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  1. Well from out in left field...I recall having some fishing equipment develop a sticky residue on the plastic parts due to having applied a mosquito repellent. Not suggesting you did this but perhaps the offending chemical was in another product. p
  2. 14 guage should handle all the watts/amps the instant pot would draw. p
  3. The Air Fryer topic

    Regardless p
  4. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Do you have a reference for that, for me p
  5. The Air Fryer topic

    Wondering what the difference is between an " air fryer" and a "halogen convection oven" - the latter is much cheaper. p
  6. Problems? https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/some-instant-pot-cookers-overheating-and-melting-company-says-1.3819369 p
  7. Why don't you add a location to your profile, even just the province, so that we have a better idea of your culinary experiences might be like. p
  8. I had the same thing happen to my first BSO, after it warmed up and ran for a while it was fine. Needless to say I exchanged it. p
  9. I've heard they can be re-sharpened, but by someone who knos what they are doing. p
  10. DARTO pans

    Check Amazon for pot handle silicon - there are lots to choose from. It does take away from the appearance, but only when you're using it (actually cooking) as its removable p
  11. DARTO pans

    Thanks mate, I've just never heard of "fish pan" other than one used gor poaching. p
  12. DARTO pans

    A "fish pan"? For poaching? sauteing? baking? Be more specificic, so we know what you're referring to. p
  13. Check out the price on Amazon.ca... https://www.amazon.ca/Pre-Seasoned-Serving-Griddle-without-Handle/dp/B01N2PYI29/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1512327799&sr=8-12&keywords=lodge+serving+griddle But at least it's got free shipping LOL!!! p
  14. Breville Smart Oven Air

    What are the inside dimemensions of this model compared to the 800xl? p
  15. Hi Chris, the price is certainly attractive, but I'm sorry to say I would vote for either the Breville or CSO. The Breville will allow a quarter sheet pan whereas the CSO won't. The CSO has steam and a bread proofing setting. Both the CSO and Breville have been test driven and commented on by our members and have received satisfactory reviews. However the price of both are considerably more than the one you are considering. p