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  1. Ha, @Kerry Beal mentioned she was going to let you check it out first! I am just so pleased that someone else was able to enjoy it! I found it a fun read and thought Kerry might enjoy it, given her time on the Queen Charlottes aka Haida Gwaii. I am even more pleased that you were also interested in it!
  2. Steam them. Maybe @weinoo or someone else can fill in the timing details, I can't get back to the actual 'recipe' part. But this was in in the 'cover' story (basically, heat up your water before you put the eggs in the steamer basket): Here’s the real trick, and it confirms the data I’ve been collecting for years now: By far the most important factor in determining whether a boiled egg will peel cleanly or not is the temperature at which it starts cooking. Starting eggs in cold water causes egg-white proteins to coagulate slowly, bonding tightly to the inner membrane of the shell. The difference is night and day: Cold-water eggs show nearly nine times more large flaws and double the number of small flaws. There are two stovetop cooking methods that allow preheating for a hot start, and produce eggs that are equally easy to peel: boiling and steaming.
  3. FauxPas

    Dinner 2019

    I still like to throw a couple of hard-boiled eggs in the pickling juice and pull them out when the whites have just a tinge of rosy colour to them. A childhood memory, my dad liked doing that. They really impressed me when I was quite young!
  4. FauxPas

    Dinner 2019

    I don't like too much clove taste either. I like to use cinnamon sticks, just a hint of cloves and maybe a touch of star anise.
  5. FauxPas

    Dinner 2019

    It's rare that I remember to take pics but I do have a few taken over the last little while I thought I would share. Our CSA farm share for the summer just ended. They also have an autumn one but we'll be away for too much of it. We had lots of cherry tomatoes! Too many for us to eat fresh, so I roasted them and/or froze them. I took the trouble to peel some of them during slow-roasting, I thought @Shelby would approve! We had LOTS of beets in our farm share. Pickled beets. Borscht. Pork chop (sous vide, then quick panfry) and a mix of pickled and roasted beets over beet greens with feta cheese and balsamic reduction. Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe. These were SO good and I was able to use a lot of CSA produce - poblanos, red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, topped with panko crumbs. Only wish I had a better photo, as the topping looks a bit burnt but it wasn't at all. Made that 'famous' NYT plum torte for dessert a couple of times. Not sure why, I don't really think it's all that great, though the plums were lovely. Had local halibut and salmon a few times, of course. Another sub-par photo here, sigh, can't see the beautiful flaking of the fish for some reason. Corn and peppers and potatoes from farm share or local farm market. Panko crusted halibut with a garlic and serrano pepper aoli. Not the most appetizing photo but using up more produce and my husband had a craving for a chuck patty with cheese. The green beans were braised with tomatoes and garlic and onion and seasoned with cayenne and paprika, a version of Lebanese loobyeh. A few nights ago, we had Thai chicken skewers with peanut sauce. Then we had Filipino pork adobo, thought I had a photo but can't find it now. Another pork chop with a plum and balsamic reduction, corn + peppers, potatoes. We had lots of berries from local farms, strawberries finally came to an end about a week ago. These were the last ones of the season, still delicious though! Had them for dessert with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Good old standby, aglio e olio! This was with asiago cheese.
  6. @Shelby, I thought you might be curled up and snoozing with Chum on the couch, both of you being a bit tired out after all your hard work!
  7. I hope so, too! Sorry to hear about your dental woes, hope the gum issues can be controlled/improved. Your green beans look amazingly good! What's your weather like these days, will your tomatoes ripen OK?
  8. I love your blogs also! Looking forward to reading about your various adventures. And I really hope that tooth doesn't bother you too much, and that the antibiotics clear up any problems fast!
  9. Also, I think RCWilley only ships to the continental US. I had one sent to our US address, but we won't be there until October or November for me to try it out. I have an induction range here, but not in the other house, so it could be quite useful there.
  10. Yes, this is VERY good news!
  11. @Anna N, I truly hope this is a very short hospital visit! Also hope you have lots of good things to read and decent TV to watch and some good company to chat with now and then. And if you have roomies, I hope they are either very quiet or very entertaining. 🙂
  12. Ha, I've been there, and pretty close to that time, also! I spent a couple months in Redcliff (just north-ish of The Hat) back when I was in my late teens. I was staying with a close friend and her family who had just moved there. I remember driving up and down that river valley area on the highway between the two communities - many, many times! Also, mentioning Great Big Sea, we stopped to visit Alan Doyle's hometown (Petty Harbour, Newfoundland) the last time we were out that way. It was a misty summer morning. I loved these cod and puffin chairs!
  13. Same for Vancouver Island! 😄
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