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  1. I did a focaccia-like bread, eventually. It started out I wanted to make more brezn (pretzels). But with sourdough starter. Then I got the idea to use pickle brine as the liquid. I added extra sugar and yeast, added no additional salt due to the brine. I also tossed in the remnants of red pepper flakes languishing in the pantry, maybe a tsp. I let it rise, and then got lazy and put it in the fridge for cold ferment. Two days goes by. Then I didn't want to make pretzels anymore. So, I dumped it in a square pan and hoped for focaccia. It looks like a focaccia, it's tangy and spicy (I put cracked black pepper on top before baking). Tastes good sopping up salad dressing at the bottom of the salad bowl.
  2. @Shelby Do you know if all those birds are Mourning Dove, or a mix of other dove species? We have Mourning, White-wing (migrate to and from Mexico), Inca, Eurasian Collared, Rock (pigeon). We have a rather famous dove hunting season here. The Inca are too small to be game. Mourning and White-wing are the most popular game birds. The Eurasion Collared is considered an invasive species and there is a no-bag limit on those, meaning take all you can get. They are big for dove also. I don't know about the quality of the meat though, never had the opportunity to try it. I'm glad the Inca are too small to hunt, they are so beautiful to me. I feed the neighborhood dove in my yard. They absolutely love cooked rice for whatever reason.
  3. Wow. I've never heard of cleome before. Sure looks similar to the google searches. Interesting plant.
  4. Kind of looks like a small locust tree. They get bean pods on them and some have purple flowers. But I'm not too sure from the picture.
  5. @Shelby That is a super interesting program. Apparently you live along a recognized "migratory flyway". How cool. I had to go and investigate this program. The information and reasoning and the handling of the samples are explained here. I'm sure wildlife biologists are very used to the stink of samples, kind of goes with the territory.
  6. @Darienne I had a bread roll catch fire in the toaster oven and things could have gotten out of control really quickly. I luckily saw the flicker out of the corner of my eye from a different part of the house. I cannot believe how something so innocuous as toast could be so dangerous. Really, who stands there and watches toast, well, toast? I ordered a bunch of these (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) new style fire spray cans. Easier and more accessible that traditional fire extinguishers (which I also have in the kitchen). Can get you out of trouble quicker hopefully. I have noticed my induction hobs have built in safety shut-offs, 1) time limit on being turned on (some are 2 hours, others longer, can be a pain if you are doing a long simmer) and 2) can sense if the pot gets hotter over time signifying a dry pot condition and shuts off. I have seen both of the these safety shut-off scenarios on my old Burton hob personally. Good luck and stay safe.
  7. Maybe making tomato paste in a crock pot(s) would take some of the daunt out of the long cooking task. Tomato confit sounds great and maybe more unattended long cooking. She does say at the end of the recipe it can be waterbath'd for long term storage.
  8. Since it is kinda, sorta Oktoberfest-ish time, I made brezn bites. One batch rolled in the everything bagel seasoning and one batch in Kinder's steakhouse butter seasoning.
  9. Personally, I think there's an industry wide issue with the lids. Lots of pissed off canners. First there's still a shortage and huge price increases due to shortage, and lots of issues with not sealing under "normal processing". It may be the pressure canning is pushing the limits of the current lids. Water bath may be within the tolerance of the current lids. Also, big issues with counterfeit lids off Amazon (Amazon Marketplace sellers mostly). Conjecture is there's been a change to the seal element, or the lids are stamped just out of normal tolerance. Personally, I think something changed in the seal element manufacture. Probably all related to supply chain base materials issues, which I hear dozens of times a day for everything work related now.
  10. What part of the processing is failing? Not sealing? Just tomatoes? (how weird) I bought a pressure canner last year and have yet to use it. I do steam canning mostly now for the easy high acid stuff.
  11. I saw many "no-churn" techniques on youtube for ice cream. I gave it a go. 1 can evaporated milk (most recipes say use condensed milk, I decided I would add the sweetness separately, plus I have a bunch of evap milk in my pantry for some unknown reason) 1 package cream cheese, cheap store brand 8 fl oz whipping cream, TJ's shelf stable You mix/blend the evap milk and cream cheese together. Here I added in the flavorings. 1 batch was jar of Ube jam blended in. This was plenty sweet for the ice cream Whip the cream (with a bit of vanilla extract) and fold into the flavored mixture. Freeze for several hours, or just default to 1 day. It's lightly purple and has a floral vanilla flavor. Ube tastes like vanilla to me so it's always a very pleasant taste profile. 2nd batch was a butter rum/butterscotch flavor. I made a homemade invert sugar and let it slightly caramelize. About a cup, which was too much, too sweet (1/2 cup would be desired). I also was too generous with the LorAnn Butter Rum flavoring, It's a strongly flavored ice cream, almost boozy without booze. All in all, if I can dial in the flavor technique better, the texture is quite like standard churned ice cream.
  12. Currently drinking G&T with Plymouth Navy + Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic + lime wedge. Tall, light ice. Best G&T on the planet (imho). Gunpowder and dangerously delicious.
  13. Probably because the plants are started in greenhouse for a jump-start for harvest. Then transplanted outside when hardened up. There was deep drought (failed Monsoon and winter rains 2019-2020) up until the last 2 months and now the SW Monsoon is practically biblical with moisture now. Hallelujah! Also, earlier harvest so fresh chiles in mid-Summer benefit. https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/2021/07/22/chile-harvest-starts-early-some-new-mexico-farmers/8054285002/ "Instead of starting from seed, more farmers are planting seedlings that have sprouted in a greenhouse to get their fields going faster. For some, it's a hedge against increasing labor costs, while others see the method as a way to save water as climate change adds to the uncertainty of irrigation supplies with every passing growing season."
  14. Roasted green chile fried egg sandwich is the best egg sandwich. Boy Howdy.
  15. I can't think of a reason why not. The IP will thaw frozen liquids as it comes up to temp/pressure.
  16. I use WF as a supermarket (I predominately shop their Prime weekly sales, this week there's a good price on ground bison that I will stock up on), as an Amazon delivery/return point and as a place to get a good draft beer while doing either of the previous activities. The pre AMZN WF and the post AMZN WF are vastly different creatures. I did a rare bit of shopping at the pre but now do more shopping at the post model due to the deals on stuff I like.
  17. I go to WF quite frequently and I would estimate most of the "shopping" done at WF in the aisles is for delivery orders. You can tell the pro-shoppers by the foil bubble wraps bags in the carts. There's a large section of real estate set aside near the middle of the store for the pro-shoppers prep and organizing. Most of the entrance hallway is cold cases and shelves holding orders to go out for delivery. They outnumber us normal shopping cart users on any given day from my observations. I am not a grocery delivery user as of yet, I venture out to the stores for my stuff still. One thing that confuses me on Amazon Prime grocery is there is Amazon Fresh and WF delivery. They kind of overlap each other. Seems like there could be some consolidation there for efficiency for grocery orders.
  18. Ikea, Sitram, Lodge carbon steel and vintage cast iron are all I use on my induction. That right there is a pretty wide price range. I haven't noticed performance issues other than the Ikea nonstick frying pans Trovardig (discontinued) take a bit longer to heat up.
  19. If you love and hate yourself all at the same time, the Carolina Gold Bbq potato chips will satisfy. Mustardy, vinegary, a tiny bit spicy, crunchy, ridged chip. Whole bag, gone..............
  20. OMG this! I have a 16 qt SS (Farberware? I think?). I used it to poach whole chickens maybe twice/thrice. And it now sits somewhere in storage. Maybe I should re-awaken it as a foot bath. Also, it is non-induction, which is the heat source I use most now. I also think I have an inherited aluminum 12 qt stockpot out there somewhere. Again, non-induction. 8-10 qt is my limit for stockpot size personally. I have a Fagor 8 qt pressure cooker that doubles as stockpot (induction friendly!)
  21. Blanching the garlic cloves before pickling will keep the discoloration from happening. Blanching can also tame that bite of the garlic so your head stays connected. If you want it softer, you could try freezing the cloves, then defrosting before pickling, that should break the cell walls and make the cloves softer. Disclosure: I haven't done this, I only blanch before putting in pickling liquid. If you want sweeter less harsh, maybe use a sweeter vinegar, like balsamic or malt to pickle. Also, maybe just add some sugar or honey to the pickling liquid, couldn't hurt right?
  22. Costco has got a limited time "Hot Buy" for an Anova sous vide kit. $149.99 USD. Shipping and Handling included if you choose to online order too. Looks nice.
  23. Save me a seat at the bar. I can talk a blue streak.
  24. That is civilized right there. Full stop.
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