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  1. Yep, this is true. Had my first go with gator sausage in New Orleans at a breakfast dive that was amazing. Sadly, The Tally Ho is no longer around. I had cathead biscuits and over easy eggs and gator sausage. I think a lot of my "not tried until older" American food is related to traveling to places where those foods are "normal".
  2. Mentioned in another thread and it reminded me: Pineapple Cheese casserole. Had never heard of it until I spent Thanksgiving in SW Georgia with extended family. I was skeptical but politely tried it and dang if it wasn't pretty delicious. I tried making it myself, but it wasn't the same as being in The South with the lovely musical drawls telling stories, along that impossibly long table filled with happy eaters. Green Bean Casserole also something I never had until I went to other people's Thanksgivings, and that remains a big NOPE for me. Calf frie
  3. Maybe a silicone Silpat or the like on the baking pan would be a barrier between the salt and the metal pan?
  4. I had forgotten how much I like Oyakodon. I think in the first technique, SV'ing the chicken in dashi to the perfect consistency would fit right in there. I'm adding to my list of "to try". Also, Oyakodon sounds like a better way to use up excess egg whites from other recipes. Not just for meringue or angel food, but an actual meal. That's a revelation.
  5. lemniscate

    Bubble tea

    There's a bubble tea/tapioca ball shortage at the moment. It's in the news. I think Taro Milk Tea is the best milk tea around. You can readily get taro(aka ube) powder online at Amazon. Along with tapioca pearls. I personally don't bother with the tapioca pearls, they take up room in the glass that should be filled with more milk tea. Now, for a old-school milk tea jolt, I suggest Hong Kong style Coffee Tea (Yuanyang) which combines the power of black tea and strong coffee and sweetened full fat dairy. This keeps the mahjong game going at high speed. I was served
  6. Donate to foodbank? Make oat flour in food processor for baking? Feed to the birds? Editing to add a really good King Arthur sandwich bread using oats. I've made it and it's very good. Can use all type of oatmeal versions. Oatmeal Sandwich Bread
  7. lemniscate

    Cooking in milk

    This is the way.
  8. lemniscate

    Cooking in milk

    In my area, blue top might mean the color code of the caps on plastic gallons of standard supermarket milk. Red is whole, blue is 2%, green is 1%, and brown (of course) for chocolate ☺️.
  9. lemniscate


    Yes, All the beet soup I grew up with was made with jarred Harvard beets and jarred pickled beets and jarred baby beets. Hardly ever fresh beets, in fact I have no memories of it being made with fresh beets. The soup base was beef neckbones and the rest was jarred. This is American style, Hamtramck style Polish grandma style. It was creamed with sour cream/flour mixture. You could add more vinegar and sour cream to your bowl at the table.
  10. lemniscate


  11. Costco had pork loins on hot buy. Bought a larger one and made cured pork loin/back bacon/Canadian bacon with a mixture of Morton's Tender quick, sugar and spices. 3 days in the cure and sliced today for frying and freezing tomorrow. Came out pretty good. Mostly for egg sandwiches.
  12. I think the cake might be "over-creamed".
  13. from: Great British Bake Off Common problems: Failure to rise There are two common problems encountered when making choux pastry. Firstly, if you add the eggs to your hot water and flour mixture before it has cooled, the eggs will cook in the paste and refuse to rise in the oven. I transfer my hot paste to a cool mixing bowl, stirring from time to time until it feels just warm to the touch. Then I add the eggs. A second common problem is adding too much egg. Add the beaten egg a little at a time until the consistency described above is reached. Often less egg is required
  14. H Mart seafood counter is second to none here. Clean and beautiful.
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