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  1. Remember Shoprite is a franchise operation so your mileage may, and probably will, vary.
  2. I suspect the customer service rep working out of a closet at home did not have a ruler to go measure.
  3. They do now. They didn't a couple days ago. And the information contradicts what the anova customer service rep told me. However I suspect 10 inches is the height.
  4. JoNorvelleWalker


    No, my only culinary visit to the ER was slicing chorizo. Same knife as the carrots though. And this was the old days when the doctor sat with my kids while they held me for observation.
  5. I vacuum seal commercial hard salami. I'm not sure I understand the issue?
  6. JoNorvelleWalker


    Not @Katie Meadow but how could I forget the exhilaration of cutting the tip of my thumb off in pursuit of MC carrot soup. The soup is tasty but I can't say it was worth it. I no longer slice my carrots lengthwise. Neither for @nathanm nor anyone. The point of slicing the carrots lengthwise in the MC recipe is to remove the core. A better method I devised is to simply shave the carrots with a peeler till one gets down to the lighter colored core.
  7. Let's hold out for 12.4 inch height and 12.4 inch depth.
  8. Try 275F for three hours, wrapped in foil. (I do it in CSO.) The skin won't be crispy but the flesh will not be watery. No need prick or stab.
  9. Potatoes, crunchy skin. Sweet potatoes, buttery smooth flesh. No butter needed.
  10. I do mine in the CSO but wrapped in foil.
  11. This fall I hope to acquire a slow juicer. Kuvings had a recent sale but I had just purchased an anova oven and I couldn't play.
  12. @gfweb @Smithy she denigrated my paella as arroz con pollo as it had only chicken and chorizo for protein. Tonight our library had a presentation on paella. The chef (at home) used chicken and chorizo, but included clams, lobster, and frozen mixed seafood in his version. He said you could add snails or whatever it is you like. He also made sangria. Me, I'm having leftover arroz con pollo again for dinner after I finish my mai tai course.
  13. The anova blog has an interesting al pastor recipe that could be adapted. https://oven.anovaculinary.com/recipe/yGITHdkk6Z006195ZM6B
  14. Another problem with the Chefman. Two nights ago I made paella (which my Spanish speaking friend reminded me was not a real paella). No matter, the paella was rather good. I wanted to place the paella on the Chefman to keep warm. I couldn't find an open surface in the dining room or kitchen.
  15. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/153870-anova-precision-oven/?do=findComment&comment=2261468
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