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  1. Thank you @Katie Meadow, you've cleared up everything. 🙃
  2. TdeV

    Dinner 2022

    Sorry to be so tardy, Shelby. How were these prepared?
  3. @Maison Rustique, sounds delicious. And that recipe would be?
  4. I'm not having any google luck finding out about this. The OP's spelling was "sunpeeed snails". More elucidation, please.
  5. Is this like US labels which are listed in order of volume/weight of ingredient?
  6. In Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine, I've noticed they start by putting in the yeast, then flour etc, then water. This is the exact opposite of the way I've always loaded (any) bread machine. Do you suppose that matters? Also, I don't mix the dry stuff together first; I just dump as is into the bread bucket. Do you suppose that matters? Also they mention Semolina Granules (*not* flour) and Durum Flour Integrale (whole grain semolina). Does anyone use either of these? Sourced from? So, I've had a bread machine (multiple) for more than 30 years and this book is a *totally* new way of making bread for me. 🤣 🤣
  7. Hello Charlene, eGullet is a wonderful place, as I hope you'll soon discover. Welcome!
  8. @Nancy in Pátzcuaro, I'm enjoying this book. Do you know what weight measurement is used by Eckhardt and Butts for 1 cup flour? Or what weight you use?
  9. So far I've named my motorcycles (only). Shall have to think of names for kitchen devices: perhaps Durable for the bread machine. 🤣
  10. To draw the attention of @paulraphael.
  11. These Chilean chefs have found a novel and sustainable way to share their culture and respect for Mother Earth with visitors to the Atacama Desert. Link to article at BBC Travel
  12. Hello @Lesley65. As you can no doubt tell from your CTM post, there are lots of opinionated eGulleters! Hope you have fun here. Welcome.
  13. The source of the original recipe is Jaime Oliver's ULTIMATE WEEKEND COOKBOOK
  14. Re: science. I recommend following @btbyrd's advice and watch that clip of Heston Blumenthal. I started at 13 minutes in but watched the rest.
  15. @FauxPas, these hocks are actually fresh (unsmoked). Wonder how much time to add?
  16. Maybe this belongs in Absurdly Stupid Questions but I have a couple frozen ham hocks which I would like to cook in the Instant Pot with stock, then shred for a bean soup (beans to be added later). Do I need to thaw the hocks first? If not, for how long should I cook them under pressure?
  17. I ate the third ball last night, Yoda. I think that I understand how to eat them. Unfortunately, that was my last one! 😜
  18. Hello @happysoup. This is a great group of folk, I hope you'll soon see. Hang onto your wallet as eGullet is full of enablers! Welcome.
  19. I see, Yoda, that this is a complex issue. 🤣 🤣
  20. Hello @Lauren S.. Many great folk here. Welcome to eGullet.
  21. Funny you should mention, @Yoda. I recently bought some of those balls from my farmer's market. I knew they were hot chocolate, but that's all I knew. There was no information about what was inside. Also, I had no idea how to prepare them. Milk or water? Microwave? How full to fill cup so that there's enough for the ball, but not to overflow? So the result was less than stellar because I made some incorrect choices. And the experience was sufficiently disturbing that I haven't tried again. Maybe I should go try one now. 🙃 Edited to add: Some instructions for newbies woulda helped.
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