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  1. And you probably like kale.
  2. I've used only distilled water in my APO's. In my CSO's I would use double filtered and measured low hardness water. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/136349-do-brita-type-filters-work/?do=findComment&comment=2162319 The problem, at least in my kitchen, is not water hardness. My CSO's would clog up with organic matter*. Now that I use distilled water I have not been troubled by fauna and flora in the tanks. (That the APO tanks crack is a whole different issue.) *green algae and white floccular contaminate
  3. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    Kenji smashburger, couple of fries.
  4. https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/original-profi-collection-steam-inset-7-9-in-2019/ https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/original-profi-collection-conical-pan-6-3-in-2019/ https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/original-profi-collection-saucepan-flat-7-9-in-with-lid-2019/ https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/original-profi-collection-high-saucepan-6-3-in-with-lid-2019/ As well as a replacement pressure cooker gasket not on sale.
  5. Many thanks. Just ordered. Amazon limited time deal $13.99.
  6. I said nothing about on the bedroom floor or down the stairs.
  7. I shall never again drop my dinner on the kitchen floor.
  8. Fissler, in the US at least, is having a 25% off mothers day sale on their 2019 Profi cookware collection and a few other pieces. I like the older style better than the current offerings so I succumbed. https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-list/pots/original-profi-collection-2019/
  9. Only afterward. The method involves placing the pinafore face down on the bed, at which time the straps resolve themselves into alignment. I think that I shall patent it.
  10. I may have developed a determinist method to put on my Rough Linen pinafore. Unfortunately I cannot explain it.
  11. Oh, I do use a backpack. The backpack doesn't hold everything.
  12. Thanks, but wheels would not work for me. Maybe not even tank treads.
  13. Not sure what we will find in the stores next week. I love the idea of reducing plastic waste, but I dread the effect on my getting groceries home. I have canvas bags. But the length of my arms is out of proportion to my height. I suppose you could call that a disability. When I lug canvas bags they drag along the ground. Ever puncture a hole in a gallon of milk? In a library?
  14. That's what I do -- or did. New Jersey is outlawing plastic bags next week.
  15. Whatever else, Port usually helps. I have an open bottle on the table.
  16. Exactly! I can blithely use left and right interchangeably, particularly when giving directions to others. My solution is to point. Edit: back when I was driving regularly, my bane was signs that said "Yield Left".
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    Bunny chow from Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom. A South African curry dish I understand. I cheated and didn't make the rolls from scratch. The preparation was more work than I should have attempted, but I got to use up a few Rancho Gordo beans. Quite good.
  18. I'm sitting here by the computer with my almonds and mai tai, in my ergonomic chair, nurturing my toe (no peanuts tonight) while my blessed Paragon cooks dinner. I don't know how much longer I can do this, real cooking I mean. I'm usually OK with convenience food, such as last night's frozen fish and fries. Grilling a steak or chop is not much work, nor is a steam broiled chicken thigh. Pair them with a baked potato, sour cream, and 30 second green beans for a fine dinner. But that's not following a real recipe. I've been planning bunny chow from Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom for some days. His vegan take on a South African curry dish. Knowing my limitations I pressure cooked the specified Royal Corona Beans last night. (I have nothing if not Rancho Gordo beans.) Cooled rapidly overnight by the Michael Ruhlman method. I got home from Shoprite about 6:00 pm and started prepping stuff. I posses innumerable pots and bowls, but little place to deploy them. Excruciating pain in my left right foot. Did I mention I suffer from directional aphasia? Investigated and toe was bleeding. Nothing particularly new. Now at 1:02 am the stew is on its final cook. I love my Paragon. Even so I cheated. I did not bake my buns from scratch. I did not peel my Yukon Gold potatoes. I made my persillade with raw garlic.
  19. I tried it once. Did not do much for me. It's not like Persian rice.
  20. In reading up on the new crop of rice cookers, at least Zojirushi, there is one setting my old NP-NVC18 has that is lacking: there is no "scorch" cycle. Odd that they would drop something.
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