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  1. Katie. You are indeed trying to be catty. You automatically surmise that I - a person you know little about - has aimed to, and executed a life-decision to commit ecological crimes by moving to a place that harvests ocean species for the purpose of personally consuming them. I almost didn't dignify your post with a response because you are clearly committed to a pre-loaded judgement of what constitutes politically "correct "and morally "responsible" behaviour towards the planets' animal species. Is that wrong? Of course not, but you are accusing me of reprehensible behaviour in a public forum, and clearly without bothering to research your accusations. In short, because I posted a picture you thought was offensive, I must be offensive too, right? In fact, NOAA removed North Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna from the endangered species list in 2011. The Mediterranean biomass is not seeing the rebound in Blue Fin biomass so their harvest is much more restricted. Licenses for commercial harvest of Blue Fin Tuna were allowed to increase this year and last as the most recent stock assessment showed a rebound. Without cluttering up the OP's thread I'll encourage you to look into the facts at your own pace. Start with a simple Wikipedia search. I moved to Maine to become a commercial fisherman. We used SCUBA to harvest sea urchin which we sent overnight to Tokyo's Tsukiji Market. I spent seven Maine Winters in a dry-suit and wool sweaters. Before that I spent five years BOH in Vermont restaurants. I made it my business to know all about where food is going and where it's coming from. I understand it's fashionable to swipe at commercial interests and flows but guess what? Commercial interests will still flow after you and I are on the wrong side of the grass. You can hold up as many signs and go to as many protest marches as you want but if you don't learn to help change the way things are exploited and deployed from within it's circuitry you're just blowing smoke.
  2. Guys are pulling 400lb bluefin tuna off-shore everyday in Maine this Summer. I just came back from the fishmonger who cut a 1lb slab from a huge loin brought in yesterday. It's part of the reason I moved here.
  3. Betcha two drachma that's sumac on your chickpea dish. I'm with Heidih: mezze style is informing my menu all week now. Beautiful blog!
  4. johnnyd

    Lunch 2021

    Yellowfin poke with Hijiki, sukemono, Edamame and house-made ponzu.
  5. With a bottle this old, it's curious that the contents hasn't seemed to age, like turn a gold color.
  6. I spent a few years in Suisse and saw the bottles affixed to pear branches in Spring. I asked about them and everyone said it was a gimmick for tourists, and that the good stuff never has a pear in the bottle. So there's that, but if it tastes good, who am I to say.
  7. Well, to be fair, we are in a 2k' 100yr old condo that had already been reno'd 20 yrs ago, so we were replacing cheap chipboard cabs with solid maple ones; pulled out an electric range on it's last gasp; put in a sink with a faucet that works, then capped the island with a stone slab. Cab guys were chums from my old life as a commercial water/fire damage restorer, so it all came together like old times. Nothing special, just fresh and functional. I'll make something and post soon - it's been a while.
  8. Just finished our reno. New cabinets, new sink, new gas range with powerful hood fans, stamped tin backsplash, new stone island countertop, new range-side laminate countertop. Whole thing took two weeks - bought a new carbon-steel wok to celebrate!
  9. This post demystified szechuan peppercorns in short order. After the ban was lifted I bought a 100g bag and it tasted like dirt so I threw it out. Now that I know how to use them I'm game to get some more. Coincidentally, I learned what 'mala' was just this week. Psyched!
  10. Haresfur: Maine has strict size restrictions for harvestable lobster - 3.25" to 5" carapace to eye socket. Anything smaller stays in the water. Anything larger becomes breeding stock.
  11. Yeah, the trade "deal" with China shut that market right down. China buys Canadian lobsters now.
  12. johnnyd

    Lunch 2020

    Blood orange scallop ceviche, avo, tomato, togarashi and chili oil
  13. johnnyd

    Dinner 2020

    Thanks man! Juice of three limes, two blood oranges, a shot of Dole pineapple juice, minced garlic, poblano pepper. Probably hit it with togarashi and cilantro sprig for plating.
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