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Classified Ads Policy

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The following rules apply to classified ads posted at the eG Forums:

  1. The Society takes no responsibility for a) the condition of any items sold through a post in our forums; b) the fairness of an agreed-upon price; c) shipping or returns, including, but not limited to, costs, packaging and insurance.
  2. Dealers, distributors or vendors may not post sales, with two exceptions:a) a restaurant, for example, may attempt to sell equipment, as long as equipment sales are not part of their usual business; b) a dealer, etc., may ask a forums manager for permission to post a ''for sale'' topic, if there are special circumstances that merit consideration by our membership. Suitability of said circumstances are at the sole discretion of forums management, and are not subject to appeal.
  3. ''For sale'' posts under condition 2(b) can only be made with prior permission. Posts or topics made without prior permission will be deleted on sight.
  4. Personal information (e.g., addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, availability of members, etc.) should not be posted. Rather, such information as necessary to complete a transaction should be exchanged through the PM system or email.
  5. "Or Best Offer" options ("obo") may not be used to sell an item at a price higher than originally asked for. For example, $50 "obo" means that you may accept less than $50, but you will sell the item to the first person to offer $50. Lower offers may be refused at your discretion.
  6. Transactional disputes are not to be posted in the forums.
  7. You may not advertise a sale or auction that you've listed elsewhere. For example, you can't say ''Go to this Craigslist posting to see the stuff I've got for sale.'' You may run an auction at, for example, eBay, concurrently with a ''for sale'' topic in our forums, but you must provide full descriptions, etc., for our members to see without them having to go elsewhere to get details about what you're selling.
  8. You must post if an item is sold, so no one has to waste their time.
  9. You should place your post in an appropriate forum for the item you are selling, generally the Culinary Classifieds forum.
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