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  1. Rob, this looks enticing. Since I, and maybe others, have no idea what's refrigerated and what is not, could you please say?
  2. Hi Chris. Could you please explain what are "pressure-carmelized" grains?
  3. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Kim, I vaguely remember. Done in the Instant Pot on Ultra, no pressure, probably High. The beans had chopped onions, then 1/2" or so rich stock (with chicken fat) was added and cooked for about an hour. Then the potatoes were added and steam/cooked about half an hour; then the potatoes were flipped over, for another half hour. The total time was somewhere between 2-3.5 hours. When the potatoes were almost done, I lowered the heat. These were new potatoes, so very fresh.
  4. TdeV

    Pork Belly - your ideas ?

    In 2013 dinner thread, @dcarch posted about sous vide pork belly with crispy skin (great photos). Since I can no longer post in that thread, I'm posting here. This is what dcarch said: After many years of trying, finally perfect cracklin' skin on perfectly juicy tender meat! Here are the steps: 1. Poke a million holes on the skin. Season and rub well all meat surfaces. 2. Use a flat tray and make the skin lay very flat, and freeze pork belly. 3. While it is still frozen, boil the skin side in shallow boiling water to cook the skin only. 4. After the skin has been well cooked, and the meat is still frozen because of the fat layer, sous vide the pork belly the normal way. I did 24 hours. 5. Take the pork belly out from sous vide bag and dry with paper towel. 6. Wrap Heavy duty alum foil all around, exposing only the skin. 7. Lay foiled pork belly (food safety) on a rack in a dehydrator set at 150F (food safety!) face down so the skin will be flat and fat can be drained away. Dehydrate overnight. 8. In a pre-heated 400F oven, bake the pork belly face up with the alum foil on a cold pizza stone. 9. Don't walk away. In a few minutes, the skin will puff up beautifully. 10. Let the pork belly get to room temperature and the skin will be unbelievable on the most amazing juicy tender sous vided (24 hours +12 hours) pink meat. 11. Find a way to divide the skin up equally or you will end up with big fights. 🙂 <end quote> re: #3, how long does one boil the skin side? re: #7, I have no dehydrator. What do you recommend?
  5. @Marvinator, have you tried google image search?
  6. I have King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking which cites ingredients in ounces. Perhaps a used book might help you. Also, you could spend some time on the website (which does offer ingredients in grams). King Arthur Flour has changed their name to King Arthur Baking.
  7. Indeed. @kayb speaks the truth: watch your wallet! Welcome @Marvinator. Many very entertaining folk here.
  8. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    For me it was too rare, I think. The fat was stringy and got stuck between my teeth; at he end of dinner, I had a little pile of fat on the side (which was hard to remove). DH, on the other hand, just ate his. I also didn't like flavour of the marrow, too bloody perhaps. Next time I will try 135°F or 137°F.
  9. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Several eG posts were my inspiration. Thanks to @rotuts @Shelby @mgaretz @Kim Shook @ambra @shain I found some discounted veal shank cross cut which was sous vide at 130°F for 2.5 days and then sautéed for seconds at high heat. Green beans with sautéed onion, new potatoes, chicken stock, smoked Spanish paprika, nutritional yeast, splash of red wine vinegar at end. Sautéed Shiitake mushrooms, juice from sous vide bag, five spice, butter, cornstarch.
  10. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Define briefly. An hour?
  11. Yes, volume measurement is a totally demented method. 🤣
  12. There are two copies here @Mutleyracers. Let me know if they can't ship to UK.
  13. How close to the broiler do you position your pizzas? @JoNorvelleWalker @blue_dolphin @Chris Hennes @Duvel . . . actually everyone!
  14. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Oh, Shai. Delicious! Recipe, please?
  15. At the market today, I bought some marked down veal shank cross cut (about 1.25" thick). I couldn't find veal in Baldwin's book (he has such a lousy index) but Chris McDonald says veal shanks can be cooked like lamb shanks (as both are less than one year old). What time and temp?
  16. I think it was probably somebody's nephew.
  17. @chromedome is right, it's about counter space. I need to remove some existing appliances. P.S. I'm also the person who wants to boil water (so I can get rid of the microwave).
  18. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Instant Pot stew with chicken stock, flageolet beans, huge (grilled) garlic cloves and tomatillos - all whizzed with the immersion blender. Then added chicken from backs and necks plus 6 sous vide chicken thighs. Grilled, chopped green tomatoes. Grilled, sliced poblano, green chile and bell peppers. Seasoned with soy sauce, fish sauce, splash honey. Finished with a splash of cream. (How do I make this added cream look better?) And then the pièce de résistance Chile-lime mix from Rancho Gordo.
  19. Well, it won't do toast, so I'm safe.
  20. Hello Alexander. Welcone to eGullet. There are many fascinating people here and I hope you soon find friends.
  21. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    Oh, so delicious looking! Fresh tomatoes or dried or mix of both?
  22. TdeV

    Food after Dental Work

    Margaret, could you please talk about what you do here, with some examples?
  23. TdeV

    Dinner 2020

    I'm a very bad farmers' market shopper. Well, I suppose I'm a bad grocery shopper in general. I don't know what I'm going to cook - it depends on what looks good. Well that looks good . . . and so does that . . . and that . . . and that . . . So, I have a lot in the fridge; it's already Thursday and the market is Saturday. This dish contains 4-5 baby + Japanese eggplants, 1.5 lbs fancy mushrooms, a fresh sweet onion (with mud), half dozen fresh garlic cloves, couple cans tomatoes, remnants of red and white wine, covered in 7 minute polenta done in the Instant Pot (then added lots of Fontina and Parmesan cheese). The dish was so full that I couldn't take it out of the oven until it had cooled down. Here it is a bit cooler And a serving . . . but sadly, we have three more servings!
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