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  1. I checked and see the US Costco price is $249.99, shipping included.
  2. Your kitty would like that box just as much (and maybe more!) if it were empty. 😉
  3. I bought a backup unit when Best Buy Canada had them on sale a couple of months back. I might start using the new one and keep the old one as a backup.
  4. That sounds like a pretty good price. What is their return policy? It's a backup so you can leave it in the box and if there's a better price in the next few weeks, you can perhaps return it and buy the lower-priced one. Or get a backup for your backup, hahahaha 😄
  5. FauxPas

    Butter Tarts

    I last made butter tarts a couple of months ago, but can't even remember what I put in them. I have a photo of them, for some reason. Pretty sure some of them had nuts. I had a friend who gave me her mom's recipe, which might have had currants instead of raisins, but I know I didn't do that. I do like a thick pastry shell, not too gooey because it's a pain to try and eat them on the go and I like them to be portable.
  6. And share with us again....
  7. You can make do with muffin pans.
  8. I bought that one, also! And when I went to check out the other one, Amazon kindly reminded me that I already owned it.
  9. It's a stunning porch/deck. I love the finishing details and it looks so spacious. What a lovely place to sit and enjoy the morning/day/evening, I think I'd be out there all the time!
  10. All the food looks wonderful. I love the bench! And the garden is looking good, too. Perfect to have a place to sit and watch it grow. Though I know that Chum secretly believes that bench was built just for her. Would love to see the new porch, if you are willing to share a photo. How many freezers do you have?
  11. FauxPas

    Spice Storage Ideas

    Oh no, this sounds dangerous! I would hate to get my kitchen completely reno'd and then have to start thinking about how to store the spices. Would you be willing to share details (maybe photos or plans) here? Maybe someone would have some useful suggestions.
  12. Ha, I worked at a cannery when I was a kid and we canned asparagus for what felt like forever! That season never seemed to end. At first my job involved separating out less appealing spears to send on to soup production. Later, I gathered the better specimens by size for canning. The area I worked in was hot and steamy and reeked and I carried that smell home with me, then desperately tried to get it out of my clothes and hair. It was years before I could eat asparagus without feeling nauseous. And then I discovered that I lack the mutated gene that would prevent me from smelling the body's breakdown of the asparagusic acid. That was somewhat off-putting as well. Now I know it's likely most bodies do the same thing, just some folk have that mutated gene in their olfactory receptor region. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/why-asparagus-makes-your-urine-smell-49961252/ I can and do enjoy asparagus occasionally now, but it's still not at the top of my list. I'm much more likely to prepare it for someone else than myself. It's interesting to see what people do with it, though.
  13. I also see the Canadian Costco price at $249.99 Cdn, which is a pretty good deal for US buyers, ha.
  14. I see the US Costco price at $249.99.
  15. As a professional football player said when he retired from the game: "Ninety percent of me is very sad, but my knees are very, very happy." Take care of yourself, @Porthos!