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    Dinner 2022

    I'm still back on page 43 of this digest, so please forgive my not having noticed anything since early March. 🤣 Over on the Anova Precision Oven thread I queried about how to broil some pork shoulder steaks, results below. Also I was prepping for company (always flusters me) and I couldn't remember if one is supposed to build a gratin with raw or cooked components, so I hedged my bets. Casserole made of Russet and Yukon Gold potatoes sliced thinly on mandoline, interspersed with small cauliflower florets, lots of thinly sliced leeks, and some Fontina cheese. Since I didn't know if I was boiling or baking I added 3/4 cup each milk and cream. It was dreamily tasty, though perhaps hard on one's arteries. We did not need dessert.
  2. I set the probe to 128°F but it didn't work out so well. I found out that it is not possible to do these two things at once: put the pan on the top shelf, and use the probe*. The oven was pretty darn hot (>425°F), so what I did was move the pan down one notch. When the pork was up to temperature, I removed the probe and put the pan on the top rack. Turned out that was another 4 or 6 minutes. Too long and I should have reheated the oven first. The result was a bit too chewy. The charred fat was tasty though. * I've tested this with the oven cold and it truly can't be done. Perhaps this is an accidental byproduct of Anova's improvement to the cooking pan. As you can see, there is no way that probe is fitting in there.
  3. @SherryCobySam said "Are these preferred over the anova perforated pans?" I didn't know Anova had perforated pans! Where?
  4. @SherryCobySam, if the food in the APO is inside a sealed bag, I would expect the APO steam function to make no difference to the bag contents. I understand that with the APO one can cook sous vide without plastic, but I've only cooked fish a few times that way, so not much to report. After a period of time, the APO will warn that it wants you to run a descale cycle. This has occurred twice or thrice for me, once it launched automatically (unfortunately) when I was in the middle of cooking something. Someone convinced me about using distilled water, by saying "Do you really want to replace the whole oven because you didn't use distilled water?" @EatingBen asks about our satisfaction with the Anova Precision Oven. I have no other experience with a steam oven, but I'm enjoying what I've learned with this machine. I've closely followed the discussions about Cuisinart Steam Oven for years. I knew that many folks thought the CSO too small. Recently I heated up a 7 quart enamelled cast iron oval brasing pot in the APO at 220°F. Fit fine.
  5. Book arrived this morning = 6 days. Very enticing Introduction. I shall report . . .
  6. I've just unearthed a couple packets of short ribs from the freezer. The seal has failed and the ribs look a little freezer-burnt. Would you cook them or throw them out? I was thinking of braising them. Foolish?
  7. That was one of my main draws towards the Instant Pot.
  8. I ordered from Bookshop.org but I only paid for slow delivery (4 to 10 days). No idea when delivery will actually occur.
  9. I'm going to make one too. 😋 And I've ordered JAZ's newest cookbook.
  10. @liuzhou, do you mean 36 inch or 36 cm?
  11. @jedovaty, I have an Anova in place of a Cuisinart, but I would say that the beets should be exposed to the steam. For the end of the cook (5 or 10 minutes), you could turn off the steam - Edited to add - so as to "caramelize" them.
  12. Hello @Teronms. There are lots of great people here. Hope you make fast friends! Welcome.
  13. Did you get a melted puddle at the bottom?
  14. Hello @Johnstro12. Hope you find fast friends here. Welcome to eGullet.
  15. First, migrate to loose leaf tea. You can brew tea in the cup in a stainless steel brewing basket. Also Upton Tea (since 1989) has a variety of tea samplers.
  16. I can't find anything on the website which tells the minimum amount of rice to cook. Where should I look? P.S. I did like that model NW-JEC10/18 has a self clean function.
  17. Ah. The 3 cup Micom rice cooker and warmer NS-LGC05 is smaller. Also cheaper at $160. Doesn't look like it is made in Japan though.
  18. I'm confused, the smallest cooker on Zojirushi website is 5.5 cups / 1 litre. AFAIK these are 180 ml cups (vs 237ml for US cups); so 5.5 of them is 990 ml. Am I missing something?
  19. No, @Okanagancook, but I'm very interested!
  20. Usually I sous vide pork shoulder roast at 133°F for 3 days. My barbecue meister neighbour has delivered pork shoulder steaks which have been done in minutes on the barbecue. I don't have a barbecue. Scott Heimendinger at Anova website says this about doing 1 inch steak in the APO where beef at medium rare is measured at 124°F with the probe. Note: probe temp set 2°F lower than finish temp. And " Set the oven temperature 15°F (7°C) higher than the target temperature." My pork shoulder steaks are approx 5/8inch (16mm) thick. What temperature should I set the probe?
  21. Did 3 hours at 142°F. 5 bags of 2 chicken thighs each. Will let you know how it works out.
  22. For some time I have been fantasizing about a Zojirushi rice cooker. Truly, eGullet is awash in enablers! I'm wondering if folks who have a rice cooker AND a steam oven AND an Instant Pot (or two of three) would please answer some questions: If your rice cooker were to break, would you buy a new one? I'm trying to gauge if a rice cooker adds distinct features over the steam oven and/or Instant Pot. Or whether I should just learn more about the Anova Precision Oven (APO) or the Instant Pot? With your rice cooker do you cook straight rice, or rice with items in it? Beth Hensperger's book looks really interesting. Yet, on the APO recipe website, there are quite a few one-pot-ish rice casseroles. For those with a large (10 cup/1.8 litre) rice cooker, can you cook a small amount of rice? For a family of 2, would you get the smaller 5.5 cups / 1 litre or the 10 cups / 1.8 litre? FatGuy said to get the biggest one you can here. Someone else in that thread also said the same. If your rice cooker were to break, would you replace it with a Micom (Fuzzy), Induction, or Pressure? @rotuts asked here "are the Induction or Induction-Pressure models that much better than the plain Fuzzy ? or are the newer versions just faster giving the same result?" All of the following are made in Japan. These are list prices from Zojirushi website Pressure + Induction Heating + Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-JEC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $712 Pressure + Induction Heating + Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer NP-NWC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $525 Induction Heating + Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer NP-HCC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $350 Umami® Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer NS-YAC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $250 Neuro Fuzzy® Rice Cooker & Warmer NS-ZCC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $231 Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer NL-AAC10/18 - 5.5 cups/1 litre $190 Your thoughts?
  23. Just a bit of salad dressing? Something spicier?
  24. When cooking chicken (thighs) sous vide, do you add any herbs, salt or pepper? I'd like to pre-cook the chicken for future dishes. I'm planning on 155°F for 3 hours. Then ice for a while, and then freeze. Thoughts?
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