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  1. The Taste of Bread by Raymond Calvel and Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman. I seldom bake anything besides baguettes. I am fond of baguettes. Looking forward to your book.
  2. After more than a month of daily use my Hamilton Beach is starting to loosen up. Time, I guess to break down and buy a torx. But I am not complaining. I don't know how I ever got along without the Hamilton Beach. My wrist pain is gone, and I'm sitting here midafternoon on a hot summer day with a tumbler* of juice from fresh pressed Mexican organic oranges (plus a half lime thrown in for good measure). *Baccarat, rotuts, if you're reading.
  3. My semiannual case of small hand orgeat. And may it get here fast.
  4. Tonight was a repeat of this with similar results -- save broccolini in place of asparagus. And it was béarnaise in place of hollandaise. And served with a baguette. Redundancy is important. I needed two yolks for my béarnaise. I pasteurized three eggs. I dropped one. Actually I dropped two, but one was not a total loss. The steak sure was pretty. Edit: spelling.
  5. Due to the vicissitudes of dinner I threw my measured out but not yet shaken mai tai in the freezer. When I finally got around to drinking it -- now it's 12:45 am -- I found the taste rather more alcoholic than that to which I am accustomed. Maybe there is something to this dilution business after all? Equally plausible is that I left out or doubled one or more ingredients.
  6. I hadn't had a pina colada in going on two years. Now I remember why.
  7. I have eight Sabrett hotdogs heating at the moment, 70 deg C. One or two expect to be dinner. The rest go in an ice bath for next time.
  8. Well, I ordered from the amazon vendor. The mixer arrived this evening. First the good news: the KSM1CB Precise Heat Mixing Bowl actually fits on the KSM8990 mixer! I was so worried that it might not be the right size. No one at KitchenAid had been able to tell me. But the bad news: the bowl clearance adjustment on the KSM8990 does not have enough range to keep the beaters from hitting the bowl. I tried the bowl that came with the KSM8990 as well as the KSM1CB bowl. KitchenAid was willing to replace the unit under warrantee but they quoted 7 to 10 day delivery. In the end I used the amazon return because I can get a replacement in a couple days. I also saw a white unit is a few dollars less expensive. Other than the fact my KSM8990 was defective, I was rather pleased with it. The bowl and the attachments seem very well made. I prefer the J handle to the U shaped handle on the home mixers.
  9. Wonderful news. I look forward to cooking from the book.
  10. Webstaurant has the KSM8990 on sale at the moment for $545.99. But they do not stock the KSM8990 and they are not sure when it would ship, plus it might not be cancelable or returnable. Since I am not at all sure the KSM8990 will work with my bowl, this could be an issue. Amazon has the KSM8990 for about $100 more than webstaurant, but it would get here in two days -- including amazon's 30 day A-Z guarantee. What to do?
  11. Feeling really bored tonight after dinner and out of scores of bottles I chose poitin. Good stuff as always. (It helps that the poitin was in the front.) I already have my genes in a couple more generations so it doesn't really matter. Though I am a bit concerned that my son has been flirting with poitin. However for him I don't think it will ever replace scotch.
  12. I almost always use lime juice for hollandaise and béarnaise. I prefer it. I would substitute lime juice for lemon juice in a beverage (if my life depended on it) but not lemon juice for lime juice. Besides, the organic lemons I just bought were three for $5.00 and limes are 10 for $1.99. It is not always so.
  13. I don't have a vehicle and there are no known KitchenAid stores in walking distance, or I would. Even so, I doubt any of the shops I know of would carry the KSM8990. Still no word back from KitchenAid on my question.
  14. Not having to do with much of anything I'm having a glass of Whistlepig at the moment. This is following a bowl of fresh pineapple. Goes remarkably well.
  15. Thanks, Smithy, for better or for worse I signed up. I have very much enjoyed the Harvard science and cooking public lectures.
  16. Does anyone have experience with the KSM8990? I'm interested in a larger mixer to replace my KSM50P. The KSM50P is too small to work with my KSM1CBL bowl. The KSM1CBL is stated to work with the 7 quart home mixers ("KSM75XX"). However KitchenAid support was unable to tell me anything about the KitchenAid commercial mixers. The 8 quart uses the same accessories as the 7 quart commercial mixer (which apparently is no longer manufactured). I suspect it is the same mixer with a different bowl. I have written the commercial division of KitchenAid with my question but so far no answer and the phone line gives only a recorded message. One reviewer stated the bowl from her older KitchenAid 6 quart mixer was the same diameter as the KSM8990 8 quart bowl. Before anyone asks, the reason I would be willing to spend a bit extra for the KSM8990 rather than one of the 7 quart KitchenAid home mixers is because of the stackable bowl design and the stainless steel accessories. The orange cord is nice but I am not running a business. Speaking of bowls, I can't find one of my KitchenAid 5 quart bowls that do not stack. This is a one bedroom apartment and there are only so many places it can hide. I was amused that kitchenaidcommercial offers only two products: the KSM8990 and an immersion blender.
  17. Thanks, the citing patents were interesting too. The reason I asked was I wondered if my Polyscience 300 would work.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Methode Rotuts

    A possibly interesting anecdote: last night I was enjoying my MR with a baguette, apple (granny smith), and cheese. At one point I mistakenly grabbed a pressure vessel that had not yet been carbonated (or whatever your vapors of choice). Horrible flat stuff, it was all I could do to choke it down. The glass, that is. The rest of the vessel soon enough became MR.
  19. It is hard to get through a loaf of bread, no matter how much fruit and cheese, without a liter of MR. And I cannot begin to describe the disappointment of pouring a non-carbonated glass of MR by error, no matter what one's vapor of choice.
  20. Perhaps if one includes preheating times? Though I admit it sounds like a disaster, myself.
  21. Even at your home?? But out of interest, how do they do it?
  22. Feeling remorse that I had been neglecting poor, dearest Florodora: In a well frozen mixing glass I added a tablespoon of raspberry gum over ice, two ounces FP 1840, juice of a lime, and stirred. Carefully filled said mixing glass to brim with hyper-cold MR and drank. (Topping up with ice and other things as needed.) It's hot here. And she was, of course, Florodora imperial style.
  23. I'm pretty sure I have never frozen meat or vegetables that I have cooked sous vide.
  24. Contrary to my past experience with inexpensive scales, I am having a pleasant experience with: American Weigh Scales ACP-200 Digital Pocket Scale, 200 by 0.01 G It was even in good calibration right out of the box.
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