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  1. Don't you get any of the new-potato varieties there before then, @Smithy? We are an in-between climate season here (I think) but we get the new Warba potatoes in late May or so. And others later in the summer. What type of potatoes do you grow @Shelby?
  2. My tiny little garden is doing ok. Getting a good handful of cherry tomatoes most days and the larger ones are getting there. Picked a few hot peppers and a surprising number of sweet peppers. Snap peas have slowed right down, partly due to some hot weather but the beans should be producing later this month maybe? I planted the beans late because the soil was wet and cold for much of June. I also have a few cantaloupe, watermelon and winter squash plants - they were also planted late because the original ones were planted too soon and succumbed to wind and cold. it's mostly a deck and container garden, so it's more for fun than quantity but we do enjoy whatever we get to eat!
  3. I like Smitten Kitchen's Tomato and Gigante Bean Bake aka Pizza Beans. πŸ™‚ She used RG Royal Corona beans also. https://smittenkitchen.com/2017/09/pizza-beans-cookbook-preview/
  4. From the bits of information I saw, it certainly sounded like it was just the one neighbour. But sounds like he's been able to make things pretty awkward for the restaurant owner. Too bad, the restaurant does sound like it's well supported otherwise. It looks like such an interesting place to eat.
  5. That might be pricey for them. I looked them up just for interest and found this on their Facebook page: Sal's Place We’ll be opening in Provincetown towards the end of June, unfortunately we basically get fined every day we’re open due to the ongoing nine years of litigation with our neighbour, so we’re doing the best we can to be open and limit our financial exposure. Some background: https://provincetownindependent.org/news/2022/11/02/owner-of-sals-fined-for-contempt/
  6. It was often quite cool this Spring here on Vancouver Island so some things are delayed. Snap peas have been enjoying that weather though and there are still quite a few there for picking. They have become rather expensive to buy at the farm markets so I am happy to grow some from seed. My husband isn't a big fan though he's ok if I add them to salads or stir fries. That leaves more for me to munch but I love them so much, I should have started more. I only have a tiny area for gardening though - a few raised beds and some pots. I started hot peppers and tomatoes from seed also. My hot pepper plants have flowers but not much fruit yet. I have quite a few green tomatoes but have only been able to pick a few riper ones so far. I'm glad I started mostly cherry tomatoes - Red Robin (determinate and suitable for containers) and Sweet Million. Also some Mountain Magic which are larger but not full-sized. But then I have these crazy sweet mini pepper plants that my husband bought at the nursery and they are covered with ripe fruit! You can only see the red ones in this photo but there are also orange and yellow ones. Fun and nice to add to salads. I started a few winter squash and melons but some didn't make it through a big storm and the cold weather so .... compost. Sniff. I might still try to get some going this weekend.
  7. FauxPas

    Dinner 2024

    I think it was this one? Was it really that bad?
  8. No, you are correct! But Trader Joe's (proper) helped to shut them down. Not entirely sure why, since it was basically homage to TJ's. They bought products from TJ stores in the US and brought them legally across the border and sold them for a bit of a mark-up. People in Vancouver didn't mind paying a bit more because they wanted the products, but I guess TJ's wanted to maintain control over anyone selling their products. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/david-vs-goliath-pirate-joe-s-shuts-down-following-legal-battle-with-trader-joe-s-1.4152270#:~:text=Pirate Joe's%2C the Vancouver-based,described as a "David vs.
  9. I can't believe your daughter is off to college! Wasn't it only yesterday that she was just a little girl? πŸ™‚ I really miss Trader Joe's but it's highly unlikely they'd ever come to Canada - bilingual + metric packaging are just the start of it.
  10. FauxPas

    Real Wasabi

    Interesting that you mentioned this. Last night I happened to be watching some older episodes of MasterChef Australia and one of the contestants had to feature wasabi. Billie made a beef tartare that utilized the wasabi plant in several ways and the judges all loved her wasabi leaf tempura! Here's the video from the episode (though unfortunately via Facebook, so some may not be able to view): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1185637652291859 But here's her recipe! https://10play.com.au/masterchef/recipes/wasabi-beef-tartare/r220531rsqwx
  11. @Shel_B, it's a bit hard to see in the photo. Are those magnetic shelves on the side of your fridge? Or are they attached via something else? Either way, it seems to create a decent storage area.
  12. I love those Morton & Bassett ones with the names written on the lid! I wish all spices had that additional labeling. But why are some of their lids varying colours? Is there a plan to that? πŸ™‚
  13. FauxPas

    Real Wasabi

    Here's a place on the West Coast that grows and sells it fresh as well as the freeze-dried powder, but it's pricey. https://wasabia.com/ If you look, you will probably be able to find other sources but some of them are of questionable authenticity, I suspect.
  14. But it's always nice to visit in person, isn't it? Aside from shipping charges, it's nice to meet the people who are involved in the product, you almost always learn something extra that way! I'd probably sign up but still visit from time to time! πŸ™‚
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