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  1. I only had about 2 cups of product to spread out, which was 2 6"x8" pieces. So, the lime leather has salt, sugar and citric acid, which is essentially a simple Oral Rehydration Solution. One of the household is heading for a hunt, much hiking involved, miles. And it's still warmish here, even in the high country. Fruit leather was never a thing for us, even as kids, but the lime leather was a huge hit for all the adults and the hunter is going to use it as a supplement with canteen water to keep hydrated in the woods. Like a solid Gatorade. Easy to put in a pocket. That is, if it all doesn't get eaten before the hunt, which is a clear and present danger.
  2. As plant based thing go, I really like Ikea's Huvudroll. They are not trying to taste like meat, just tasty veggie balls. In fact, I'm thinking of including these in Holiday meals as a side, even though no one in my inner circle is particularly vegetarian/vegan as an eater.
  3. I tried both a Beyond and Impossible burgers in restaurants a couple or more years ago. They tasted...ok....but the flavor was like overly processed food. Not to be too indelicate, both were tough on my digestion also. So off my list they went. I'm a carnivore, but I love a good portobello "burger" and will pick it over beef most times I see one on a menu. The best veggie burger I ever ate is Houston's/Hillstone version, but you're gonna pay upwards of $27-30 for it. And worth it. I just don't think those Beyond/Impossible tasted good enough to draw the carnivores over to them.
  4. To followup my use of the parm ends and pieces sauce, I made a mac n cheese, but I used cheese tortellini (Barilla 3 cheese dried, Amazon had a deal) as the mac. So decadent. Very much need to watch portion control on this one.
  5. No recipe. It was a "wing it." I had whole last season frozen limes in the freezer. I am under orders to clear out odd bits from pantry and freezer. I made a large batch salsa from the juice squeezed from the limes (5 whole). I then made a "superjuice" with the pulp and rinds (where you soak them in a bit of citric and malic acid to extract olea saccharum for a powerful citrus juice for drinks/cocktail mixing). Hello, margaritas. I blitzed the soaked lime remainders in Blendtec and then dumped pulp into a jelly bag to drain out the juice. After hours of draining I had a wet pulp leftover. It was very limey and not bitter, about 2 cups. I added probably the same amount of sugar and a tsp of salt, until it tasted right to me. It was consistency of apple sauce. Spread it out on a couple silicone mats and put in dehydrator. So far, 8 hours at 115F. Needs maybe a couple more hours. The preliminary tastes I have done are pretty good. Like a more natural flavored lime Starburst?? maybe?? Kind of wonder if the fruit leather strips could be added into a cocktail as a garnish/flavoring. Full circle.
  6. I am doing a lime fruit leather today. I've never done a fruit leather before.
  7. I toss them in soups/stock or grind them into powder as a seasoning in coleslaw/mac/potato salad type things. They are kind of like a carrot jerky bite if you want to eat the as a snack.
  8. I do cooked carrots in dehydrator. I like the taste/texture better that the uncooked for final product.
  9. The seasoning was finished with hoarded freezer pork fat that was rendered into chicharrons. All this was an early morning patio endeavor, so I cracked a beer and stirred and sampled the chicharrons as the seasoning continued.
  10. Just in time for Halloween/All Saints/Samhain/Dia de la Muertos comes this wok cauldron. $20. It was cleaned and smoothed, so now seasoning starts. Thing's a beast, 7" deep and about 24" wide. I had been looking for a discada, but this is just as good. Playing with fire on the tao burner. Before and During pics.
  11. I need to make some Mettbrötchen, I love raw meat dishes (in moderation). Do you know what pork cut they use to grind that?
  12. Tortilla chips and a bean dip. Chips are Kirkland brand. Bean dip is Isadora Mayocoba refried beans in a pouch with some salsa stirred in. I've never seen or tried Mayocoba (peruano) beans before. The refrito is lighter in color and very light creamy smooth texture. A little bland right out of the pouch. Made in Mexico. I saw them on sale and grabbed some to try. I think $1.89 for a 15oz pouch.
  13. I think I have that pattern of barware in a couple cordials I inherited. Mermaids look so at home there.
  14. LOL, I'm sure she has not. But, since she had asked me about it, I've investigated online recipes. Doesn't sound like anything special until I looked at the ingredients of the Serendipity frrrozen mix(tm) and it says a blend of 14(!?!) gourmet cocoas. yeesh.
  15. Is there a passable Creami version of the Serendipity Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Asking for a friend.....no, really. We were talking about kitchen appliances and she wasn't aware of the Creami and asked if it could replicate that dessert. She apparently always made a pilgrimage to Serendipity on her yearly NYC trips. I'm not familiar with that dessert or the Creami so I couldn't speculate.
  16. They still exist! (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  17. My second go at junket was a fail. I warmed 2 cups whole (non ultra pasteurized) supermarket milk, made sure to keep milk 90-98F, added 10 drops rennet. The flavoring I tried was a package of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. It did not set. Left it the whole day at room temp and its still liquid. Theory is that something in the Swiss Miss counteracted the rennet, maybe.
  18. To remember a forgotten thread about forgotten ingredients. I was shown some old family photos taken in a classic Dinner Club steakhouse somewhere in Detroit, maybe late 60's early 70's. On the steak plates were garnishes of the large sprig of parsley, and a lettuce leaf topped by a spiced apple ring. I haven't seen or heard of spiced apple rings in many dogs' ages. Whatever became of spiced apple rings? Also was a slab of plain vanilla ice cream topped with super cute little plastic animals.
  19. Some of the bits of cheese were smoked cheddar or something like it.
  20. You'd think I'd have an exact answer to that, but that's not how the cheese sauce was created. No weights. In the fog of the morning, I believe I had about 1.25 to 1.3 cups of hot water (just enough to cover the blades in the Wildside blender jar). The cheese chunks were probably 1.5 cups by volume. About 1/3 tsp of sodium citrate. That gave it a pourable sauce consistency. I changed my mind and added 1/8-ish tsp of xantham to give a more dippable texture. I have been tasked (challenged) to clean out the fridge and freezer and pantry of my eclectic collections of minor odds and ends. This was the first repurpose of about 4 bags of "stuff". That's why the measurements are on the fly.
  21. I had a collection of parm rinds languishing, also had cheese ends that I tossed in the freezer for when an idea might hit. Well, it hit. I made Melty Cheese Sauce in the Blendtec. Advantage: 1 container/appliance, just add hot water, cheese pieces and sodium citrate and turn on. Noisy, but done in about 2 minutes. I have a smoked parm sauce for over eggs today.
  22. Not scientific, but I did 8 drops out of the rennet squeeze bottle. I think maybe it wanted 10, but the junket did become smooth and spoonable at room temp, though very soft. It's now in the fridge to cool completely. Hoping it will thicken much more when cold. I used the rennet bottle from cheesemaking.com. It says 1/2 tsp sets 2 gallons of milk in 45 min on label, that's why I guessed at what *might* be scalable for 2 cups.
  23. I am trying my hand at a junket dessert (rennet milk pudding). Not the packaged type, but warm milk and liquid rennet. I guesstimated the rennet amount for a 2 cup portion. I flavored the milk with vanilla sugar and LorAnn super-strength flavorings, just 1 drop each of coconut and marshmallow. It's slowly setting up as it cools. The taste I snuck so far is a coconut cotton-candy.
  24. I'll give those a try. Maybe on a roll like like a po' boy.
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