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    Dinner 2020

    What rice did you use? Does not look like a short grain variety.
  2. Coconut much better when not melted and refrozen...
  3. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Another dinner of Kenji smashburgers…
  4. Thanks. I went with five bags. It will be interesting to compare these nuts to those from my current favorite nut supplier, nuts.com. It would have been helpful had GNS listed the countries of origin.
  5. Any stove can be dangerous. Even the light bulb oven I had when I was five or six. The building next to mine burned when a grandmother from another country did not understand the concept an electric stove. (My building burned when it was struck by lightening.) A house next to my apartment complex blew up from a gas explosion. That was quite something. It shook my building like an earthquake. A woman I knew was killed when her gas stove exploded. When I had a house with gas I complained about the smell. No one else could smell it, not even the man from the gas company. No one believed me. I convinced them to bring instruments. They told us had we lived in South Jersey* we'd been dead. Funny thing they spent days digging up the development looking for the shutoff valve. Personally I feel safer with electricity. *South Jersey has sandy soil.
  6. First light for new Falk pan: Not all was perfect. Unlike my last paella there was no socorrat*. Normally I cook my rice before adding the stock but this time I added the rice to the already boiling stock. Scallops made a nice addition. Everything was tasty. *socorrat can be a euphemism for burnt rice.
  7. My curry trees are still alive but not looking so great either. I think they'd like more light.
  8. If foil works then I guess a lid would work as well.
  9. Plan tonight is paella. Since my Darto warped I'd been looking for a responsive pan that was less likely to warp. Yesterday I took delivery of a Falk. The Falk is slightly larger than the Darto but still fine for one person or two, allowing for leftovers. As it happens I have a lid that fits the Falk. Normally I don't cover my paella at the end of cooking, though I have read one should. Newspapers I'm told are traditional. At work we have an almost unlimited supply of newspapers that we've not been putting out for patrons because of COVID concerns. But since I have a lid that fits would it be OK just to use the lid for five minutes or so after the paella cooks rather than worrying with newspaper? Or is the purpose of the newspaper to absorb extra moisture?
  10. I respun my ill-fated batch of Rose's coconut. It is hardening now. I expect an earthquake or an asteroid.
  11. A local ice cream parlor in conjunction with a local brewer offered stout as a flavor. It had a certain novelty value but I can't say I cared for it.
  12. I am surprised that my hurricane hardened and remelted coconut has not suffered as much as I had feared. Yes, it is a bit icy. Eleven hours without power does that to one. I only wish the coconut flavor were a bit more pronounced. I could taste the coconut in the mix, but when frozen it is much more subtle. It is also a bit sweeter than I would like. I have had worse.
  13. Ask the restaurant kitchen, report back.
  14. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20120024859
  15. I made Rose Levy Beranbaum's coconut ice cream. All did not go well. I spun the mix and consigned it to the blast freezer. Went to bed. Then the power went out for eleven hours. Not sure if it is even worth respinning. But it does taste like coconut.
  16. Pasteurization varies from country to country. @nathanm has time/temperature ice cream curves for the US in volume 1 of Modernist Cuisine. @Ruben Porto has British ice cream pasteurization information on his website. I'm sure there is some standard for Portugal.
  17. Both actually. I neglected to bolt the door. Blast freezers don't do well without electricity. I was not expecting the weather that we got. But after the storm passed it was a lovely, clear, sunny summer evening...until the sun went down and I sat with a camp lantern reading The Economist. Snuggling with a Party Size Pandemic Size bag of Cape Cod potato chips.
  18. Replacements.com is not cheap but good stuff. I recommend them highly.
  19. I shall never again make ice cream in a hurricane.
  20. I have to note you discriminate against those of us who have neither cars nor cellphones. Though perhaps we are not your target demographic.
  21. Shoprite had no limes. The trip wasn't a total bust, I needed sour cream.
  22. "Every recipe in this book uses xanthan gum in its base."
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