like their TJ's rebranded Unibroue beers (Providential, Audiciter, Vintage Ale) so good and so inexpensive for Unibroue. Gerolsteiner mineral water. The dried pineapple rings, mango slices, coconut cashews, roasted sunflower seeds......the nut and dried fruit offerings are really good. +1 on the Chimay cheese, it's buttery. Unexpected Cheddar is so good. The aged Goudas they offer. They have a good version of Pub Cheese spread. Easy to go a little crazy in their cheese bin. The Everything Crackers and Cornbread crisps to go with the cheeses. Their tricolor radiattore pasta is my favorite shape ever. I like their canned Marinara pasta sauce. The garlic stuffed olives. I don't buy the fresh meats, prepared meals or sandwiches or salads at TJ's. I know people really like their frozen pizzas and orange chicken. I don't buy those things either. I usually only buy fresh apples at TJ's when they carry the Jazz variety. Wine seems to fly out the door at TJ's. I see people buying cases every time I shop.
  9. Exactly this. I don't need a range anymore. I need the versatile counter space where the range is and under the vent fan. I can pull out an induction hob(s), or an IP, or a SV device and do the cooking and then (theoretically) put them away. My cheapo Oster ovens live on the patio on a rolling cart where I do the baking. One of the most common IP damages comes from people using the range top as the place for their IP cooking (I assume in very small kitchens) and then accidentally turning on a burner and melting the base of the IP. I believe the stand alone range will be fading into history for kitchen designs of the future.
  10. I thought I'd give an example of the WF Prime deals that I just partook of. Beware there is math involved. With the exception of a bag of WF 365 brand AP flour ($3.29), everything I bought was a Prime member deal. 3 boneless Chuck Roasts (3 lb. 2.7 lb. and 2.6 lb.) Non-Prime member price $5.99 lb, Prime member price $3.99 lb. Receipt says I saved $16.70 on that portion using Prime savings. Moon drop grapes 2.2lbs. Non-Prime member price $4.99 lb, Prime member price $2.49 lb. Receipt says I saved $1.10 on that portion. This was an impulse purchase and I probably picked up a bigger bag than needed, but they are very sweet and nice and we like them. So that's a win also. Kassagio Robusta Gouda, a big chunk, .73lb. Non-Prime member price $18.99lb, Prime member deal 40% off. The chunk was $13.86, the 40% Prime discount was $5.54 which means the Gouda cost me $8.32. I love Gouda and this seemed a good deal for that cheese. I also had a $10 giftcard from shopping 3 times within a period of time and spending over $10 each visit. I did all 3 visits for Dr. Bronner's soap, which was 35% off normal price to Prime members. We have our beloved soap cheap for the next few months. My total savings on this receipt says $33.34, so out the door at ~$41. Since I used the Amazon Prime Visa also, I will get Amazon points for merchandise. I'm not exactly trying to bust the myth of "Whole Paycheck", but there are real ways to get really good stuff and really good prices at Amazon Whole Foods. I don't have to clip a single coupon. It's all app driven.
  11. lemniscate


    The leftover lid from my latest Costco chicken states the net wt of 3 lbs.
  12. lemniscate


    Love it. No other widely accessible rotisserie chicken seems to come close to the taste and quality. If it sucked, even at $4.99, I wouldn't buy it. The fact that it is $4.99 and delicious is kind of a miracle.
  13. Thanksgiving is all about the sides and gravy for me. If carbs have a holiday, it's Thanksgiving. I hate white meat turkey and dark meat (which I prefer) is almost never cooked correctly at the feasts I attend. So I almost always skip the turkey and load my plate with the "good stuff" and gravy and rejoice.
  14. I made Chefsteps sous vide pumpkin pie in jars as a run-up to T'day. Just for testing, yes, yes, that's the ticket. I am not a big fan of pumpkin pie. The Costco pie is normally the choice for T'day, but it's so friggen huge. The sous vide jars seemed more manageable and it tastes better to me. More pumpkin and less spice. Those retail pies are way too heavy on the spices for me.
  15. I hope @ninagluck does post her recipe also! But it sort of resembles this Italian version I have been eyeing. I cannot get fresh green tomatoes locally, so I can only read and dream.
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