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  1. Amazon is refunding half the cost of the two bags of cherries. Now I need something to use up cherries.
  2. Not having much to do with the pandemic, my evening's amazon delivery was mostly right. Of course the baby broccoli turned out to be broccoli. I still have broccoli waiting to be eaten since my last order of baby broccoli. But they had Rainier cherries! Rainier cherries @7.99 a pound. I should have known better. I selected 1 and I thought that was 1 pound. No. Rainier cherries are sold not by the pound, but by the "item". One item of Rainier cherries was $19.74. I wondered why my total was so high. The weight matches up with the cost but they will spoil before I eat up all those cherries. I've been contemplating complaining. They are beautiful cherries but why so many?
  3. Amazon has shifted to something new: it had been that delivery windows opened a few times a day and immediately disappeared. Whether you got food depended on how fast you could click. Now delivery windows are available but customers are limited to one order per week. (Wish I had known that before I placed my order.) My shopper has finished working on my order. Everything was available. Stuff should be here in a couple hours. Wish me luck. Now I may go over to Shoprite to see if I can find the things I didn't get. It must break Jeff's heart to tell people they can't buy more than once a week.
  4. JoNorvelleWalker

    Lunch 2020

    Thanks. Maybe she has an erratum listed somewhere giving the temperature for the recipe.
  5. Celery sense. Maybe I should just use it for bacon and hope to find some actual pork belly for making red pork. Thanks everyone for the help.
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Fried chicken, coleslaw, Rancho Gordo beans. Chicken was overdone. That did not stop it being eaten. Ice cream. Because I can.
  7. Hence my quotation marks. Question remains, in the midst of a pandemic can one use this meat for a facsimile of red pork? Howsoever inauthentic I can't imagine the result tasting bad.
  8. Getting Vac'd sounds like excellent protection in a pandemic! Unfortunately I do not fit in my Polyscience.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Lunch 2020

    Question about Japanese turnips. I've been reading a recipe in Nancy Singleton Hachisu's Food Artisans of Japan: four-hour caramelized turnips with parsley sauce. She says to cook the turnips four hours sous vide. But she neglects to specify a temperature. Is there a particular temperature Japanese sous vide their turnips?
  10. My curry repertoire is rather limited to say the least. But even though I have a number of Indian cookbooks I was excited to read Vivek Singh's Curry Classic and Contemporary. I've made a couple things from the book, most recently kadhai ka shikar earlier this week: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160121-dinner-2020/?do=findComment&comment=2247719 One of the finest dishes I have eaten, even though necessity required I forgo the called for grouse, partridge, quail, and pheasant in favor of organic chicken. Now I am craving it again.
  11. Yes, skim milk powder plus reduction. But not as much reduction. Further back in the thread Ruben says he switched to adding skim milk powder to the recipe not because the result was better, which he says it is not, but because skim milk powder made the ice cream easier to make at home. With regard to polysorbate 80, it could be my imagination but I think I like the ice cream melting characteristics better. With this style ice cream I have not found other additives that I have in house beneficial. (Unlike when making Philadelphia ice cream, which is a different story.)
  12. Yes, last month: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/152508-home-made-ice-cream-2015–/?do=findComment&comment=2242010 I have a lifetime supply of polysorbate 80.
  13. Or you could get a kama and heat it over charcoal.
  14. A couple weeks ago when store shelves were bare I saw a package of "uncured" thick sliced smoked pork belly. In other words bacon, but sold in the fresh pork section. My question: would this make an acceptable substitute for pork belly when making red braised pork?
  15. I am more than 70, I am not semi-muscular, I am not a man. Still, I'd give it a thought if we ever receive another stimulus. What I'd like to know is how accurate is the temperature and how precisely can the temperature be set. (Might be in the manual, but if so I didn't see it.)
  16. It would just fit on the counter where my CSO is now. Edit: but at 55 pounds, getting it there could be a problem.
  17. Last time I had Carvel it was still pretty good. These days I am pretty much left to my own devices... https://forums.egullet.org/topic/152508-home-made-ice-cream-2015–/?do=findComment&comment=2248116
  18. Results of this batch were excellent. Maybe the solids were a little high due to the reduction properties of the new Falk pan. But I wouldn't tell unless you asked. I could easily consume the batch in one sitting. After blast freezing the churned mix to -30C I warmed the Vesta freezer to -18C. Scoopability was perfect. Now on my second bowl.
  19. I had not remembered that Modernist mozzarella technique but I usually dry my mozzarella an hour or so at room temperature on a stack of paper towels. I find it makes quite a difference.
  20. Thermoworks is having a sale of 20 percent off any one item (excluding Wand).
  21. @StumptownGeek did you ever figure out why your Fysta wasn't freezing properly?
  22. I paused at Shoprite as I had a prescription to pick up at the nearby pharmacy. Stocking levels were almost close to normal. Nothing in the meat case struck my fancy but I don't recall seeing the formerly ubiquitous quota signs. I picked up four limes and two potatoes. The clerk commented she loved my nail color. Only later did I realize it is an exact match to the color of my backpack.
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