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  1. I put mine in a warming drawer for a while (at low humidity) and they become slightly crunchy, with the creamy inside, exactly as advertised.
  2. They taste like the ones I've had in France. Paul which is a chain of bakeries has them. I love them with coffee and go for the super dark, borderline burnt ones.
  3. Vault No.5 (Jasper Hills), which I suspect is Landaff under a different name. Creamy, nutty, so good it was gone before I could take a proper picture! (on TJ’s beet crackers) Edited to add: Haha. I posted this without seeing that this cheese already got a lot of love upthread. I agree with everyone that it’s delicious! I will buy more next time I am there.
  4. More ideas here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/la.eater.com/platform/amp/2017/7/20/15999996/best-food-los-angeles-restaurants-city-guide
  5. Some of my favorite places - 320 Main in Seal Beach south of Long Beach for bistro-style food and excellent cocktails (their Mai Tai is not to be missed) In LA: Son of a Gun for casual (yet refined) creative seafood dishes (their uni carbonara is to die for), AOC for California-style tapas and Mediterranean-influenced comfort food with great wine pairings, Trois Mec or Petit Trois by Ludovic Lefebvre for reinvented French bistro food
  6. 6th Park Swizzle (Phil Ward via Death & Co). Documented previously in the Death & Co thread. It's a winner! Again I've reduced the sugar by switching from 3/4 oz 2:1 syrup to 3/4 oz simple syrup. Perfect! Although way too small with only 1.5 oz of rhum...
  7. This recipe is actually from The Sweet Life in Paris. They are officially called "individual chocolate almond cakes" in the index, and are called chocolate financiers in France. They are so simple and so wonderful. Every time I make them I am surprised at how delicate and intensely flavored they are. They are crumbless as they should be, and their texture is not dense. They also are an excellent use for extra egg whites.
  8. I would recommend a good quality (100% blue agave) blanco tequila for your Margaritas. (Good) Margaritas are all about highlighting the quality of the spirit you use, so if you use a cheap one, you will definitely notice it in the final drink. Don't settle for the cheap stuff! What it is is mixto, or tequila mixed with neutral spirit (up to 49%!), aka tasteless junk. There is a huge difference. And as @BillBuitenhuysnoted above, you will also enjoy sipping on a good tequila (blanco or aged).
  9. Here you go. Lucky you - it’s been published in the French Elle. http://m.elle.fr/Noel/Cuisine/Recettes-de-Noel/Tarte-fine-sablee-au-chocolat-de-Mathieu-Pacaud-2872112
  10. Never heard of it. Where did you find that recipe? The Savoy has the Eagle’s Dream, but it is very different.
  11. Lots of cool ideas and various techniques discussed in this article by Team Lyan. The Nuked Negroni has been on my list of things to try for a while now! I may have to make it the old fashioned way though (on the stove, or with a hot iron?!) since I lack a microwave. https://punchdrink.com/articles/how-to-spirit-infusions-at-home-diy-team-lyan-london-cocktail-recipes/
  12. R&W crème de violette! You are going to have that bottle for a loooong time. I think it's the only thing I have in my home bar that I have never had to restock, and it's still at least 80% full after many years of very active cocktail explorations...
  13. I'd recommend going for smaller bottles of Chartreuse & absinthe since these last for a long while. And stock up on whiskey (bourbon & rye) since you don't have any currently. Shopping list 1/2 bottle green Chartreuse - ~ $35 200 mL St George absinthe - $25 (or get a mini since you just need a few drops/spritzes for most cocktails) Buffalo Trace bourbon - $25 Rittenhouse rye - $25 Over budget by $10, but I'd be very happy with that list! For the things you are curious about, maybe try them at a bar first before buying a bottle.
  14. More ideas for making ginger syrups here:
  15. David Lebovitz’s Racines Cake. I cooked it for only 20 min (instead of 25) and the center was perfectly creamy.
  16. I am making a beef stew (daube de boeuf provençale) with beef cheeks. What would be a good temperature/time combo? Right now I have them set at 65C for 24+ hours but I am worried that this might be too low.
  17. In case you feel like making your own, this thread has a lot of info.
  18. "Get off my case"?! Chill, dude. All I was trying to say was that St George was a fine product, and that trying it in a Mai Tai maybe wasn't the easiest way to fall in love with it. If you liked it, great! And research includes making/drinking. Of course it does! Enjoy your St George. You got it for a steal!
  19. My recommendation as well - do some research! Rhum agricole is wonderful (including the St George, specifically), although it is so different from molasses-based rum ("rhum industriel") that the first time is a shock, for sure. Also as pointed above, the agricole that a lot of people use in Mai Tais is an aged one. Aged and and unaged agricoles are both funky but have very different profiles and are not interchangeable. In any case, if you are trying to reproduce "the original Mai Tai", Martin Cate's research revealed that the Martinique rhum component was a molasses-based rum, not rhum agricole.
  20. Second year making my yuzu and Meyer lemon marmalade (this time with Cara Cara oranges and a touch of Famouse Grouse). The lemons gels like crazy so I had a nice yield of 13 jars, starting with 2.7 kg of fruit.
  21. If it's this beauty it is not a kirshwasser. I recommend pouring down the drain immediately. http://www.dekuyperusa.com/flavor/dekuyper-cherry-flavored-brandy
  22. I can't think of any cocktail that would "hide it", but it's a great addition to fruit salad.
  23. I think your expensive eaux-de-vie would get lost in the punch - these are best for sipping. I'd go with Laird bib + apricot liqueur 2:1 to get some nice fruit flavors without too much sweetness.
  24. The pictures help a bit. From the last one, the light specks look like sugar crystals to me. If they were dark I'd be more worried.
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