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  1. I would say celery leaves, but now that I realize I have never had lovage that I can recall, I'm on the hunt. I do love celery leaves in salads and soups. I love beet greens too.
  2. When I went for my latest dental visit, the hygienist was talking to me about how much she enjoys making dried kale chips seasoned with nutritional yeast. She grew very concerned at some of the noises I was making while she was talking and cleaning. She said "I'm sorry if the cleaning is causing your gagging reflex". When I could finally could talk after a break in the cleaning I told her I wasn't gagging from the cleaning, it was gagging caused by her talking about eating and enjoying kale!
  3. Prickly pear juicing also resembles a slasher movie set. Best done outside and without witnesses.
  4. Glen and Friends is a pro/hobbyist Canadian cooking show featuring high production values. He cooks from vintage cookbooks quite a bit, which I find entertaining. Anything with Jacques Pepin. I want to make the chicken gallotine soon. But using SV somehow.
  5. Christmas in (still) July. Maple Egg Nog to wind down before sleep.
  6. Costco had a "hot buy" on their pork loin chops, so I'm cooking 10 SV @ 135F for a few hours. I coated them with salt, mushroom powder, smoked tomato powder, and garlic powder. Most will be chilled and frozen for future. Looking forward to dinner.
  7. lemniscate

    Cantaloupe Overload

    Fire up that VP215! Compressed melon.
  8. I've frozen it in the carton. I blendered it a bit when I defrosted it to redistribute the butterfat, I don't remember it being bad to use in coffee and other uses after that, but it was a quite a while ago so memory may be dim. I don't remember it being a fail. You could make creme fraiche or yogurt if you can get your hands on some culture.
  9. Next time I might put a bit of wasabi in the dashi flavored Mary. Tonight is Canadian Beer night.
  10. I wanted a Bloody Ceasar, bad. Problem was no Clamato or clam juice in the house. I was IN for the night and improvised. Drained the juice from 2 cans of tomatoes, added lime juice, dashi powder, Red Boat salt, a little caper juice, a little pickle juice, some sort of tomato and smoked paprika powder, garlic powder and mixed in a mason jar until it tasted.....almost right... Ice cold vodka. Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a Bloody Ceasar, but dashi powder is a satisfying flavor. I bet the sodium in this thing is off the hook though.
  11. But remember, I have the same situation with lemons every year, prolific tree.
  12. I made this today after reading the older post. Thank you @Jaymes and @Shelby for the catalyst to run out and get some squash and cook this wonderful dish. It went well with chicken thighs and legs sauteed in ghee and pasta salad. It is a keeper for sure.
  13. If you live in an area where there is a Harbor Freight store, they usually have them in abundance. Cheap. I have a couple and they have lasted a few years so far.
  14. I took my A4 box with me on a small vacation. Worked well for in room cooking due to restaurant status unknowns at destination. It's light and compact.
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