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  1. That whole thing @Shelby's doing over in Pastry with home-milling on the KingOftheHomeMiller . . . sigh.
  2. SLB


    That sounds *extremely* good.
  3. SLB


    So glad you asked. I was thinking, everybody knows this. On it.
  4. I don't either. I know that would make me INSANE, tho. Everything else too. But that would befoul the TOP OF THE MORNING. Sigh. I wish I could help.
  5. Are we talking green bell pepper?
  6. I can't really eat my way through my deep freezer -- it's more of a revolving-door theory, last-in/first-out -- but I was moving the chops up toward the top since it's warming up and that's what I eat during the hot weather, and I found some pork chops from 2016. So, summer begins.
  7. This seems like something Ms. Leah might've liked . . . . Thanks!
  8. Chicken parts on top of two pounds of smoked pork? Girl. Those sound like some hella-good beans.
  9. You can't. Don't do it. I mean, how could you sleep??? [<gasp> Shelby, are you one of these people who can do all you do on no sleep?!? Wait, that's a different thread . . . Becoming Disabled from Not Sleeping Well . . . .]
  10. I was in Maine this past weekend and wandered into a store called "Skordo", https://skordo.com/collections/salts-peppers They were a touch twee, but nonetheless delightful. They had something I'd like to incorporate -- although I admit I didn't buy anything -- I was on the road and my suitcase space was already filled with Maine liquor) -- but anyway, they had this thing, dehydrated apple cider vinegar. I have never encountered it, but think it could be very interesting. They were so nice I'm inclined to order from them the next time I'm in need of stuff. Anyway, just FYI. Skordo. ETA: I hit up La Boite in March when I was hunting up pink nitrite. They were nice, too.
  11. The bean of the week this week is gonna be red. Red beans n rice n sausages. Note: Leah Chase's recipe for red beans involves a pound of smoked ham AND a pound of smoked sausage. For a pound of beans. That girl did not play. And they saw her off well: https://expo.nola.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/06/08353ff3d11110/celebrating-the-life-of-leah-chase-with-a-popup-secondline-in-new-orleans.html?fbclid=IwAR0WzrFgYuKYM-WkVW0ztBLQDQroJgWtKYmuUc_aIU98Te-wiis6jTRSpoA
  12. SLB

    Adorable Gummies

  13. SLB

    Adorable Gummies

    oh.Em.GEE!! Gummy Legos!!!
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