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  1. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    Philips grilled pork chop, 30 second green beans, not shown.
  2. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    Other than oversized portions, poor animation, plagiarizing intellectual property from the Honeymooners, and marketing tobacco to little children, what's not to like about Hanna-Barbera?
  3. For the first bake in my new steam oven, I shall never again forget to turn on the steam.
  4. I got Campari last night from amazon.
  5. Help us to help you. Where in the world do you live? Different counties traditionally use different yeasts. Scandinavia, I've read, predominately uses readily available fresh yeast. Whereas more civilized societies employ instant yeast. Proofing fresh yeast is advisable. Proofing instant yeast can be a good way to kill it. Once you know what yeasts you have there are conversions from one yeast type to another. If you don't know what yeast you're using you may as well try baking powder.
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2022

    I have been craving coleslaw. I thought to patronize Shoprite tonight on my way home from work, but when it came time I was not feeling up to the adventure. Surprisingly amazon was still offering same day delivery when I checked with them on line. Plus, amazon had arctic char on offer! Dinner plans were broiled arctic char and coleslaw. Perhaps with a lovely baked potato. And a lemon wedge or two. I worried when I was notified one or more of my items were unavailable. When the order arrived there was no cabbage. But that's OK, there was no arctic char as well. I respect anyone who gets food to me in the middle of a thunderstorm. Dinner is shaping up as canned tuna, anova air fried Alexia Yukon gold potatoes, plus a spot of organic greenery. Or, dinner could simply be more rum and almonds. I don't have to get up tomorrow.
  7. Naive question. Would the dish work with dried curry leaves? I was supposed to get some arctic char tonight but the delivery never happened.
  8. Yes, that's the recipe. I've made it twice with good results. But once the duck is browned I try not to hold it long before braising.
  9. What's the best way to reheat half a baked potato? This is not typically a problem that I have.
  10. Yes, try the NY Times recipe for braised crispy duck. It uses liquid half way up the sides so that skin stays crispy. However I wouldn't let the chicken sit at room temperature all evening.
  11. The Spice House is promoting 15% off this weekend. I stocked up on saffron (how can one allow oneself to totally run out of saffron?), orange blossom water, blade mace, rosemary, and Spanish paprika. Yes, I know: sadly The Spice House is no longer owned by the Penzey family. For reasons, I'd prefer to order my domestic spices from Bill Penzey. And Bill receives a lot of my spice business. But Bill does not deign to offer orange blossom water. Without which no proper mai tai is possible. And 15% is 15%.
  12. I shall never again attempt to move an anova oven with a full water reservoir.
  13. Note, I didn't say I'd gotten it to the kitchen counter yet.
  14. I came home tonight to an anova on my doorstep. I got it up a flight of stairs. The oven is now unboxed and resting in the living room.
  15. JoNorvelleWalker

    Lunch 2022

    Beautiful. I had to give a "like" even with the cauliflower.
  16. Strangely (and very much unlike Shoprite) the lime bins were just barren and empty. I hope to make it back tomorrow.
  17. When I was last at Shoprite they had no loose limes at all. I survived with two clamshell packages of organic.
  18. If one must splash boiling tomato sauce over one's face, it is good to be wearing glasses.
  19. Batch 17. Same as batch 16 but cooked even less. Thoroughly homogenized. I hope it does not separate.
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