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  1. I've mentioned 沅陵 (yuán líng) before. It is a little known town in West Hunan, near where I lived 25 years ago., and is populated largely by members of the Miao and Tujia ethnic minority. I have a few friends living there. This morning I unexpecedly received this: On the left are the local sausages and on the right is 晒兰 (shài lán), the wonderful ham only made and sold locally.
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    Pakistan's beloved mangoes are at risk as climate change shrinks harvest
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    Dinner 2022

    Scotch eggs are not Scottish. They are English. The word 'scotch' in the name is not a reference to Scotland but another word, meaning to chop or cut and refers to the coating of the egg which is finely minced (chopped).
  4. https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2022/08/02/waitrose-joins-ranks-of-uk-retailers-ditching-best-before-dates
  5. Over the last few weeks, several UK supermarket chains have announced that they are abandoning such "best before dates" on a wide range of their food stocks in a bid to reduce food waste and hence greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Lyons Magnus recalls 53 products including alternative milks and protein shakes So much for "healthy" alternatives!
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    Dinner 2022

    The general style of the phở looks to be Southern style, but can't really see the broth.
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    I guess this belongs here. @Kerala One Indian village, more than 100 varieties of mangoes
  9. I haven't been in Cologne since 1967, so no information to share, but I'm looking forward to reading about your experience.
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    Dinner 2022

    This is just the starter from dinner. The main course was something I've posted here a zillion times, so I'll spare you this time - it was good though. The starter is hot-smoked sturgeon with Thai salted limes. Those bables are full of seeds - seedy limes. But tasty and worked well with the fish.
  11. Here is one extracted from the jar. I'll be using it later today. It'll turn up here somewhere.
  12. What is 'go' here?
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