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  1. Hollandaise Techniques

    This thread was supposed to be about using a siphon. I have made hollandaise using a siphon and while OK, in my opinion a siphon only adds difficulty and mess for the home cook. I can see the convenience of a siphon in a commercial kitchen where the hollandaise can be held in a water bath for service. In a home kitchen nothing beats a copper pot over direct heat. And as I have found the CSO at 125 deg F. holds the hollandaise indefinitely.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

  3. Using Mexican Chocolate

    I have a quantity of Rancho Gordo Mexican chocolate and am searching for ideas to use it up. This chocolate comes in 80 gram discs as hard as rock. So far I have been drinking it as chocolate milk. Quite tasty I must say but as tonight, six hours later, my head is still in a strange place, almost an out of body experience. I am no stranger to caffeine and am well experienced with nibbling dark chocolate. Nonetheless I feel poised to participate in some latter day Aztec ritual. Twice I have innocently prepared my chocolate milk with Mexican chocolate and twice have felt this way. I don't feel ill at all, but my head is not my own. Is this usual or is there anything pharmacologically unique about the chocolate from Mexico? Is there something special that must be done to prepare Mexican chocolate?
  4. help w knife ID please

    That looks more like a knife blade.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    Chicken Tetrazzini: ...ten or fifteen servings.
  6. eG Cook-Off 75: Meatballs

    The waiter roared it through the hall, we don't serve bread with one fish ball.
  7. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 2)

    With regard to complaints of "dry" meat after being cooked sous vide: last night I reanovaed the remainder of the prime strip steak I posted a while back. The leftovers were too well marbled to enjoy cold. But the end result was mealy and unpleasant. The mouth sensation was totally dry, however there was essentially no juice in the bag so I conclude there was not all that much moisture loss between the first time the meat was served and last night. Nonetheless anyone tasting the disaster would say "dry". Not the first time I have ruined a decent piece of tender meat by leaving it in the bath too long.
  8. Oh my, I don't know what to say. How could I have missed this? Sounds like a present for my son...after I look through it first. And to think, no one mentioned this in the cookbooks of fall thread.
  9. John O'Connell, The Book of Spice

    Some spices deserve pages upon pages. The entire entry for Cassia: "A lesser variety of cinnamon popular in China." And if it were not for this recent post I would have no idea what was an "estate agent": The home of a middle class Syrian estate agent living near the Iraqi border was burned. The estate agent, named Puzurrum, possessed a pot of cloves. This was circa 1720 BC. The nearest cloves were grown over 6,000 miles away.
  10. I have not been keeping up. I just cannot force myself to do it...when the alternatives are cooking and World of Warcraft. That, however, does not stop the awful guilt. If there were real professors to interact with I might feel differently.
  11. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 2)

    My anova allows for calibration but I have never found the need to do so.
  12. A pretentious history but one that forced me to get up off my chair [ass] to look up words. Otiose, anyone? How about aleatory? Pliny, not sure the younger or the elder, decried pepper. O'Connell makes no mention that one in five unfortunates cannot taste pepper other than as heat. Poor Pliny. But on his deathbed Venerable Bede, the monk, distributed his stash of peppercorns to the brethren.
  13. Books on Sous Vide

    So when they call out "pints" (which they do) are those Imperial pints or US pints? I must admit the amazon preview looks interesting.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    Not worthy of a photograph, but the last of my lobster from The Lobster Place -- via amazon Fresh -- grilled. A tail and two claws. Baked potato with sour cream, broccolini. Lemon juice and drawn butter with the lobster. Digestive: Chartreuse green V.E.P.
  15. Gardening: (2016 - 2017)

    I have a peltier cooled wine storage unit that I purchased for holding chocolate. It died horribly within a year. On the other hand I used to manufacture highly regarded cameras that used peltier devices. Nothing wrong with the technology, just with how it is employed.