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  1. Hospital Time

    Thank you for the details of your meals. This list rings true to what I know of nursing homes. I've spent many many hours visiting friends/relatives in various nursing homes, and the food has been universally appalling. Somebody is making an awful lot of money by NOT feeding good nutritious meals, of that I'm convinced. It's a real scandal. And this business of cold sandwiches for dinner is disgusting. And you're right, nursing home patients learn quickly to horde certain items like salt and pepper and crackers. Anyway, it sounds like you are coping well with your situation -- bravo to you -- and I hope your stay in the wheelchair is short.
  2. Hi, thanks for your postings and photos, here's a small correction: The real name is "Pike Place Market."
  3. Oh, I've got this absolutely beautiful book that I've drooled over many a time! The photos are stunning. I bought it at least 20 years ago. I just hope that by the time I finally make it to Japan, they'll still have these regional bentos to take on the trains!
  4. Oh no, you've just single-handedly ruined my fantasy trip to Japan where the Japanese airline experience is fabulous but much more importantly the food is fabulous, even stunning, even if it's just simple fare in basic Economy Class! Damn!
  5. http://www.seattletimes.com/life/food-drink/the-willows-inn-to-pay-workers-149k-for-overtime-and-minimum-wage-violations/ I hope this is the right place to post this topic. I've never been here, but the article says it's the most expensive restaurant in Washington state. The article also says that this ruling by the U.S. Dept. of Labor has "implications for high-end restaurants and their entry-level workers across the country." I imagine so.
  6. Hospital Time

    Me too. I feel for you. I'm glad you have good nursing staff. They can make all the difference.
  7. Hospital Time

    Hi, sorry you're "laid up," as we say around these parts, and I hope you get home soon. In the meantime, thanks for posting this glimpse into Chinese hospital life. It's fascinating. The pork buns look great to me. Does every room have a microwave? Seems a bit odd. Maybe it's so visitors can warm up their food that they bring? Anyway, thanks for the photos and the write-up and get well soon!
  8. Hi Chris, thanks for that simple but wonderful explanation of how heat works on a pan. A small note -- I prefer to wait a few seconds for the oil/butter/fat to bubble up and then add the ingredients.
  9. Too Much Salt in Soup

    Throw in some cut-up potatoes to absorb the salt. This has worked for me in the past.
  10. My First Pop Up Restaurant w/pics!

    Your seared black cod dish looks especially interesting to me. My favorite black cod is the Japanese kasuzuke preparation -- love that crispy skin and the unctuousness of the fish! Was your black cod skin crispy? I can't tell from the photo. Thanks for answering. Also congratulations -- that's quite an achievement!
  11. Cross-contamination.....

    You don't have to have OCD to notice every single one of these. Really shocking that such a super-professional would demonstrate TO THE PUBLIC such poor practices.
  12. I didn't like it for a long long time (decades). I think it had to do with, as a kid, almost being force-fed ice cream after getting my tonsils removed. But recently someone offered me a milkshake, it was delicious, and I've liked them ever since.
  13. Aha! I remember reading about this concept in Fuschia Dunlop's book and thinking, oh, that's why I get these unchewable unknowns in Chinese soups! It's a concept lost on me, I'm afraid. My teeth have never been that strong. LOL
  14. It's beautiful. Looks like it would have a delicate taste.