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  1. Could this work? http://www.leevalley.com/us/garden/page.aspx?p=46941&cat=2,40733,44734,46941
  2. Intriguing. Cause Ruhlman sure hasn't posted anything about a Black Friday sale.
  3. I can't tell the difference between tap water and bottled water, as a rule. I can tell when I'm drinking water with minerals in it (sometimes), but that's true whether it comes out of the tap or the bottle. I can tell when I'm drinking Evian, which I don't like. I definitely cannot detect a thing from a Nalgene bottle. I can sometimes taste something unpleasant in water from metal water bottles, but it may be psychosomatic, as I am prejudiced against them because I think they are more difficult to keep clean than the average person is really keeping up with. I'm definitely not a supertaster, though. I used to be jealous, but then a friend who was one explained to me how hard it was to be around people after lunch. Her specific quote was: "I can tell if someone across the room had garlic with their lunch. It doesn't smell like they ate garlic, it smells like they were rolling around in it." A whole lot of food, she really couldn't eat. It sounded like it would make a lot of fun stuff . . . less fun.
  4. I just can't cook __________!

    One thing you can do for sure, though, is write. Me -- I cannot make an omelet that you would serve to another person. Really. I have read the experts and watched videos and followed instructions. But I always end up with something that is Grade E-Edible.
  5. All Things Mushroom

    On reflection, I probably would put frozen already cooked mushrooms in salad. Particularly if we're talking chopped salad. I like mushrooms. Basically I'm thinking, how is it gonna be bad.
  6. All Things Mushroom

    For me, duxelles made with any ole' [edible] mushrooms and kept in the freezer perform fine in omelettes or pasta. The only thing I wouldn't do with frozen already cooked mushrooms is salad. That's just me, tho.
  7. All Things Mushroom

    Great thread! I do the wet-crowded thing, but will try the toasting. I admit flabby and greasy doesn't bother me too much, but no reason not to up my game. I do worry sometimes that literally everything I cook has mushrooms as the dominant flavor note. Which I don't mind myself, but sometimes there are other people involved . . . . Anyway, I wanted to share a podcast episode I heard recently (from a great podcast on the natural world out of New Hampshire called Outside/In) on the Delicious Death Cap: http://outsideinradio.org/shows/ep48?rq=mushrooms And finally, amid the talk of the mushroom logs out back, beware of what an entrepreneurial 7-year old cub scout might do with a mushroom kit in your basement:
  8. This is very helpful, your stated preference. I'll definitely wait for the sale. Black Friday is around the corner, I usually go hiking that day but I put the link in my e-calendar.
  9. I know this is off-topic, but the shipping on these is . . . weird. The large (not largest) offset basting spoon is what I need, but damn.
  10. Pumpkin

    I only eat pumpkin under financial duress. I remember them being 25 cents apiece 25 years ago when I was a graduate student. Admittedly, this was before "organic" anything, at least on the east coast; it was an regular ole' Farmstand. Anyway, my point is, that is the only thing I truly enjoy about pumpkin: it's cheap. However. I am still cheap, although no longer so broke, so this factor actually goes a long way!
  11. Oh my goodness, I need that schupfnudeln so bad. Obviously a trip to Austria is in order . . . .
  12. Rancho Gordos are outstanding! There are other good beans too, tho: Baer's Beans (It's easiest to get these if you live in Maine); Elegant Beans (fully set up for online ordering); and Purcell Mountain Farms (same). I also find the regular ole' mass-produced beans to be plenty fresh if you get them from grocers in neighborhoods where people eat a lot of beans. Mass-produced beans aren't going to taste as good as heirloom beans, but I just season them differently. The CI recommendation for canned . . . well, other than chickpeas, I can't really get behind that. I mean, I guess they're alright in a pinch (well, not the Green Giant ones. Those are terrible!). Admittedly, it's been several years since I used canned beans; but backalong they were definitely not notably superior to a dried mass-produced bean. Meanwhile, lindag -- there's a gigantic, wonderful bean thread of many years' wisdom: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/36312-cooking-dried-beans/?page=12
  13. I will never again ignite some rum, or any other flammable liquid, in a small metal container that is not actually a pan and, most importantly, does not have a handle. Also, I will never again light anything on fire without closing the kitchen window, nice breeze be damned. I may never again light anything on fire at all, actually. I may stick to reducing to get the alcohol out. Let's just say, I made sure to say grace before that meal, when it finally happened . . . .
  14. I just ordered it from the library, it sounds like what I need this summer.