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  1. Was the ER busy? Hope you didn't have to wait long! Burns can be so painful, can you wear slippers? Aside from pain and loss of your lovely sauce, the clean-up sounds messy as well. 🙁
  2. Not at all! But we had a couple of new Fry's stores not too far away and they were both very large ones. They definitely had similiarites in store layout and product brands, etc. I had a bit of a love/hate thing for those stores - they would have baffling shortages of some products that no one could explain, even long before the virus issues. They would move things around in the store far too often and in ways that made absolutely no sense. And the quality of the produce was really inconsistent. I hope your 'local' is less frustrating!
  3. @Smithy, how do you juice your pomegranates? That Fry's store looks really similar to the one we used to go to south of Tucson. 😃
  4. I was born in St. Paul's but grew up mostly NE of the city - Maple Ridge, Belcarra, Port Moody.
  5. Mine, too! I like small potato chunks but I have made tourtière with grated potatoes, similar to this Chatelaine recipe.
  6. Here's the Amazon link for it. (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) That one seems to go to Amazon.com - here is the Amazon Canada link (I hope). https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00CR6N04I?pf_rd_r=TVDWCG61WAH93Y73WNFS&pf_rd_p=05326fd5-c43e-4948-99b1-a65b129fdd73&pd_rd_r=9f28b810-5b00-4c11-bffb-eae44d4e3d09&pd_rd_w=5D4QG&pd_rd_wg=LhPS3&ref_=pd_gw_unk
  7. It's a company that started in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 1950's and it's pretty well known in most parts of Canada for potato chips.
  8. Not all that exotic, but Old Dutch has some Celebration Flavours (celebrating 65 years in Canada), including a Parmesan Cheese and Black Pepper. Maybe a humbler version of Cacio e Pepe? They aren't awful, but I don't really like black pepper on potato chips!
  9. I have a few that look just like the one that @Kim ShookShook has. I bought them at IKEA for a couple of dollars each, I think. They work pretty well.
  10. I'm thinking that's exactly what it is.
  11. Here's a guide to egg timing: https://norecipes.com/perfect-boiled-eggs 2 minutes – The white isn’t fully set and the yolk is totally raw. And I think it's usually just the yolks used in a Caesar dressing, so you would have the partially cooked whites left over.
  12. Where are you now, @Smithy? Still in AZ?
  13. I'm not using my immersion circulators much at all lately. I donated the Anova and still have two Joules, but can't remember the last time I got them out of their drawer. Not entirely sure why, but the last couple of times I used them it was rather a pain - problems with passwords, app updates, connecting, etc and it took a lot more time than it should to get the water moving. If they weren't so small, I'd consider putting them in the storage room downstairs and then they would absolutely be used NEVER. 😃 Almost wished that I had kept the Anova, but I really did dislike its bulk.
  14. @liuzhou, I think lactose intolerance is not that uncommon throughout the world, but seems to be more associated to certain locations and historical factors. More to come from this study but it suggests some of the parameters: https://news.cornell.edu/stories/2005/06/lactose-intolerance-linked-ancestral-struggles-climate-diseases My Scandinavian heritage probably affects my ability to continue to digest lactose. But I definitely know some adults of varying backgrounds who have gradually lost their 'taste' for dairy, but may actually be losing their ability to prod
  15. Can't help you with the trailer repairs, but as for laundry.... have you ever read Travels with Charley: In Search of America by Steinbeck? 😃 https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/how-to-do-laundry-on-a-road-trip-like-john-steinbeck/
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