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  1. For quite a while, many consumers have been asking Vitamix to offer a stainless steel container. I've written them requesting they offer one. Well, now they have one: https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/shop/48-ounce-stainless-steel-container
  2. What's new at TJ's: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/trader-joes-reviews-2019?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=ba&utm_mailing=BA_ROTD_072619_Beggs&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_medium=email&bxid=5be5ea102a077c729c2a79d2&cndid=45284821&esrc=bounceX&utm_term=BA_Recipe_Of_The_Day
  3. Received this list today: The top grocery stores ranked by Market Force Collection: Publix Super Markets: 77% Wegmans: 77% Trader Joe’s Market: 75% H-E-B: 69% ALDI: 68% Harris Teeter: 66% Hy-Vee Food Stores: 65% Costco: 65% WinCo Foods: 62% Whole Foods Market: 61% Fry’s: 58% Kroger: 57% Target: 56% Winn-Dixie Stores: 54% ShopRite: 53% Food Lion: 52% Albertsons: 49% Meijer: 49% Sam’s Club: 49% Ginat Food Stores: 43% Safeway: 39% Stop & Shop: 38%
  4. The cocoa that I've been using for brownies, pudding, and hot chocolate is, to my dismay, no longer available. This has put me on a quest to find a replacement, and one that looks to be ideal for these needs is Bensdorp, sold by King Arthur, which has a 22% - 24% fat content. Considering the high(er) fat content, would this cocoa powder need to be refrigerated for storage of five or six months? Or would refrigerated storage be a bad idea? If not a good idea, why not? Thanks! ... Shel
  5. (Great pics removed to save space) Your pics look great and have made me curious about your recipe and technique. Care to share some more information?
  6. Shel_B


    Interesting ... been going to Costco for five or six years, never saw anything but Pepsi.
  7. Shel_B


    Come to think of it, yes, the texture is a bit coarser than the Costco dogs. Never had a Smokie ... think along the line of Kielbasa
  8. Shel_B


    Polish dogs are spicier ...
  9. Shel_B


    Once every few weeks or so, I visit Costco, and my treat is often a Polish dog. The last time I visited, the Polish dog was still on the menu. My sympathies, Porthos.
  10. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Much appreciate.
  11. Sweetie brought me a pound of these beans the other day, and I want to cook 'em up today. It might help to know what they are, maybe even some characteristics. Any help? Thanks!
  12. And how many more years will it take before they mention Red Boat 50°N?
  13. So here we're discussing peeled garlic cloves stored in oil, but what about garlic cloves, perhaps crushed as well as peeled, or even minced, added to a vinaigrette, perhaps containing salt and pepper. Does that change the equation?
  14. This was a surprise ... http://www.reuters.com/article/us-whole-foods-m-a-amazon-idUSKBN1971QJ
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