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  1. Burger King

    I go to one of two local BKs about six or so times per year and order the same thing - the cheapest little double cheeseburgers. Rarely do I use the drive thru, so I am able to see how my "burgers" are made. Never have I received a sandwich from a drawer or warming tray. All have been broiled for my specific order. Likewise, to my observation, the other customers that I've seen have also received their burgers fresh from the broiler. Since it's possible to order a burger to your specs, i.e., with your preference of condiments and toppings, I don't quite see how the sandwiches can be kept in a drawer. Even if they were, they'd probably have to be removed, unwrapped, specified toppings added, and then rewrapped. That doesn't seem very efficient. Can you explain how the burgers can be kept in a drawer and still served with specified toppings? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  2. Why TJ's is so cheap ... also, some interesting links in the article
  3. Cardamom and Chocolate

    I'd like to make this chocolate pudding recipe and add some cardamom to it. Should green or black pods be used? Is there an established norm for this and similar situations. Also, should eliminate the vanilla if using the cardamom?
  4. Perhaps I missed a comment about this, but after watching more than a dozen episodes of ATK's new season, I am stunned to see many of the recipes are reruns from last tear and years before. That's a real rip off. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not able to spend much more time on line today, but if anyone's interested, I'll be happy to post some of the reruns with info about when they were first run.
  5. Trader Joe's Cold Brew Latte Bars These seem to be a new item. Haven't noticed them at our local TJ's. Has anyone tried them? What do you think?
  6. I understand your point, and it's something to consider, certainly for some situations. Some years ago I had a housemate who was very thrifty (as a student he was on a limited budget, and so he watched expenses carefully) and he impressed upon me the value of not leaving the refrigerator or freezer door open longer than absolutely necessary. I suppose that approach would have an effect similar to using an LED bulb, which I may consider at some point. Just about every other bulb in my apartment is an LED, so why not the reefer bulb? In the FWIW and Who Cares, Dept, the bulb in my fridge is pretty small and doesn't seen to put out any noticeable heat during the short time the door is open. One of the sites I checked to get tips for running a refrigerator efficiently suggests that "when opening the doors to your refrigerator and freezer, make sure you've already got a pretty good idea what you're looking for. Keeping the door open while you 'take inventory' is a bad habit that you should try to break." Knowing what's in your refrigerator, and where it's located is a good idea.
  7. Thanks! I guess I was just over thinking this ...
  8. My first reaction is to add some Aleppo or similar dried pepper to the recipe, but do you think that is what the recipe calls for?
  9. Isn't the light off when the refrigerator door is closed?
  10. That's what my thought has been. So, does the large mass really keep interior temps from fluctuating, or is that a myth? Many people talk about it but, as yet, I've not come across anything definitive, such as a test done by a reputable organization or individual. Personally, I believe it to be true, but have yet to see something that proves it.
  11. The fridge is moved and cleaned every three months or so. The last time I pulled it for cleaning it showed no obvious dust or dirt.
  12. That doesn't make sense for me. While I usually don't keep a lot of food in the fridge, there are times when the space is needed, such as when I may be having dinner with friends and have more and different food than usual on hand. The refrigerator is already not very large.
  13. I recall someone telling me that a refrigerator will run most efficiently when filled with food, leaving as little "free space" on the shelves and in the bins as possible. Is this correct? If so, since I don't like to keep lots of food around (I sometimes forget or lose what's in there and end up wasting food) I was thinking that I can fill some empty milk cartons with water and stick them in the back to fill the shelves and maybe something similar for the bins. Does that make sense? Thanks!
  14. I'd like to thank everyone for their input. I know that my sweetie has learned a few things ... I'm looking forward to her next batch of soda breat, which, scored or not, is very satisfying.