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  1. My Zojirushi has a setting for producing a crust, but it is not as crusty as a Persian crust.
  2. Tonight I used the Ankarsrum medium coarse grating drum on a chunk of Jarlsberg. Very pleased. No muss, no mess, almost no work. (Best not to ask about the celery.)
  3. As has been so rightly said: "Blessed are the cheesemakers."
  4. I have their pastry book. I did not know there was a chocolate one.
  5. My spice jars are often labeled, but labeled with what they originally contained. Normally this is not a problem, as mustard seed does not look much like rosemary. Not only have I used cinnamon in tuna salad, I once tried Modernist Cuisine barbecue rub on rice pudding.
  6. My Ankarsrum shredder/slicer attachment arrived, so of course I had to test it. Amazon brought forth organic radishes and an English cucumber. Obviously I could easily have sliced these by hand but I wanted to test the machine. The slices were uniform and beautiful, unlike vegetable slices from the Cuisinart. For once slices from an appliance actually looked like slices from a marketing brochure. No fuss, no muss. Ankarsrum assures it is safe to stick one's hand in the shredder while it is running but I did not test this.
  7. http://tribade.org/Food/Bread01252021.png I was bored.
  8. My box grater is great for zesting oranges. Less so for zesting cheese.
  9. I had one like yours. I got it in grad school or maybe even before. It was corroded, rusted, and not sharp. I threw it out just a couple years ago. Meanwhile, my Ankarsrum slicer/shredder came today. This attachment has six drums. In addition to slicing and shredding, there is a fine grating drum, a medium coarse grating drum, a coarse grating drum, and a potato grating drum. The medium coarse and coarse drums are suggested for cheese, and the fine grating drum for parmesan. This is not to be confused with the Ankarsrum grating attachment, which I hope will arrive
  10. You don't mention pressing the Hard Blast Freezing button (the one that looks like a snowflake). From the manual (page 8 in mine): "This mode will run until the food probe reaches the desired temperature. If this option is not enabled, then the unit will run until the temperature inside the cabinet reaches the desired temperature." Check with Vesta. They have, or at least used to have, responsive tech support. Which reminds me, I need to ask them if it is possible to replace my broken probe.
  11. A vertical slow juicer is not something I would want to take camping, however my Kuvings just did an outstanding job on a pomegranate. I cannot abide the taste of bottled pomegranate juice but this juice is delicious. Plus I got very good yield. (Yes, I have a rack and pinion citrus press that I love dearly and employ everyday for citrus.) This morning amazon delivered two more pomegranates.
  12. The probe controls the device. The display/control temperature can be set either to the cabinet temperature or to the probe temperature.
  13. Yes, Kokubo had two different sizes but both were smaller than the Inomata.
  14. As much as I like the New York Times, my favorite newspaper is The Economist. Each issue they publish an obituary on the final page. Often as not it is of a well beloved, or otherwise, world leader. Sometimes it is of an African cab driver. This week it is of Agitu Gudeta, an Ethiopian alpine goatherd and cheese maker. She was a refugee who fled Ethiopia for the Tyrol because she championed herders rights. Agitu was murdered less than a month ago. She loved her flock. After her death "...the good neighbors of Frassilongo trudged through the snow to feed them."
  15. Years ago I gave Persian friends a lovely Le Creuset enameled cast iron pot as a wedding present. They asked what they should do with it? I explained it was for cooking rice. They were mystified. "Everyone in Iran uses rice cookers."
  16. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    I have kids but I don't have a husband or a wife. And I confess I don't know what fruit mentos are. A couple days ago I defrosted the freezer. Dinner tonight is a formerly frozen rib steak that I anovaed and am now about to go sear on my Philips grill.
  17. The Inomata ice tray works well for me. Compared to Kokubo, the Inomata seems made from a highly hydrophobic plastic. Had I a choice I would have preferred the somewhat smaller cubes from Kokubo, but nothing I can't deal with. Not like the crisis of 1973 in Kenya. The tour operator radioed to base: "Send ice trays!" What arrived by truck, days later, were ashtrays.
  18. Odd, I thought is was safer to run it not too full. I always kept the water level above the minimum. I reported the problem to anova, we'll see what they have to say. I miss @Anova Jeff. I fear he stayed in Bora Bora.
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