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  1. SLB

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    I agree that a paying customer deserves to receive what they purchased in good order, and it's great that your team is committed to effective response. For me, it's just going to be less irritating to go ahead and sort them than to wait for another box to get across the country. I guess if it keeps happening I might get more irritated, and conceivably incorporate an expectation of busted bags in my thinking about my orders. Which I concede would probably be a bit of a deterrent.
  2. SLB

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    My first box had a broken bag but I just poured the beans back into the bag. I realize that it would be more annoying if it were more than one bag that broke and they got all mixed up, but I admit that it's not something I would ever bother with replacing. I'd just pour a cocktail and get to sortin'. I do drink, tho. It helps with shelling too, just FYI. ETA: I do realize the value to a business of feedback.
  3. That sounds outstanding. Beans and sausages were put together by God. Not just lentils, either! Over thisaway, I made Ottolenghi's lentil and eggplant stew, which appears in his latest book, "Ottolenghi Simple". We're at the VERY TAIL end of eggplants here, which is an end I typically seize with joy -- I like eggplant, but it's the ONLY thing in peak season for its particular peak season here in NYC, and for me captures perfectly and totally the problem with strict in-season eating -- so it worked out well.
  4. I generally loved the show, in particular the lighting; but something weird was going on in the "Acid" show. I'm not sure what, I'm still pondering it. Also -- on the "Heat" show, she went on about the back of the oven being the hottest part, but failed to mention the unused convection fan back there. In my [totally non-restaurant-] world, convection takes care of a lot of the unevenness issue, at least with sturdy things like meat. Possibly this is my under-sophistication; but on the other hand, I thought that kind of cook was who she was talking to.
  5. I do not believe you can actually can with them, but they do complete the seal for non-shelf-stable storage in ball/kerr jars after you've broken the heat-canned seal (or where you didn't bother to process for shelf-stable storage). This comes in handy with liquids or smelly items. At least that's the ones I use. Which are these: https://masonjarlifestyle.com/product/leak-proof-food-safe-silicone-sealing-lid-liners-regular-mouth-mason-jars/ and these: https://masonjarlifestyle.com/product/silicone-seals-for-mason-jar-lifestyle-stainless-steel-lids-5-pack/
  6. Oh my GOODNESS! DELICIOUS!! I have been pickling celery up and down and all around -- excellent snack, and in season over thisaway right now -- and I'm worried that the other recipes are going to be left in the dust. One has some anchovies seasoning the brine (From Kevin West, "Saving the Season"), so maybe it will have some traction, but the other one is a basic ferment with mint. It's good to have options, but . . . man are these ones from Anna N good. Thanks so much for passing the recipe along!
  7. SLB

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    Actually, this is the bean thread that I was thinking of:
  8. SLB

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    That thread cited is one of my favorite threads of all time. [Admittedly, I do eat a lot of beans, tho.] ETA: I don't know what is going on with my font here. No idea at all.
  9. Just an update, the last time I was at Fairway, they were offering an Arbequina oil from Spain by the liter. It's very tasty! Thanks for the heads-up, @DiggingDogFarm
  10. I'm thinking a bone-dry martini with a twist. If you want to sweeten it a little bit you could do a sugar rim (I usually use something like panela or whichever one of those cane products I have lying around, crumbled up in advance for, um, just this purpose . . . ) [And I realize that a sugar-rim may be way too crude for many of the folks here, but, um, I do 'em here at home all the time. Because me, I like an eeny-teeny sweet followed by a serious SPIRIT-FORWARD wallop.]
  11. Pickling up a few pounds of celery is on my list for the next week or two, so I'm glad it came up here. I'll give it a try.
  12. SLB

    pan frying fish filets question

    Can you do one of each? Then tell us how it turns out?
  13. rotuts, where are you on the 5-tray?
  14. I've been reading up on dehydrating, and apparently some folks store their dehydrated produce in mason jars. I could see the half-gallons coming in handy for that, in addition to the aforementioned fermentation.
  15. Sister, preach. I don't get it at all. I first encountered them on salad bars too. I tried it -- I'll try anything. It was . . . not a good outcome.