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  1. Hello folks, long time no bean-posts. I'm looking for ideas of what to do with pigeon peas besides Caribbean-style rice-n-peas. I find pigeon peas to have a distinct (and kind of funky) taste, so I never want to eat them plain as a side. I do like rice-n-peas quite a bit, but I have a pound of the beans in my cupboard, and another half pound cooked up in my freezer; I thought maybe I could branch out. Who eats these? What are you doing with them?
  2. This article may be of interest: https://story.californiasunday.com/resnick-a-kingdom-from-dust
  3. I live in a NYC apartment with windowboxes only, and in any event failed to get winter stuff planted this year. [I think that's supposed to go in the Flower Gardening thread . . . .] But anyway, I spied this on the train the other day, on the back of someone's very large instrument case. I thought of y'all.
  4. Pimento Cheese

    I confess I had forgotten all about Pimento cheese until I recently ran across a picture from @Shelby who was having a sandwich of it for breakfast on one of those blogs. Suddenly I wanted a pimento cheese sandwich, bad. And then this thread. And finally, I just came back from Vermont, where the cheddar is EXCELLENT. It's gonna be a weekend of pimento cheese trials, that's for sure.
  5. I read something recently that suggested that I substitute different less-refined sugars -- such as demerara or turbinado -- for the brown sugar that is called for in so many confections. What do y'all think of this? Does it make sense? It seems that the volumes would be dramatically different, because of the large crystals in retail raw sugars.
  6. Cleavers

    Bumping this topic, as I'm thinking about getting me a cleaver (for bones). @kayb, are you happy with your selection? Those Dexters look heavy. But my, are they beautiful.
  7. Here is my wee batch of very-late-season aji dulce peppers, with a few hotter ones in there for good measure. I started out thinking I was going to use a recipe with strong seasonings like horseradish, and mid-stream realized that I was not gonna do alla that. Because I like basic pickled peppers on my food (the kind you buy at the store!). Plus, I kind of wanted to taste just this pepper.
  8. Mushrooms. I'm comparing HungryChris's pickled 'shrooms with two pickle recipes from the Joy of Pickling, the "Marinated Herbed Mushrooms", and "Polish Mushroom Pickles". None of these is processed. I kinda messed up the HungryChris procedure, I made my own vinaigrette instead of the prescribed "good Italian dressing", which I didn't have. My own vinaigrette was tasty enough, but the olive oil in it promptly solidified -- duh -- making for a nice grease cap. Not the worst that could happen, but not adding much to the flavor mingle, either. Also, I'm pickling a very small quantity of aji dulce peppers that some nice dude had at the farmer's market. They were delicious raw, I hope I don't mess 'em up.
  9. ChocoMom, I have an excellent family recipe for baked beans that has ground beef in it. I encourage you to give it a try.
  10. Yes, Frantoi Cutrera. Good stuff.
  11. Yeah. Especially when the actual food actually looks like that.
  12. The one on the left, which isn't their unfiltered oil; maybe I'll try it. I'm going back for the refund this evening. [ The oil on the right is my very favorite finishing/dressing olive oil. This may be my last bottle of it, though, because it is too damn high.