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  1. SusieQ

    Dinner 2022

    I'm no good at editing photos. With regard to recent pork/beef discussion: Rarely can I afford beef anymore. This pork steak was yummy, but then I cook with lots of garlic. 😄 My first time cooking broccolini. I boiled it for a few minutes then stir-fried it with some chopped shallots. Tasty but I didn't cook it long enough.
  2. "Grape-nuts -- a scientific partially pre-digested food..." Who knew?
  3. SusieQ

    Dinner 2022

    Thank you! I watched your video and was mesmerized. I never in a million years would have thought of mixing diced vegetables with tofu and then making shapes the way you did. Is this something you learned about in Japan?
  4. SusieQ

    Dinner 2022

    It looks like you have several different coatings. Not to mention shapes. Could you give more detail?
  5. I should clarify. When I first saw this, 25-30 years ago, I didn't know what to call it. But I learned that the meat that came off of it went into a sandwich on pita bread called a gyro. After that I learned that this same thing could be called a schwarma (or however it's spelled) if the meat was lamb. This was all in Seattle.
  6. That's too bad. Here in Seattle I've seen this maybe once or twice over the years. Hmm, I wonder what the uneven distribution cause is. (I do buy russet potatoes quite often; it's more or less my default potato choice.) Well, before I posted this I decided to look up the russet potato, which I thought was automatically an Idaho potato. Apparently not. I amend the above statement to say that my default potato choice over the years has been the Idaho potato, which is a russet potato. But maybe your russet potato is different.
  7. Chris, thanks for this gustatory tour! I've never been to New Orleans, so this was fun to see a few spots and lots of dishes. I appreciated all your photos.
  8. Drum fish? Never in my life have I heard of it nor seen mention of it. Until now. 😛
  9. Good heavens. With all that food, and a bottle of wine? Too bad you were rushed. (If the food all comes at once, what are you gonna do?)
  10. SusieQ

    Chicken Liver Love

    Sorry I never answered this. Today at Safeway they're $ 3.50 a pound, at Fred Meyer $2.90 a pound, and apparently not available at QFC -- these are the three major grocers in the Seattle area. I had to look it up because I don't normally buy chicken livers.
  11. SusieQ

    Chicken Liver Love

    Student days, many many decades ago, poor but willing to experiment. The only thing I knew about "liver" was the liver we used to have at dinner at home every once in awhile. None of us could swallow any of it without a big slug of ketchup to help it go down. And if you couldn't even stomach that, there were napkins and pockets. Now I know that our mother just cooked it wrong. Like, fried for 30 minutes or who knows. I just remember a gross taste and an awful leathery consistency. Anyway, long story short, one of my first forays into gustatory exploration was trying this "student on a budget" recipe that my roommate said was good. It was very basic. Melt a stick of butter, add a whole bunch of chopped garlic, then the chicken livers. Baste with the butter for a couple of minutes. Eat with buttered French garlic bread. p.s. This was back when chicken livers were a really cheap purchase.
  12. I have fenugreek seeds that I bought a couple of years ago but have never known what to do with them. Of course, I've never actually looked up what to do with them either. : ) But they look exactly like these in your photo.
  13. Gosh. Old, rich, and still miserable. That's sad.
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