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  1. @Anna N Perhaps, but my Space Program is in its infancy.
  2. Couldn't leave well enough alone this morning and a lightbulb went off in my head regarding the takoyaki pan, egg bites?!?!?! I used four eggs and the remaining fromage blanc and whipped it. I only did the half fill on the cups and slowly coaxed them over. They look like yellow UFO's. The texture is light and airy, souffle-ish. I was worried they would be rubbery, the other tasters pronounced them light and airy and delicious. So maybe a takoyaki pan victory.
  3. Used A4box to make large, thin, rectangular omelet this morning. I did 4 whipped large eggs, but I think 3 would have been better. I sauteed chopped precooked bacon and leftover cooked plain bucatini noodles together in a little ham fat. Then poured the whipped eggs over and put the lid on. About 5-6 minutes on the mid-way dial heat setting. Then I added blobs of some homemade fromage blanc with green onions and chopped celery in it ( I had been using it as a dip and it needs to be used up soonish) and then attempted a letter fold on the omelet. It went better than I expected but not perfect since it was first attempt. It was a clean out the fridge dish. Great little Sunday breakfast for two.
  4. @Anna N squeeze bottle/piping bag technique video
  5. I do believe I saw that technique is some of the videos about the A4 or similar products. That's brilliant.
  6. @Anna N I haven't used chopsticks to flip the meatballs and hash brown balls due to lack of skill, I use a jar spatula and it seemed to do a pretty good job of fitting around the food to flip. I also start the A4 hotter than I think I need because the "balls" need to set pretty quick. Your gougeres-balls look good to me.
  7. I will probably never make takoyaki, I've never been a big fan. I also do meatballs in the takoyaki pan. I thought it worked great. I was also thinking some sort of stuffed mushroom would work it that pan. I was thinking something like hush puppies might work. Blistered small tomatoes possibly?
  8. The weather in the SW was awful beginning week of Thanksgiving and continued to be unseasonable right to the New Year. I had a "monsoon garden" of watermelons that might have gave me a couple melons, but a freak hail storm pummeled them into non-existence. It's been wet and cold by our standards this year.
  9. lemniscate

    Breakfast 2020!

    My favorite combo is cucumber, a little mild anaheim chile and lime. I guess avocado could be added for a creamier body, but I like the lighter clearer juice style. Also, I add cilantro, I forgot, but that's not for everybody.
  10. There was milk-in-a-bag for a short time in a regional part of Michigan. We bought it directly from the dairy farmer. He had equipment to bag the milk after the pasteurizer. So it was single source milk. I liked it. We drank A LOT of milk so there were bags piled up in the drawers of the fridge all the time. We had the Canadian pitcher too.
  11. I spent a month in NZ, roadtripping from the tip of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. Even that was not enough to see it properly. This was way before the LOTR movies and tourist mania. The foods I remember were: venison tips; fish and kumara chips; roast meat dinners with baked pumpkin as a veg,; the breakfasts with sauteed mushrooms and broiled tomatoes and meaty bacon; beans on toast; and buttered roast beef sandwiches. For an American that was adventurous roadfood. Oh and the tiny bottles of milk with the cream on top in the hotel/motel mini fridges for tea. I remember the Kiwi burger at McD's had beetroot and egg on it. And the tomato sauce was almost, but not entirely, unlike ketchup (paraphrasing Douglas Adams). Funnily enough, after my NZ trip, I continued onto Singapore, which was (and is) an eater's paradise. And I had banana ketchup there for the first time (tying in another eG thread..............)
  12. I do this salad very frequently and also take it to potlucks. It is always, always a winner.
  13. Old school Polish grandma food. Sweetened farmer's cheese stuffed and ground up pot roast stuffed pierogis. I am officially tired of making pierogis.
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