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  1. Captain

    Smoking Meat

    Awesome bit of kit. 😀 Here is a great place to share & learn.
  2. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Some delicious lamb cooked on the BBq then tossed in a parsley & mint salad.
  3. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    We had a 4 day break over on North Strtadbroke Island as they have lifted restrictions. I even had a beer at the pub. WOOT! The house is in restoration at the moment so no oven or stove so the BBQ it is. Nachos done waiting for salsa, sour cream and coriander. Pork tender loin, spuds & sweet potatoes. It was so good to get away again. I even got a morning fish down on the main beach.
  4. Kamado's are a great choice. They will low and slow, and smoking or hot fast grilling. Even capable of pizza. There are plenty of choices from ceramic to steel. Get cooking.
  5. Captain

    Breakfast 2020!

    Off topic I know, but that really boils my juices. I bet there where men old enough to know better and have some respect. sorry. End of rant.🙃
  6. Captain

    Lunch 2020

  7. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    This pic definitely needs some explaining... None the less tasted great. My not so professional looking veal & pork home made ravioli.
  8. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Two large and leftovers for lunch.😀
  9. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Toad in a hole. Served with loads of gravy.
  10. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    I couldn't do with just a Spag Boll. So with just a little more effort I mixed up Pork, Veal & Beef for meat balls.
  11. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Lamb Barbecoa. Absolutely delicious and will be doing this again. 4 hours later.
  12. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Piggy on the spit. It didn't last long on the plate. Served up with some corn, potato salad, coleslaw and fresh Vienna Sourdough.
  13. Captain

    Dinner 2020

    Sunday BBQ. Pollo Asado. Corn bread and Mexican rice.
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