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  1. Breville Smart Oven Air

    What are the inside dimemensions of this model compared to the 800xl? p
  2. Hi Chris, the price is certainly attractive, but I'm sorry to say I would vote for either the Breville or CSO. The Breville will allow a quarter sheet pan whereas the CSO won't. The CSO has steam and a bread proofing setting. Both the CSO and Breville have been test driven and commented on by our members and have received satisfactory reviews. However the price of both are considerably more than the one you are considering. p
  3. vp112, not the best, but certainly the lightest. Have had no problem with mine after 2+ years of use. Weight is a factor. p
  4. Clip-on spoon holder - the nose, maybe p
  5. I have one, don't use it a lot though. p
  6. Anova Dimension, Please?

    Hugs??? Not from what I'm hearing from you. My electrical costs for a 10 hour cook would start at $1.00, added to that would be provincial tax, federal tax and something they call "delivery charge". My hydro bill is 10% of my monthly income. I have a cooler and a lid made of rigid sealed foam (styrofoam SM). It was easy to carve with a knife so that it was inset and and evaporation is minimal. p
  7. I think its time to contact the seller. p
  8. Sad that you don't have a guage or some indication of the vacuum being developed, re the seating of the cover, I sometimes have to apply pressure to the lid on various corners/sides to get the seal airtight. As mine has a guage I can see the vacuum developing when I have a good seal. p
  9. Two questions: Does the guage indicate a vavuum being developed? You talk about the black seal bar - mine is a tan colour? p
  10. If you have a restaurant supply handy, measure the CSO tray and take your measurements and a tape with you and see what they have to offer. I picked up a couple of "bar trays" that fit quite nicely and they were cheap and heavy-duty. p
  11. @Anna- great haul indeed, you'll have to clue me in on where you and Kerry shop! p
  12. Wonderbag

    Actually a bag of styrofoam p
  13. Wonderbag

    Hmm. although they say the temp will stay at least at 150 degrees for up to 8 hours, I would still be concerned about that "danger zone" of 40 - 140 degrees. p
  14. Is this the item? https://www.amazon.com/REDNOLIA-Multiportion-Silicone-Container-BreastMilk/dp/B019QX833C p
  15. BSO, CSO, Anova, Induction cooktops/burners, chamber vacuum sealers and the Breville Milk Cafe, though not necessarily 21st century are certainly more recent. With the exception of the Anova and the sealer they are used daily, to my great delight. p