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Victoria, B.C.

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My husband and I did a two night trip to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Victoria is  located on Vancouver Island, a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver (actually Tsawassen.) We booked a room at Huntingdon Manor, an old, but well kept up hotel, a block from the harbour in one direction and a block from the Parliament buildings in another. Our first afternoon, we strolled around the harbour, looking at menus and making a couple of stops for libations. The Santiago’s Cafe https://www.facebook.com/p/Santiagos-Cafe-100063685808391/

was literally attached to our hotel so that was our first stop. Just wanted a snack so had a margarita each and some chips and salsa. Chips were hot and fresh and quite tasty, as was the salsa. There was also a great housemade hot sauce that was really tasty and fruity. The margaritas unfortunately had that bottled lime taste that neither of us cares for so we only had the one and moved on.

Next stop was Steamship Grill and Bar. https://steamshipgrill.com/

We had a cocktail there (margarita again for my husband and a cocktail with Absolute Mandarin, soda and a Bellini slush topping for me.) We perused the dinner menu but I detected an "old fryer oil odour" there so we moved on. Walked around and browsed in a few shops. My husband stopped at Goodfella's Cigar store  https://www.goodfellascigarshop.com/pages/cigars-1

to buy a cigar so we enquired of the friendly proprietor where we could have a light seafood dinner. He recommended Nautical Nellie's, which was on my list so that was dinner the first night.


We weren’t overly hungry so a cocktail each; dirty martini for me and another margarita for Himself. His margarita was so bad he sent it back, I don’t think he has ever done that before. They took it off our tab and he ordered a dirty martini. We both had the mussels and garlic toast. Perfectly done and just enough food.

The next day we wandered around Chinatown (supposedly the largest Chinatown in North America after San Fransisco but I do believe that the Vancouver one is bigger now.) Bought a few housewares and then decided to escape the snow and slush and seek refuge at the Irish Times Pub


for an Irish coffee to take the chill off. It is a lovely pub, situated in what was a building originally built in 1897 for the Bank of Montreal by architect Francis Rattenbury. Rattenbury was also the architect of the Parliament Building and the Empress Hotel. He had quite a chequered past and was murdered by his young wife’s lover!

Our dinner that night was pre-planned and reserved at Il Terazzo. It was quite honestly one of the best restaurant meals that we have had in quite some time. The ambiance is lovely, we were seated near but not too close to a fireplace. Our server was a middle aged guy who was the epitome of a great server. A perfectly made Negroni for me and yet another margarita for my husband. This one met with his approval. The complimentary starter was focaccia and the best olive tapenade that I have ever had. I took what we had left in a to-go box and when we got back to our room, I put a tablespoon on a napkin and spread it our so that I could taste it bit by bit to try and re-create it. (By this point my husband said “most people would say you are weird, but I get what you’re doing.”)

I had the Frutti di Mare della Casa: Prawns, mussels and scallops tossed in white wine, cherry tomato, leeks, crushed chili flakes, garlic red onion, lemon, parsley cream and linguine noodles

My husband had the coppino; Traditional seafood stew with, halibut, prawns, mussels, peppers, onions, chipotle, and tomatoes.  Topped with spaghetti aglio e olio

Both were amazing - it was hard to stop eating once we were full. As to the parm on fish - ya like what ya like.

Of course I always like to peruse the dessert menu, even when I have no stomach left to give! Brilliant marketing on their part, they have cookies to go. The menu description was Biscotto della Casa. They were a flourless chocolate cookie, almost meringue like.

A fabulous dinner all in all, I would highly recommend a visit to this establishment should you ever find yourself in Victoria, B.C.

I see that I have buggared doing each photo with a caption - sorry about that but they are in chronological order and self explanatory I think. I have to dash now to put on my face and change into seem decent clothes. Today is my birthday and my daughters and their fellas will be here shortly with dinner and drinks!


ferry - 1.jpeg

chips and salsa - 1.jpeg

bellini - 1.jpeg

nautical - 1.jpeg

mussels - 1.jpeg

irish times - 1.jpeg

cocktails il terazzo - 1.jpeg

tapenade - 1.jpeg

cioppinp - 1.jpeg

frutti - 1.jpeg

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I'm glad that Il Terrazzo worked out so well! We used to like going there and especially in the summer when the patio was open. 


And Happy Birthday!  😄

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2 hours ago, FauxPas said:

I'm glad that Il Terrazzo worked out so well! We used to like going there and especially in the summer when the patio was open. 


And Happy Birthday!  😄

I'm sure it is even more lovely and inviting when the patio is open. I really was a great meal.

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