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  1. Hello Michael, that cake looks delicious! Welcome to eGullet.
  2. My APO was delivered to a hub one hour away from me 3 days ago (13th) and is not scheduled for delivery for 2 (whole) more days! 😡
  3. In Windows, I use a product called Agent Ransack from Mythicsoft for fancy searches for files which is a bit smarter than the basic File Explorer. I do think that Evernote has more sophisticated options, but I shall have to think about how better to describe them. Unlike your recipe setup, MokaPot, I use Evernote for very many things, so I am searching it constantly.
  4. MokaPot, your scanner has some kind of OCR in it already (that's what makes it searchable). My scanner does too but I have long had a professional version of Acrobat which has an OCR tool in it. I feed documents into the scanner, then check the pdfs have scanned properly, run Acrobat Text Recognition tool. Then I shred the original documents! There are other (free) OCR tools which I have used for various clients but I can't remember the names of any off the top of my head. Acrobat has some very fancy search abilities (but I don't know if they are accessible in the Acrobat Reader v
  5. @MokaPot, I capture all kinds of recipes, sometimes articles in "notes" in Evernote. Some from eGullet, some from Washington Post, NY Times, and particularly The Guardian. And, cooking blogs too. At the moment, I have 5700+ notes about food. I agree than screen shots aren't very searchable. Originally I had a lot of pdfs because I scanned paper documents to get them, but now I clip from websites. I use OCR to convert pdf to legible text. Nowadays I find text is much more editable in a "copy and paste" from website than a pdf. I also reduce the size of pictures/images b
  6. Elsie, why can't you print recipes? Edited to add: Can you print otherwise on your computer?
  7. Hello Flamirodon. eGullet is a wonderful place. Hope you enjoy yourself here. Welcome!
  8. Kim, One Note is a note taking package, owned by Microsoft, and so, like other Microsoft products, more ubiquitous and less useful (for those with demanding requirements) than other software. Evernote is also a note taking package. The hard part in this discovery process (software selection) is determining what's possible, determining how much effort will be required to get what you think you want, and then selecting what you actually want. Many/most recipe website locations will allow you to print a hard copy of a recipe. Then you can file the paper in a binder with ot
  9. Can you say more about this board, @weinoo?
  10. If the temperature of the oven is somehow cancelled, when restarted it shows what it thinks is the temperature inside the oven. I find it quite startling – often. Though I have not yet independently verified that the oven is capable of correctly taking a temperature.
  11. Someday (soon I hope) I will own an Anova Precision Oven. I would like to begin reading cookbooks about the process of cooking using steam. The Cuisinart Steam Oven thread has some great pictures and stuff, but doesn't really tell me the whys and wherefores. Have some cookbook recommendations? (I'd rather read than watch videos). TIA.
  12. Howdy @Cookwhoplaysdrums. Lots of very interesting people here . . . Welcome.
  13. TdeV

    jar spatula

    My main use of a "smaller" spatula is to scrape down the sides of the glass blender jar, and almost everything modern is too large. I have (literally) dozens of scrapers which I have/am testing--most of which are quite annoying. My new favourite is the scraper from Thermoworks which @ElsieD references above. Small enough to fit inside the sides of the glass blender jar and supple enough to work right.
  14. Thanks @scott123, @weinoo, @JoNorvelleWalker, @Katie Meadow and everyone for the replies. I have a 1/2" baking stone which lives in my GE oven. I've noticed that the GE varies wildily: I'm used to starting before pizza at 550F for an hour, but the oven will cycle on and off, and eventually I find that it has lowered to about 470F! So I have very unreliable pizzas. Now that I'm getting an Anova Precision Oven (someday, date keeps slipping), I'm thinking about purchasing a slab of aluminium for the APO.
  15. TdeV


    Hello @taceprit, there are many great cooks here. Welcome to the forum!
  16. I'm confused, @JoNorvelleWalker. I thought the steel was inferior - in general - than the aluminium? Also, isn't the steel heavier; why would it be too heavy for the racks? And didn't you upgrade your racks? Also, there are many aluminium boats on a lake, so why is this an issue?
  17. Could you recommend where to buy an aluminum plate which would fit in the Anova Precision Oven, please?
  18. @gulfporter, it was Christmas last year when I prepared my very first instant pot meal, which involved filling the pot very full of stew and tomato sauce, and then turning on the slow cooker on Low . . . In the end, I eventually figured out how to bring the pot up to pressure, and then set it on slow cook High. (For those who don't know: an Instant Pot on slow cook cycle set on Low is on warm, an IP on Medium is on Low, and an IP on High is high). Only saving grace, my company drank lots of wine, so were not as alarmed as I. And I didn't have tons of wine until lat
  19. I did a 2 1/8" (54 mm) pork chop (from frozen) at 137°F for 3.5 hours, then iced it; it's in the back of fridge now. Based on these quoted comments, that wasn't long enough to cook it. Can I continue to cook it, or is it safer to throw it out? How long do I cook it for?
  20. I drink a lot of breakfast smoothies, using only 2 fresh bananas, 12 oz Greek yogurt and fruit. Now that winter is here, I'll use only frozen fruit. No ice and no juice. I find that the less ripe the bananas, the thicker the resultant smoothie will be. I.e. a banana that's nearly black still makes a fine smoothie, but will be very liquid by then.
  21. Hello @Nikolay, you sound a most fascinating cook. This eGullet place is very engaging, and they don't mind absurd stupid questions. I'm looking forward to learning more about you. Welcome.
  22. Hello @mixersanontt. This is a fabulous site! Welcome.
  23. Hello @Jerald Marks. Welcome to eGullet.
  24. I'm rendering duck skin and fat. I usually start by putting enough water in the saucier to cover the duck scraps, then slowly heat. Usually add another half cup of water, then heat for another hour. Now I've got a little pile of flattened duck skin shapes, and very little liquid fat visible. I'm pretty sure that if I added more water and heated, then I could pour off the liquid into a separate container. Or do you just pick up the duck skin one piece at a time, somehow expecting it to drain itself? If so, how do you collect the dripped duck fat?
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