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  1. Agreed. It is actually quite nice for sipping; rounder edges compared to the S&C. I like it and don’t regret my purchase!
  2. Host's note: this delicious topic is continued from What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 2) Duck breast, 57C for 90 min, pre and post sous-vide sear. So the texture was not significantly different from what I get with my usual technique, which is grilling over charcoal. But it's more uniformly pink, and there are no slightly overdone spots. I am pleased with the results even though searing in the house means a ton of smoke and duck fat everywhere! (I did it on the stove in a cast iron skillet, next time I will place the skillet in the oven)
  3. I was hoping for S&C-level hogo given the level of excitement around this new product... oh well. At least for me it was $5 cheaper, and having different options is always a good thing!
  4. I bought a bottle yesterday. I cannot wait to use it in a cocktail!
  5. Cooking Issues Podcast

    Thanks for reminding me about it. I hadn't listened to it in a while (I used to read Dave Arnold's blog too, many years ago). This morning I listened to the episode with Sother Teague from Amor Y Amargo. Good stuff! Entertaining and interesting.
  6. Jeremiah Tower documentary

    Less than 6 months...
  7. Jeremiah Tower documentary

    It’s available on netlix. Worth watching!
  8. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    [Moderator note: This topic became too large for our servers to handle, so we've divided it up; the earlier part of the discussion is here: The Soup Topic (2007–2012)] After an extremely bland pumpkin soup (Not pictured. Apparently my pumpkin had not taste at all which was very odd), I made Paula Wolfert's Autumn Squash Soup using a kabocha squash. It is served with a piece of rustic bread fried in duck fat and seasoned with a touch of Espelette pepper. The soup has a little bit of potato and some cream that is added at the end. Chives from the garden.
  9. @Anna NNice work! I love duck prosciutto. So easy to make, and so delicious!
  10. Rittenhouse or Bulleit rye are two reasonably-priced options, if they stock these.
  11. Most likely, that is going to be a downgrade from the falernum you have been making. I know that Martin Cate recommends using it in his book, but for me I'd have a really hard time going back to that after making my own for years. I am curious to read your thoughts!
  12. That’s tragic about the gin marmalade. The same thing happened to me a few years ago with a collection of Hawaiian jams. And with French grainy mustard. I never considered these as “liquids”. I have a bottle of Chita as well and really like it! I first tried it in a Japanese whisky advent calendar and decided to get a bottle.
  13. I am enjoying listening to Chefs, Drugs and Rock & Roll by Andrew Friedman about American chefs in the 70s and 80s. The title is catchy but misleading. It talks about the influential chefs from that area, what inspired them to become a chef, and their impact on the profession. I knew a lot of these stories already, and it’s nice to see more dots being connected or to learn about chefs I was not familiar with.
  14. Rhum Agricole: The Topic

    @HassouniIt’s like having to choose between your children! They are all great in their own way. At home, I have or have had at some point the 50 (or 55%, even better if available) versions of Neisson, J.M, La Favorite, Dillon, Clement. I have a sample of the Dusquesne as well but don’t remember liking it as much. My absolute fave is the Capovilla which is sublime in my view, but it’s a different price range! The others are all excellent options depending on mood. I have a slight preference for La Favorite as you know, with its distinctive and strong aroma (to me, coconut, pear/litchi, and ocean). My husband has a sweet spot for the Neisson which is a bit more subtle. If you can get Neisson for cheaper, I’d probably go for that! (my bottle is the 50%)
  15. Tequila Cocktails

    It looks good! The original version with genever gin is worth trying as well.
  16. [Moderator note: This is part of an extended topic that became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it into shorter segments; the preceding part of this discussion is here: Homemade Marshmallows: Recipes & Tips (Part 2)] How fun. Thirty-five pages of marshmallow discussion; I had no idea until recently when I made a batch of French vanilla ice cream and ended up with leftover egg whites. I decided to make marshmallows and found this thread. I used this recipe from David Lebovitz. It went quite well but the marshmallows were a little sticky at the end of the process and it got worse with the heat and humidity we've experienced this weekend in San Diego. It's possible that I did not whip the mixture long enough at step number 6. In any case, they were delicious little clouds! The recipe yielded exactly a 1/4 sheet pan.
  17. Easter is my favorite holiday because it’s an occasion to celebrate spring, and I associate it with a lot of good childhood memories. The menu so far: Snacks - Easter egg radishes with Brittany butter; wild boar salami Endive salad with Meyer lemon, fava beans, and oil-cured olives (Suzanne Goin) Lamb daube provençale (Anthony Bourdain) Lemon tart (Anthony Bourdain) I will probably add a chocolate dessert if time permits. We have a lot of chocolate lovers in the family!
  18. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I put mine in a warming drawer for a while (at low humidity) and they become slightly crunchy, with the creamy inside, exactly as advertised.
  19. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    They taste like the ones I've had in France. Paul which is a chain of bakeries has them. I love them with coffee and go for the super dark, borderline burnt ones.
  20. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Vault No.5 (Jasper Hills), which I suspect is Landaff under a different name. Creamy, nutty, so good it was gone before I could take a proper picture! (on TJ’s beet crackers) Edited to add: Haha. I posted this without seeing that this cheese already got a lot of love upthread. I agree with everyone that it’s delicious! I will buy more next time I am there.
  21. Los Angeles/Long Beach restaurants?

    More ideas here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/la.eater.com/platform/amp/2017/7/20/15999996/best-food-los-angeles-restaurants-city-guide
  22. Los Angeles/Long Beach restaurants?

    Some of my favorite places - 320 Main in Seal Beach south of Long Beach for bistro-style food and excellent cocktails (their Mai Tai is not to be missed) In LA: Son of a Gun for casual (yet refined) creative seafood dishes (their uni carbonara is to die for), AOC for California-style tapas and Mediterranean-influenced comfort food with great wine pairings, Trois Mec or Petit Trois by Ludovic Lefebvre for reinvented French bistro food
  23. Swizzles!

    6th Park Swizzle (Phil Ward via Death & Co). Documented previously in the Death & Co thread. It's a winner! Again I've reduced the sugar by switching from 3/4 oz 2:1 syrup to 3/4 oz simple syrup. Perfect! Although way too small with only 1.5 oz of rhum...
  24. This recipe is actually from The Sweet Life in Paris. They are officially called "individual chocolate almond cakes" in the index, and are called chocolate financiers in France. They are so simple and so wonderful. Every time I make them I am surprised at how delicate and intensely flavored they are. They are crumbless as they should be, and their texture is not dense. They also are an excellent use for extra egg whites.
  25. Blanco, Reposado or Anejo?

    I would recommend a good quality (100% blue agave) blanco tequila for your Margaritas. (Good) Margaritas are all about highlighting the quality of the spirit you use, so if you use a cheap one, you will definitely notice it in the final drink. Don't settle for the cheap stuff! What it is is mixto, or tequila mixed with neutral spirit (up to 49%!), aka tasteless junk. There is a huge difference. And as @BillBuitenhuysnoted above, you will also enjoy sipping on a good tequila (blanco or aged).