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  1. SusieQ

    Fennel fronds

    I like to poach salmon with some fennel fronds and a few thin slices of lemon and sweet onion in the water.
  2. Looks good. I like your video, too
  3. Oh, to be on the road again! Thanks for sharing. What's a treet salad?
  4. Wow, beautiful photo/vegetable. Makes me want to jump in.
  5. You're right. I forgot about those. I actually do buy Spam sometimes, but like I said, mostly for emergency rations. So Spam fried rice would be one of those.
  6. Spam. Let me count the ways. *Hawaiian Saimin *Emergency rations Hmm. Guess that's it. 😃
  7. This stopped me in my tracks. Bravery on behalf of workers is the highest calling, second only to teachers.
  8. I just found this. I wish I had back then. Anyway, wow, thanks!!
  9. Canned peaches over cottage cheese. That's it, nothing else. Standard 1950s salad, but considered a bit high(er) class -- at least in my family and neighborhood circles. 😄
  10. Thank you for this important reminder! And fast healing to you.
  11. SusieQ

    Dinner 2020

    What is "reverse seared" please? This looks SO delicious!
  12. SusieQ


    I've had steel-cut oats but I didn't like the texture. I grew up with what in our extended family was called "mush," which was cooked oatmeal with milk and a little sugar. A big pot every single morning for years.* Sometimes leftovers were fried in a little butter. This was in the 1940s and '50s so it was probably just whatever regular oatmeal was available then. *Edited to add that we did have other things every once in awhile -- bacon and eggs, our version of French toast, etc. But it wasn't usual.
  13. Hi, what great questions! Thanks for asking them. I will be hanging out hoping to learn. : )
  14. Strain bacon grease? Yes, I do. But, what I'd really like to know is how long is it safe to keep it in the fridge? A few days? A month? A year? I know what you're going to say. Yours would never last that long. 😃
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