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  1. I fondly remember Sky Bars. Unfortunately the last one I had -- I believe from the Vermont Country Store -- was a little un-fresh.
  2. Part of their charm. Now I am craving them.
  3. Pistachio Paste

    Thanks! The site mentions shipping only to Italy and Europe. And, yes, even in Europe the shipping is indeed horribly expensive for a few nuts. I recently paid about the same amount (well, slightly more) to have a large stone mortar shipped from Italy. Your paste is beautiful however and I'm sure all the effort will be worth it!
  4. I once had a fondness for Necco wafers. Not sure I still do but it would be very sad to see them go. What is the situation? I don't even know who makes them. My teeth are not amenable to Mary Janes.
  5. Pistachio Paste

    Where do you purchase the pistachios?
  6. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    When I got the newsletter I didn't debate, I went to the Rancho Gordo site. But that's what I get for sleeping late. Speaking of debate, I was in a discussion with a colleague at work about bean pots. She advocated for her bean pot and I advocated for mine. After some while we realized both of us had bean pots from Rancho Gordo and she concluded: "I think we have the same bean pot."
  7. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    ...and after reading the article last night in the New Yorker, yet again the bean club is sold out.
  8. Carbon footprint does not inform my food choice. But while we are on the subject, I read in The Economist tonight that burial may have a smaller carbon footprint than cremation. I realize this may be of interest to only a small percentage of gourmands but I will leave the statistic out there.
  9. Ramps: The Topic

    I've never seen a ramp in the store or in the ground. I believe they don't exist.
  10. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Speaking seriously, my refrigerator soaks everything in condensate, dissolved cheese, and/or other red-brown fluids...which eventually puddle on the floor. How do get your refrigerator to dry things out?
  11. Instant Pot. Multi-function cooker (Part 5)

    Vegetables hadn't been invented when I grew up in the 40's and 50's.
  12. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    You won't believe how much time I wasted looking for this article in the NY Times...
  13. Camping, Princess Style

    I notice the packaging asserts "Patent Pending". Perhaps about to be baked with patent flour.
  14. Best non-stick cookware?

    OK, egg. Single egg omelet in the 8 inch WS was not that pretty. Not picture worthy. Perfectly tasty though. I'd say it was about halfway between my first attempt with the Koizumi and the second. It appears the Danish non-stick is not quite as non-stick as the Japanese. A trace of egg was left in the pan. Both times the Koizumi pan was clean. More trials are necessary.
  15. Goat

    I believe I have had goat only once, at an Indian restaurant buffet. I was a little squeamish but it was very good.