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  1. FauxPas

    Potato Chips!

    Browsing imported food over at Yummy Bazaar and saw some potato chip flavours I might like. Blue Cheese and Walnut, maybe. But Sparkling Wine? Caviar? Moutarde et Miel, mustard and honey? Chorizo and Fried Egg? https://yummybazaar.com/collections/flavored-chips
  2. How long did you cook them? They might be easier if warmed through rather than completely heated, since the peppers won't hold their shape after too much cooking. I've done a 'cheater' version before using filled half peppers, kind of like this: https://www.spendwithpennies.com/jalapeno-poppers/
  3. Wow, was that planned or something that just came up? Glad to hear you are OK now. Maybe you can plan a nice meal for New Year's? Hope all is going well for you!
  4. FauxPas

    Lawry's Seasoned Salt

    We are big fans of Hy's of Canada Seasoning Salt, but we mainly use it for steaks and patties. There's a non-MSG version, but we don't care which one we get, we like them both. I see people use the Lawry's for some salads, eggs, potatoes - anything else? I wonder how different these seasoning salts are in terms of their ingredients. I should check out the Penzey's, I still have a gift card for them.
  5. On a whim, I picked up a cookie/ornament decorating kit from TJ's. This would be fun to do with kids, but not really young kids, as some of the decorations are really small. A friend and I did these this afternoon, she's going to add them to her tree. Not sure how tasty they would be, we didn't want to eat any as there is already so much sweet food around right now! It was fun, though.
  6. @Ann_T, I could buy one here and bring it back to Vancouver Island with me when we return in March/April, if you don't mind waiting for it.
  7. I was just reading Leite's Culinaria and saw the featured recipe was for Venison with Balsamic Blackberry Sauce. I really like that site, but I'm not a venison eater (just never really get exposed to it much) and can't say how good it would be. Thought I would include the link to the recipe, just in case you were interested. 🙂 What is your weather like these days? I suspect we would have heard if there was any snow 😄, but wonder how cold your temps are getting. I love your blogs, @Shelby!
  8. Penzey's is offering $50 gift cards for only $35 and they ship for free in the US. You can send one to someone else or even to yourself. I think today is the last day.
  9. Not at all sure about that, I wasn't in the area back then, but it may have been called that by some folks. I don't think the Tohono O'odham would call it that, they don't like being referred to as Papago, as far as I know. Papago basically means 'tepary bean eater' a name given to them by others and then adopted by the Spanish, etc. Tohono O'odham means 'people of the desert' or similar. But I'm no expert either! 🙂
  10. Also, meant to mention that there is a terrific Tohono O'odham museum/cultural centre at Topawa, near Sells, AZ. It's worth a visit, we used to stop in when we went to Desert Rains Cafe, but since the cafe closed.... 😞
  11. I know they use the saguaro fruit/syrup as part of the summer rain ceremony, so I wonder if that is what she is referring to? There are some important rituals connected to the harvest and use of the fruit. (Some of them a bit odd, not sure how much is still practiced this way, see for example: https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/precipitous-purgetohono-o-odhams-saguaro-wine-feast-ushers-in-rainy-season-6425902 )
  12. FauxPas

    Food recalls

    Salinas lettuce in Canada may have been imported to Canada, though no e coli outbreak showing up yet. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/romaine-lettuce-e-coli-outbreak-1.5370929 Here in Tucson, we bought an organic Caesar salad kit a few days ago and ate some that night. The next day, I read about this Salinas lettuce issue and checked the bag. Sure enough, it said Salinas, so I threw the rest out. Hoping the organic lettuces weren't affected as much as the non-organic. Hoping we don't get sick, anyway.
  13. FauxPas

    Food recalls

    Don't eat romaine lettuce from Salinas. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dont-eat-romaine-lettuce-from-salinas-california-u-s-health-officials-cite-e-coli-outbreaks/ This article has more details: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/food/2019/11/22/romaine-lettuce-safety-alert-e-coli-outbreak-expanded/4274292002/
  14. And as we discussed, there are a gazillion places to eat in this area. We really have to meet at a more interesting place next time! But that location seemed very convenient for you folks and we had limited time that day. It's always wonderful to see you and I hope we have more visiting time during our next get-together! Our burgers were fine, quite good really, and we agree the fries were good. Also, loved that curry ketchup!
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