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  1. For dinner I used my ricer. Ricer only, no tamis. I found the result gritty, for lack of a better term. Still, none of the potato went to waste.
  2. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    And how do you mash your potatoes?
  3. Tonight I took an informal poll among my colleagues: one uses an immersion blender, one said a fork*. Another uses a ricer or an S shaped masher. The fourth turned out to be Irish and an aficionado of Kristen Kish. *though I suspect his response was less verity and more a cheap opportunity to mess with me and my potatoes.
  4. No, but I suspect store-bought eggnog would work OK.
  5. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    Coleslaw and pizza. Much Chianti.
  6. Chris, I can't say your most recent topping with corn kernels appeals to me, but the Neapolitan Pizza Dough with Poolish is what I've been tweaking for my last several pies. Leftovers tonight! My yeast may be old but I finally got the rim I was looking for by increasing the yeast to 3%. I have to ask: what is taco meat? My disclaimer of living though a Neapolitan cholera epidemic still applies. If you don't know how cholera is transmitted, it is not like COVID.
  7. Anna, I posses hundreds of cookbooks and a poor memory for names and titles. Fortunately a fair memory for hot babes. And it was a slow night. The mystery chinois mashed potato chef is Kristen Kish. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristen_Kish I recommend her book.
  8. I have a stockpot I could stand in. The question remains, how do you mash a potato in a pot using a fork when the fork does not fit in the pot?
  9. Your pot may be bigger than mine.
  10. I can't recall the author of the method but she said in her restaurant she used a ricer, tamis, and chinois for her potatoes. Whereas at home she often skipped the chinois.
  11. A more committed chef would pass her riced potatoes through a tamis and then press though a chinois.
  12. How sweet did it taste? Less sugar would make it harder.
  13. My favorite mashed potato texture is achieved by ricing and passing through a tamis. The aversion is having to wash the ricer and the tamis, and having cold potatoes.
  14. What is the length of your mashed potato fork? My table forks, which look much like yours, are 7 inches and fit the potato pot no better than the kitchen fork I pictured. My bacon forks less well. I have oyster forks that would lie flat on the pot bottom but they are more suited to prize a delicate anchovy fillet from a narrow jar. I can see @btbyrd's fork working for potatoes. However I do not have a fork like his.
  15. Admittedly I failed geometry in high school, but how do you press a fork through a potato in the bottom of a pot?
  16. Don't tell anyone I occasionally eGullet at work, but this afternoon we had a small farewell celebration for a coworker and I had three cookies.
  17. Possibly. Do you mash against the sides of the pot?
  18. Through to the keeper. For those who mash with forks, do you mash on a plate? I can't see how you could use a fork to mash potatoes in a pot.
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