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  1. I have such a high-grease life, the idea of open shelving makes me nearly faint.
  2. Seconding the request for photos.
  3. Update: Bluestar had no idea what was going on. But they did offer 25% off the parts, so I appreciate the nudge from you folks. I pulled the records, that burner had been last replaced in 2015. I'll check with the tech if there isn't some humidity problem in my homemade kitchen plumbing . . . .
  4. I did not know I needed this until recently, when I caught myself kneading on my tippy-toes. And mad about it.
  5. Rx: Oven floor needs replacing because rivets on the sides holding the pieces together corroded. Existing piece may be able to be rigged with some bolts, which is what the tech recommends. Said oven floor fell onto the burner and igniter when the rivets failed. Entire igniter assembly is broken. Oven burner is corroded and needs to be replaced (again). Parts estimate coming. Tech was wonderful and it was nice to have an actual person in my home. I may just go ahead and get me a Magic Chef.
  6. I hope so. Something else in it broke once and cost a fortune. But it quit while running, which seems like a new twist.
  7. I just want everyone to know, the oven in my bluestar will not light this SuperBowl Sunday. This will be the third oven repair in nine years. Repeat, nine.
  8. I heard/read somewhere Julia Child saying, "California bay leaves are TOO STRONG!" It disturbs me that I can't quite remember the source of this (would've had to be a recording for me to hear it in her voice) -- but that's another thread . . . .
  9. ooh! I'm gonna do that this weekend with these flounder filets I have in my freezer.
  10. It does not smell like Christmas in my apartment, and has not for several days. Finally, I investigated. Some people get kahm yeast in their kraut, others get a whole blanket: I guess I was supposed to watch the water level in that moat . . . .
  11. I am so glad for this question. I bought a pork belly for the first time a couple of years ago in order to make salt pork. You could not see any hairs on the outside of the skin layer, but I did something which entailed an inadvertent shear into the skin, and saw basically what Kim Shook posted. I nearly screamed! I could not believe I was supposed to be eating this, I've never encountered a hair-like anything on a piece of cracklin. I was too embarrassed to post here, and also too embarrassed to call the butcher; I assumed I was off in my expectations and I HATE seeming squea
  12. SLB

    Arby's - The Topic

    I loved it. And the comments were GOLD.
  13. SLB

    Arby's - The Topic

    "The meat from Arby’s is real, but it’s processed to the point that it becomes something distinct. It comes inside a plastic pouch, which is superheated in water until the meat is cooked through, and then sliced after being removed from the packaging." MmmHmm. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/15/magazine/no-one-loves-arbys-like-i-do.html
  14. I think benne seeds is another name for sesame seeds; apparently slaves and their descendants called them "benne seeds", so maybe "benne" is a derivative of the word from a west African language. And in my experience, any field pea is an excellent substitute for cowpeas. Or, pigeon peas, if you can take the funk.
  15. SLB

    Latkes - the Topic!

    For those who use the recovered potato starch as a binder -- do you use ALL the starch??? It seems like a lot. If I had grown up with these, I'm sure I'd know the correct texture when I saw it. But I'm travelling here.
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