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  1. You know that I like their bread. The problem we had was getting there before they sold out!
  2. I can't help you with recipes or specific techniques, but Arizona does have fishing and fish. You don't need an ocean to find fish, as I'm sure you know! I know that there are trout and even rainbow trout to be found in AZ. I think making a 'fake' rainbow trout could be a lot of fun. Getting something to give you that colouring and speckling. I bet there are folks here who could help with some of the decorative ideas - there are so many decorative techniques for food and the modernists have several tricks up their sleeves. I'd love to see such how such a project would develop! Images of rainbow trout: https://www.google.ca/search?q=rainbow+trout&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS768US768&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiwh4_siLvaAhXP5J8KHdCKAacQiR4I3AE&biw=1093&bih=642
  3. Spice Storage Ideas

    This is the one thing I wanted to avoid for my spice solution, as I REALLY didn't want anything else stored on my counter-top. But we each have our own priorities and various amounts of space around our kitchens, so every solution is likely to be a bit different, I guess.
  4. List of meal kit services in US. Some that I had never heard of and a couple that sounded interesting. https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/every-meal-kit-delivery-service-in-america-article?mbid=nl_nl20180327fig_trendingrecipes&CNDID=34168170
  5. Spice Storage Ideas

    For some of us, maybe!
  6. Spice Storage Ideas

    I've seen these IKEA CD towers used for storing quilting fabric and thought they would work for spices, too. Sure enough, someone has been there before me! The nice thing about these is that you only need a very small strip of wall to get a considerable amount of storage. But you are still faced with finding the best container.
  7. Spice Storage Ideas

    What type of solution might work, @Anna N? Are you trying to create storage in existing cabinets or a pantry or do you need to try and create all-new storage areas? I'm in the latter camp in this house. I don't have room for much in the cabinets and my pantry isn't as large as I would like and I don't have much wall space for racks or shelves, so have to try and create new storage. I could reconfigure my pantry but it was easier to buy the over-the-door unit and add the small rack on to the end of the cabinets. One thing I am considering for the other house is a spice rack I saw on Amazon. This spice rack was attached to the side of a fridge by one user, you can see his review - it's the top review (don't arrange by date), by Adam S. He used some strong magnets to attach it to the side of a stainless steel fridge. I'd like to try that, or attach it to the wall. (More wall space in the other house) But if it worked on the fridge, it would give me some more space without having to buy any new containers. But maybe you just want some new containers?
  8. Spice Storage Ideas

    And I guess they stack really well, yes?
  9. Spice Storage Ideas

    Just being a bit cheeky, sorry about that. But the glimpses of your kitchen and storage that I can remember seeing all seemed to show a very organized place!
  10. Spice Storage Ideas

    You need to prove that statement with a photo, my dear.
  11. Spice Storage Ideas

    Well, when needs must....
  12. Spice Storage Ideas

    Wow, you have a complete set of spices, that's for sure! And you seem quite organized in many ways. It's just so many spices in those spots. You really need a dedicated spice pantry. A good-sized pantry, just for spices.
  13. Spice Storage Ideas

    Photo, perhaps?
  14. Spice Storage Ideas

    You could put it over the door so it faces outward, I don't think it has to go on the inside.
  15. Cookbooks 2018

    Saladish hasn't been released as a Kindle in the US either. it's only on the site as a pre-order and no preview or sample is available yet. It's going to be released April 3 in both countries. But the hard-cover is available already - that's strange!