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  1. I've been to Voortman's, but they had nothing as exotic. p i
  2. @Anna/Kerry Was that Voortman's p
  3. I've used this method with a cell phone that had been dropped in the lake and it worked for me. However after googling the question, I stand corrected. It is a myth, it is not a desiccant! Yet what do you have to lose? p
  4. An alternative to a commercial desiccant is rice (uncooked of course) p
  5. I'm not a "germophobic" I usually wipe things with a dirty rag or sponge and the only disinfection in my house happens in my gut, but on reading the topic heading, that was the first thing I thought. I understand and sympathize with those who have a sensitivity to germs and infections. I think Anova is opening itself up to huge liability issues. Sure if you were to run it through the dishwasher with its increased temperatures you might be okay, but Anova doesn't make that mandatory, but rather "suggests" you can if you want. p
  6. Nice to see a Canadian viewpoint p
  7. From the photo it looks like it might be more useful for melting butter rather than slicing or spreading it. p
  8. Also in Canada: p
  9. Just so you know: p
  10. Shipping Charges

    Is that a minimum shipping charge or was that based on total amt of order. Often they have a sliding scale based on weight or order total. The more you buy the cheaper the shipping. In Canada we get hit with a double whammy - taxes and possibly duty. p
  11. This website lists which knives are affected: p
  12. Swiss Borner here, works for me.
  13. Fix it or Replace It?

    Assuming it is more or less computer controlled, glitches often resolve themselves through a reset. Having the power cut may reset the range, try resetting the breaker and keep your fingers crossed, otherwise a circuit board has gone bad which can be expensive. How much do you love this stove vs replacing it? p
  14. Other than the slow cook temp changes, it doesn't sound like a major reinvention. I haven't used the slow cook function so I'm happy with my version 1 p