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  1. No, rotuts, it's not fat. Thicker than water. I'll have to taste it to see if it's salty.
  2. Sorry to belabour what must seem obvious, @gfweb @Dave the Cook @rotuts, if my corned beef is covered in thick creamy stuff (presumably the papain, etc.) and a spice bag, should I omit that creamy stuff in the sous vide cook? And @Duvel, if that is mustard sauce, could you please give recipe?
  3. So, I should rinse and soak in cold water (3-4 hours) or cook as per the suggestions on the bag? ---------------------------------- Instructions on bag: Slow Cooker: Remove meat from package. Place meat in slow cooker and cover the roast with cool water. Set cooker on high for 4 hours or internal temp to 160°F. Let cool 20-30 min before slicing. Oven: Preheat to 300°F. Remove meat from package and place on rack in pan, fat side up. Add 1" water to bottom of pan. Cover with contents of spice pack if desired. Cover pan with lid. Bale 1.5 - 2.5 hours, with 10 minutes left uncovered to internal temperature of 160°F. Let cool 20-30 minutes before slicing. Reminder: We recommend that any juice in this package be used in cooking the product. ---------------------------------- To me, the juice in the package looks semi-solid, like very loose jello. Advice?
  4. I planned on 133°F for 60 hours, but. Underneath the supermarket label, it reads "Tenderized with papain". So now what do I do, @gfweb?
  5. Robyn, that cake looks fabulous! Will you tell us what's in it?
  6. I bought some beef brisket with corning spices at the market today. Probably doesn't count though. 😉
  7. Hello @rrigreid. Are you planning to roast your own beans? A friend gave me a cup made of home-roasted beans some months ago and it was the best coffee I had ever tasted. Maybe @rotuts can help. Welcome to eGullet. Many fine people here.
  8. In my case they wanted the oven back before they shipped me a new one.
  9. I'm not sure if my APO failed or if I broke it. But a warranty issue regardless. I have no knowledge of the door ever being slammed open (thus breaking the hinge). Nor of there being anything amiss with the oven before that day. The APO smelled bad, so I cleaned with oven cleaner. The online Anova instructions said to wipe down to remove oven cleaner, then heat to 300°F, meanwhile to open the oven door and spray in some water to rinse down the walls. Which I did but the oven still smelled of oven cleaner, so I sprayed in some more water. Maybe a few times. The plastic container for water melted (a hole) about 2/3 up (fortunately water level low). But I don't know exactly why. I was not clear if the door wasn't closing and thus the heat leaked and melted the water container, or if my spraying water inside the oven caused the steam to shoot out and melt the water container, or if my spraying water wasn't fully contained in the oven and thus "overshot" the edge and then the heat of the oven melted the water container. Anova was prompt in reply and they agreed to replace the oven. I don't expect they will ever tell me why it occurred. Replacement APO has arrived. The new water container is shielded by a thick layer of black plastic. See photo in Jon S's post
  10. @Tri2Cook, where could I find what those dry equilibrium brine calculations should be?
  11. During a conversation about making stock, I think I'm remembering @btbyrd saying that uncut chicken bones will give up their goodness and flavour in a couple of hours. So, I made a bean and ham hock soup in the Instant Pot (no pressure) at various temperatures (185-205°F) over 10-12 hours, then I refrigerated. Today, I defatted the pot, shredded the meat, and blended the vegetables. The whole pot is now reheating at 180°F. Would there have been any value in adding the cleaned, uncut bones back into the soup? Is there any more flavour to be gotten out of them?
  12. Yes, Jo, I kept the original box. When Anova told me to send the oven back, they didn't seem to care much about how it was packaged (like they might *not* be refurbishing it 😂 ). I usually have amazing volumes of packaging material. Pity you don't live closer.
  13. @Duvel, when you cure the brisket, do you air dry it in the fridge? Also, could you please guesstimate the amounts of spice (whole spices) in your recipe?
  14. I got my new APO today and finally have my Anova app speaking to it!
  15. Jo, I have no APO in the house so I can't tell where that is. My water tank developed cracks and Anova Culinary sent me a new one. Melted now, of course.
  16. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    @rotuts Had a last minute Wine Time With Eats in the backyard yesterday, so whipped out one of these , sv 122°F for ~1 hour to thaw, seared in a hot pan, and sliced thinly. Served along with slab country pâté, olives, dates, and several crackers. One of the guests is a longtime tailgating barbecuer. He remarked "Wow. Amazingly tender for that cut. Fully explains the treatment." High praise indeed. Especially since he is fundamentally dubious about sous vide.
  17. Hi Sherry. Info about the APO's maladies and causes soon. Both the microwave and the toaster were purchased based on price. The old microwave was 1.4 cuft, and the new one 0.9 cuft and made by Black & Decker. It's smaller and less powerful but it's quite satisfactory. The current toaster is a Lofter Long Slot (need that because most of our bread is from the bread machine), while the old one was a Breville and vastly superior. The thing is that DH was unwilling to use the APO; and I find that I now use the Lofter for toast. I have always wanted a toaster like I grew up with (pre-cursor to toaster ovens), but have not yet figured out how to use the APO for toasted cheese. I definitely vote for the APO.
  18. @SherryCobySam, welcome to eG – the land of great enablers! Hope you find fast friends here. I've had an APO for about a year. There are some really interesting foods and methods to discover. Making toast is a 7 or 8 minute process, and the only process for which I use the app. My DH tried making toast once or twice but gave up. I ended up buying a $40 toaster. We still have our microwave, but when it busted, I bought a much smaller one. I vote with @JoNorvelleWalker and suggest you get an APO. P.S. My APO is busted and Anova Culinary has promised to send out a new one after they get mine back (Anova paid for the shipping). Edited to add that I *assumed* that Sherry was new to eG. Not true! Has been a member longer than I. 🤣
  19. On Monday night, I had dinner with Rob Connoley (@gfron1). Jealous? You should be. We arranged to meet at Louie on deMun Ave at 5:45 p.m., their only available timeslot. The place was packed. Rob is a famous guy in St Louis so the owner kept sending us extra wine and food. Lucky for us. And Rob had not yet had time to celebrate his James Beard nomination, so we were very merry. We started with house made focaccia, 3" thick, with a nice puddle of olive oil. Throughout dinner, the waitress kept offering to clear away my unfinished bread, but I insisted on hanging on to it (all the better to wipe up the sauces with 😃) The first course was Grilled Spanish Octopus, with small red red potatoes, chickpeas and Soppressata. The pan sauce was made from sautéing the chickpeas with Soppressata. The sauce was outrageously good (focaccia helpful). To my uneducated palate, there were undertones of chile/paprika and chocolate. Paired by the restaurant, we drank 2020 Abbazia di Novacella Kerner | Trentino-Also Adige The second course, a special, was sweet potato ravioli in brown butter with a little lemon, smoked Ricotta salata, topped with almonds and chive and basil (focaccia helpful). Also paired by the restaurant, we drank 2020 Terradora di Paolo Falanghina | Campania The third and fourth courses came together. One was a loose Roman Gnocco (a texture similar to mashed potato), with pork ragù, Béchamel sauce, topped with Pecorino (focaccia helpful). And the other course was pizza Norma with eggplant, tomato, basil, Ricotta salata. Paired by the restaurant was 2019 Terre Nere Etna Rosso | Sicily (Narello Mascalese, Narello Cappuccio). I had also brought along a bottle of fruity Peterson Zinfandel. Excellent celebration. And Rob is a most interesting dinner companion. In the end my focaccia was unfinished and there were leftovers for Rob for the morrow. This time I stayed in a green room at Angad Arts hotel. Road trip? I would go back in a Hot Minute!
  20. Mine are not Gripstic (sorry, I had no idea) and are without manufacturer ID, so counterfeit. And they're a different colour scheme. I'm pretty sure one is lost misplaced. I have (tip to tip) 5 1/8 inch, 7 3/8 inch, 11 3/8 inch. Official sizes listed as 4.7inch/7.4inch/9.0inch/11.4inch. So far 9 inch is the most useful size.
  21. I have the same question as @ElsieD only my peaches are semi-dehydrated and then frozen. Same advice?
  22. They're quite small and fit just fine into a little used drawer until needed. Just sayin'. 🤣
  23. Yes, @Kim Shook, I have some of those too. I use them for re-sealing a sous vide bag which I have cut open, but need to return to pot of water to keep warm. Eg. when making gravy.
  24. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    Lunch. With fresh bread.
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