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  1. Regarding glue traps, yes they are gross and inhumane, but if you have scissors they can be reused. p
  2. It's a very small cutting, just enough to let a stream of milk out. Obviously the size of the cut corner determines the flow. I've had no problems with spoilage or odor. I also buy "pure filtered milk" which lasts considerably longer - I bought 4 litres of milk on Jan 2 with an expiry date of Jan 29 - the brand was Lactantia. p
  3. Bags would be my choice, even if I had a choice. The jugged bag takes up less room than a plastic 4 litre container and the other two bags can be squirreled away in a back corner. p
  4. Get out that dirty sponge! https://news.sky.com/story/self-cleaning-surface-that-repels-superbugs-could-be-used-in-kitchens-and-hospitals-11885900 p
  5. Try Amazon .ca Search for: "Chefwear Mens Ultimate Cotton Baggy Chef Pants Chef's Pant" p
  6. I took a couple of culinary courses in Barrie and I was outfitted by a store in Barrie - try http://www.theuniform.store/ p
  7. palo

    Food recalls

    And you thought eating vegetables was healthy: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/compliments-fresh-cut-vegetables-recalled-due-to-possible-listeria-1.4667310 p
  8. palo

    Food recalls

    Quote: There is no correlation between food safety and the number of recalls. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/why-have-there-been-so-many-meat-recalls-in-canada-1.4641158 p
  9. palo

    Food recalls

    Re all of the above: It's a vegan conspiracy!!! p
  10. Unless you're in Canada (go figure?) C$198.00 https://www.amazon.ca/CUISINART-CSO-300N1C-Combo-Convection-Silver/dp/B075V2S1K2/ref=sr_1_5?crid=898NRE2128W4&keywords=cuisinart+toaster+oven&qid=1569173312&s=gateway&sprefix=cuisinart+toaster%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-5 p
  11. No, I don't know if it was their standard policy or if they just decided to "sweeten" the offer. p
  12. @ Smithy - the IP is a great machine, but when I do rice (3 or more times a week) I use a Zojirushi NP-HCC10 rice cooker. I know it's a 1 trick pony and pricey, but does many different types of rice and while it takes a while to finish, I just start it ahead of time and it has a keep warm function that actually works. The rice is perfect every time. It even has a setting for Gaba brown rice that is supposed to be healthy, I'm not healthy so I haven't tried it๐Ÿ˜›. p
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