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  1. Is this the item? https://www.amazon.com/REDNOLIA-Multiportion-Silicone-Container-BreastMilk/dp/B019QX833C p
  2. BSO, CSO, Anova, Induction cooktops/burners, chamber vacuum sealers and the Breville Milk Cafe, though not necessarily 21st century are certainly more recent. With the exception of the Anova and the sealer they are used daily, to my great delight. p
  3. Pizza Baking Steel

    I guess I was thinking of the type of stainless stee that pots and pans are made of, that steel that btbyrd was referencing doesn't look like my idea of stainless and I could find no mention of stainless at PizzaCraft. Not trying to be a pain, just curious. p
  4. Pizza Baking Steel

    I ask again...
  5. I think Kerry said it best, unless you have shades of Grey in you p
  6. I'm not suggesting this product is of the same ilk, but I seem to remember infomercials that this was the neatest since sliced bread. I remember the hosts having something like a dozen or so of these set up and they demoed how easy the finished product was to produce. If it's the same manufacturer they've certainly grown up! p
  7. Pizza Baking Steel

    Is stainless steel not a option? p
  8. Did you pre-heat the grill plate? How long? Temp? btw the loaf looks wonderful, but I agree with your rant. p
  9. I have the vp112. Its biggest advantage is that it is 1/2 the weight of the vm 215. If its for moderate home use and you don't have a lot of game to be vaced and stored, I'd suggest you keep what you have. Mine has served me well for almost 5 years. p
  10. They don't actually heat or cool, but rather keep things hot or cold. p
  11. Kooltron that I had years ago could be used to heat or cool - 12v DC voltage and depending on the polarity would do either. p
  12. For Canadians: Amazon.ca https://www.amazon.ca/shops/A3K4I3WD8ACK7F?ref_=v_sp_storefront Lots of cheap stuff, I figure he's trying to advertise. p
  13. @andiesenji There's a lot to be said about living an "unclean and unhealthy" childhood. p