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  1. SusieQ

    Tasting Japan

    A bit late, but thank you so much for this! I'll probably never make it to Japan, but reading your descriptions and seeing your photos are a good substitute for now!
  2. I know why I'm ambivalent: He left his child fatherless.
  3. SusieQ

    Breakfast 2019

    I love your breakfasts!
  4. SusieQ

    Tasting Japan

    WOW is right!
  5. I just found out that a restaurant called Luosifen opened in Seattle last year. I will check it out when I have a chance to get downtown and report back. From what you, liuzhou, have described, it looks pretty authentic. https://www.luosifennoodle.com/
  6. SusieQ

    Tasting Japan

    In my childhood (1950s US West Coast), beer and tomato juice was a standard offering in people's homes. If they were drinking homes.
  7. SusieQ

    Tasting Japan

    I've wanted to go to Japan since I was a little kid. And I love Japanese food, all kinds. I too look forward to more of your postings. Thank you!
  8. She definitely had a personal story, but I wouldn't say the food was in the background. She went from a one-dish street stall to a Michelin star. I think the show did a good job of showing the progression of the dishes and why and how she developed them. (I'm talking about the first episode. featuring Jay Fai in Bangkok. )
  9. Thank you for the link. And the information.
  10. This is just amazing. Such fantastically beautiful colors. I can only imagine the thousands of hours it must take to make those costumes and headdresses. I suppose they must be handed down as treasures in families. Or do people ever wear the costumes as everyday wear? What about those two cuties standing next to the woman in red who looks like she's wearing a winter reindeer cloak and costume? Are those two wearing ethnic costumes? LOL And who (around here anyway) would have thought of Instant Luosifen (River snail noodles)? Instant revulsion for 99% of United Statesians, I would guess.
  11. SusieQ

    Breakfast 2019

    OH YUM!
  12. This, for me, except I'm not 54 anymore: 😂 "At 54, I just want martinis, because I’m certain of what’s in them and of what that potion can do: blunt the day and polish the night."
  13. As a young girl and then teenager, I refused to wear an apron because I saw the pattern and didn't like it: Women wore aprons while they cooked the meals and did the dishes while men didn't wear aprons, they just ate the meal and then napped on the couch afterwards. Why would I want to wear an apron? Of course, I still had to help with cooking and washing up and clearing the table, and doing the dishes, don't get me wrong, but I (mostly) got away with not wearing an apron. I carried this habit into adulthood but, as an adult, I have gradually learned to always wear an apron because otherwise there are too many disastrous consequences. 😄
  14. Sadly, more and more local newspapers are on a fast down--and-out trend.
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