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  1. EdX New Science and Cooking Online Course

    In case anyone's been on the fence about this course, now would be a good time to sign up as it starts this week. You can also join later but will have to play catch up.
  2. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    @liuzhou, I remember receiving a huge jar of that yuzu stuff from a Korean colleague who was worried about my cough. I was instructed to mix it with hot water and drink it several times a day. It was quite pleasant but I never thought to bring some home to put on toast. Nor did I think to add a glug of bourbon to the yuzu tea for, you know, medicinal purposes. I may have to look for a jar so I can correct these oversights ! Taking a page from @chefmd's breakfast just above, I heated a little of yesterday's tomato soup, a handful of frozen spinach and some previously cooked little white alubia beans and topped it with a poached egg, some grated dry jack cheese and smoked paprika. Perhaps not the most photogenic breakfast, but very satisfying.
  3. Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    Please do share some of your multicooker adventures with us, @Bernadry. Maybe in the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner threads. Or the Soup topic, since you mention soup specifically. Or maybe start a Multicooker thread so you can go into more detail about how you are using it. Edited to add: Pictures would be great !
  4. I'm not sure what "Titchy vegetables" are but after reading a satirical mention of Williams Sonoma's potato scrubbing gloves, I went out and picked up a cheap ($2-3) pair of those exfoliating bath gloves and found they're just the thing for cleaning carrots that don't need peeling. They might work on titchy vegetables, too !
  5. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Same toasties as yesterday but on whole wheat sourdough toast. Added the tomato soup that I missed out on yesterday.
  6. Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    I made this tomato soup for the first time yesterday and liked the trick of using a little sodium bicarbonate to adjust the level of acidity, specifically to compensate for overly acidic canned tomatoes. I ended up using 1/8 teaspoon for ~ 3 quarts of soup, so not much. I'm usually wanting to add more acid to soups at the end so it surprised me that I liked it.
  7. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Unlike the previous 2 posts, I have no lovely homemade bread for my toast, but I have adornments aplenty! The other day, there was a spinach-artichoke grilled cheese write-up over on Serious Eats. I was dying to try it with some tomato soup. This AM, I cooked up the onion, spinach, artichoke mix but the hungries got the best of me before I could make the soup so I had these melty toasties instead. On toasted ciabatta, topped with Swiss. I thought the veggie mix should really have included mushrooms but I had none so I compensated with some pickled mushrooms along side. Nice contrast!
  8. Fried Polenta question

    I did that over here with cheddar and blue cheese. I preferred the ones without cheese, but with some olive tapenade stirred into the polenta. But mine were baked, not fried.
  9. Fried Polenta question

    That's what I like, too. The contrast of a crisp/crunchy crust and tender inside. A while back, I made some little polenta balls that I baked for the same sort of texture without frying. I must do that again.
  10. Wow, @chefmd! What a coup! I have one of those and use it all the time. I'm always on the lookout for a replacement but I've never seen a full set with the box, let alone at such a good price!
  11. Top Chef: Charleston

    I know what you mean. Especially since the rookies keep getting eliminated. I have to say that the most recent episode was one of my least favorite so far. I'm not a fan of quickfire eliminations and I was a fan of poor Jim! I will miss his goofy smile. The whole pirate treasure map, running all over Charleston in a rainstorm to find their ingredients was a silly waste of time. The case of Jamie offering to give up his immunity was an interesting turn and Emily trying to throw John under the bus at judges table was surely meant to stir the pot for upcoming episodes but actual cooking was surely an afterthought in this round.
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Mmmmm...oatmeal. I like to top it with some toasted nuts for crunch and some fruit. I should make some. But not today. Po yegg on toast:
  13. My experience is pretty much the same. The first time, I put a few slices into a ziplock and cooked them right after the sv step. My second run was an unopened 24 oz package of supermarket thick cut bacon (Wrights). I snipped a corner and drained off the liquid after sv and easily peeled off 2 slices to cook but once it chilled down in the fridge, it was impossible to pull off an intact slice. I resorted to standing the slab up on end in the skillet in order to warm up the end slice enough to peel off. I put the bag with the rest of the slab in some warm water and cooked off the rest today. I won't bother doing it again.
  14. Lunch! What'd ya have? (Late 2016–)

    Fish sandwich on a toasted whole wheat bolillo roll, slaw, carrots and celery: The fish was some sort of TJ's frozen battered halibut pieces that I found disappointingly dry on their own. They were rather tasty here, doused with some TJ's sriracha ranch dressing.
  15. My extremely high tech set up - Igloo beer cooler with a piece of styrofoam insulation cut to fit snugly. The foam is coated so I can push it down to the water level but generally, I leave a little space. This is a very small cooler. I have a larger one also.
  16. All About Rye Whiskey (Part 2)

    Good point. I should probably just replace the usual Rittenhouse as I'll be using it almost entirely for mixing. I've already got a bottle of Angel's Envy rye that's for sipping and I rarely pull it out. Always curious when I see something different at TJ's
  17. All About Rye Whiskey (Part 2)

    Has anyone tried Masterson's Rye? It's a 90 proof, 100% rye from Canada that I saw it at TJ's the other day. I am wondering if I should try this or Pikesville 110 ($50 locally) Like Pendleton, it's distilled in Canada, branded and sold by a US company. The reviews I read were mostly a few years old and said it was good, but not worth the price, generally cited in the $70-80 range. It's bottled and sold by 35 Maple St. Spirits, a venture out of Sonoma, CA headed by August Sebastiani of the jug wine world. Edited to add that the name of the venture has changed from 35 Maple to 3 Badge Mixology. They is also behind a few spirits I've seen recently at TJ's, the Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon and the cucumber-y Uncle Val's Botanical Gin that @FrogPrincesse mentioned picking up there a few months ago. Not sure if the fact they are dumping stock to TJ's is indicative of the health of the venture or the quality of the product or maybe they want to get rid of product labeled with the old name. Curious if anyone here has tried it. Any opinions?
  18. All About Rye Whiskey (Part 2)

    There's a link at the very bottom of the article to this one: How Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Lost Its Way
  19. This is my experience as well. BKF is my friend, too! I believe it was @GlorifiedRice who had an IP cleaning problem and I believe it was resolved but I can't remember the details.
  20. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Pressure cooker mac & cheese with broccoli and red bell pepper. I saw mac & cheese over on Serious Eats the other day and got it stuck in my mind. I like this Instant Pot version from Dad Cooks Dinner.
  21. Mac & cheese from the Dad Cooks Dinner site: I made a half recipe with a mix of cheddar and jalapeño jack cheese and added broccoli and red bell peppers at the end. As I did previously, (thanks to @Anna N,s report), I adjusted the first cook to 6 min - I know this particular pasta takes a good 12+ minutes to cook conventionally. Panko topping broiled in the CSO.
  22. This 14 cup lock-top flour container from King Arthur Flour was recommended in another thread. I bought it and the similar 10 cup sugar container from Amazon, as the prices were lower at the time I ordered. Not so at the moment.
  23. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Yes, indeed! She was still active here when I first joined, and of course in the prior years when I lurked regularly ! I'm currently reading her very food-related novel, Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken @SobaAddict70 @ProfessionalHobbit posted a version of this using turkey eggs in the breakfast thread a few years ago but the link in his post no longer worked so I was happy to find the recipe on her site.
  24. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Something I have heard mentioned here but never tried - Fried eggs on potato chips: Per the recipe, the pan is to be tightly covered once the eggs are added. A glass lid would have been helpful as I ended up overcooking them a bit. Tomato chutney on the side.