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  1. This may be of interest. We Should All Be Eating More Rabbit and this 'World's biggest rabbit' stolen from home in Worcestershire
  2. The Unlikely Rise of the French Tacos
  3. I I don't know but it's Japanese, not Chinese.
  4. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    What is Marco Polo Pasta? Even Mr. Google isn't being helpful.
  5. liuzhou


    Well, yes. But I can't get them here at the moment. The Euoropean exporters are all in lockdown. And when I can they are damned expensive. But for the right recipe I'd splash out.
  6. liuzhou


    I know we have a lentil soup topic but, much as I love lentil soup, I'm looking for other ideas. Indian style dhal is one I make. Any others? Lentils are hard to find here in China, so I want to put my latest purchase to good use. Red, yellow, brown, green. Whatever.
  7. Look closely! Those yellow droplets aren't egg! C@rn!
  8. There are two supermarkets about equidistant from my home - both within an eight minute walk. Today, I went to the other one (I often go to both as they have different things). Today's choice has all the same birds, pork, snails etc I posted above but also: Fried Noodles (made to order). Various Types Fried Rice (complete with Devil's Droppings!) They have a wide range of Dim Sum items including these dumplings. I could have taken a lot more pictures of these if it weren't for the hundreds of ancient crones mobbed round the display area.
  9. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2021

    Peppery lobster ball soup with cabbage.
  10. Moscow's palatial Yeliseyevsky food hall closes after 120 years I'm taking this one personally! I lived in Moscow in the late 1980s and visited this place. At that time, the USSR was on its last legs and stores had almost nothing to sell. Russia wasn't short of food, but the infrastructure to get it to the city was bankrupt and corruption endemic. Food trains and trucks were lined up outside the city unable to get in. Only high ranking party members and pampered foreigners like me could get food easily. But the building was beautiful.
  11. That very much depends what you mean by a 'true, good camera'. Many cell phone cameras are better than many dedicated cameras. You really would have to match price ranges. My cell phone camera is better than my Canon Eos 5D Mk IV in some situations. Not many, but some. And the Canon cost around 10 times what the cell phone cost.
  12. Nah. They've taken to sushi. (In fact, there is strong evidence that it originated in China.)
  13. It isn't totally overcooked. The colour is from a soy sauce marinade. That said, the Chinese do not eat rare or even medium meats. It causes immediate death! So they are happy with the wellish done meat. It isn't leather overcooked.
  14. They do a good job here. They have to. No one has an oven at home, so there is really no way to get roasted meats other than the supermarkets or sometimes markets. And Chinese shoppers are demanding. If the meat were over or undercooked, the vendors wouldn't last long. I've had excellent birds and pork from them.
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