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  1. SLB

    Ramps: The Topic

    I got two bunches yesterday at the farmer's market, 6 bucks apiece. I'm planning to sub in one bunch for a leek meatball that I make. As written, the recipe calls for 8-10 leeks per pound of ground beef, so it's supposed to be, uh, highly flavored, and I'm hoping the ramps will work. The other bunch I'm going to use in Diana Henry's beef 'n green soup, again instead of leeks.
  2. It's looking increasingly necessary . . . .
  3. I saw that! I don't SV, tho.
  4. I have a small eye of round roast (25oz, no fat cap; it came in my beef cuts medley box, sigh.). Given the consistent raves, I'm aiming at the CI concept (sans split, the piece is small enough as it is). But I don't have that kind of thermometer; what's your [more expert] guess at how long it will take 25 ounces to hit 115F? I'll start the project at room temperature (although, as I write this, I guess if I start out cold it'll give me more room for error). For what it's worth, I have NEVER cooked this cut to come out tasty. The last time I tried it, I made my brother eat it.
  5. SLB


    Mmmm. It's nice to see you here, @JoNorvelleWalker. Batch on!
  6. I was, too! I'm not entirely sure why; it just . . . landed. HomeEc has gone the way of cursive; and this just seemed like, well -- like some basic, functional education. Children: let's discuss our *food*.
  7. This was published today: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/19/dining/missouri-high-school-hunting-farm-to-table-program.html?unlocked_article_code=1.eE0.TFOv.3vU--GYoOZoj&smid=url-share It doesn't really go in this thread, but -- Shelby, it made me think of you. It's true that I don't know you or Ronnie in all the ways that matter for this, but I immediately thought, OMG KANSAS KIDS COULD GET A MODULE FROM YOU TWO!!! Plus, Chum . . . .
  8. I saw "The Taste of Things" this weekend, splurged for the big screen. Worth every penny.
  9. Chili, my friend. No, it's not really beach food. However; it's kids, they can be ok with it. My vote is chili.
  10. I have a love-hate relationship with the term "fatback". Honestly? I have no idea whether this is even a term that is used outside of African-American dialect. But I grew up with it, and was appalled at each and every utterance. Which should not be confused with a rejection of its seasoning . . . . Also? "Poke" prompts terror. This is not irrational though -- it's because, when poke became stylish in lower Manhattan, you would get served something perfectly described as "slop". **I have been to Hawaii, and had bona fide poke, which would never bring "slop" to mind. I guess I am only terrorized by the term "poke" anywhere outside of Hawaii.
  11. SLB

    Nose to Tail in Practice

    I collected my half-pig this week, and they sent along some of the organs: heart; liver; kidney; and the tongue (which I realize is not an organ). I'm fixin' to grow, y'all!!
  12. SLB

    Glaze for Baked Ham

    I have to eat this ham that's been in my freezer forever, since the new ham is coming in this weekend (along with the rest of the pig). I am inclined to do the horseradish/mustard/citrus notion upthread, but I just thought I'd check: any new thinking on ham glazing??
  13. I loved Montrachet enough to travel from Alabama for my 30s birthday dinners there. At the time, I had to come to NYC about 3 times a year for work, and saved up for fine dining per Reichl recs. It was, honestly, a wonderful way to, you know, budget.
  14. I thought the game was, like, the US version of "Keep Calm and Carry On." [not that I ate any British food. I ate chili, dutifully.]. Anyway. Any championship that goes to the last play is just, well, excellent. Happy Kansas, @Shelby. I may have to fry up some parts, in honor. [Also, ahem: I have to get some room in this freezer, my pig is coming . . . .]
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