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  1. That's a Canadian bargain!!! p
  2. Our Prime Day (.ca) starts at 9:00 pm p
  3. I'm an instant pot user and pleased with it. However I'm allergic to eggs so I would omit them from the above recipe. So I have to ask, is this an efficicient use of this machine to cook 1 1/2 cups of pasta? p
  4. Here's a link to a non-paywall to same article: p
  5. Do you like Amazon? Do you like Whole Foods? If your answer to both questions is the same, then you don't have a problem. However if your answer is slpit, then you might have to re-evaluate your feelings. p
  6. On it's $45, but they have the 4 tray model for $25: p
  7. If the mother likes the knives and they work for HER then that should be the end of the story! Daughter can bring her own knives or not cook. p
  8. Can't help with comparisons, but would a thinner pan be more "responsive" than a thick one? Aluminum won't work on induction. p
  9. Sounds like an expensive salad spinner p
  10. Big Bob's recipe: p
  11. Serious Eats has seriously reviewed some outdoor pizza ovens: p
  12. @btbyrd What's a "drying oil", does it take the water out of things? Dehydrate? p
  13. @rotuts, I think you were spot on regarding the power differences and how that might be affecting the performance, but nitpicking-wise I think the "chips" were probably designed for low voltage DC and it's the power supply that is designed to deliver it. p
  14. Thermomix

    Link to topic: Not sure if that answers all your questions