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  1. I am doing my best, but I feel that my job won’t be complete until she starts appreciating escargots and foie gras!
  2. I ended up eating a good amount of steak because it was a bit large for my 12-year old daughter. No complaints because it was delicious and I love a good steak, but I fell into a slight food coma after this. Wisely I decided to resist ordering the cheese plate or one of the many digestifs options.
  3. My husband ordered the rabbit which was prepared two-ways (pancetta-wrapped loin and braised leg) with a banquette-style sauce full of morels and peas, and served with fresh pappardelle pasta. My daughter went for the classic steak frites.
  4. For my main dish, I decided to go “light” with the pied de cochon pané. It’s a pig’s foot, entirely deboned and reconstituted, covered in fine breadcrumbs and fried. It’s crunchy on the outside, and decadently rich and gelatinous inside. Lettuce salad on the side.
  5. Absolutely. We made sure to get that little ceramic dish all clean and ate most of the baguette in the process (and asked for a second basket of course, we love our bread!).
  6. So we started with the Paradigm rosé to accompany the foie gras au torchon (which is prepared with armagnac and served with figs on the side), and escargots with pastis. The torchon was great (not enough brioche with it, but that is typical), the escargots super tender and tasty.
  7. OMG it took 2 days and my Bistro Jeanty pictures have finally uploaded. The last one to upload was the snails picture! 😆
  8. It’s taking an awfully long time for my pictures to upload (less than 10 pics in 24 hours...) because I am not in an area with good WiFi. I will resume as soon as I am able to!
  9. Lunch at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville. Cute place, French in an almost cliché way, and a menu full of classics. Local wines well represented
  10. Day 3 - Yountville The day started with breakfast at “home” with some of the goodies we had bought at the supermarket in Calistoga (Cal Mart). I was very happy to find that they had Bouchon bread in their selection! A local apricot jam (from We Love Jam) was a great pairing (apricot jam if my favorite, and this variety has a distinctive taste, almost like a hint of spice). Not so great was this yogurt with sea buckthorn. It looked weird so I had to try it, but it ended up being quite cheesy for a yogurt, and the berries were very astringent. Not my favorite combo! Coffee from Calistoga Roastery.
  11. I usually don’t care much for schnitzel but would order this one again in a heartbeat. Apparently the recipe is in his new book and was also published online (the accompaniment is a bit different, at Acacia House it was served with a watercress salad rather than snap peas). Here is the link.
  12. You hit it the nail on the head. Not only does this restaurant serve delicious food, but there is inspiration to be found in every dish. That’s what makes it special to me.
  13. I’d try 2 oz gin (or vodka, if you must), 1 oz lemon or lime juice, 3/4 oz simple syrup, 2 oz watermelon juice (from blending a watermelon; I would start with 2 oz and add more based on taste but you don’t want to dilute your drink too much). Not sure what the spice was but you can experiment with a pinch of cayenne or espelette (like in a Holland Razo Blade). This would be nice with mint too.
  14. Dinner was part of the reason for the trip - I wanted to try chef Chris Consentino’s new restaurant in St Helena, Acacia House. I had already followed him from Incanto to Cockscomb and was curious to try this one. And I wasn’t disappointed! The menu is fairly limited but changes often, and there were several good options. Hamachi crudo hidden under delicate little beads of tempura. The green powder was dehydrated seabean. Seared foie gras served in a litte Dutch baby pancake, like a decadent take on breakfast. This reminded me of the waffle and foie gras dish at Animal in LA, but a million times more refined. It was wonderful. Iberico pork schnitzel, the signature dish. Imagine the most tender and also most flavorful pork you’ve ever had, pounded thin and perfectly crisped. Not very photogenic, this was the pasta with octopus and nduja breadcrumbs, and plenty of butter in the sauce. A great pasta dish and the octopus was very tender. I loved my dessert - rhubarb and strawberries, with cream and little meringue pieces, and strawberry ice cream. It was airy and intensely flavorful at the same time.
  15. That evening we went to St Helena. First, to get some provisions at Sunshine Markets. I spent a bit of time there in awe of the cheese selection, with many California creameries very well represented (video). I got an assortment to enjoy later in our bungalow - St George (cow), Pianoforte (cow from Andante creamery, inspired by the St Marcellin), Pepato (sheep from Bellwether Farm), Acappella (goat, Andante’s version of Selles sur Cher), and the tiniest piece of Boont Corners (goat/sheep from Penny Royal Farms, in the Tomme style).
  16. Still walking around town, we followed a “chocolate” sign to find a railroad car converted into a little jewel of a chocolate shop, Earth & Sky Chocolates. We got an assortment of ganaches. They use Cacao Barry for the chocolate, and the ganaches are rich with wonderful flavors. Green tea & jasmine and the “plain” ganache are my favorites so far. Not sure there is a way to embed Flickr videos into eGullet. Here is a link to a video of the full display.
  17. Walking around Calistoga I spotted this really cool modern pottery in a store featuring local artisans called blackbird. I really liked the large platter but it was a bit too big for my suitcase! At Copperfield’s Books, this book about wine in the local interests section caught my attention. I know relatively little about wine and it seemed esoteric enough; I was curious so I bought it. From what I can tell so far, it’s a reflexion on modern winemaking techniques and how they can best be used to make wines that still have soul. It’s full of science so I had to have it.
  18. Day 2 - Calistoga and St Helena That evening we settled into our rental in Calistoga and had a lazy brunch the next morning at Solbar, the restaurant at the Solage property just outside of town. We did our best to ignore the prices ($11 smoothies!) and were relieved to find that the food was truly delicious. My daughter declared her fruit smoothie the best she ever had. I had a Ramos Gin Fizz that wasn’t photogenic but had the requisite meringue top and tasted wonderful. I ate a light and very well seasoned blue crab and avocado toast with grapefruit, just what I needed after all the food from the night before.
  19. Day 1 - Santa Rosa The flight from SD to Santa Rosa is a short one, less than two hours. Arrival late afternoon, just in time for dinner at bird and the bottle, a place I had discovered two years ago. They have a menu with a lot of items grilled in their wood-fired oven, heavy on seafood options which is perfect for me. Also an interesting cocktail menu, most of them with a drinking vinegar as one of the components. I went with the B&B, their twist on the Martini with St George Botanivore gin, Carpano dry vermouth, dill drinking vinegar, cucumber water, lime, agave syrup. The dill and and gin flavors dominated. The other drink is their take on the Penicillin which they call The Prescription (Monkey Shoulder Scotch, honey shrub, orgeat, lemon). No pictures of the food, sadly (we were too busy eating with our hands). My favorites were the grilled pawns (very simple and high quality, the juices from the heads a special treat) and the king crab legs that were served with melted butter mixed with lemon confit and gochujang, really delicious.
  20. Good afternoon everyone! A few days ago I left San Diego for Santa Rosa, on my way to Napa Valley. It’s my first time here (I’ve been to Sonoma two years ago, but never Napa). I thought I’d document my food adventures here!
  21. We have a Shake Shack in San Diego and it’s nothing special in my opinion. It seems popular though; they had huge lines when they first opened.
  22. FrogPrincesse

    Dinner 2018

    Last night was for Bourdain. He said his last meal would be bone marrow prepared by Fergus Henderson, so that was my inspiration. I also cooked a ribeye sous vide and finished it in bone marrow fat.
  23. Devastating. He really changed the food world with his unique point of view. I feel so sad for his family, especially his young daughter.
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