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  1. I believe andiesenji has one and has posted about it. Here's a thread comparing to the BSO : p
  2. Quick, easy cleanup, small quantity - I use mine mainly for frozen foods - fries, burgers, breaded fish portions - not a "cooker" per se but rather a faster more efficient alternative to frozen goods that suggest 20 minutes @ 400 - there's no pre-heat needed and I find because of the confined space less time required. Also gives nice browning on roasted vegetables frozen or fresh. p
  3. From what I've read, even if it does "Air Fry" it would be massive overkill - as well as being 4 to 5 times the price and a air fryer is dead simple to use, again from what I reading here there's a learning curve to get it to do what you want. p
  4. Cottage roll - I think it might be a regional naming convention. http://dondayinsma.com/2014/11/15/only-in-canada-you-say-not-any-more-now-you-can-make-it-in-mexico/ https://delishably.com/meat-dishes/Pork-Cottage-Roll-Pork-Recipe p
  5. Just check Amazon for enameled cast iron - there seem to be quite the choice p
  6. Probably to a degree - the BSO Air suggests using the basket for air frying and dehydrating, but it's worth trying p
  7. palo

    Food recalls

    Not exactly a recall, but rather a warning: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/cdc-warns-of-multi-state-listeria-outbreak-linked-to-deli-meats-1.5159433 p
  8. @ElsieD - it's similar to forks - you never know how many mouths they've been in, but it's never a conscious thought. p
  9. Two Anova Precision Ovens p
  10. Interesting side effects of Alexa or Google controlled lights and sockets, the internet is out so none of them work, so you stumble around in the dark trying to find a flashlight. Then search for a non-internet controlled socket so you can plug the kettle in for a coffee. But that's only half the battle because if was a power outage and everything is non-functional, there's no point in plugging in the kettle and when the power comes back on all the lights in the house come on as well. You have to go around the house saying "Alexa turn off kitchen, Alexa turn off living room, Alexa turn off..."
  11. So many choices...so many missteps available 💗 p
  12. Well, so long as it isn't plugged into an Alexa controlled socket. p
  13. I wouldn't use it for heavy tasks as it does look thinner than the rack. But, having said that, I'm assuming because it has more cross beams supporting it, the bend in it under my Le Creuset is about the same as the rack. It'd be great for steaming/roasting and I'd have no qualms about putting meat or vegetables directly on it. I doubt I'd have issues with a normal pan as compared to the rack either given the similar bend now that I think about it. These are the full posts I was referring to and his suggestion of using it to roast on. Sorry for the confusion. p
  14. My big concern with racks of the "cross-hatch" design is the subsequent cleaning of baked on residue. Soaking does help as does using a brush, but I'll stick to the parallel rod design for easier cleanup. p
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