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Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

Anna N

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

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Sunday dinner,  pork roast, cream gravy,  vegs, yorkies and roasties. Just something we really wanted and needed after this week of weirdness. Oh well at least we should be alright


Monday dinner was  chip shop curry sauce with roasted chicken and rice with peas, all home made and I nearly got the chip shop curry sauce to taste like a chip shop curry sauce, which isnt  a good thing but not a bad one either.  It is just comfort food.

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Last night I made beef stew with sirloin tip that was on sale for less than stew meat.  Beef, onion, carrots, celery, peas, red potatoes and barley.  Chicken stock, tomato paste, red wine, a touch of soy sauce, cream sherry, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, bay leaf.  16 minutes in the pressure cooker (carrots for last 6).  






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Thanks, Dave W & Shelby.  




A meal a few days ago.


Eggs w/ celery, using a tamagoyaki-like egg mixture.  Allowed to brown, with the sugars in it.



Brussels sprouts fried rice, w/ julienned ginger & stuff.



Beef stew.  Rice bran oil, beef short ribs, beef shin, sea salt, water, shallots, Klondike Golds, heirloom carrots, Maggi sauce, oregano, thyme.


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Ramen. Finally tracked down some fresh alkali noodles in my area... I'd been using hand pulled noodles from a local dumpling joint which were great, but not truly ramen. But I tracked down some Sun Noodle ramen at Mitsuwa market about 30 minutes away. Just as robust, but much thinner. Killer noodles.



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We brought home a baby 3 days ago.  he is a super cute little guy.  People are coming over, i like to have some food around the house.. Inlaws stopped in, i made pork chops grilled and topped with thyme butter.  Peas with cream and a simple arugula salad. 


Yesterday was lunch..


Chicken salad with some of the leftover aged swiss from New Years Eve on grilled baguette.  Pickled onions. 




arugula salad.  the chips are Martin's.. spelled like the roll and they are PDutch but, no relation.  they are delicious.  they are fried in shortening rather than the traditional lard.. still really nice, without that fatty finish.. fatty finish is fine but, so are these. 




last night:


meatloaf with chive polenta, spinach with anchovy, toasted scallion bread.  





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Huiray, please explain the eggs with celery a bit more.


gfweb, the eggs were beaten w/ generous additions of hon-mirin (lots of complex sugars in it; plus 12% alcohol) and ryori-shu (cooking sake; has rice koji, sugar, salt, glucose, 13% alcohol).  Salting adjusted.  Very hot pan, full flame, sufficient very hot oil (a fair bit, really); chopped celery tossed in it, the egg mixture went in, pan maintained on full flame.  The mixture browns up nicely; turned over (broken up w/ spatula somewhat) briefly and removed from the pan with the centers still slightly wet.

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Meatza! I added the evil  nachos because it missed something, it  was okey and that is about it.  

Why did I I make this?  Simple, a friend and I  have game called Show me you cookbook, which means we say cookbook 4 from the left and  page six and that is the recipe we are going to make. She got false  turtle soup and I got meatza.  

Some one had gagged gift her a paleo cookbook, why gag gift, well her field of study is the stone age, people, habitat and what they ate and most paleo cookbooks are  not close to the truth.  Apparently  cheese existed back then but not grain even though grain and beans has been found on stone age sites.

So it just meat, egg and oregano in the base and then tomato sauce, ham , vegetables and  cheese on top.




My husband had piri piri  added extra on his,

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Cheese is you friend, Cheese will take care of you, Cheese will never betray you, But blue mold will kill me.

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Our friend is from out west.. she will occasionally cook for us or bring over a casserole.  being from out west, she makes tex mex food.  i never thing to make south westerny food.  The way I guess, when I make comfort meals, i sort of instinctually add Italian nuances, she sort of adds, south western flavors.  


it was a tortilla type lasagna or quesadilla casserole or something.. it was good.. hot sauce and sour cream was good on top.  i guess she would have had cilantro in the fridge or a salsa or something prepared.  i throw some of the last pieces of arugula on top. the last greens i had in the house.  


she dropped of this dish a few days ago and we heated it up. 


much went into the presentation.




served with a whole fried chicken, I defrosted from Dartagnan or some organic place.  in the drink for two days, one day in buttermilk. cut into 8 or 10 pieces.  325 for 12 minutes or less.. cooked in two batches.  


Served with a green salad.  a few different lettuces, some cucumbers and carrots. pickled onions.  salt pepper, white balsamic.  it was the first vinegar i grabbed. 


Floured for an hour





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Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad photo. The quiche lorraine from Heston Blumenthal at Home. Slightly quicker to make, but arguably more involved, than Keller's take on the same dish. The Heston touch helps with this dish. I basically agree with his assessment of quiche: it's usually not very nice. In this case the filling (300g cream, 80g gruyere, 3 eggs, sauteed onions and bacon) is taken up to 63*C in a saucepan, poured into a pre-baked pastry case and then slowly taken up to 70*C. It's a bit of dicking around on the day of preparation but not too bad. 


Fuck separating out 25g worth of egg from a whole egg, though. I just made my standard shortcrust.


And, yeah, the salad was a lazy effort. A bag of mixed leaves dressed with sherry vin, walnut oil, a bit of Dijon mustard, salted capers and shallot. It took more time to make the Old Fashioned I'm drinking than it did to serve dinner. That's something I can live with.






That fried chicken looks great.

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Chris Taylor

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Back to this forum after several months when I just wasn't in the mood to cook, photograph, eat anything more than for subsistence, or write about it; finally coming out of those doldrums.


I've been on a bread-baking kick of late, trying different recipes, but always going back to my favorite loaf, a soft white that can easily go as rolls. I did, however, learn to make a passable pan cubano, along with passable mojo pork, which, with some sliced ham I had in the freezer from Christmas, some Swiss, some homemade mustard and some dill pickles, I had a pretty respectable Cubano. Served with potato salad and vinegar-turmeric coleslaw.


Wonderful looking meals, everyone.


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Some fishy comfort dishes this week, first up a small rice bowl of shime saba and avocado, a little garnish of fiddlehead and cuke. It's hard for me to think of anything I like more than vinegared mackerel and soy, maximum umami.






A back to basics meal of steamed sea bream and stir-fried spinach. The bream cooked perfectly, the bone had 一點紅 as we say, a touch of red.



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