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  1. Hello @marialma. Not a candy maker but I follow many of the posts. I'm looking forward to seeing your experiments. Welcome.
  2. TdeV

    Sous Vide Pork Chops

    @rotuts convinced me of keeping a notebook years ago.
  3. I only lasted 22 minutes. But I have bookmarked it! πŸ˜‚
  4. TdeV

    Sous Vide Pork Chops

    @Midlife, I joined eGullet when I began to investigate sous vide in 2012. There is lots and lots and lots of information on this site about different sous vide treatments. Good luck! πŸ˜‹
  5. TdeV

    Sous Vide Pork Chops

    @Midlife, at higher temperatures more water is removed from the meat (I'm told). Therefore, lower temperatures (for a longer time) produce more tenderly done meat.
  6. TdeV

    Food Funnies

    Even enlarging my screen, I can't read your image, @chromedome.
  7. Thanks. Heidi. Very strange--I've been eating potatoes with (removed) sprouts for years. No idea whether I ever got sick. 😡
  8. Why shouldn't one eat potatoes (sweet + regular) which have sprouted?
  9. @Darienne, tell us a bit more about your running list.
  10. Thanks ever so much, Kenneth and wife. I looked up Chia Seed Porridge and came up with wild items. I'm looking forward to your Test Porridges. Along with ratings. 🀣
  11. Hello Peter, so good to hear from a food nerd. You won't be lonely here. 🀣 Welcome.
  12. Hello @Qusai. Welcome to eGullet.
  13. Hello Luis. I'm among many folks here who love Spanish food, and so ready for your participation! Welcome.
  14. First, congratulations @JeffGC on your rapid trajectory to full-fledged Foodie! You're likely to fit in well here, and make fast friends. Welcome.
  15. @kayb, I don't think I've ever copied your recipe. Please?
  16. Do you have a photo for this? And a recipe?
  17. Search finds many mentions of "chili crisp" but they all seem to be a purchased version. Does anyone make their own? And could you provide a recipe, please. Just to make matters more complex, I want to make a very mild version. So I'm particularly interested in technique.
  18. My pie was a disaster in almost every way. Gretchen McKay's Blueberry Cream Pie recipe appeared in my local paper, though this is a different link. I didn't want to make a single pie––too hard to cut cleanly. Brief internet research revealed that individual pies take more crust ingredients than a single pie; it was suggested that doubling the recipe would be adequate, extra pie shells could be frozen for another day. Having no graham crackers, I thought to substitute ginger snaps. Nabisco Ginger Snaps were a favoured youthful dessert so I bought a box, but the modern version is a hard tasteless (ginger-less) hard cookie. It seems that different manufacturers have different graham cracker sheet sizes, so there was no way (for me) to calculate its weight. Also unclear on whether the recipe called for a single graham cracker or a sheet of crackers, I counted out 24 Nabisco ginger snaps, thinking that I was doubling the recipe. And so added 12 tablespoons of melted butter (excessive). And whizzed in the Cuisinart for too long into a fine powder. Perhaps you can see how rock solid this "crust" is. The blueberry filling went fairly well, though I added an extra tablespoon of ground blueberry powder, and used lime oil in place of lemon juice. (I'm probably not a very reliable cook πŸ™„). For the topping, the cream cheese was too cold. With the addition of heavy cream, it wasn't long before I turned it into butter. While I managed to get the "crust" loose from the pie pan after baking, this was not possible once the crusts were filled. Using a sharp vegetable knife, I eventually got them loose but probably wrecked the pan. Now, here's the funny part. Everybody ate almost all of the pie! Moreover, no one lost a tooth. My friend took to calling it Blueberry Cream Toffee Torte. 🀣
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