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  1. I bake a couple loves of French lean bread once a week. Tonight's baguette was particularly lovely. I have a KitchenAid and rather than finishing on speed two I've been finishing my dough on speed four or higher for a shorter time. Not recommended of course. Don't tell on me. But why pay for a commercial mixer if you can't beat the hell out of it? It sure was good.
  2. Making Fresh Masa

    Last night's dinner was tacos. The tortillas were made with Bob's Masa Harina... As shown in more detail in the dinner topic: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/156030-dinner-2018-part-1/?do=findComment&comment=2151559 Not bad but I think my masa was too dry. There was no puff and only a bit of char. I'm also afraid my griddle was too cool at 450 deg. F. What temperature should the griddle be for tortillas? Or if using the two temperature method, as I was, what should be the temperatures? By the way I searched for the Rancho Gordo nixtamalized heirloom corn but found only white corn posole.
  3. The Food Photography Topic

    I finally broke down and figured out how to record a Photoshop action to prepare pictures for the web. It saves a lot of time.
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last night was chicken avocado tacos with RG Moro beans... CSO roast breast. Organic Hass, 3/$5. Moro beans. Somewhat sad. Moro are not my favorite but got the job done. Salsa Mexicana from Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman, Tacos Recipes and Provocations. Not bad for my first attempt at tacos. Bass ale and sour cream not shown.
  5. Help with tagine liquid

    Onions are the thickening agent. It could have to do with the size of your onions. Also I'd be inclined to cook the onions down a bit first before adding the chicken.
  6. Pizza Tour of Italy

    Ask first if they wash the dishes and glassware. My experience may be four or five decades out of date.
  7. Pizza Tour of Italy

    The worst* pizza I ever had was in Genoa. Then again I got violently ill in Naples... *OK second worst...I forgot about Texas.
  8. The Air Fryer topic

    Is the Miele their steam oven?
  9. Dinner II: The Gallery of Regrettable Foods (Part 2)

    I've been experimenting with using a stir-fry pan for cooking steak. Stir-fry pan is what William Sonoma calls it. You might think of it as a stainless steel flat bottom wok. I find the generous sides of the pan reduce splatter significantly. Plus I can turn off the smoke alarm* and get the pan smoking hot. The first attempt was not half bad. The outside was a little charred and there was a hint of gray, but the rest was a lovely pink medium rare. Last night I tried again. I probably got the pan even hotter and I reduced the already very short time. The crust was overdone. The inside was what one might charitably call "blue". I would call it raw. I couldn't chew it. I would masticate a mouthful as best I could to extract some flavor and then had to spit it out and try again. But there was no gray! @CantCookStillTry any luck finding hing where you are? *not to make light of tragedy a house in the neighborhood burned down this weekend.
  10. Question about dried bean varieties

    I believe Steve has said somewhere Mexicans don't soak their beans.
  11. Question about dried bean varieties

    When the Ayocote were new they took four hours in the pressure cooker!
  12. Question about dried bean varieties

    What I have in stock are: Ayocote Morado Ayocote Amarillo Ayocote Blanco Rio Zape Moro Yellow Eye Royal Corona Pinquitos And I just spilled a bag of chickpeas. (Steve might consider more upscale packaging.) In the past Ayocote have been problematic. Moro was good. But Rio Zape has been my favorite -- possibly why I have only a quarter pound left that I could find. So I think for tonight it boils down to either Moro or Pinquitos. @kayb the last of my Cranberry went off to a pot of Georgian stewed beans with herbs, one of the best bean dishes I have had: Edit: and I forgot, still a couple pounds of Marcella beans.
  13. Question about dried bean varieties

    Oops, apparently I was not clear. I am not looking for recipe suggestions. I am looking for Rancho Gordo bean variety suggestions for a simple pot of well flavored Mexican style beans.
  14. Question about dried bean varieties

    I've had it from the library but I do not own a copy. Many of the ingredients were a bit too exotic for me.
  15. Question about dried bean varieties

    I still have pounds and pounds of Rancho Gordo that aren't getting any younger. Tomorrow has to be beans. Any suggestions? When daylight comes I may post my inventory. What I want is a simple batch of beans to accompany a Mexican meal.
  16. The Food Photography Topic

    I am also of that persuasion. Almost all of my food pictures need white balancing and a little lightening, done in camera raw. Then my final steps are converting to 720 pixels width, unsharp masking, converting to sRGB, changing mode to 8-bits per channel, and saving the file as .png -- admittedly I should automate those things.
  17. Ingredients via Internet

    The wild rice I ended up with is Bineshii, hand harvested and wood parched but not the most expensive stuff. The package came today. It looks good. I confess the reason I chose Bineshii is because they have an amazon storefront: 1 LB MN WILD RICE AMERICAN INDIAN HAND HARVESTED...
  18. Ingredients via Internet

    Some foodstuffs are hard for me to source locally. The same may be true for others. At the moment I am looking for a source of quality Parmigiano Reggiano. One supplier I found was parmaitaly/parmashop. Anyone have experience purchasing from them? http://www.parmashop.com/english/parmigiano-reggiano.html I'm also looking for red wine vinegar (not balsamic). Any suggestions for sources?
  19. Farmers Markets 2018

    I thought grapefruit? At a farmers market? But then I remembered where you were.
  20. Kitchenaid Grinder Attachment

    I've used my KitchenAid grinder only for meat, but it may make a difference which way you insert the blade on the shaft.
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I know it's not exactly Sardinian but Bugialli's vermicelli in Sicilian tuna sauce: Pasta not tossed before photographing. And I used linguini.
  22. I fondly remember Sky Bars. Unfortunately the last one I had -- I believe from the Vermont Country Store -- was a little un-fresh.
  23. Part of their charm. Now I am craving them.
  24. Pistachio Paste

    Thanks! The site mentions shipping only to Italy and Europe. And, yes, even in Europe the shipping is indeed horribly expensive for a few nuts. I recently paid about the same amount (well, slightly more) to have a large stone mortar shipped from Italy. Your paste is beautiful however and I'm sure all the effort will be worth it!
  25. I once had a fondness for Necco wafers. Not sure I still do but it would be very sad to see them go. What is the situation? I don't even know who makes them. My teeth are not amenable to Mary Janes.