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  1. @gfweb, how much of that spice mixture would be used on a 4 lb brisket?
  2. Just brought home 4.4 lbs brisket. Could you please suggest quantities of spice(s)? How long do I dry brine? Edited to add: where do I find curing salt? Does brand matter?
  3. @Kim Shook and @kayb, what is the exact link (or query) for the recipe which you want?
  4. Hello @PatrickT. eGullet is a great place. Welcome!
  5. Mitch, tonight I did salmon filet, slathered with homemade mayo, 2nd rack, Top and Rear (convection) elements, 400°F, 40% steam, for 8 minutes. Should have been 6 or 7 minutes. I don't know much about pan grilling (beyond a hot hot pan, 30 seconds per side after sous vide).
  6. For some years (8 or 10), I've made pork shoulder roast in the sous vide at 133°F for 3 days. However, my neighbour is a barbecue meister and does fabulous things with pork shoulder steak. It is seasoned with a dry rub. And I'm sure it is not cooked for long. I have now purchased three 3/4" pork shoulder steaks. Any idea how to quick-cook in the APO with some browning? (I have no barbecue).
  7. Hello @Evan Rahilly. This is a great place! Welcome.
  8. Hello @Dave R. This is a fine place. And the folk are pretty friendly. Welcome.
  9. I agree, it's definitely a new oven, @cyalexa. I've been turning steam % way lower.
  10. How big is big? Anchor Hocking has a 2 quart, Kitchen Aid is 3.5 quart. P.S. Directions say 1.5 quart
  11. @heidih, is it possible to make peanut brittle so that it doesn't pull out one's dental fillings? 😋
  12. Thanks. Contents look lovely!
  13. Don't seem to be able to look inside Redemption Bar, @btbyrd
  14. How long did you soak the lemon slices? Google finds many stevia products, do you have brands to recommend? I just bought some Meyer lemons and want to do this. ☺️
  15. Although searching on eGullet about lamb, sous vide and Paula Wolfert turns up several of my own posts, I've never tried this recipe before and I'd like some advice about converting this to sous vide. It's from THE FOOD OF MOROCCO and is titled "Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Browned Almonds" p.350 and uses a 4.5 - 5 lb bone-in lamb shoulder described thusly "Ask your butcher for the 'square-shaped cut,' bone-in, which should contain some of the blade, arm, and ribs. Ask him or her to halve it, then trim off all the external fat." First a marinade (spices#1): a paste of butter, garlic, cumin seeds, and salt are mashed to a paste and slathered on the meat. Rested 30 minutes minimum (Can I leave marinade on overnight?) The meat is boiled in half-pot of water with spices#2 added (garlic, onion, cinnamon, cilantro), then meat is covered with a wet, crumpled up sheet of parchment paper, heat is reduced, and the meat is basted every half hour for 3 hours. The meat is cleaned of detrius (not bones), wrapped tightly in tin foil, and refrigerated. The cooking sauce is strained and refrigerated. An hour before presentation, sauce is defatted and put to simmer. Almonds are toasted in veg oil. Butter is heated in a straight sided skillet and then pieces of meat (with bones) are browned in it, adding some simmering sauce in between in order to scrape up the deep brown bits and glaze the meat; then again and again. Meat plate is put into a cool oven to keep warm. Remaining sauce is then reduced. Meat is removed from oven, bones pulled out, then laid on a bed of couscous. Sauce dribbled on top. Fried almonds scattered on top. Voilà! In order to convert this to sous vide, - do I boil meat before the sous vide begins? I could put meat etc. in a bag, vacuum seal it, and boil it. How long should the bag be boiled? If I don't boil the bag, then how will l reduce the sharpness of raw spices#1? - do I add any water to the sous vide bag? - should I cook spices#2 before adding to sous vide bag? I have notes for temp for lamb shoulder between 138-141°F (59-61°C) for 2-3 days. Recommendations?
  16. I'm a subscriber to The Guardian and Washington Post, so I expect to get that content "for free." I'll let you know if it ain't so.
  17. For anyone who has had their APO replaced, Are you finding the steam oven more efficient? (Both dishes I made tonight became soaked with water).
  18. We won't be in the wilderness, so there might be picky eaters. Can I successfully rehydrate tomato slices for use in a salad-like dish? (There are only commercial tasteless tomatoes in the stores right now).
  19. I have a 10 day old seeded sourdough baguette which I never cut into. I'm wondering if I can use this baguette to make a Panzanella (Tuscan-Style Tomato and Bread Salad) or whether I should just buy a new baguette (I don't want to break anyone's teeth)
  20. @SLB, for next time, Backcountry Eats: Making Great Dehydrated Meals for Backcountry Adventures, Kevin Ride Dirty Gourmet: Food for Your Outdoor Adventures, Emily Nelson, Mai-Yan Kwan, Aimee Trudeau I found these books fascinating!
  21. @JoNorvelleWalker, does Zoe's Ghana Kitchen have any recipes for Mbahal? Rats, but Amazon preview of book does not list the index (ERROR!) @Honkman posted a picture of the stew he made which looks delicious. Googling, the only recipe I can find for Mbahal is from Bon Appetit, which has me wanting more verifiable authenticity.
  22. This was the corned beef packaged with watery solution including papain and a great deal of salt. @gfweb reported his first corned beef failure here which he attributed to the papain, and suggested a shorter sous vide cook. Mine (below) was rinsed and soaked overnight in fresh water. It was cooked sous vide at 178°F for 9.5 hours. The bag had lots and lots of water in it. The meat tasted okay though.
  23. Hello Ray. The folks here are friendly, but hide your wallet. Possibly the world's best enablers! 🤣 Welcome.
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