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  1. Fair point on the shipping; the truth is, all of the shippers are drastically stressed; I get that now just is not the time to be ordering things that don't admit much flexibility. On the halibut, I suggested an adjustment as an alternative; the packaging/shipping yaddayaddayadda for 12 measly ounces of fish is just not appropriate, not in these times or any other. So I think I'm getting a bit of a refund. I realize I went kinda Karen on this -- particularly when the customer service dialogue seemed to vanish -- but I am going to be fine.
  2. My order from Wild Alaskan Salmon has arrived. Everything was rock-solid and the fish looks marvelous. But the order was missing the halibut portions, sigh. I'd say, they're not quite ready for prime time. If I decide to keep ordering non-local stuff -- the flash freezing is really an advantage over getting vaguely fresh stuff that I then freeze -- but if I do this again, I'll try the company weinoo has recommended.
  3. I got a referral to Wild Alaska Salmon from a very, very seafood-picky friend. So I signed up along with my neighbor. I felt anxious, because it seems like I ought to be supporting Atlantic fisheries. But they had this black cod, and I was feeling sorry for myself . . . . Well. My overnight delivery has been sitting in Yonkers for the last four days. The first delay was unexplained. The second delay was "undeliverable, damaged packaging". The third delay was "delivery restrictions". Last fedex memo was, will be attempted again on Tuesday. Which is a full week after it was packed. I got an inappropriately chipper email from them offering me a replacement, at no cost to me! I told them that, yes, they would be replacing it at no cost to me. And if not this week, don't bother. So. I have no reason to believe the fish is less than stellar. But you do have to be dealing with, sigh, pandemic shipping. I'm probably gonna deal with Pierless in Brooklyn going forward. Unless this Black Cod turns out to be life-changing.
  4. Mine are Messermeister, and I have been thrilled with them for almost 30 years. Mine are close to what s second from the left in this picture: https://www.messermeister.com/collections/culinary-tools-sets-scissors
  5. SLB

    TastyKake recipe?

    I'm in for trials.
  6. SLB

    Using Seafood from a Can

    St. Jude's seems like a wonderful company. The shipping costs are breathtaking! I'm actually thinking about that 24-can approach. It feels like a whole lotta tuna. But I guess I could send some to my brother. Who eats a whole lotta canned tuna.
  7. An all-drawer upright. So.Damn.Sensible.
  8. Shelby, I like this soup with the black lentils (usually I use black Beluga, except when I have RG Black Caviar). And I use whichever green is on hand. Finally. I use a lot of sausage: https://smittenkitchen.com/2013/01/lentil-soup-with-sausage-chard-and-garlic/ I don't think the black caviar lentils have a particularly distinctive taste; it's their texture that stands out. I REALIZE THAT OTHERS MILEAGE MAY VARY. My point is, it subs in nicely wherever you want a lentil to stay relatively firm. <cough>, salad.
  9. SLB

    Using Seafood from a Can

    Whose canned salmon do you guys like?
  10. SLB

    Using Seafood from a Can

    @btbyrd. I like how you live.
  11. That certainly explains the robustness of the Bluestar broiler-pan. That thing is heavy, it annoys me. My bluestar experience annoys me generally. I love its concept. But mine has got some problem too much of the time. Also, someone dropped one of the grates and it broke, and BS won't replace just the grate, you have to buy the whole assembly. The broken grate of mine pieces together alright, which is how I roll. And I live in a vibrant city where there is someone, not even a Brooklyn Hipster, who can make me a new one. Pre-pandemic, anyway . . . . I will say this: that drip-tray concept is one-hundred-percent perfect. I've never had that before. I have had open-burners before, but you lifted the top of the stove on some kind of hinge, and proceeded to clean one-handed. The tray rocks.
  12. I'll check it out! Along with a pandemic prayer.
  13. This perfect ad flashed across my facebook page recently. I laughed for possibly an hour. The video isn't as . . . snarky, or whatever you call this Bonnie-n-Clyde aspect to the still shot. But, still. I need humor. I live in NYC.
  14. I'm coming, too. Just as soon as I can get there.
  15. My manual does not say that, @Barrytm (my model was going discontinued in 2011, so maybe yours is newer?), but in any case I'v been using the second rack. Which is actually a little far from the broiler. But so far I've made it work.
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