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  1. lemniscate

    Amazon buys Whole Foods

    I just got back with a chunk of Kaltbach aged gruyere. Chunk was labeled $11, paid $5.50 because it was the daily 50% off cheese. So, so good. I would have probably passed on this cheese previously, because I "thought" I knew what gruyere tastes like. This is creamy, nutty, umami semi firm, addictive cheese. I am aiming for the Keen cheddar on Monday, then the Humboldt Fog on Tuesday. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm gonna show up for most of them if it's possible.
  2. lemniscate

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    I make focaccia especially for one friend at Christmas. She gets anchovy studded focaccia that reminds her of a bread her Sicilian grandmother made her a long time ago. The recipe make enough for two batches, one for anchovies and one for olives. These were castelvetrano olives sprinkled with dehydrated kalamata bits. Turned out pretty good. I cut into it a bit too early but hey, I'm keeping this one anyway.
  3. lemniscate

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    I did about, by my estimation, 10 doz. lemon shortbread rounds this morning. Hoo boy. I earned my hot toddy this morning. I finished my dozen Caribbean Rum Cakes 2 days ago. One more batch of palmiers in the nearish future. Just in time for the Christmas parties to start.
  4. lemniscate

    Camping, Princess Style

    Now I want to do that sous vide, thanks @ElsieD. Off to find a smoked picnic. I grew up on the smoked picnics. I had forgotten about them unfortunately.
  5. Ok, so there's this special bundle for the Joule. I'm not familiar with the Hestan Cue. It kind of sounds like something in the line of the Polyscience Control Freak appliance?
  6. lemniscate

    Amazon buys Whole Foods

    Now this is a "special" I can get behind. I'll admit, the cheese selection pre-Amazon Whole Foods changed quite markedly post-Amazon. But there is still enough variety to keep me interested, so I'll be checking the daily offering. https://www.foodandwine.com/news/whole-foods-cheese-sale-12-days-2018?fbclid=IwAR2rzqRRxHB5mycEZhPZr0X9k8UdvldTkMMtOjqBB0KV8GPWPMjVM-J6lOI
  7. Me Too. (and I want a vacuum chamber sealer, I predict I am more apt to get the offset spatula)
  8. lemniscate

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    I rarely bake cookies, and the cookies I make are ones that I can put away for a while if I lose my mojo during the process. Like shortbread, mix it up, chill it; if the desire to bake leaves me during the chill stage, no problem, leave them chillin'. Palmiers too, can be started and stopped without much drama and they bake quickly once started. I also can't seem to like baking in the evening, I seem to prefer the 0-dark-thirty times to fire up the oven and get to baking. I guess if I did a marathon day of multiple batches I would go nuts from the tedium of it too.
  9. lemniscate

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    I did my riff on King Arthur Flour Caribbean Rum Cake. I don't follow the recipe exactly. I use way less sugar in the batter. I also soak freeze dried pineapple, mango and coconut in the rum to infuse the fruit and the rum. I make a paste out of the fruit and add it into the batter as the rum portion. Really nice tropical flavor. Then I use the infused rum for the soaking syrup. This is a really forgiving recipe. I am making these in waves and the second go at it I accidentally added twice the amount of butter to the batter. Didn't seem to hurt it in the least. I like the small loaf pans because it makes gift portioning the easiest. Also, I agree with King Arthur's kitchen that the cake needs the instant vanilla pudding. It just doesn't turn out right without it IMHO.
  10. @Shelby I froze then vac packed the extra boiled peanuts I had. They were fine after thawed in hot water later.
  11. My first impression of boiled peanuts (just salty, no spicy) was remarkably like boiled potato-ish. I dislike peanuts normally, in candy, peanut butter, roasted, toasted, brittled, just don't like them. Until boiled peanuts. Having Hawaiian friends and SW Georgia relatives gives an insight to boiled peanuts. The ones the Hawaiian's made were from dried uncooked peanuts, the Georgia ones were fresh "green" peanuts right from the field. I think the "green" peanuts were preferable, but there was not a big difference between the two versions that I could remember off-hand. I say potato-ish, I think others would describe them more cooked bean-ish. I split the (very soft) shells and suck the peanut out, discarding the shell. Very good with cold beer.
  12. lemniscate

    Squash Vinegar - Noma -- Uses?

    I add vinegar to certain soups, like borscht, in the bowl when serving. Would that be a possible use for this type of vinegar? I like an acid hit to my chicken soup also, the Mexican way, with a squeeze of lime. ,
  13. lemniscate

    Eating in Tasmania

    I'm no help with current recommendations but I was lucky enough to attend the Taste of Tasmania in Hobart once upon a time and everything offered was wonderful. If he drinks whisky, I hear that Tasmanian whisky is considered either the best or among the best in the world.