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  1. eG Cook-Off #72: Ramen

    Have you had fresh Sun ramen, made in the USA? Or fresh ramen brought into the USA from Japan? Just curious. Yes, a lake in Inner Mongolia, according to the usual history of its origins as la mian. ;-)
  2. Dinner 2016 (Part 8)

    Leftover top sirloin cap (t.s.c.). Sautéed French filet beans & pattypan squash. Wild rice [Bineshii] drizzled with t.s.c. juices.
  3. Dinner 2016 (Part 8)

    A pasta bowl. Ripe tomatoes [Van Antwerp Farm] de-skinned, de-seeded; stewed w/ onions, celery, grated yellow carrots [Silverthorn Farm] gently sautéed/softened in EV olive oil [California Olive Ranch]; plus a sliced-up yellow Carmela sweet pepper [Silverthorn Farm]; fresh basil [my deck] towards the end; seasoning adjusted. With linguine [Rustichella d'Abruzzo] & leftover boiled & buttered small Kennebec [Silverthorn Farm] potatoes. Genovese basil [my deck] garnish. A couple slices (a half) of a Lambkin melon [Fields Farm Fresh].
  4. Waxy potatoes

    Has she tried Klondike Rose? With the fingerlings, two that are probably easier to find (than Ozette) are Russian Banana and Rose Finn Apple, both of which are also firm, waxy, good tasting. There are others.
  5. Dinner 2016 (Part 8)

    Top sirloin cap – salt & pepper; pan-seared; oven finished. Small Kennebec potatoes – simmered in salted water, tossed w/ Charentes Poitou butter & fresh parsley. Chiffonaded collard greens – sautéed in the pan residues after searing the beef. I cooked the larger end of the TSC (cut in half); the smaller end was kept for another day. Just out of the oven... Just after cutting...
  6. Actually, that raises a more generalized question with me - do Chinese restaurants in Canada serve shell-on shrimp in places outside of those such as in Vancouver-Richmond or Markham/Richmond Hill (GTA) (for example, to largely Chinese customers) ? Um, they're good. OK, properly done ones would have a crispy shell that you eat, but you need to do it while it is still hot/pretty warm. The shells also help in "keeping in" the taste and sweetness of the flesh. They are often coated in some sort of seasoned flour mixture but are also simply tossed with some seasonings (sans flour) and deep-fried. However, those you show appear to have been dressed with some sort of sauce - so whatever was done to make them (still) "shatteringly crisp" under all that sauce is unclear. What about shrimp with shells AND HEADS all on? have you had those? Ot "Salt & Pepper Shrimp", with heads and shells on? Perhaps you might try those one day?
  7. Sautéed purslane, in an Italianate manner, as a contorni, at Barbuto (Jonathan Waxman's place) in NYC years ago. It was both crunchy and succulent and, um, somewhat more than $0.00. I've eaten it on occasion elsewhere but have never cooked it myself.
  8. Dinner 2016 (Part 8)

    Tomatoes stir-fried w/ eggs. (番茄炒蛋) Made with very ripe Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes which sort-of liquefied. White rice. Scallions. Wosun (萵筍) soup. Gelled chicken stock, water, oil, small fresh thick-cap shiitake mushrooms, trimmed sliced wosun (celtuce, lettuce stems), chopped-up wosun leaves.
  9. Lunch at Kountry Kitchen in Indianapolis. A "half-and-half" sweet tea/lemonade. In a mason jar. "Cynful" Fries. With 'secret spice' and Ranch dressing. Fried Green Tomato w/ Remoulade sauce. I liked this. Fried chicken quarter, dark meat. With collard greens, fried okra, and fried cornbread. The cornbread wasn't great, to me anyway. The chicken was moist and tasty, coating decent & crispy. A view of the inside from my table. View of the outside. Location on Google Maps.
  10. Waxy potatoes

    Are SMALL Yukon Golds or similar or small red ones that inadequate? They are almost always available in 1-2 lb bags in most well-stocked supermarkets and cook up nicely waxy and firm, not at all powdery or mealy or fluffy – to my taste, anyway; and are even better (and waxier) after leaving them alone to cool and standing overnight. As KennethT says, fingerlings are also good ones to use as firm, waxy potatoes, some denser than others some a little "fluffier" than others. Speaking of which, I picked up more Ozette fingerlings just this morning from my local Farmers' Market (shown below). These are dense, excellent-tasting, nutty, creamy & waxy.
  11. ...and if you go to Wildwood you might as well go to Cape May. There are many nice places to eat there. I've mentioned some in the "South Jersey" dining thread. I've enjoyed Luke Palladino in Linwood in the past. (I used to go to Linwood fairly frequently in the past, when I lived in NJ, and head over to AC afterwards not infrequently) BTW you mean drive DOWN to AC from Philly, a straight SE-direction shot down the AC Expressway. P.s. The ACE is pretty heavy going on Saturday. I've also liked Dock's Oyster House before, but it may count as "fine dining" (and a chain, as well), something you mentioned you weren't too keen on. The Casino restaurants are decent by-and-large, but are not exactly the cheapest, of course. Why not pull up Googlemaps and just look for restaurants around the casinos/convention center - the likely-sounding ones can't be all bad. As mentioned above, various "ethnic" places are there too but perhaps you get enough of them in the GTA. Consider just strolling along the Boardwalk - you can get your saltwater taffy, and munch on subs and hoagies and other casual food; many of the places aren't bad at all! And you get to take in the Human Tapestry there. I've certainly enjoyed doing the same. But one or another of you & Co. might disapprove of such unrefined food? I assume you will be heading back to Philly and flying home to TO after the convention ends. Too bad. Going down to Cape May, noodling around, taking the ferry over to Lewes and driving down the DE shore and grazing and whatnot in the beach resorts all along the way (from Rehoboth Beach DE to Ocean City MD) is quite pleasant.
  12. eG Cook-Off #72: Ramen

    A ramen bowl. Dragonfly "Instant Noodles Artificial Hot & Sour Shrimp Flavor" added into a broth. The broth was made w/ shrimp shells fried w/ sliced ginger & peanut oil plus some Tom Yum paste [Por Kwan] then quenched w/ water and simmered for a while with more Tom Yum paste added in, then fishing out all solids; then just-barely cooking de-shelled de-veined wild American shrimps in it (and reserving the shrimps). Trimmed/washed ong choy (water morning glory) was blanched in the broth then reserved. The noodles and sauce packets etc went in, then sliced-up aburaage. Assembled/bowled with 3 halved hard-boiled eggs, chopped scallions, chopped coriander leaves, and deep-fried shallots. The noodle pack contents: The initial broth simmering:
  13. @chefmd, have you had Table 21 at Volt, not far from you?
  14. In an oblique way I am also reminded of thoughts that many folks who cook in the modern Western Farm-to-Table idiom have --- that something "fresh" (and picked from the garden or fished from the sea just a few minutes ago) is ALWAYS better. It is not so. I have mentioned before how dried or preserved ingredients are NOT necessarily poor substitutes for the spanking fresh ingredients, and that they often are ingredients in their own right, and that substituting the spanking fresh ingredient for the preserved ingredient DOES NOT WORK in many recipes which call for the preserved ingredient.** ** As just one example, if one tried using fresh squid or cuttlefish in certain Chinese-type soups where dried cuttlefish is called for, one would get a pretty repulsive soup, and those who have never used dried cuttlefish before but envision the soups as being made with fresh cuttlefish/squid ("fresh must be better") might be unable to comprehend why such a soup might be edible in their minds.
  15. I wonder what it would be like if we could recreate the spices as would have been known in the 1930's, with their presumably processed-and-definitely-not-spanking-fresh profiles rather than use the corresponding ones from modern/current times.