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  1. Molasses is dangerous. Much safer processed into rum.
  2. Yesterday at work one of my colleagues complained that workers in a pizza restaurant near her home were not wearing masks. She notified township officials where she lives but they refused to take action because the owner said it was too hot for the workers to wear masks. They said she could call the police. She plans to report them to the state. In other news she mentioned her town has a new cluster of cases.
  3. This afternoon I mentioned to the friend who gave me my curry trees that they had been losing leaves. She said that was normal.
  4. The Ankarsrum comes with a separate bowl with a central shaft for whipping egg whites and mixing certain cookies. Egg whites whip OK, perhaps better than the KitchenAid. I've not tried a cake but cookies were a pain when mixed in the bowl with the central shaft. I think cookies might be more fun using the standard stainless steel bowl. If I were to want a cake I'd grab the KitchenAid. Not because the Ankarsrum couldn't do as well. But with the KitchenAid there is no learning curve. However ask yourself about attachments. I have several KitchenAid attachments and I'd be sad n
  5. I am not sure. The knob is continuous but I tested only on low. Maybe Kerry could answer.
  6. 104-265F. I only tested the low temperature.
  7. I thought of saying something at the Shoprite office but the people there were helping other customers and I did not want to be late for work. At the library where I work staff not wearing masks and gloves properly may be sent home. Patrons repeatedly ignoring regulations may be asked to leave and be banned. Again, most people, even three year olds are wearing masks and trying to do the right thing. OK, maybe some of the three year olds are not so good at maintaining social distance but at least they are wearing their masks and keeping their noses covered.
  8. Last week I saw an employee in the dairy section with her mask below her nose. I should note most people I see are doing a good job of following regulations.
  9. @gfweb I looked for the damaged cord but couldn't find it. Possibly I threw it out, though that is not like me. Meanwhile the Chefman seems capable of holding a temperature about 100F, measured with a thermocouple surface probe. I have not tested higher settings. On the downside the Chefman is a lot thicker than what amazon had promised. All in all a good deal for the price but it won't be living fulltime on my table.
  10. At Shoprite I saw something that I cannot unsee: a customer in the produce section shopping for some broccoli removed her mask, licked her hand to open a plastic bag, and returned the mask to her face.
  11. Other than the oil pump what makes it twice as good as my 300?
  12. Lots of salt. Not sure a picture would be worth it. I think it will all be delicious.
  13. Wecome @Bmuir40, thank you for the mention. I have not tasted any Zacapa but I see no reason it would not work with Appleton 12. I like to mix a Jamaican rum with a Martiniquan rhum. My longstanding choices are Appleton 12 and Neisson Reserve Speciale, when I'm not up to splurging on older spirits. I should say I mostly have been drinking white mai tai's, that is mai tai's made with white rum and white rhum. Drinking one at the moment. For my white mai tai recipe I use Wray & Nephew Overproof along with La Favorite Blanc. Another difference, I use Cointreau for
  14. Thanks, @Smithy! I forgot all about my jar of salt preserved sage leaves. Yes, I indeed have a jar of salt preserved sage leaves.
  15. Sorry. The pork loin roasts I see are usually not well marbled. If you have a good relationship with your butcher maybe you could find a Berkshire roast.
  16. Of course a sous vide pork roast is feasible if that is what you want. However I have never seen a Berkshire roast.
  17. For pork I'd skip the sous vide and the roast. Get three thick Berkshire rib chops and grill them. I'd be more apt to do beef sous vide myself.
  18. If I were attempting a mint extraction I'd use an iSi, ethanol, and nitrous oxide. Then concentrate with a rotovap. I do not yet have a rotovap.
  19. Because of COVID19 amazon is not delivering @feste's orgeat. Who knew the virus could do this?
  20. The only herb ice cream I've really liked is the bay ice cream from @lesliec. I confess to occasionally enjoying commercially made mint.
  21. I am of a different school. King Arthur is consistent. If my dough is too wet it means someone didn't measure properly. My hydration is 68%. Even the KitchenAid KSMC7QDH dough hook won't grab a kg of this dough. But I don't feel too bad. Apparently a kg of dough didn't work for @nathanm either.
  22. With a kg of dough in the KitchenAid, I start off with the paddle. Otherwise I'd get nowhere fast. In contrast with the Ankarsrum I start with the dough hook to incorporate the ingredients, then after autolysis I switch to the roller/scraper to kneed the dough. Works perfectly, which I can't say of the KitchenAid.
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