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  1. I possess a battery of stainless lined copper pots of the heavier persuasion.
  2. That is the pot I have...I was speaking of the 10 liter jam pot.
  3. Were I to get the Falk jam pot I wonder if I could use it for anything else? Polenta, maybe? I don't do much bobbing for apples this time of year.
  4. I went with The Saffron Tales, thanks. And when I did amazon suggested Sabrina Ghayour's Bazaar: Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes. For $0.99.
  5. Welcome. I'd love to see pictures.
  6. Odd, I've tried bake steaming potatoes in the CSO and it did not work at all well for me. My favored method is in the big oven 430F, two hours, in a bed of salt.
  7. Melting point of copper 1085C. Your stove is better than mine.
  8. Yes, that might well work. I think I'll try nail polish first but if you see me in this thread again I'll order one of the magnetic covers.
  9. Wow, how thick is the pan you are using now? My Falk sugar pan is 2.0 mm thick, as is their larger 10 liter jam pot (currently on sale). Yes, I am tempted but the thing weighs 3.8 kg. If the copper were much thicker than 2.0 mm I'd be more worried about being able to lift it than whether or not such thin copper would scorch anything. Plus the Falk jam pot would be great for laundry if my 13 quart Vollrath was in use.
  10. Nope. The cable comes out of the wall at the head of a stairwell. Incredibly poor design. My only choice is to route the cable through the middle of the living room. And because I rent, Comcast refuses to relocate the cable through the wall.
  11. Not practical in this situation. To add a bit of humor, my internet cable comes out the front of blast chiller as it is.
  12. But not my CSO! CSO lives to the left of the stove. (Spare CSO is in the living room.)
  13. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I had chicken breast and sweet potato last night.
  14. This is no longer funny. And probably should not even be in this thread except I can't find a better place to put it. I live in an apartment and don't have control over the wiring. My blast freezer/blast chiller is in the living room on a switched outlet. The wall switch also controls a lamp. I want to condition myself to turn the lamp off with its own switch, however forty years of habit is hard to break. I could put duct tape over the wall switch, I suppose, but when I don't have anything in the freezer I prefer to use the wall switch. Or I could paint the switch with nail polish which might just make me think for an instant before I turn it off. It is a real problem. Last night I switched off the light and the chilled soup. The power was off for many hours before I realized it and the soup had warmed to 16C. Clearly "I will never again" would not be truthful. Does anyone have constructive suggestions? And no, I am not going to pitch the soup.
  15. Often as not I do not eat until dinner. Which around here can be after midnight. Though yesterday I had an oatmeal breakfast around 5:00 pm, and the day before an omelet at 6:00 pm. (And an exceptional omelet it was.)
  16. I had the fan fail on my first CSO after about two years. Cuisinart replaced the unit under warranty. But in the US these days that is not an option.
  17. I have an unlined Falk copper pot I use for sugar stuff. Though I have never tried jam making specifically.
  18. I would re-bag myself. Maybe cut in portions while I was at it.
  19. How do two of you get through six baguettes before they stale?
  20. Saveur: The New Comfort Food is $2.99 on amazon US.
  21. My dining room lettuce plant.
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Pizza. No picture. After the smoke alarm was turned off, the pizza was exquisite. Plating was unconventional. The oven can wait until tomorrow.
  23. They haven't sent me cauliflower yet.
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