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  1. @Toliver, I have an older friend back in Canada who is not interested in joining eGullet but I do pass bits of info on to her now and then from here. She is a dedicated bread-baker and I mentioned this book was on sale and she was so tickled, I wanted you to know that you do make some people's day with your info. (And I would have bought her the book as a gift so that eGullet could get a few pennies from it, but Amazon won't allow me to do that between our two countries anymore, though they used to!)
  2. I love avocado and shrimp! Looking forward to your story.
  3. And this is the problem with this cut for me. It rarely thrills, I get better return from other cuts. But I have to say that the Char Sui style pork I did with tenderloin has turned out pretty well a couple of times. but I had to add some fat in somewhere.
  4. Yeah, their location probably makes it really tough to find the right staff. Who would want to commute from Tucson? 😞
  5. I took a quick look at their Facebook page and saw mentions of Hannaford, Aldi and Whole Foods but had to read through a few posts to find that information. It is annoying when companies don't provide such basic info though, isn't it? I guess you could always call or email them, but they could be promoting their products better!
  6. I think they are Intergrow brand, grown in upstate NY in greenhouses, but maybe @weinoo can confirm. http://www.intergrowgreenhouses.com/how-we-grow/
  7. FauxPas

    Dinner 2019

    I looked at this Bayless recipe, where he gives instructions for making the paste from seeds. Is that the one you use? If I make it again, I will try making the paste myself. And yes, for some reason I forgot a lime on the kitchen counter which I had meant to slice and serve with the meat! That would have helped to brighten the flavour, I'm sure. 😄
  8. Yes, in this case, I diced the jalapeno very finely and added them and some diced onion to the vinaigrette while assembling the rest of the salad.
  9. FauxPas

    Dinner 2019

    Cochinita Pibil for dinner tonight. I used banana leaves to wrap the pork, used achiote paste from a really reliable local spice merchant and mixed some fresh orange and lime juice with it for the marinade. Somehow it just didn't work out that great. Not sure why. 😟 Does anyone else do this dish? My pork was super tender, cooked for 4 hours at 300F or so. I didn't make my own achiote paste, but maybe that's the missing link. Or maybe I just don't like annatto, though I'm pretty sure I've enjoyed it before. Also, had an epic fail with rice and that hasn't happened for a long time. Used a different brand of rice and decided to do it stovetop instead of Instant Pot. The rice was so bad, I just threw it all out and we had the pork on tortillas instead. OMG 😞 The fun part was unwrapping the banana leaves and the pork really did smell good and was so tender. And my pickled red onions were good! Shredded so nicely. With some queso fresco crumbled over top and also added some sauce after the photo.
  10. Maybe it's just another Sunset-type avocado salad but we love this one! Our grapefruit are finished but we were gifted some from a neighbour's tree. We really like citrus and avocado, here combined with some butter lettuce, cucumber and a grapefruit juice vinaigrette with local honey, diced jalapenos and red onions. The bit of bite from the hot pepper makes it for me, though they don't seem visible in this photo. I am not ashamed to say that we also enjoy a shrimp salad with avocado and various greens and a horseradishy seafood dressing.
  11. Or @kayb, sometimes the needle piercer or whatever it is needs to be cleaned. Insert a paper clip to remove any errant coffee grounds or whatever. Like this:
  12. @Shelby, you are a ⭐! And you deserve a ⭐! Good job, girl! And I hope your steam boy will continue to steam along for some time. 🙂
  13. FauxPas

    Top Chef 16: Kentucky

    Same here. And I'm not really sure why that is, though I didn't think much of some of the challenges or the way they evaluated them. For example, that challenge that had them cooking something from their own (usually mixed heritage) plus Chinese or Macanese was a bit off, I thought. For someone like Michelle, that gave her Mexican, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese plus maybe a bit of Spanish. That's an awful lot to try and combine. They seemed to be critical of taking a dish and subbing in Chinese ingredients and yet Sara got praised for doing exactly that. I didn't understand their logic there. Did you, @gfweb? Or you, @Toliver?
  14. You folks still have snow?
  15. Well, right now it's on sale at Best Buy Canada for $199.99 CDN ($150 US?) and free delivery (within Canada). Do you have any Canadian friends who are planning a visit? I'd offer, but I travel along the west coast side of the two countries! https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/cuisinart-cuisinart-steam-convection-toaster-oven-0-6-cu-ft-brushed-stainless-cso-300nc/10406509.aspx?