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    Why ice post-sous-vide?

    I can understand that putting the sous vide bag in a sink full of ice is important with meat, as one wishes to quickly lower the temperature of meat so that it's not dangerous. But what about potatoes? Or green beans? Why ice?
  2. TdeV

    Why ice post-sous-vide?

    Oh, in the case of green beans, one shocks them to keep them green. But what about potatoes?
  3. TdeV

    Why ice post-sous-vide?

    @scubadoo97, if the cook time is 45 minutes to 1 hour at 182F (I think that's what Baldwin says about green beens) and anova says 40 minutes, I don't see what leaving the beans "en plein d'air" at 72F threatens.
  4. I've been researching chicken produced by massive farms, and the results aren't pretty. How prevalent are these dangerous chicken practises? I.e. are these practises of "most" large chicken farms, or "occasional" chicken farms? So, my neighhbourhood farmer has free range whole chickens which have large breasts and small legs (breed choice). Presumably if I can commit to buying chickens from him, he might breed some with with small breasts and larger legs. In the meantime, I need something to do with chicken breast (which I normally find dry and tasteless). Should I pound it thin then stuff it? Stuff it without pounding it thin? Suggestions?
  5. I've just noticed this dish but am wondering about variations. Please advise.
  6. TdeV

    Have a good recipe for Dirty Rice?

    @heidih, do you mix cajun seasoning on the fly, or do you purchase it ready made? And what's in yours?
  7. TdeV

    Have a good recipe for Dirty Rice?

    Hi @heidih, I don't remember having dirty rice, so I've no idea what goes in it! I'm picking up two chickens from a farm on Tuesday. Would chicken necks be good to use?
  8. TdeV

    Salt & sous vide

    I'm thinking that one isn't supposed to add salt to meat which is about to be sous-vided. I have no idea from whence the idea came, nor whether it's correct. Also I'm thinking that raw onion is ok in the sous vide bag, but not raw garlic (because it imparts a harsh flavour). Either of these impressions have value?
  9. TdeV

    Salt & sous vide

    Aah, @Porthos, do you happen to remember what the watershed timeline was?
  10. TdeV

    Sous vide shrimp from frozen

    Serious Eats sous vide shrimp recommends various temperatures/textures for 15 to 30 minutes. If the shrimp are frozen, how much extra time should I cook them?
  11. TdeV

    Sous vide shrimp from frozen

    The shrimp were purchased frozen and were very tasty. I've never sous vide shrimp before and these were much more rare than I've ever managed to cook shrimp. A very interesting delivery. I shall be doing more of this. On the other hand, the salmon was "fresh" from a grocery fish counter and I'm not sure how long it had been defrosted, so the taste was a tad off. (I'm very sensitive to fish). Tolerable but not great. Lately I've been buying fish from Sitka Salmon Shares which is reliably great fish but comes in 1 lb packets which is awkward (i.e. too large) when one wants to have anything other than a slab of filet. This is silly, really, when I grew up with Bubble & Squeak (last night's fish mixed with last night's veg, potato & egg mixed into a patty and fried). Maybe with an egg on top.
  12. TdeV

    Sous vide shrimp from frozen

    Well, I was worried that the frozen shrimp (with quite a bit of ice) would produce too much liquid, so I actually put them in room temperature water before the sous vide which thawed them in minutes. Then I dried the shrimp. I sautéed some fresh garlic in butter and chipotle olive oil, added some Rosé and reduced, cooled it, then added to bags of shrimp and salmon. Water bath for shrimp at 125F and salmon at 114F, both done for 20 minutes. Meanwhile I boiled some spaghetti (whole wheat, durum and quinoa flours) Chopped avocado, cucumber, parsley, sunflower seeds, lime zest and juice of one lime. (Not sure why the image rotated when I inserted it; can't find any way to rotate it back!)
  13. TdeV

    Sous vide shrimp from frozen

    They are 26-30 per pound.
  14. Almost all recipes I read about breadcrumbs state to cut off the crusts. Why is that? (My bread is usually homemade and I don't want to waste the crusts).
  15. @Anna N, what is 'refined' about taking the crusts off?
  16. Is it possible to stuff a pork tenderloin which then gets cooked sous vide, or, should one sous vide the tenderloin first and then stuff it later? And then flash it under the broiler for a minute? And what would one use for stuffing?
  17. TdeV

    Stuffed pork tenderloin sous vide?

    Interesting, @gfweb and @rotuts. Can I have some (more) ideas? 🙂
  18. No photos, sorry. Bought tons of fresh fruit at the farmers' market, so . . . Did a search on egullet and came up with @blue_dolphin's remarks about blueberry cutney with salmon (chutney from Deep Run Roots cookbook). Salmon and small red potatoes done sous vide. Blueberry chutney and mushrooms done on the stovetop. Delish!
  19. TdeV


    @kayb, do tell about the pickled cherry recipe!
  20. TdeV

    Split peas (green, dried)

    I'm reading a couple of books about beans now. One of them says that if you eat beans regularly, the gas problem goes away. I must say that's my experience
  21. TdeV

    Cookbooks 2018

    Go to the Index and you can see the list of recipes. Looks like an interesting book!
  22. TdeV

    Barbara Kafka RIP

    @liuzhou, I was going to ask for Barbara Kafka's recipe and then I found https://www.thecitycook.com/recipes/2011-06-02-barbara-kafka-s-microwave-shrimp-risotto I'd never heard of Barbara Kafka but it is always sad to hear about the loss of a valued person. I will surely try her recipe.
  23. TdeV

    Best pot luck recipes

    What is Jail Slaw?
  24. TdeV

    Sources for foods

    I've been reading some great egullet threads on where to buy different foods, so I thought to ask about two current issues: what brand of sun-dried tomatoes in oil do you use? And where do you get it from? where do you buy dried vegetables and dried fruits?
  25. TdeV

    Sources for foods

    The event which started this was a jar of Victoria Mediterranean Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, from Victoria Packing in Brooklyn. Largely the tomatoes had most of their skin and plenty of pith which was very tough. I thought it must be possible to buy better tomatoes. I just bought a soup packet which had quite a bit of dried carrot and celery which I thought might be good to have on hand (25 year shelf life ). I looked around online and could only uncover emergency food suppliers selling 72 hour to 1 year emergency food kits. I did find Purcell Mountain Farms for beans. Recommendations?