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  1. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Is that a tomato tart satin? Whatever it is, I'd eat it! 🙂 Sometimes I just want a BLT for dinner. Tomato from my garden. I'm losing the lower tomatoes to chipmunks that tunnel underground and come up inside the fencing, but luckily my vines grew nice and tall so there's still some for me.
  2. Giant picture alert! I spent last weekend in Wellfleet. I was too busy to post while there but wanted to add our latest dining exploits to this thread. Friday we ended up at the Bookstore as they had the shortest wait at 30 minutes (most Wellfleet places don't take reservations) Littlenecks Oysters Cheese plate clam roll (disappointing) fish sandwich (VERY disappointing) lobster roll salmon salad steak tips Saturday morning a few of us had breakfast at the Lighthouse Omelet Egg sandwich Blueberry pancakes Friday night we went to an early dinner at Winslows Tavern. Oysters Scallop seveche (yes it is in a clam shell not sure why!) tomato salad fig salad yellowfin tuna tuna confit pasta Mussel pasta Halibut Corn ravioli Triple chocolate mousse Salted caramel tart Key lime tart Saturday we went to Mac's Shack Tuna poke Spicy tuna mango martini various sushi sashimi Big Mac We will be back for 12 days starting next weekend, but are staying in a beachfront house so might be doing more home cooking than dining out.
  3. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    tonkatsu style chicken, rice, and a new smashed cucumber salad recipe that came in a newsletter from my local paper. Pretty good but I like the recipe I usually use from the New York Times better
  4. Safe travels home. I always enjoy reading your annual Mantoulin blog and hope that you get to return next year, somehow.
  5. Penzeys is offering another deal: 1/4 cup jars of aleppo pepper and Mitchell Street seasoning for $2 each, plus free 1/2 cup jars of their cinnamon sugar and granulated air-dried shallots, and a "kind heart" pin if you spend $5. While adding items to my cart I got a pop up saying that since I spent $50 they were adding in a free 1/4 cup jar of the aleppo pepper and Mitchel Street seasoning. Shipping is free if you spend $30.
  6. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    farfalle with tomato sauce made from tomatoes from my garden, basil, and burrata
  7. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Monday, tomato salad made with tomatoes from my garden (which consists only of tomato plants) and corn and bacon pasta from the current issue of Cook's Country Last night, "clean out the crisper drawer" veggie cakes made with summer squash, mushrooms, garlic, onion, herbs and goat cheese topped with marinated tomato salad
  8. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    caesar salad with grilled shrimp
  9. Now that I am home and organized I'll post our last meal. My niece and nephew begged us to go back to the Frog and Onion on our last full day because they offer all day waffles on Saturdays. Of course we caved. The waffles Blackened wahoo salad Fried calamari--very tender Fish and chips Chicken and mushroom pot pie Tortellini Apple crumble My husband and I are coming back for a long weekend at the end of next month and will be exploring some new to us places, I hope. We are staying at Elbow Beach for the first time so a repeat visit to Mickey's will definitely happen. Everything else is up for grabs. If you eat anywhere good on your trip MetsFan5, post it here! Until then... My favorite beach, Warwick Long Bay Last sunset of the trip
  10. The finest grocery on the island is right by your hotel, Miles Market. They have everything you could possibly need, from fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish to prepared foods like soup, sushi, grilled meats etc. They have a large selection of beer and wine, plus a full liquor selection. There's a Godiva cafe in there, and a large (for an island) bakery. http://www.miles.bm As far as dining, there are a bunch of restaurants on Front Street (the main road through town and the road your hotel is on) that have outdoor dining looking over the street and harbor. The outdoor seating is up on the second floor so you can have a good view for people watching to entertain you while dining solo. Most of the tables up there are for two, so you should not have a problem getting seated at one. I remembered the name of the Indian restaurant I mentioned earlier: House of India. Last time we ate there we were seated next to the Premier of Bermuda, so you know it has to be good 🙂
  11. liamsaunt

    Breakfast! 2018

    Onion, pepper and sausage scramble with Netsuke's bacon and toast This morning, a tomato and bacon sandwich
  12. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    More vacation cooking. The other day we grilled up some ribs and chicken that we picked up at one if the island grocery stores. I only got a photo of the ribs... Last night we grilled some Snake River Farms waygu steaks that we brought down frozen. There were four. Seasoned Cooked sliced I don't eat red meat so made a nicoise sandwich
  13. I forgot that last night was our one dinner out with the group. We went to Mickey's Beach Bar and Bistro at the Elbow Beach Hotel. Wahoo seveche Wahoo carpaccio Fried calamari Tuna tartar Rigatoni bolognese Salmon Local grouper Mixed grill with shrimp omitted Grandma's Cake Chocolate dome
  14. You'll have the opportunity for some good meals. There are lots of restaurants in Hamilton and some are very good. There's nice shopping too if you are in to that sort of thing (I'm not much of a shopper). Bermuda in general is very safe, especially during the day. You will be OK in town alone. Stay in the main areas and out of dark alleys 🙂 Most crimes are petty theft and the like. It's rare though. For example yesterday my husband went to the market and left his iPhone X with his license and credit cards in the wallet part of his phone case in the basket of his shopping cart. When he realized and went back, it was still sitting there. Someone had opened it and looked for cash, but nothing else was touched (no cash in there). Uber as such does not exist on Bermuda. There's a different app you can download, HITCH, which is kind of like Uber. There are not always drivers available though. You can always call a cab, the drivers are wonderfully nice.
  15. Some other Bermuda meals. Frog and Onion pub at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Folks wanted to go here because they brew their own beer. Beer tasting Drinks for some others (all deemed too sweet). Note that my wise butt niece insisted on her water being included in the photo. Soft pretzels with dipping sauces for the allergy nephew since he could not have anything fried here Onion rings Cheesesteak for the allergy nephew Most other got fish and chips, made with grouper Husband went for the snapper sandwich with spicy sauce Some vegetable samosas. There's a large Indian and Pakistani population on Bermuda so most restaurants offer at least a few Indian style dishes The kids got dessert, sticky toffee pudding Another night we went into the capital city of Hamilton to attend Harbor Nights, which is an arts and food festival. It was not as interesting as I remembered from some years ago. Not very many artists, and most of the food was junky. There was one stand with island cuisine but the line was really long. The teens got ice cream but it was melting too fast to take a picture. Another day we went back to the dockyard for a an early dinner at Bone Fish Grill (no relation to the US chain) Niece wanted avocado fries And tuna tartar Adults shared some wahoo bites Nephew got spaghetti and meatballs Most others got fish and chips, this time made with snapper I got chicken milanese, which I did not enjoy. The salad was good though My sister scored best with the rockfish prepared Bermuda style, which is with a rum cream sauce and bananas. Sounds weird tastes good The kids had dessert...berry panna cotta Triple chocolate mousse Yesterday we went to St. George's and ate at the Wahoo Cafe. Adults shared some conch fritters. Very good and filled with tender chunks of conch Niece wanted mozzarella sticks Nephew could not have anything on the appetizer list so contented himself with the bread basket. Wahoo burger Cheeseburger Honey fried chicken Wahoo bites Smoked wahoo pate-this was awesome Wahoo tacos Wahoo three ways: burger, bites and grilled with curry tomato chutney, rice and peas and slaw Grilled rockfish with rice and peas and plantains Np plans to eat out for the next few days. We've moved to a new house which is waterfront and has a pool so plan on just hanging out here and grilling. Here's a picture of lovely Tobacco Bay