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  1. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    One of my Xmas holiday dinners. Fish and Chips. Fresh Dart of the beach.
  2. Captain

    Dinner 2019

    Lamb salad for a little get to gether with family.
  3. Was that with Lisa. Sourdough Kit?, down in Pottsville. I really enjoyed my lesson's
  4. Captain

    Lunch 2019

    Hand in your card...😀 Yep. We use to call them Rats Coffins.
  5. I always think of that as cheating. I get disappointed if I get eggs like that from a restaurant or cafe. Mind you, I have done it myself because some times the eggs don't behave like they should.
  6. Captain

    Breakfast 2019

    A mix of eggs, cream, mushrooms, bacon bits, cheese and spinach baked in a cup of ham slices.
  7. Captain

    Dinner 2019

    Love that place and it's food.
  8. Captain

    Breakfast 2019

    Soft boiled eggs on toast to start the day.
  9. Captain

    Dinner 2019

    I just add honey & mayonnaise to whole grain mustard.
  10. Captain

    Breakfast 2019

    Some of my catch on the weekend. Dart on sourdough toast.
  11. Captain

    Dinner 2019

    Toad In A Hole Crispy Pork Belly Bao Roast Rib Eye with mustard sauce
  12. Captain

    Favorite cuts of meat

    The Parson's Nose My favourite also. We use to fight for it as kids. Now nobody eats it.
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