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  1. Some progress here once I realized I had to make up a 1.5 kg batch in order to get the dough to mix properly: Mixed and fermented by the book. Shaped by the square method. (Before MB I had always shaped boules by the tuck-in method that I had thought I had invented -- who knew?) Proofed a bit over an hour, scored on a peel, and transferred to a 450 deg F. preheated stainless steel baking dish with an aluminum sandwich bottom. My DeLonghi griddle worked great for that purpose. I then popped the dish into my preheated CSO and baked 20 minutes on the bread setting at 450, followed by 10 minutes convection bake at 400. Center temperature right out of the oven was 207. Next time I might give it a few moments more. I have never had a boule rise like this. Compare with my previous experiment: ...which looks more like a cow pie, though it tasted quite OK. My one compliant? The loaf took three hours to cool -- with the air conditioner blowing on it. Dinner was at 3:00 am. Second complaint: what am I going to do with all this bread? Welcome to Toast and Jelly Days.
  2. I think baking preformed loaves directly from the refrigerator is the idea. What I do though is to refrigerate the unshaped dough and then shape before baking. The way things are stashed and stuffed into my refrigerator a preformed loaf would not stay preformed for long.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    What was for dessert?
  4. Anna, I believe the solution to your problem is pictured on page 3-183.
  5. Gastrohysics: The New Science of Eating, by Charles Spence. Fortunately I finished it before Modernist Bread arrived.
  6. What was the recipe dough weight, 1 kg? If so, how did you mix it? Mixing has been the problem here.
  7. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    I'm pretty sure this will not be a problem with my rotisserie. The drip collection is well below the heating element.
  8. A few minutes late as usual, though I too noticed the discontinued model is the CSO-300N whereas the current model on the Cuisinart site is the CSO-300N1. Strange that we cannot find the CSO-300N1 on amazon? Edit: worse, both amazon and Cuisinart interchange/mix up the specifications, images, and model numbers of the CSO-300, the CSO-300N, and the CSO-300N1. If you download the CSO-300N1 manual from the Cuisinart site it turns out to be the manual for the CSO-300. Hopefully amazon will get the CSO-300N1 back in stock.
  9. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    The comments on that low temperature recipe were not so favorable. I have a duck in the refrigerator that was supposed to have been dinner yesterday. For better or worse I have to cook the duck in the next few days. While my primary interest is in the meat and skin I certainly hope not to waste the fat. My current thinking is either to steam bake in the CSO (assuming the bird fits in the CSO, which at this point is not a given) or to spit roast on an open rotisserie with a pan underneath to collect the drippings. I am open to further suggestions.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    'Twas midnight and after hours of shopping and cooking the duck was still in its plastic bag. I had no more energy and appetite than for an avocado* and two tomatoes, plus some stale bread I had intended to throw out. *a remarkably perfect avocado, as it turns out.
  11. All is not well with my French Lean Bread experiments. The last loaf I should have pitched. I tried making a half recipe -- 500g. I couldn't get the dough to mix. Only now I realize critical information was omitted from the Modernist Bread eGullet preview recipe. If one is using a planetary stand mixer with an 8 quart bowl you are supposed to scale up the recipe. One kg of dough won't mix properly, let alone 500 g. I switched to my mixer's 5 quart bowl as suggested but that didn't help at all. I even tried the paddle rather than the dough hook. Vacuum mixing the dough just made a mess. In an attempt to compensate I used a two and a half hour bulk fermentation with additional folds. The loaf still didn't bake properly. The bread came out of the oven with a shatteringly crisp crust. But when I cut into the loaf an hour and fifteen minutes later the crust was flaccid and the crumb was still warm. I confess I am more used to my baguettes mixed in the Zojirushi. I have a 1.5 x poolish going as we speak. We shall see. Even if scaling up the recipe is the solution it doesn't solve the problem that I am one small* person who can't eat kilograms of bread a week. I feel a bit betrayed. *OK, medium sized.
  12. Forgive me, I only just realized this was a question...as I recall I proofed for an hour and fifteen minutes at room temperature. The CSO manual suggests steam proofing dough at 100 deg F. for 30 minutes.
  13. Kerry, in the oven picture above, what is the dough resting on? When I bake loaves in the CSO I use a thin sheet of Teflon.
  14. Pistachio Paste

    Odd, I would have guessed the other way around.