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  1. I picked up a big bag of D'anjou pears at Costco. Got home and realized "What am I going to do with all these pears?" Off to internet, sous vide pears! Peeled, halved and cored and 180F for 30 min. Did not put any sugar or additions, just the fruit. OMG, like pear custard but with a nice structure. Will do this again. I was going to add them to a gorgonzola and walnut salad, but decided they were dessert instead.
  2. lemniscate

    Amazon buys Whole Foods

    Not trying to hijack a WF thread, but I had this exact issue with a WalMart Grocery order. I don't normally shop WM but they had something I wanted to try. I put in "no substitutions" on the order, and.......I received substitutions. I wonder if it is an issue with either apps or algorithms. I did not feed it back through the customer service portal since I had probably decided to not use online ordering for WM anymore. It was just an experiment.
  3. lemniscate

    Good Eats: Reloaded

    I watched it. I thought he explained somewhere that the actual "new" Good Eats shows were still incoming and that these Reloaded shows were something like a lagniappe to "fix" things he no longer likes about the older shows/techniques for the Good Eats vintage fans. Since I now do steak exclusively sous vide, this show wasn't in my wheelhouse. But I am going to reserve judgement on the whole 2018 Good Eats until I see the "new" shows and not the Reloaded. I think that would be fair. You can watch the new episodes (with ad breaks, of course) here https://www.cookingchanneltv.com/shows/good-eats-reloaded
  4. I just recently used this method with a 1lb box of cellentani and I had pretty good results. I don't remember if I use low or high pressure setting though. There was a bit more "spitting" of moisture out of the release valve but I just used a towel to keep it from splattering around too much.
  5. Wow, that sounds wonderful. Is there particular brand/maker you use? Do they have an online store? Is it even feasible to want "new sorghum" outside of its area of production?
  6. lemniscate

    Costco v. Amazon

    Truer words have never been spoken. Costco for just about everything (2 person household). I trust the Costco quality and trust their buyers. Been a member of Price Club, way before Costco came into the picture. Trader Joe's fills in the gaps, a bit of Whole Foods now and then. I have used Amazon Grocery Subscribe n Save on things I just can't locate locally, but I have to watch that carefully due to extreme price flucuations month to month. I just don't trust Amazon like I trust Costco.
  7. lemniscate

    Amazon buys Whole Foods

    I've actually increased my shopping at Whole Foods since the takeover. I am a Prime member and I take advantage of the Prime savings when I see something I like, an example was a great value on fresh cod fillets. Since I am a relatively new shopper to Whole Foods, I can't comment on the decline in quality of produce. None of the produce I have bought recently has been disappointing (ie cherries, tomatoes, greens), I think there seems to be quite high quality at my local store. The vast majority of my food shopping is Costco and Trader Joe's, but Whole Foods is creeping up. I like I get Amazon points to use from the food purchases. I also like my Whole Foods has a large beer/wine bar that I can get nice deals on growler fills. I like the app shows me the specials and I check out scanning my phone. I have not bought any of the prepared foods, it seems that is a large part of the other shoppers content when I am shopping. The Amazon/Whole Foods merge has been a win for me so far.
  8. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    My TJ's just started stocking a black licorice that is in long flat strips, like tire treads. I used to be able to buy a similar Finnish black licorice called Tubi's just like this, but it disappeared a few years ago from the US and the licorice lovers in the family lamented. I brought this new stuff home on a whim (its Australian) and they tasted it and did a happy dance. They say its just like the Tubi's. Big hit here. It was on the new product shelf, sorry no pic because it was devoured before I realized it. My kryptonite is the Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets.
  9. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I buy it directly from the New Mexican Pinon roaster since TJ's long ago stopped carrying the whole beans. They continued to carry pre-ground, but I prefer grinding my own. Never had a problem with deliveries and they carry lots of flavors. But I am happy with the standard traditional pinon whole bean.
  10. Great video. A different style than what my Babcia used to make, hers was a much simpler construction. Oh and, sour cream all the way! Big spoonful right in the middle. Did you do anything with the leftover meats from the broth? (Oh and, your friend ever so slightly reminds me of a cheerful David Letterman LOL)
  11. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Yes, it's better than the Kewpie Yuzu Kosho dressing. I compared the 2 and the TJ's version wins by a mile with me. Better "tanginess" to heat balance.
  12. I have the Oster french door with the manual controls. I ended up using a sharpie and an oven thermometer to note the actual temps around the dial since the printed ones were off by quite a bit. But I love the thing. The size is perfect for my needs and a bonus is that I can use it as a dehydrator (hello Beef Jerky and Biltong!) in the convection mode at the very low temps settings. I don't love the broiler option on mine, but I rarely broil anything, so it might be operator misunderstanding. I've had mine a couple years, I got a smoking deal of $99.00 delivered off Amazon, if I recall correctly.
  13. lemniscate

    Non-stick pan suggestions

    I thought the extra time to come up to temp was my imagination. Now I know it's not, thanks for mentioning it.
  14. lemniscate

    Non-stick pan suggestions

    I have the Ikea TROVÄRDIG 8" egg pan. I have been using it for about 5 months. It is induction friendly, that is why I bought it. Also has a nice slope to it for flipping over easy's. It's heavier than the other Ikea egg pans. Bottom is stamped Made in Italy. Very slick and balanced for me. The SO who was a skeptic about it (SO had been a breakfast shift cook in a high volume local restaurant) even is impressed by it. I just recently picked up the 11", but haven't used it much to report. Ikea also sells a 9" version.
  15. "Aussie Bites" have been sold @ Costco on and off for quite some time. I had come to the thought they are an Americanization of the Anzac Biscuit recipe.