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  1. Last night's disappointing paella. Inspired by @scamhi's guide, I cut the amount of rice in half to 100g for my 28cm pan. I used cooking times from Jeff Koehler's La Paella: 10 minutes on high followed by 8 minutes on low, plus an additional minute since my rice was Bomba. While I weighed the rice, I eyeballed the stock, which was the lovely clam broth. The amount was about two cups. After cooking I covered the pan for 5 minutes. The disappointment was the center of the pan was burned, in a pattern matching the induction coil of my Paragon. Rice at the periphery was very nicely done, but the burned flavor permeated everything. Clearly 10 minutes on high is not a good idea. Also disappointing was that I followed Jeff Koehler's suggestion to add green pepper to the sofrito. I conclude, on the green pepper topic, @rotuts is right. All was not lost because I learned that 100g of Bomba is a good amount of rice for my size pan. Now I just need to learn to cook it.
  2. What is the advantage of cooking in butter, rather than cooking first and then adding melted butter? I have plenty of cabbage on hand (albeit green). The Economist reports that in 1953 at the start of Elizabeth's reign Britons consumed six times as much cabbage as they do today. Probably not sous vide.
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    Dinner 2022

    They were. From a jar.
  4. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    This paella had such promise. But the center 4.5 inches under the Paragon induction coil was burnt. Thick Falk copper can only help so much. Rice in the outer part of the pan was OK but the burnt taste permeated everything. And the clam meat got caught in my teeth. Cooking on lower heat would probably have helped a lot.
  5. There is evidence African troglodytes were baking sorghum bread in their caves 70,000 years ago. Although I'm not sure chickens had been invented to serve with it.
  6. Baking bread? Steam broiling chicken?
  7. Consider an Anova oven, though maybe not considered little.
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    Dinner 2022

    Feeling under the weather, so my dinner was a can of Progresso Manhattan clam chowder. Good it was too.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    @CookBot said "Yankees". Your definition of Yankee and his definition of Yankee are far different. If you insult someone a Yankee in Louisiana you are liable to be shot. That being said okra is popular with this Yankee. As long as it is served not slimy. I used to grow okra until my landlord told me I could not have a garden. Last night I perused okra at Shoprite, the local grocery store. But the okra on offer was not appetizing in the least.
  10. Do you think Bardea would share the parameters? Only time I've dined in Wilmington was when I was staying at Hotel Dupont, testifying in Federal court as an expert witness, paid for by the law firm. Gracious suite. Memorable meal. Most comfortable mattress. What I remember most is the lobster mashed potatoes.
  11. The video is not available to me "in your country". I have Prime, how do I find it?
  12. Have you tried him with arctic char? Similar fish but not as salmony. Much cleaner taste in my opinion. Not to mention less expensive, and I've heard arctic char harvesting is sustainable. While I can't deny I've overcooked a Rancho Gordo bean or two in my time, a far worse sin is undercooking. Some Rancho Gordo varieties from Mexico need to be pressure cooked halfway to oblivion to make them eatable, in my experience. Now I'm wishing my diner included some Rancho Gordo beans.
  13. No idea but braised cabbage sounds like something I would enjoy. Was this in a restaurant?
  14. Just now I finished the last of my nine day loaf without it turning moldy. I've been storing my bread in a Wilton cake carrier.
  15. @Duvel, I can see where your little boy gets some of his genes from.
  16. Does the Breville really move more hot air than an Anova on the air-fry setting?
  17. Thankfully I have not been within sight of a hospital bed for many years. However last week The Economist, a British newspaper, ran an article on American hospital cuisine.
  18. Melanger is the only way I've found to make acceptable nut pastes. That said it is heavy, takes a lot of bedroom space, and is difficult to clean. I have not made a nut paste in probably two years.
  19. As I've probably overshared already, in the grip of the pandemic when many of us were hoarding, I craved a bit of Gruyere to play with melty cheese. I rather fancied a fondu. However amidst the panic and pandemonium, the only choice available was a single whole uncut block of Gruyere, at a cost of $50. It still lives in my refrigerator. And I still would like to make fondu.
  20. I just brought home Odette Williams' Simple Pasta. From the library. I might purchase a copy. We will see.
  21. I'd say return to Cuisinart under warranty. But since from experience I know that that won't happen, I'd suggest purchasing an APO. Or at least I would have until I found a wisp of a similar pinkish-purple fauna flocculating in the tank of my kissed by distilled water exclusively APO. If the lifeform is actually green it is most likely algae and can be controlled by using only distilled water in the tank. Good luck cleaning it out of the tank however.
  22. Fondness for Eastern European sardines aside, our manager at work is a Portuguese speaking Portuguese, and since she is a librarian she probably would be pleased to help. When I was little I used to adore rennet pudding. Although one has to ask: for what does a bakery use rennet?
  23. I spent 12 years working in the field of industrial process control, and I well remember Three Mile Island, our country's nearest brush with domestic nuclear disaster. The supplier of our industrial color CRT's (quite high tech at the time) jokingly attributed the vibrancy of their color phosphors to the company's close proximity to the mutant reactor at Three Mile Island. If I'd trust any company to run a nuclear reactor it would be Zojirushi. It just might not be cheap. Edit: Amazon informs me the Zojirushi NW-JEC10BA is now up to $829.99.
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