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  1. Rather may I suggest borrowing a wifi hotspot from the library. Update anova firmware. Return hotspot to the library. Or if you have a cellular device it may function as a wifi hotspot. I believe my iPad will. In any event I'm sure MC would appreciate another hotspot.
  2. Sorry I asked. A copy is now on its way to me. Not like I don't have a pile of cookbooks I haven't read.
  3. Sadism I would say. Seriously, I don't believe Jacques is malevolent but he did not have the competence to manage the quality of Howard Johnson's' menu.
  4. Laughing about poor little children and melted Howard Johnson's ice cream.
  5. Shai I am worried and can't bring myself to "like" your post but I pray your trip is safe. And that you are able to share good food with us!
  6. I can't run, and for biomechanical reasons I never should have tried to run, but in the last century I subscribed to Runner's World. I have never made worse oatmeal cookies than from their recipe.
  7. Oh dear. If you have a few weeks to read: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/146617-cuisinart-combo-steamconvection-oven-part-1/#comment-1946869
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    Sorry to be boring, but favorite dinner. Anova chicken thigh, baked potato, and thirty second green beans. Cranberry sauce and sour cream not shown. Liter of methode rotuts and spot of Whistlepig to maintain anerobic fitness.
  9. A folding knife for kitchen prep? You may be in the wrong place.
  10. With much effort I carefully seasoned my collection of Darto pans. With much less effort I warped the largest making a paella. They are all now rusty. Sadly stainless steel is more my speed. My cast iron, Japan crafted "Chinese cooking vessel" (eg. wok) is still beautifully seasoned. That is because I do not use it much. However it brings exceeding pleasure to look at and to touch.
  11. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks, I credit Zojiroshi for the rice.
  12. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    Last night's rice and stir fried cabbage... I apologize I didn't spend more effort on the composition. I'd suffered a migraine at work and mainly just wanted to eat something.
  13. Cooking beans. More seriously, usually between 236F and 246F. (For some strange reason the Paragon is the one heating appliance I have not switched to Celsius.) Also, to save time, typically I will first set the Paragon to 260F till the Fissler reaches the pressure setting that I want. The Fissler has a pressure setting adjustment.
  14. Could I recommend a Paragon? When I pressure cook I put one of my Fisslers, usually the medium size one, on the Paragon, set the temperature and walk away.
  15. This week Shoprite's loss leader is Choice grade bone in beef rib roasts on sale for $4.79 a pound -- or First Cut or Certified Angus roasts for $5.79 a pound. The meat isle was quite a scene. Two people putting out cartloads of roasts with stickers over $100 as fast as customers could grab them up. The best looking roast I could find was labeled "First Cut". It is now in my refrigerator. What exactly is First Cut?
  16. If it wasn't for @Kerry Beal I'd be cooking open cans from my ice box over a copper tripod fueled by a few sticks of charcoal gathered from the forest.
  17. Why not use a wrap around the tin? That's what they are for.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker


    In Shoprite this afternoon I saw an Asian looking woman with about eight or ten pineapples in her cart. I wondered what she was doing with them.
  19. I have a Fissler with the textured surface. I like the pan. I suspect the textured surface may help prevent sticking but that is not a scientific observation.
  20. Neapolitan with poolish. Same as my last half dozen or so attempts. I think I may have let the dough ball cold ferment too long. The first pie from this batch of dough baked fine.
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