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  1. @Smithy No confusion Smithy. In fact i am being encouraged by diversified and valuable insights from many members. They may vary in terms of opinions however their goal is same. Efficiency everywhere whether it terms of energy usage or cooking quality etc., Actually we have been using already briquette fired boilers. However there are some constraints like space, availability of briquets, operation challenges etc., We have selected this option of induction heating since electrical systems are being evolved significantly over the past decade. In fact we are planning to import from china where the cost of induction stoves is cheaper compared to india because of china's vast industrial production capabilities. In India we have only OEMs in double digit. So still the cost of stoves is very high which an NGO organization like us have to think twice before investing. There is a lot of bridge between industry and intended beneficiaries in country like India. Can't blame industries also since they have to manage their profit and loss. I found this MECS from UK (https://mecs.org.uk/) pioneering the induction heating technology in developing countries like Africa and India. I would like to interact with them and explain our NGO requirements and seek assistance from them. I have hopes on Induction heating because our revex is increasing year by year and we really want to control it. Thanks, Than
  2. What a coincidence. I am also in bangalore now. 😄
  3. Curious to know more about"short pulses" And "variable power supply". How do I enforce vendors to state their power scheme that is pulse based or variable power in their technical proposals
  4. Could anyone kindly connect me to this program for technical and other relevant support MECS UK
  5. Please give inputs on this one ... Electric brat pan This may be infrared type if I am not wrong ...
  6. The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Please visit www.akshayapatra.org
  7. Our cooking processes are boiling, roasting, making thick gravies, making curries having texture like a broth. We are having a 33 kVA sub station power supply from the Electricity board. Cooktops need of capacities 50 L. All others are brat pans ranging from 100 L to 400 L. I am planning to visit a kitchen where this scale of equipment sizes are already being for cooking. Will post more details. Thank you
  8. Thank you @btbyrd for your detailed response. I am asking for the induction coil sizing matching to the Pan size. Please see the attached image. So that the heat evenly spreads over the entire bottom. Yes as you said i saw in some woks the coil covering only a portion of the bottom and the heat wont spread beyond that coil area resulting in partial cooking of the food. Actually I am looking for Induction cooktops and brat pans ranging from 50 liters to 400 liters sizes. I am getting more details and will post further for your valuable inputs like in your post. Thank you
  9. I did cooking for 4 years as part of the NGO training and later changed my role into technical consultant. The NGO does mass scale cooking to feed children at government funded schools. Currently I am working on the NGOs energy efficiency and clean work space initiative.
  10. Dear Members, We are planning a transition from PNG fired burners to Induction heating technology. I would like to find some technical literature available in web like breakdown maintenance, cooks feedback, taste texture color differences, sizing of the brat pan or boilers etc., The purpose of this transition is to improve the energy efficiency and clean work space Thanks,
  11. Dear Members, I am a technical kitchen and HVAC consultant for NGO group kitchens in India. I am excited to interact with bright minds here. Thank you all for your support and valuable advice.
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