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  1. Do other Canadians remember Cuban Lunch chocolate bars? My brother and I used to like them now and then when I was really young. They were always good for sharing because they seemed so dense. Lots of chocolate and peanuts! I think they stopped making them some years ago but I found out they are now being made by a family in Camrose, Alberta and my husband found a couple at our local London Drugs. We shared one as a snack. Unfortunately, they aren't quite what I remember. The originals were more milk chocolate and this one is darker chocoate which I know will make the
  2. Sending healthy vibes his way! And maybe a tall, cold glass of brew. 😀
  3. I know some other Canadians will be familiar with China Lily Soy Sauce. It may be a bit coarse, but I have been known to have some in the cupboard and get the odd craving for it. A bit of a panic when it seemed to be in short supply last year, more pandemic buying? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/china-lily-shortage-1.5817336 https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2020/11/toronto-soy-sauce-factory-shuts-down-neighbourhood-wonders-whats-coming-next/
  4. A couple more places that are very local to me and easily shippable. BC Tuna (also salmon and smoked oysters) Clever Crow farms (Lia's products vary through the season, she used to do her own salt harvesting and salt blends, as well as herb blends from her farm)
  5. It has lard in it and I can always taste the lard. To me, it's not a great taste but I know people who love that soup.
  6. Will they be shipped within Canada? Which province? Some things would be a problem to ship outside of the country. Will they be for Canadians? I'm just wondering if things like Canadian maple syrup are desirable, it's pretty easy for Canadians to come by, but I've sent it to friends in Israel, ha. I like Saltwest for various products made from hand-harvested Canadian sea salt here on Vancouver Island and it's the type of thing that is easily shipped. https://www.saltwest.com/ There are lots of small farms that produce different things and their offer
  7. Never tried them, don't think we see them in stores here though I probably saw them in the US. But I'll always remember them from an early episode of Breaking Bad, when they are first setting out in the meth lab RV and Walter White asks Jesse to bring some food for their time out in the desert. Jesse brings Funyuns, it's a funny little exchange, as I recall.
  8. Dairyland here and $3.49, but still a good buy! Thanks!
  9. The question was about Jersey Royals, which are purportedly the UK equivalent to the Warbas in some ways. Though they don't look the same, maybe it's just that people really love them for whatever reasons. I was wondering if you were familiar with them? I know you haven't lived in the UK for some time, so apologies if this is a silly question. https://www.jerseyroyal.co.uk/
  10. Are you left handed? We've met a few times, but I can't remember! Or maybe you just need to hold things in your left hand to leave the right hand free for the camera photo? Not that it matters that much with this kitchen helper, but it does matter with some kitchen items! 🙂
  11. I think it's tough to identify a specific variety sometimes. I know here in BC, a lot of the potatoes I buy may be identified as grown in BC but lack any specific varietal information. The exception is the Warba nugget potato, which many people here are MAD about, there's a buying frenzy when they first come out in May. They are my favourite potato for several kinds of potato salads. They are a very early potato and I think they are grown in Ontario also? I'm not finding a specific answer to that online, maybe you can ask around or check online yourself if you think you might be interested in
  12. We acclimated our hardwood floors, engineered hardwood and laminate in various places we have done renos over the last several years. I think it's very common. Wood and wood products seem to require it.
  13. The website is great, also. There are updates to the Regrettable Food gallery but some of the other sections are also terrific fun to peruse! https://www.lileks.com/institute/index.html
  14. I've read about this a few times also. I know we can avoid some of it here because we can catch our own or buy it off the boats in the harbour or from the oyster farms, but grocery stores and restaurants can still mislead us (I think a fairly common one is a restaurant passing off farmed salmon as wild). I trust some stores and restaurants more than others, but they may not even know what they are getting at times. I know that Thrifty Foods had some initiatives to try and trace fish, but it's probably still open to manipulation. https://thisfish.info/generic/article/14/
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