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  1. I’ve really enjoyed catching up with your gardening exploits. For the first time in years I have some ‘free’ time and this coincides with a mini heatwave in North Yorkshire. First run of summer days with blue skies for around 3 years! . You all seem well ahead of us in terms of gardens. We have plenty of salads and herbs to eat but attempts to get other stuff started in good time didn’t succeed and it is too soon here for tomatoes to be ripe. There are plenty coming on so we look forward to those. Strawberries usually do well here. Plenty of berries were produced a
  2. Many thanks @rotuts and @kayb for your kind messages. Your blue pans certainly seem to have come from the same place of origin as our ‘new’ collection. Taking artistic photos is not amongst my skills but below are a couple of the new editions. We are sadly lacking in storage space so the whole set is waiting for us to get around to fixing more hooks so that they can join the existing kit hanging from the beams in the kitchen... If there’s an award for the least well taken photo this must be nominated. I know there is a lot of helpful advice elsewhere on eGullet and
  3. Many years ago we began cooking with Le Creuset cast iron pots. They were expensive and generally beyond our budget but gradually we accumulated a reasonable collection. We didn’t get as far as the saucepans that were generally sold as a set of five before the company stopped making them. Over the years I’ve kept an eye out for a second hand set but those that did appear on eBay or similar were generally not in a condition that I would want to use. We were in France a few weeks ago and there was a village sale very close to where we were staying. We hadn’t planned to visit havi
  4. Also on sale now in the UK: http://www.chocolatetradingco.com/buy/free-sample-ruby-chocolate-chips?by=cat&c=3407&o=2&pz=10&p=1 You can have a free 40g trial bag if you order from this company. I do buy from them from time to time so might take advantage of this...
  5. We recently ate at Skosh ( https://skoshyork.co.uk/) on Micklegate in York. It was a meal that I shall remember I hope for the rest of my life. In brief it was stunning! I was urging friends to make a visit earlier today and realised that while the incredible flavours and textures of the food are vividly embedded in my mind the food is so different to anything else I have experienced that it is difficult to describe. There are some photos on the restaurant’s website and many others on Tripadvisor to give an idea of what is served. Dishes are small and we were guide
  6. Package does state ‘Ruby cocoa beans’, I’ll try to get hold of a bar from Fortnums and report further...
  7. Thanks for the rotate @rotuts,, it is my understanding that these KitKats are supposed to be made with Ruby choc: https://www.nestle.co.uk/media/pressreleases/kitkat-ruby-arrives-in-the-uk Fortnum and Mason appear to be selling bars of the product now: https://www.fortnumandmason.com/t/categories/food-hall/ruby-chocolate?channel=ppc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8sv3n6Tl2gIVTb7tCh0eGQybEAAYASAAEgLFIvD_BwE
  8. It has been kept at room temp in a sealed container. Taste has stayed great but it is clear that the mix is very very slowly spreading. A pity, am nevertheless delighted to have something edible, if not giftable yet...
  9. Nougat has been my treat of choice for many years but my only previous attempt to make it at home was an absolute disaster. The ingredients are not cheap and I was reluctant to try again after a first batch from which nothing could be salvaged. Until a couple of days ago when I came across honey that I had bought some time ago and which was still in good condition. After reading around numerous recipes I stood for what seemed an eternity to get the sugars to the temperature recommended but the experiment paid off. We have nougat! Any advice from you in respect of sta
  10. Ruby KitKats have been tracked down and eaten! While this didn’t give us the opportunity to properly evaluate the taste of the chocolate I would second @Kerry Beal‘s impression. A nice enough biscuit but I wouldn’t whip my cat across a field of broken glass to get hold of another (not that I need to, plenty of stock at Tesco)! Apologies for the orientation of the photos, I couldn’t find a way to flip them in the time available....
  11. I am certainly aware of the Star Inn at Harome, ate there many years ago before Mr Michelin visited and had one of the most memorable dishes of my life: wild mushroom broth, a starter in those days. The ambiance is beautiful at Harome. Victor, manager of the White Swan at Pickering, was perhaps too anxious to learn about their plates rather than the quality of the food. His menu was also very good in those days. The problem with that corner of North Yorks is the traffic. During the summer months the line of vehicles heading for the coast makes life very difficult for ‘locals’. We passed
  12. DianaB

    Dinner 2018

    Beef Roghan Josh, cooked for me and delicious.: My husband has made enormous progress with creation of various curry recipes since he retired last July. It is always a pleasure to be cooked for and this tasted so much better than my poor photo indicates.
  13. I received a regular recipe email today proposing a chicken in red wine casserole. Nothing unusual until I read the list of ingredients and saw that ‘poire tapée’ was included. I had never before come across this way of preserving pears but very much want to try the result. I can’t share the original recipe, it can only be viewed in Europe; I did find a YouTube video on this process of preserving pears however so am sharing that instead: Has anyone tried pears this way, or attempted a similar process? In the original recipe the cook had a couple of entire pears that w
  14. Ruby KitKats to make their appearance in the UK: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/apr/10/a-rosy-future-nestle-launches-pink-kitkats-with-ruby-chocolate
  15. DianaB

    Apple pie

    Would your green apples have been like the Bramleys mentioned up-thread? Odd that this topic should resurface after I saw my first Bramleys in years a few days ago! Entirely the wrong time of year for us in theory but they were huge and fresh looking and they reminded me of childhood apple pie never bettered. I need to go back and buy some, perhaps pie or a proper English crumble beckons.... The apples I saw were entirely green, I’ll take a photo if they are still there next time I shop.
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