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  1. Maybe the era. My mother used to play Peter and the Wolf on the piano for all the neighbourhood children.
  2. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    This is Day 1 after following @rotuts's suggested treatment. So probably too late to try @FlashJack's treatment. Red Boat has been slathered on the three largest slices (right side).
  3. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    Will report back, thanks.
  4. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    @rotuts, does the meat get slathered with Red Boat more than once during drying/ageing?
  5. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    @FlashJack, thanks. How thick do you cut the slices?
  6. TdeV

    Bottom round rump roast

    I bought a 4.5 lb beef round boneless rump roast (while recovering from anaesthesia) which I've just found in the fridge. I've no idea what to do with it. Can I sous vide? Do I slice it in two first? Or I could also do in the Anova steam oven? Time and temp?
  7. Just purchased a used Romertopf, model No. 113 which is 4.2 Quart (4 litre) to replace a similar one which was cracked. The new (used) pot has stains inside, perhaps a salt ring. How would you recommend to clean it? - spray it with EasyOff oven cleaner? - soak in water and then heat to the limit of my oven (550°F)? Cook it for how long? - don't try to clean it? - other ideas?
  8. @cyalexa, I mostly sous vide fish in the Anova (so far) which I do bagless. (Otherwise I use the Joule. Because it's there). The fish (or meat) is placed on a 1/4" pan on a tray. Then I place the regular size pan on the bottom of the oven (for overflow). But these are for short cooks. For 20 hours I would think that would accumulate LOTS of water, i.e. no good for sauce (maybe good for starting a pot of stock).
  9. Hello @Hooking and Cooking, you've found a great group, many of whom will surely become fast friends. Looking forward to learning more about you. Welcome.
  10. Thank you, Shai N. A most enjoyable tour.
  11. Sorry, @rotuts, I failed to add 22 minutes on high. Will edit original post.
  12. I have a couple cookbooks from Urvashi Pitre (see TwoSleevers website). She has a crib sheet for doing rice in the IP which always uses the pot-in-pot method. For black/wild rice she uses 1 cup rice : 1.5 cups water with 0.5 cups water added after pressure cooking 22 minutes on high, with a 10 minute slow release. She also adds 0.5 tsp salt and 1 Tablespoon fat. I've never done Quinoa in the IP.
  13. I've never heard of sisig! @ThisIsEarls, you're sure to find an appreciative readership here. And many of the folks here are very clever. So, it could be a win for everyone. Welcome.
  14. TdeV

    Sous Vide Duck Confit

    @weinoo, do you use any of the fat when you make the confit? How long and what temp, please? Edited to add that I just discovered this thread and haven't yet read it.
  15. TdeV

    spatchcocking fowl

    I think I've only tried spatchcocking twice, one of which was through the breast bone. But we don't care much for breast meat in my family, so preserving the backbone is of greater interest.
  16. TdeV

    spatchcocking fowl

    @Kim Shook, I was reminded of reading egullet where @ChefCrash discusses spatchcocking and frogging here
  17. Hello @Capouch. You're a good writer and I'm fascinated to hear more about you. Welcome!
  18. DH has a bunch of Riedel glasses. One fascinating experiment is how differently a wine tastes poured into different glass shapes.
  19. I've just cleaned my APO and I was re-reminded that I don't understand how to clean the top (inside). First, I heated the oven to 140°F with 100% steam. Then I sprayed oven cleaner on the sides, base and the sides of the back (attempting to avoid the fan). I also got some oven cleaner on the edges of the top of the oven (because it was covered in grime) but I didn't want to get too much on the heating element. After the oven had time to rest (couple hours), I wiped down the oven with a sponge and really hot water. I ended up poking the sponge under the top elements. It's still pretty grimy up there. What do you do?
  20. Hello @heylow. Lots of fascinating folk here at eGullet–hope you soon make friends. Here's a good place to start Dinner 2022 Welcome!
  21. Thank you, Jo. I don't know what I would do without you.
  22. TdeV

    Dinner 2022

    Steve, could you please say how you made this?
  23. Another question: when making soup and there will be added onions, celery, and carrots, is there any reason to sauté the vegetables in butter first? If so, why?
  24. Thank you @Katie Meadow, you've cleared up everything. 🙃
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