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  1. I like the toast from my APO. I never was thrilled with CSO toast. It should be said I don't bake sandwich bread, which probably toasts differently. APO toast is not dark. There probably is a way to get darker toast out of the APO, however I am just using the pre-programmed toast recipe. Let me suggest you could store your toaster in the APO.
  2. Amazon did pretty well, considering. Though I have to remark they sent me the wrong cherries. I ordered Rainier cherries. Red cherries were what arrived. Second time this has happened. The PLU codes are different, not to mention prices. Nonetheless it is remarkable to me how well these people do. I am very thankful to have the service available to me.
  3. I've had a Waring juicer for years. It is loud and dangerous, and jumps around on the table. It does juice fruit such as apples, except that it is then a pain to clean. The Kuvings is quiet and there is less froth. OK, I'd say so far there is no froth. Kuvings makes a vacuum blender but I don't think they have a vacuum juicer. This afternoon I juiced up some old hairy carrots. Slimy too, but I washed them. And ginger that was to the point of being soft. Clean up was easier because I remembered the injunction to rinse the mechanism out with water first. I like that there ar
  4. Amazingly Whole Foods had 16 of 17 items in my cart. The only substitution was for a bag of organic yellow onions. (No points for guessing why I need a bag of onions.) Of course, the order is still out for delivery. We'll see what actually arrives. Meanwhile the tuna and beans I was about to eat had molded. Didn't smell so good either. And by that time I can't say I was hungry.
  5. I feel your pain. I tried to buy HP sauce last week. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has expanded it's delivery area. Until recently I could order but my friends who live nearby could not. Unfortunately Whole Foods is back in the "You're lucky if we deliver to you at all" mode. I wanted things for yesterday but I had to keep refreshing the checkout page to get any delivery slot at all. Which should be tonight. I'm planning a @Wolfert recipe with all sorts of ingredients they are sure to be out of. No one has started working on my order yet.
  6. OK @weinoo, as long as it's just two or three years... Let's see, the DeLonghi grill. I used to use it for corn tortillas until I got a crepe maker that works better for the purpose. However the DeLonghi remains the only appliance I have for making waffles, and it makes good waffles. But I haven't eaten waffles in two years. Crepe maker. I use it only for making corn tortillas. Pasta extruder attachment for KitchenAid, which I have used once. (Not to be confused with the pasta roller attachments for the KitchenAid, which I use often.) The extruder wo
  7. As implied in another thread I now have a Kuvings EVO820 slow juicer. There is eGullet love to go around for citrus juicers, centrifugal juicers, Champion juicers -- but none for Kuvings and similar single auger vertical technology. Herewith I hope to remedy the lack. Mixers shown for scale. The Kuvings is not light but I can lift it and there is a convenient handle in the rear. Assembly was easy but when I applied power, nothing happened. To spare some histrionics, observe the red dot below the word "closed". To function the red dot must be below the || symbol t
  8. Ethanol does not always go well with chop chop.
  9. That's what the anova recipe calls for.
  10. You might say so. I was heating it on high.
  11. The temperature here was/is well below zero, depending on what temperature scale you use.
  12. My Vesta came without pans but the company promptly sent me at no cost an unnamed half sized hotel pan that fit just fine. But the Vesta has two shelves. I ordered a Vollrath half size Super Pan 3 that fit the rails. Unfortunately this pan was too deep to use in the lower shelf of the Vesta, however it works in the upper shelf. I also ordered a couple Vollrath Super Pan V wire racks. These racks are beautifully substantial but they don't fit in either the Vesta supplied hotel pan or in the Vollrath. Finding a good deal I recently purchased three Vollrath Super Pan V pans. The
  13. Now through 11/27 Kuvings USA is having 30 percent off their juicers and blenders, all of them... https://www.kuvingsusa.com/ Ask me how I know.
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I wish I could remember the author...a Mexican food personality making a go in the US had an interview with her Mexican fans: "Please tell them that our cheese is white."
  15. First measure your goose. One lament I had about the CSO is it would not accommodate a duck. That said, my inclination would be to cook the goose the way one might cook a chicken in the APO. Salt the meat. Dry out the skin for a day or two. Cook the goose in so called "sous vide mode" to whatever the internal temperature should be for goose. Then crisp your creation at 250C. I confide that the only time I was served goose was at a hotel in Frankfurt. The meat was a little dry but it was more interesting than turkey. Beer helped.
  16. I just checked WF and they price bananas per pound but they sell them by the piece.
  17. To my taste the recipe worked. That 10 minutes at 250C has an effect.
  18. The buttermilk available to me (and I had assumed all the buttermilk in US grocery stores) is not a byproduct of butter production. It is a cultured milk product that used to be called artificial buttermilk. Like yogurt it can be made with whole milk or reduced fat milk.
  19. I thought anova said they give in-home service. There is no way I could send mine back. I am still recovering from trying to lift it in the first place.
  20. I thought of @Franci when I read Vivian is getting by in the pandemic by selling mail order baked goods. I'm sure Vivian bakes good stuff, but I can't believe hers compare with @Franci's.
  21. Oh, and I misspoke: SupermarketItaly offers twelve Castelvetrano olive varieties. (OK, eleven actually, since one product is sold out.) Also it seems Castelvetrano olive spread is a thing. There are at least a couple brands to be found on the web.
  22. Just tested, my APO fan is barely audible on low.
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