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    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Saint Illtyd cheddar. Super garlicky - like Boursin in cheddar form with a fine, crumbly texture.
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    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    [Moderator note: This topic became too large for our servers to handle, so we've divided it up; the earlier part of the discussion is here: The Soup Topic (2007–2012)] After an extremely bland pumpkin soup (Not pictured. Apparently my pumpkin had not taste at all which was very odd), I made Paula Wolfert's Autumn Squash Soup using a kabocha squash. It is served with a piece of rustic bread fried in duck fat and seasoned with a touch of Espelette pepper. The soup has a little bit of potato and some cream that is added at the end. Chives from the garden.
  3. This wonderful book does not have a dedicated thread yet but does deserve one. One of the things I like about the book is its use of seasonal produce. Obviously I am very lucky to live in California and have access to the items that the recipes call for. Some of her favorite vendors mentioned in the book are even vendors at my local farmers' markets! (Schaner Farms for example). The book is organized by season and has a number of menus (for 6 people). I rarely prepare the whole menu but it's good to have ideas of dishes that go well together. I found that if I followed the recipes as written, including all the accompaniments, the recipes were somewhat involved but not overly difficult, and led to exceptional results. So I try to follow her recipes as is for dinner parties. However, for everyday cooking I do tend to simplify the recipes a little, meaning that I don't prepare every component of the dish or shorten the times required to marinate meats, for example. Last month I made the Grilled Duck Breasts with Roasted Grapes. The duck breasts are seasoned with juniper berries and thyme and then very simply cooked on the grill, which I had never done before and resulted in very flavorful meat and crispy skin (and also much less mess as I am used to when cooking duck breast on the stove). I used a muscovy duck breast which was quite large (about a pound) and ideal for this preparation as it stayed very moist. The grapes are roasted in the oven. In the book she serves this dish with crème fraîche and a potato-bacon gratin. This was a weeknight dinner, so I opted to skip that part to stay on the somewhat lighter side. Instead, I served it with roasted chestnuts on the side. The full recipe is available here.
  4. Heath ceramics? Love their stuff!
  5. Host's note: this delicious topic is continued from What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 2) Duck breast, 57C for 90 min, pre and post sous-vide sear. So the texture was not significantly different from what I get with my usual technique, which is grilling over charcoal. But it's more uniformly pink, and there are no slightly overdone spots. I am pleased with the results even though searing in the house means a ton of smoke and duck fat everywhere! (I did it on the stove in a cast iron skillet, next time I will place the skillet in the oven)
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    The California foie gras ban

    Here we go again. https://la.eater.com/2019/1/9/18174211/california-foie-gras-ban-upheld-supreme-court-lawsuit
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    Sad News about Katie Loeb

    Awful news. https://billypenn.com/2018/12/02/phillys-restaurant-community-toasts-cocktail-maven-katie-loeb-now-in-hospice/
  8. @blue_dolphin's post inspired me to revisit the squash and fennel soup, and give another try to the candied squash seeds because they looked so delicious in her post. In my previous attempt, maybe the seeds were a bit old and maybe I hadn't toasted them long enough - in any case they were very dry and unpleasant to eat. This time they were fresher and turned out ok. I actually ate a good number of them while finishing up the preparation of the soup! @blue_dolphin - did you use the whole seed or did you remove the shells? It does not look like you have the shells in your picture. I used a butternut squash instead of kabocha, only used 6 cups of liquid, and cooked the soup for 10 min in the instant pot on high rather than using a Dutch pot. It's a delicious soup!
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    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Oh yes I did. I had it before, so I was very excited to see it at Trader Joe’s!
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    Dining in San Diego (Part 2)

    @Beebs So where did you end up going? Please report!
  11. So I decided to make duck confit for Thanksgiving, following Melissa Clark’s recipe. I’ve made the recipe about 1/2 dozen times now and it’s always been very successful, other than the occasional “burn” message where I would unplug, wait 5-10 minutes for everything to cool down, and restart. Tonight I’ve tried that 6 times and the duck really started burning. At that point I decided to start from the beginning with a clean pot and new duck legs, but I got the message again. I am not sure what to try next. Any ideas? I might have to ditch the IP technique and switch to a traditional confit or maybe a sous vide confit, unless there is something else I can do to troubleshoot the instant pot. This is both puzzling and immensely frustrating.
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    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    And before that, they had Hawaiian music. I think it’s a lot more relaxing that those awful beeping sounds! I love TJ’s.
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    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    A couple of new cheeses from Trader Joe’s, in time for Thanksgiving. Goat with rosemary, from Spain (a bit like the goat cousin of Fleur du Maquis, but milder/less interesting) And Harbison from Jasper Hill farm. Seems like a good deal at $12.99 for a 9-ounce wheel!
  14. Interesting. Thank you!
  15. Does anybody know if this is related the same principle as Herve This' chocolate chantilly (which predates the water ganache)? Just curious.
  16. I like them! The shortbread texture is nice, they are not too sweet, and the fleur de sel is a great touch!
  17. FrogPrincesse

    Crostini/Bruschetta Ideas Needed Please

    Chicken liver truffle mousse pâté (Trader Joe’s) with homemade red onion & sherry marmalade
  18. Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies
  19. Here is my favorite recipe from the book, the one I have made regularly and that is worth getting the book for - Duck Confit! It is pretty much perfection. My butcher has really good duck and the resulting confit tastes better than store-bought confit in my opinion. The only trick is that the pressure cooker tends to overheat after the sauté step, so I have to unplug it for about 10 minutes before it lets me start the pressure cooking option (otherwise I get the dreaded “hot” error message, and it doesn’t start).
  20. @rotuts With rosé it’s a lot lighter obviously. I got some citrus notes even though there is no citrus in the recipe, from the reduced wine. I’ve enjoyed cooking from the book so far! The recipes are quite nice.
  21. Coq au vin rosé from Melissa Clark’s Dinner in an Instant. I really enjoyed this. The chicken was a bit firm but I think that it had more to do with the quality of the chicken than the recipe itself. The recipe took about 90 minutes to make total, so it’s doable on a week night.
  22. Daube de joues de bœuf aux carottes et coquillettes (beef cheek stew with carottes and elbow pasta) I adapted Yves Camdeborde’s recipe to the pressure cooker - 1 hour on high, natural release. It was incredible! The meat was extremely tender and the sauce as rich and satisfying as I remembered from having the dish at the Comptoir in Paris. I got the meat from my favorite butcher shop, Siesel’s. Going into the pressure cooker After 1 hour Plated (I added some parsley for color)
  23. FrogPrincesse

    Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

    Vanilla & brown butter madeleines. At least as wonderful as the classic madeleines. I used bourbon (Buffalo Trace) as the booze component (rum and scotch are also suggested), and kept the batter in the fridge for about 2 hours before baking.
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    Bottles to pick up from London?

    I’d recommend going to the Whisky Exchange. I am sure you will find something interesting there!
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    Favorite Food Quotes

    This applies to life as well... that's why I love this quote so much.