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  1. This post demystified szechuan peppercorns in short order. After the ban was lifted I bought a 100g bag and it tasted like dirt so I threw it out. Now that I know how to use them I'm game to get some more. Coincidentally, I learned what 'mala' was just this week. Psyched!
  2. Haresfur: Maine has strict size restrictions for harvestable lobster - 3.25" to 5" carapace to eye socket. Anything smaller stays in the water. Anything larger becomes breeding stock.
  3. Yeah, the trade "deal" with China shut that market right down. China buys Canadian lobsters now.
  4. johnnyd

    Lunch 2020

    Blood orange scallop ceviche, avo, tomato, togarashi and chili oil
  5. johnnyd

    Dinner 2020

    Thanks man! Juice of three limes, two blood oranges, a shot of Dole pineapple juice, minced garlic, poblano pepper. Probably hit it with togarashi and cilantro sprig for plating.
  6. johnnyd

    Dinner 2020

    Blood Orange Scallop Ceviche
  7. I still haven't opened it! I know!! Good to know it's not habanero-level hot though. Our regular rotation features Harissa, Sambal Oelek and a kind of piri-piri I brew myself using fresnos and whiskey.
  8. Every year involves a quest to find something different. My wife clearly won this round with this stuff - Banana sauce. When tomato shipments evaporated in WWII, an enterprising Philipina started tinkering with bananas to find an alternative to catsup. It's still popular apparently. Can't wait to try it!
  9. johnnyd

    Latkes - the Topic!

    dcarch - those are great! We've used a SAVEUR recipe (issue #109) for years. A pinch of salt on the shredded russets releases more potato water - after a while we gather it in a kitchen rag and twist-squeeze the hell out of it and let liquid stand so starch sinks to the bottom, discard water, mix starch deposit with an egg and matzo flour - add potato and chopped scallion, then fry in duck or chicken fat at med/high in cast iron. Serve w/ apple sauce spiked w/horseradish. That's-a New Years breakfast!
  10. johnnyd

    Lunch 2019

    Yesterday's grilled harissa chicken in some tom yum broth w/noodles, daikon a nd carrot. Mmmm...
  11. Some old pals came to visit from Virginia and brought me a ripe pawpaw. Apparently they were George Washington's favorite dessert. They don't come to market, they said, because they ripen too fast to stay on the shelf. They have several stones in each fruit. They remind me of custard apples (fruta de conde) I had in Brazil - tastes like banana/mango but smelled like pears. Delicious!
  12. Hey Mr. Dome - RE: Papaya - The secret to good papaya is to let it ripen for a few days until it turns yellow and blotchy and begins to give when you squeeze it. I find this works especially well in summertime. We have had one a week since June here in Maine, served with a spritz of lime. The peppery seeds are good for the gut too. Buy it green and let it sit until it looks like hell and you want to throw it out - that's when they're sweetest. Cheers.
  13. johnnyd

    Lunch 2019

    Lobster linguine leftovers, with vermouth de Chambery, garden chives, garlic and a boatload of butter
  14. johnnyd

    Lunch 2019

    More baby octopus, as it turns out. The next day I swapped that acid with house salsa and dusted it with sumac.
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