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  1. I'm not saying that, just essentially repeating what was told to me. Since the chips hold their shape, and my SO was expecting them to melt into a gooey mass, it's easy to understand why she felt that they didn't melt, or get soft. Thanks for your input.
  2. Sweetie commented to me the other day that the chocolate chips in her brownie mix didn't melt when baked. I have a very vague recollection of reading somewhere (King Arthur catalogue?) that chocolate chips are made so that they don't melt, that they retain their shape in cookies, etc. Is this correct (can't find the info in any of the KA catalogues I have here)? I was thinking that it might just have been the chips in the particular mix she used. Is it true for all chocolate chips, or just some chips? What about white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and other flavors? Thanks!
  3. When following the directions on the box, the crust on all frozen pizza that I've tried leaves something, sometimes a lot, to be desired. However, by playing around with different pizzas over time, I've found the ideal baking technique / time / temp that gives me a very good result. Rarely will following the directions on the box result in an acceptable pizza for me. FWIW, I make the frozen pizzas in the Breville oven.
  4. I liked it reasonably well, although there are other TJ's frozen pizzas that I like better. I'd buy it again ...
  5. Makhlouta

    I just found out about this Lebanese soup or stew, and am starting to learn about it. It looks like it will fit perfectly into our style of eating. Does anyone have any tips or techniques, or even a recipe +/-, for this dish that they'd care to share. Thanks!
  6. Local TJ's Does Something Nice A few days ago I stopped by the local TJ's, and on the way out encountered a staff member standing by the door next to piles of boxes filled with various products. These were holiday items, many of which were pumpkin flavored, although some were not. They were being given away to any shopper who wanted them. I didn't care for anything, but grabbed a couple of items to give to some people in my apartment building who I knew would enjoy them. A nice gesture to the community, IMO. I should also point out that this same local TJ's gives away a lot of food to one of the nearby senior centers: prepared salads, breads, vegetables nearing the end of their display life, bakery goods, etc. Again, a nice benefit to the community. While more and more stores are donating food in this manner, this particular TJ's (I cannot speak from experience for other TJ's stores) has been doing these give aways for years, long before it was as common as it is now. I just remembered that, a few years ago, the store would bring seniors in from the local senior centers and give them a tour of the store. On the tour they'd point out where foods that were good for diabetics were, what foods were low salt, low fat, high in fiber, etc. I don't know if they still do that, but it was certainly a nice service to the community.
  7. No! No! No! Don't buy this. Flavorless and poor texture.
  8. Interesting about the amount of coffee required. I suspect it's because of the size of the grinds. I don't mind that it may take a little more time to brew some pour over ... I like taking my time in the morning, and, of course, I have the time to enjoy the process. My companion often buys her coffee pre-ground for a Mr. Coffee setup she has at home, and sometimes she'll buy or bring me some coffee as well. Having the option to brew coffee more than one way, and knowing the best way to do that, is a nice option. Of course, I can always grind my own beans for the finer, pour over grind. I'd like to find a non-plastic cone and a good quality gold filter instead of using compostable paper filters. Any suggestions for an excellent quality gold filter? Is there something other than paper and the gold filters?
  9. What are the benefits and drawbacks to making coffee using the pourover method, especially, but not limited to, using a French press? How might some of the drawbacks be overcome?
  10. Thanks for your comments. Very helpful and motivating. The next visit to TJ's will end up with this item in the shopping cart.
  11. I like the TJ's peanut butter cups. I've tried many brands and only TJ's are an acceptable alternative to Reese's. I prefer the TJ's dark chocolate cups to the Reese's dark chocolate cups, but it's close. The regular Reese's (milk chocolate) cups are still in the mix, though. Been thinking of trying the Mandarin Orange Chicken, so this may push me to make the purchase. Costco has something similar that (I believe) gfweb mentioned once, but it's a much larger package. I've been toying with purchasing one or the other at some time. I've always enjoyed peanut butter filled pretzels, and while Costco has them, one must purchase a big tub (not a good idea for me to have a big tub of any snack item in the apartment), and, IMHO, they are not quite as good as the TJ's variety. I buy the TJ's filled pretzels just a couple-three times a year.
  12. Store bought salsa and chips

    Do you go to the store on High Street? There's no dearth of salsa here. I'm close to three similar markets, as well as three or four more mainstream markets, that sell their own creations, and, like you, I'll often buy salsa at one of them. Between them, there's a choice of about 20 different salsas, maybe more. We are fortunate when it comes to food choices.
  13. Storing Whole Coffee Beans

    Thanks everyone ... I appreciate your help.
  14. What is the best way, or at least some good ways, to store whole, recently roasted, coffee beans? I've gotten the beans home and put them into ball jars, and stored them in a cabinet near the coffee grinder. I've also just put the beans into the same cabinet in the bag that they were purchased in. I usually buy 1/2-lb of each type of bean at a time, usually buying two or three varieties per trip to the seller (usually Peet's, but other local roasters as well). Are there better ways to store the beans?
  15. Yawn! Not bad, just sort of mediocre.